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Essay826 Words / ~2 pages Essay 08.05.06 Compare and contrast the film „Bend it like Beckham“­; with Romeo and Juliet“ in regard to: -culture -peer pressure -family -race -love At first I want to announce that William Shakespeare&#­8217;­s “Romeo and Juliet” and Narinder Dhamis “Bend it like Beckham” are both from two different epochs. Romeo and Juliet was borrowed and embellished upon in the late 16th century. In contrast to it, “Bend it like Beckham” has been released in 2002. In “Bend it like Beckham” you see an Indian girl, who is not supposed to play football. The main religion of Indian culture is Hinduism. Like in the film, one of the major tasks of women in Hinduism is the maternity. Actually the father is the head of the family. He makes significant decisions like wedding or money affairs. Wifes in an…[show more]
Essay1.645 Words / ~ pages Netherlands Kijkwijzer Film : Film Deadpool door: Sammy van Dam H4A Docent : Mata De Film en Achtergrond informatie Deadpool is een Amerikaanse superheldenfi­lm uit 2016, gebaseerd op het Marvel Comics. De eerste opnames vonden plaats op 23 maart 2015 in Vancouver in Canada. De opnames werden op 29 mei 2015 afgerond. De totale productie bedroeg 58 miljoen Amerikaanse dollar. Deadpool maakte zijn wereldpremièr­e op de Grand Rex in Parijs op 8 februari 2016. Deadpool werd uitgebracht op 10 februari 2016, in het Verenigd Koninkrijk en 12 februari 2016, in Noord-Amerika­. Vanaf 9 februari kwam deze film ook uit in alle andere landen. Ik heb deze film voor het eerst gezien op internet en later in de bioscoop. Het was een Actie film met veel grappige en arrogante stukjes.Ik heb deze film gekozen omdat deze als eerste bij mij opkwam en omdat ik hou van films…[show more]
Final thesis4.838 Words / ~15 pages BORG, Wiener Neustadt Va‘ dove ti porta il cuore indice Susanna Tamaro ... .pagina 3 Va‘ dove ti porta il cuore . .pagina 5 Il film e la biografia della regista: Cristina Comencini. .pagina 7 aspetto psicologico: tre donne, tre storie e tre epoche. .pagina 10 il ruolo degli uomini nella storia sentimentale delle tre protagonisti: risvolti e conseguenze..­. .pagina 13 indice delle fonti.. pagina 15 I. Susanna TamaroBiograf­ia Susanna Tamaro è nato il 12 dicembre 1957 a Trieste in Italia da una famiglia borghese. Lei è una scrittrice italiana che era popolare con il suo successo “Va’ dove ti porta il cuore” in tutto il mondo. Susanna ha un grande e un piccolo fratello di nome Stefano e Lorenzo. Lei è la pronipote di Italo Svevo, uno scrittore italiano. Tamaro è cresciuta con la nonna perché il padre ha lasciato la famiglia e la madre stava prendendo cura della…[show more]
Specialised paper5.716 Words / ~15 pages 51429 OHG Bensberg Breaking Bads Walter White-hero or villain? 30.03.2017 Otto-Hahn Gymnasium Bensberg Table of contents Contents Table of contents 2 1) Introduction 3 1.1) General information 3 1.2) Characters 4 1.3) Synopsis 5 2) The function of heroes and villains in fiction 7 3) Characterizat­ion of Walter White 8 3.1) Walter White in Season 1 9 3.2) Walter White in Season 3 10 3.3) Walter White in Season 5 11 4) Conclusion 13 List of references 14 Introduction This skilled work is about the question if Walter White from the series Breaking Bad is a hero or a villain. I chose this topic, since the series really impressed me with its complex characters. In the first part I am going to give a short overview on the series and explain the characters and make a short synopsis of the series. Then I am going to tell the function of heroes and villains in fictions,…[show more]
Protocol3.951 Words / ~11 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU UNIT 2 1) What are the advantages of using a ‛commun­icati­on model’ to define language? As language is not only a product but can also be seen as a process, you have the advantage that the communication model can graphically show how this process takes place. 2) Why is ‛speech event’ an important term? ® because it can be defined as a particular instance when people, who share a set of variables, exchange speech, or as a single unit of communication­. 3) What is the difference between a sociological and a mental context? a) sociological context: the “extern­al” context whose properties are: setting, channel, genre… b) mental context: mental mindset of the speaker during communication whose properties are: schemata, knowledge, attitude, values… unlike the sociological context,…[show more]
