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Essay 08.05.06 Compare and contrast the film „Bend it like Beckham“ with Romeo and Juliet“ in regard to: -culture -peer pressure -family -race -love At first I want to announce that William Shakespeare’­s “Romeo and Juliet” and Narinder Dhami`s “Bend

Keywords: soccer, “bend, romeo, parents, jess, like beckham”, doesn’t want,
Film Deadpool - Kijkwijzer Film
Netherlands, 8,2,pieters,2015, 2016-12-07
Kijkwijzer Film : Film Deadpool door: Sammy van Dam H4A Docent : Mata De Film en Achtergrond informatie Deadpool is een Amerikaanse superheldenfilm uit 2016, gebaseerd op het Marvel Comics. De eerste opnames vonden plaats op 23 maart 2015 in Vancouver in Canada. De opnames werden op 29 mei 2015 afgerond.

Keywords: zijn, voor, niet, maar, film deadpool, ryan reynolds,
Final thesis
Jima Jarmusch Facharbeit Down by Law Limits of Control
BG/BRG Purkersdorf, 2010, 2010-04-13
JIM JARMUSCH SPEZIALGEBIET ENGLISCH Table of Contents Style and Characters. 3 Themes. 6 Influence, Impact & Legacy. 8 “Down by Law”. 10 “The Limits of Control”. 12 Style and Characters From his first film on Jim Jarmusch has formed a highly idiosyncratic and unique trademark style

Keywords: jarmusch, film, movie, control”, “the limits, than paradise”, “stranger than,
Final thesis
Vá dove ti porta il cuore - Susanna Tamaro: Film-Analyse Psychologische Aspekte
BORG, Wiener Neustadt, 2013, 2015-07-07
Va‘ dove ti porta il cuore indice Susanna Tamaro . .pagina 3 Va‘ dove ti porta il cuore . .pagina 5 Il film e la biografia della regista: Cristina Comencini. .pagina 7 aspetto psicologico: tre donne, tre storie e tre epoche. .pagina 10 il ruolo degli uomini nella storia sentimentale delle tre protagonisti:

Keywords: olga, film, marta, ilaria, perché, della, cristina comencini, susanna tamaro,
Specialised paper
Breaking Bad - Walter White: Hero or Villain?
51429 OHG Bensberg , 2+ 2017 Genc, 2017-05-28
Breaking Bads Walter White-hero or villain? 30.03.2017 M. S. Otto-Hahn Gymnasium Bensberg Table of contents Contents Table of contents 2 1) Introduction 3 1.1) General information 3 1.2) Characters 4 1.3) Synopsis 5 2) The function of heroes and villains in fiction 7 3) Characterization of Walter

Keywords: money, walter white, crystal meth, cooking meth, walter likes jesse, white caring father, walter white caring,
One Flew over the Cuckoo´s nest
Abu-Dhabi, 2011, 2012-04-10
By L.R. Grade 11 26th October Some writers present a worldview that is pessimistic and disorderly, while others present a world of hope and possibility. How, and to what extent, does Ken Kesey reflect these concepts in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? In this novel “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s

Keywords: patients, ward, hope, nurse ratched, reader starts,
Tro, håb og kærlighed
HTX esjerg, 2010, 2011-01-06
Tro, håb og Ikea I denne dokumentar Andreas Agger fra tv-kanalen DR1, bliver der forklaret hvordan og hvorfor fattige mennesker, rige mennesker osv. køber deres møbler og andre gode ting i Ikea. Egentligt så forklare de tre medvirkende par bare hvordan de lever deres liv, hvordan de mødte hinanden

Keywords: deres, ikea, mennesker, møbler, denne dokumentar, vidt forskellige, ting tilfælles,
Applied Linguistics for language teachers
Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU, Newby 2011, 2012-04-27
UNIT 2 1) What are the advantages of using a ‛communicati­on model’ to define language? As language is not only a product but can also be seen as a process, you have the advantage that the communication model can graphically show how this process takes place. 2) Why is ‛speech event’

Keywords: context, rules, language teaching, speech event, communicative competence, ideal speaker listener, language acquisition proceeds,
Bowling for columbine
Highshool, last year, 2010-12-20
Skolemassakre Indledning Dylan Klebold: ”I didn’t like life very much.” Eric Harris: “I know my mom and dad will be in shock and disbelief, I can’t help it.. That’s it. Sorry. Goodbye.” Dette er de sidste ord fra drabsmændene til deres familier og verden. Disse få ord er ikke

Keywords: ikke, meget, kunne, mange, dette, deres, eric harris, dylan klebold, columbine high,
Pride and Prejudice, comparison of different films
Akademisches Gymnasium Linz, 2008, 2010-10-03
The Plot: Pride and Pejudice is one of the most famous love stories in history and is often compared to Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet. Jane Austens second book was released in 1813 but first drafts were formed in the years from 1796 to 1797 under the title “First Impressions”, however the drafts were rejected

Keywords: elizabeth, darcy, marriage, bingley, jane austen, married women, netherfield parks,
Blade Runner
Highschool, 2011, A, Blade Runner, 2012-08-29
Blade Runner The Movie Critique is about the movie ‘Blade Runner’ directed by Ridley Scott is about a chase of people who came from a different planet to the earth. Trained people like the policeman Deckard (Harrison Ford) want to find these people, who have only four years of living. I

Keywords: deckard, characters, rooms, realistic, house, movie because,
Filmreview: „Inglorious Bastards”
Uniwersytet Gdański - UG, 2013, 2015-04-27
INGLORIOUS BASTARD­S” - REVIEW Having chosen the second one from the struggle in my head between Shawshank Redempti­on” and Inglorious Bastards” I launched the movie again with smile on my face, because it is one of my favorites. The movie appeared in 2009, and since then the

Keywords: movie, tarantino, german, quentin, assassination, inglorious bastards”,
Lesson plan
Teaching English with Films: The Junglebook - Unterrichtsplanung
Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg - PH, 2010, 2012-04-14
Pädagogische Hochschule Karlsruhe - Teaching English with Films Young Learners Films "The Jungle Book" Table Of Contents 1. Introduction Page 3 2. Background Information .Page 4 3. Synopsis of The Jungle Book” Page 5 4. Reasons for Selection Page 6 5. Use in Grades Page 8 6. Film Approach

Keywords: pupils, language, film, lesson, jungle book”, schülerinnen schüler, primary school, bildungsplan grundschule baden, grundschule baden württemberg, andreas schocker ditfurth,

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