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Documents about Dramatics

Bachelor thesis12.473 Words / ~58 pages VSMU Bratislava Splnila si svoj sen. Solange sa zas stala vražedkyň­;ou Milostivej panej, po čom bezhranič­;ne túžila, pomstila sa jej, ale zavraždila pri tom vlastnú sestru. Roger si plní sen o moci, akú má Policajný prezident, stáva sa Policajným prezidentom a mstí sa mu. Problém je v tom, že sa mu mstí na sebe. Pácha rituálnu pomstu. Zároveň sa mstí sebe za to, že svoj boj v živote prehral. Skutočný Policajný prezident si poťažká svoje semenníky. Policejní president: „(.) Moje jsou tam. (.) Ten instalatér neuměl hrát, to je celé. (.)“[51­] Policajný prezident dosiahol všetko, po čom túžil. Jeho postava sa definitívne zaradila do liturgie bordelu. Získava absolútnu moc. Zamieri do mauzólea. Fotografi ho fotia. Vyhral. Kráľovná sa ho snaží zadržať. Policajný prezident…[show more]
Report1.571 Words / ~3 pages Goois Lyceum, Bussum Je Anne. 22-10-10 Twijfelachtig en vreemde structuur in het begin, maar een doodstil pijnlijk einde. Na vandaag mijn nieuwe toetsenbord te hebben gekregen met een kapotte S toets die inmiddels weer is gerepareerd, ben ik naar de voorstelling Je Anne geweest in t Spant! in Bussum. Nu ruim een drie kwartier na de voorstelling maar eens begonnen met typen. Het is en blijft een gevoelig onderwerp: de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Zeker het verhaal van Anne Frank is een bekend verhaal, het meisje in het achterhuis dat alles opschrijft in Kitty, haar schriftje wat functioneert als dagboek. Hierin heeft ze vrij nauwkeurig opgeschreven wat er gaande is in het Achterhuis. Je kunt het niet ontkennen, de cast bestaande uit 8 mensen hebben absoluut een geweldig spel samen op het toneel gezet, met namen als Thom Hoffman en Levi van Kempen zijn niet onbekend…[show more]
Homework1.682 Words / ~3 pages Wolverhampton On the 11th December of 2011, I went to Garrick Theatre in Lichfield to watch a Christmas Carol, adapted from the Charles Dickens novel. We entered the auditorium and took a seat, our attention was immediatley drawn to the stage with its proscenium arch, which surrounded the stage. The arch had Christmas decorations all over it, which are relative to the theme of the play. The title, placed in the middle of the curtain was also very decorative with tinsel, holly, snowflakes and bright Christmassy colours which again indicates that the theme of the play is Christmas. The mix of décor and colours make everyone eager to watch the festive play. The genre of the play was a drama but to entertain the audience and add a bit of Christmas spirit to it, they turned it into a bit of a musical. But as well as this for the purpose that there would be children…[show more]
Homework492 Words / ~1 page OHG Ludwidsburg Kreatives Schreiben Er ist 14 Jahre alt und sein Name ist Sam. Er lebt in München und geht wie fast jeder andere auf einem normalen Gymnasium, doch sein Leben ist nicht so gut wie das von jedem anderen. Seit zwei Jahren ist er ein konstantes Mobbing-Opfer­, er selbst findet keinen weg rauß, er traut sich nicht aufzustehen, gegen die anderen aufzustellen. Er weiß, dass er es schaffen kann, doch er traut sich nicht. Es fing alles damit an, dass er neu auf die Schule wechselte und direkt in der ersten Pause sehr, sehr schlecht Fußball spielte, die anderen Mitschüler begannen von dem Tag an ich zu mobben, dies war der 1.9.1013. Und jetzt, ja heute ist der 08.9.2015, endlich wieder in zwei Tagen Länderspiel, so sehr wie er sein Leben hasst, liebt er Fußball. Sein Problem alleine ist er ein Messi, doch von dem Zeitpunkt an, wo er mit anderen spielt…[show more]