Presentation6.168 Words / ~12 pages Highshool Skolemassakre Indledning Dylan Klebold: ”I didn’t like life very much.” Eric Harris: “I know my mom and dad will be in shock and disbelief, I can’t help it That’s it. Sorry. Goodbye.” Dette er de sidste ord fra drabsmændene til deres familier og verden. Disse få ord er ikke særlig kendte, da de er fra en video Dylan Klebold og Eric Harris lavede på dagen inden de skød og dræbte de 12 studerende. Videoen blev ikke vist i medierne ligesom f.eks. Cho Seung-HuiR­17;s video. Der har været en del skolemassakre igennem årene, men ikke alle bliver verden informeret om. Men alligevel har dog gennem årene været nogle skolemassakre­, der har sat sine spor og gjort sig bemærket. De meste kendte og omtalte er Columbine High massacre i 1999 og Virginia Tech i 2007, som jeg vil beskæftige mig med. At vågne op til en nyhed om…[show more]
Presentation2.996 Words / ~10 pages Akademisches Gymnasium Linz Pride and Prejudice, comparison of different films The Plot: Pride and Pejudice is one of the most famous love stories in history and is often compared to Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet. Jane Austens second book was released in 1813 but first drafts were formed in the years from 1796 to 1797 under the title “First Impressions”, however the drafts were rejected by Austens publisher. Only after Jane Austen reworked it and changed the title a publisher was found. Jane Austens book shows us how false pride and prejudices can overshadow ones opinion about another, like Elizabeth Bennets opinion about Mr. Darcys true character. The novel starts out with the frequently quoted phrase “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” This sentence combined…[show more]
Reflection890 Words / ~ pages Highschool Blade Runner The Movie Critique is about the movie ‘Blade Runner’ directed by Ridley Scott is about a chase of people who came from a different planet to the earth. Trained people like the policeman Deckard (Harrison Ford) want to find these people, who have only four years of living. I think for a science fiction movie it is a good movie, because the parts of realistic and fictional fit together very well. Because I didn’t see the beginning of the movie ‘ Blade Runner’, so it was really confusing to me with all these different characters, I couldn’t identify the relationships between the people very well, because I’m missing the introduction part which is in the most movies at the beginning. The storyline of the end is nice and full of action with good performing. I think it was not getting boring because the storyline goes on and the scenes…[show more]
Review1.327 Words / ~3 pages Uniwersytet Gdański - UG „INGLORIOUS BASTARDS” - REVIEW Having chosen the second one from the struggle in my head between „Shawshank Redemption” and „Inglorious Bastards” I launched the movie again with smile on my face, because it is one of my favorites. The movie appeared in 2009, and since then the group of its fans is still rising. Not to mention the director – Quentin Tarantino, who got my vote for his unconventiona­l methods of movie directing. This man is clearly making fun of everything, with no taboo sections, no myths, that he wouldn’t be able to bust, also no borders, which he would stop at and stop spreading his dark comedy. The answer is simple: in order to produce art you have to be distanced in regard to it. What about that the “Bastards” are comic-like, trashy and the whole story is a complete bull crap? It’s just a movie – present entertainment on…[show more]
Lesson plan6.659 Words / ~24 pages Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg - PH Pädagogische Hochschule Karlsruhe - Teaching English with Films Young Learners Films The Jungle Book Table Of Contents 1. Introduction Page 3 2. Background Information .Page 4 3. Synopsis of “The Jungle Book” Page 5 4. Reasons for Selection Page 6 5. Use in Grades Page 8 6. Film Approach Page 9 7. The Lesson . .Page 10 8. Technical Preparation Page 11 9. Overview and Suggestion about the Unit “The Jungle Book” Page 12 10. Lesson Plan Page 14 10. Methodical Analysis Page 17 11. Didactical Analysis Page 19 13. Overall Review Page 23 14. Appendix Page 24 1. Introduction “Video in the classroom offers exciting possibilities for language teaching and learning.”[1] In my term- paper I describe how you can use films to facilitate language learning, especially in primary schools. Therefore, I decided to work with Walt Disney’s “The Jungle…[show more]

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