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The attitute of the characters towards the housing-contract are comparable to their general attitude towards colonialism. In this situation, the house symbolizes the country India, being changed due to the backdrawing colonial Great Britain and the apartheid. All three characters have different attitudes towards this house and due to this towards India.

William Methwold has a quite arrogant attitude towards India. He calls the trade with india a game, which is quite arrogant because India was strategically very important for Great Britain. With this view, he indicates himself being superior towards the indians. He furthermore is rather surprised that the indians were not happy with the ruling britains (l. 20), but also seems to be a bit sad about being forced to leave india (l.27).

His remaining aim now is to convince the indian people buying his house to take over british habits in order to not withdraw england from india completely. He therefore forces the family to accept the british culture in the house by not changing the furniture and shows them typically british habits (l. 14).

Ahmed is accepting the situation as it is. He wants to have a proper place to life for his family and therefore needs a safe house were he feels well. He is patient and waits for the Independence day, which could indicate that he did not want to have a radical revolution.

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His wife Amina is not that well-minded towards GB. She does not want to take over british habits and wants to keep her culture in her living rooms. She does not respect the colonizers and criticizes them. Furthermore, it is very important for her to have her own culture in her country and not to take over british habits.

Facing her pregnant situation, it could also be important for her to keep her culture in order to prevent a new generation growing up with british habits.

The house is being sold by an Englishman. This shows, that GB has to leave India and therefore has to give the natives their things back. But it is GB’s - or Methwolds - aim, to convince the people of british habits in order to remain the british culture in india. They can not completely seperate from their old colony.

The reaction of the natives towards the house shows, that they were not able to come up with the british culture in the beginning, but started to see the advantages GB brought them, very soon. So, they in the end accepted to take over british habits in order to profit from the advantages.

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