Abstract632 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Köln Bus Stop by William Inge The play ‚”Bus stop” is set in a diner in early March of 1955. A snowstorm has delayed the trip, so the 5 characters who are on the bus and the 3 who are in the diner spend around 1-5 a.m. together. Grace, the owner of the diner, and Carl, the bus driver, have a little bit of a relationship. Cherie, who is a singer, is also in a little bit of a love mess with Bo, who is a young cowboy. Elma, the waitress, and Professor Lyman have a little bit of something going on between them, but this ends as the play ends. The sheriff informs the two ladies in the diner about the bus stopping and that the passengers will be stuck there until the road is cleared from the snow. Cherie tries to escape from Bo, but the more talk, the more they argue about their issues in their relationship. By the end of the play they both get back together on the bus and…[show more]
Abstract734 Words / ~2 pages Melbourne High Stolen is a confronting play but it is not without hope. Jane Harrison’s ‘Stolen’ demonstrates clearly all the children were forcibly removed from their homes and their families. This resulted in all children experiencing intense trauma and abuse. There was a hint of racism demonstrated throughout the play which was forced upon by the white authorities. Thus, evident that the link for Aboriginals to families and friends was seen mandatory. However the play does give the impression that there still remains hope for some of the children. ‘Stolen’ is a powerful play that highlights the trauma and abuse felt by the children both as children and adults. The line-up scenes is where the children line up to sell themselves, demonstrates the dehumanising nature of the institution. When Jimmy and Ruby return from their weekend to a white…[show more]
Notes1.524 Words / ~3 pages Universität New Mexico Development - Brechtian Acting and evaluation For my piece we used many rehearsal techniques to develop our characters. We used hot seating for example when I sat in the ‘hot seat’ the rest of my group asked me questions so I could answer in role. We also used thought tracking to make sure we knew enough about our characters, we also put together a small workshop on how to develop our body language. For example Jordan showed a few different walks that he suggested would be good for his character which was a nerd, we chose the best one and he practised it. This was good because we could think about what suited our characters best and why. We incorporated these actions into our piece by having each character come on stage doing their repeated action and exaggerated walk. This helped the audience to get to know the character. Using these techniques…[show more]
Review588 Words / ~1 page Alman Lisesi Istanbul 39 Basamak 1915’de John Buchan Bundan yaklaşık bir ay önce, 2008 yılında Kenterlerde izlediğim 39 Basamak oyunun neredeyse aynı kadroyla Zorlu’da bir kez daha sahneye koyulacağını öğrendiğimde gerçekten çok mutlu oldum. Oyunun bir kez daha Demet Evgar, Okan Yalabık ve Bülent Şakrak gibi sahnede daha önce bu oyunla görüp çok beğendiğim bir kadroyla ve Engin Hepileri gibi oyunculuğuna hayranlık duyduğum bir insanla oynanması beni büyük bir hızla bilet almaya yönlendirdi. Bir casusluk olayının içine düşen bir adamın hikâyesi olan 39 Basamak 1915’de John Buchan tarafından yazılan bir melodram kitabı olmakla birlikte aynı zamanda Alfred Hitchcock’un da kitaptan uyarlama olan filminin adıdır. Çoğu insan Hitchcock filmini izledikten sonra oyunun da aynı derecede gerilimli olacağını düşünse de Simon Corble ve Nobby…[show more]
Test report3.660 Words / ~12 pages Theology Faculty Turin THEATRE DES MARIONNETTES ITALIENNES L’ANE ET LES TROIS VOLEURS PROVERBE GARIBALDIEN EN UN ACTE ET EN VIL PROSE Arrive un troisième larron Qui saisit maître Aliboron Prix : 50 centimes PARIS POULET-MALASS­IS ET DE BROISE LIBRAIRES-ÉDI­TEURS­ 9, rue des Beaux-Arts, 9 1860 L’ANE ET LES TROIS VOLEURS La scena è nei dintorni di NAPOLI (Piemonte) PERSONAGGI GARIBALDI MAZZINI IL SIG. CAVOUR L’ASINO BUFFALMACCO Segretari PRESTOLI TONITRU ROTONDO Alexandre DUMAS L’Ammir­aglio­ EMILIO Un Corrispondent­e del TIMES Corrieri, Aiutanti di campo, Comparse SCENA PRIMA L’antic­amera­ di Garibaldi BUFFALMACCO - PRESTOLI - TONITRU - ROTONDO - CORRISPONDENT­E DEL TIMES BUFFALMACCO Attenzione e nessun errore nella traduzione del proclama del Dittatore. Egli non ama far ridere i puristi napoletani…[show more]

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