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What impression do you get of the relationship between the two men in the first chapter of the book, and what gives you that impression? The first thing that struck me is that the relationship is no regular/ordinar­y relationship. Lennie is not acting like a grown-up, which gives George a huge responsibility and he has to provide for him. George gives Lennie advices and instructions, but as bad as memory Lennie has, he keep forgetting them. There are other reasons to their relationship not being a normal one. These two men are not attached…
  1. How do you like it to be criticised?

An answer in the style "This makes no difference to me generally", would be wrong. They would not believe that anyway.

According to point of criticism it goes to its limit, the criticised feels uncomfortable. Do not get along with that question in the private area , only that it is a question of profession.

Explain that constructive criticism can only help even if "it is sometimes a little bit unpleasantly". With it you provide that you react like "a human" who want to take up criticism, nevertheless, positively.

  1. What is your biggest mistake – and what have you learnt from it?

Be Carefuld! Here they wants to put you in a tricky situation. First you should make clear yourself. Still also important: Fairy stories are taboo.

Consider what you could state as "a mistake". However, your interviewer will not be intrested in "anecdotes" as for example a fail when you bought a car or an unsuccessful vacation planning.

He expects here an answer which gives him the explanation whether you are able to self-assessment and self-criticism and how you react to this question.

Important is that you show that you could handle mistakes.

Conclude your answer to this question with the positive view that you had learnt from the described thing. Explain it (as far as possible!).

3. When did you ignored the last time a regulation or rule and why?

You can start this with a smart smile to win some time.

The interviewer wants to explore whether you break through enterprise rules often, that is whether you ignore regulations, or whether you have decided in a certain situation against the rule, but still carefully, just because it has required to a special situation. It is about finding out whether you are able to handle such situations.

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4. Which added value would your setting bring to our enterprise?

Keep calm. That question should not confuse you.

State qualities like your absolute reliability and/or your high motivation.

Mention that you can identify yourself well according to the company philosophy. You have to make clear that you want the job. Appeal to the emotional level.

Example: "I am persuaded of the fact that I would feel in this enterprise very well".

5. Name three positive traits?!

Also this question should do no sweat pearls on your forehead, because you can easily prepare for it. Reflect in the beginning what you could state here and underline that it is in your opinion about qualities which are coined with you insufficiently and which are expandable.

For example: You are possibly too conscientious and check the things several times, before you deliver a result of working.

6. Which books have influenced your development mostly?

This is the variation of the sentence "say me what you read, and I say you who you are".

If you really read none or only sometimes books, you can choose another way on the Internet which appeals to news platforms.

Otherwise care is offered concerning to political and other awkward subjects or argumentative names of the writin content.

7. What do you think about me as an interviewer?

This is a Trap! Do not raise him to the sky or say that you felt very comfortable.

Just switch gentle with a smile to a certain point you are intrested in.

8. Which role plays money for you?

You should explain self-confidently that a good achievement should be also paid properly.

9. What is the most mad what you have ever made?

You should remain silent on the mad decisions of professional kind which you have made, for example, in your last enterprise.

Background of the question is to find out how creative you are and whether you can also go unconventional ways.

10. Do you have a quirk?

First of all find out what he wants to know and what he understands by a “quirk”.

A quirk is a characteristic, peculiarity, peculiarity, fixed idea, Flause, strange habit . So be careful with the answer.

You should hide night sleepwalking, penetrating ear grating, hair lock squiggles with boredom, excessive hand compulsion to wash and similar "quirks" (and as quickly as possible work them off).

11. You seems to me to be too inexperiencedly for this job, wouldn’t you say so?

Now it is a matter of persuading the interviewer of the fact that he makes a mistake. Say that you are able to bring fresh wind in the job and to walk the challenges on unconventional way.

Are self-confident (as usual, with measure and aim) and mention you had the pluses on your competence account.

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