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Alastair Cuthbert D.R. Paragas

Per. 1 – English 2 Honors




Why is it important to contribute to society?

Essay Prompt Rough Draft:


            Famine! Drought! War! Racism! These are all current problems of our everyday society. People have been killed, threatened, assaulted, battered, and abused because of these very problems. In my opinion, it is of outmost importance to contribute to society. Instead of taking our own selfish matters, we must work together. Foremost, it is important to contribute because of the very existence of society. Last but not least, what would you be if you were a victim of a harsh world?

            Preeminently, contribution to the society is important to maintain its existence. Right now, we can see this to pass with the recession. Recession ultimately started when banks started giving out homes “en masse”. The problem was they were selling it to a person who does not have the credit or the financial strength to even afford the house. They were taking care of their own selfish gain, with the people who cannot afford such properties kicked out of their property. Also, we can see this with the current treaty with Russia. Instead of America jumping into war with Russia in the cold war standoff, America did not. The Russo-American war could have produced war that used the first versions of nuclear and atomic bombs. If such powerful weapons were used, there should be in effect, lesser population because of radiation effects. It was of good intents when such standoff was finally brought to peace.

            Moreover, the advancement of society requires great contribution. The first people around the Nile River Valley worked together. When their population grew, their territories expanded. In effect, it created the great ancient Egyptian empire, which we give thanks for first age advancements. We also could not forget about our very own nation, America. At first, America was a disbanded, ragtag of rebels who left England. The colonists will notice a severe weather condition by their arrival. Also, the threat of a centralized British control was coming. These independent colonies finally worked together, forming the continental army, which would overthrow British control. We, finally in unison, stranded up in one cause against a powerful enemy – Britain. By terms of history, America was the most surprising of all nations. We were extremely from a disbanded group of colonists to a number one nation stronghold. Of course, this was all achieved to contribution to society.

            Last but not least, what would people do if they were these same suffering people? It just makes me sick imagining this picture of a harsh society. Every day, I see people with their phones, texting while the teacher is teaching, or disrespecting one another. Back where I come from, there was no time to waste, life was full of chores. Load water into bucket from well-like structures. Clean the house as the daily monsoon storm brings dirt and scum into the houses. Work as hard to gain money, enough to support food. Surely, American citizens contain the highest number of special treatments. By statistics, 85% of the population would not survive in these third world environments. How can we establish America as a power nation as we claim it to be, when we can’t even survive in such a “simple” situation?

            As for the aforementioned reasons, contribution to society is a very important responsibility. First, contribution is required to maintain existence of a society. Also, the sake of advancement can be accomplished. Finally, what could we be in the suffering people’s position? As they say, united we stand, divided we fall.



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