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Documents about Leisure Time

Essay871 Words / ~ pages Monterey Peninsula College Pokemon: Hidden Life Values Faulkner English 1a March 20, 2012 Videogame Essay In at least one point in everyone’s lives, people heard, seen or played it, whether it was from the television, the handheld game consoles or from store merchandise, Pokemon is one of the best selling and well known games out there. It’s a heartwarming journey that teaches the viewer the value of friendship, determination and growing up. One of the second best selling video-game franchise in the world, Pokemon is a role-playing game that was first released on the game boy. There are two main goals in the game, which is to become a Pokemon master by defeating all the gym leaders and to fill the Pokedex with data collected throughout the journey of the game. In the beginning, players start out as a new trainer set out to raise a team of Pokemon and defeat other…[show more]
Homework557 Words / ~ pages unknown American boy Hey there! This is Luke. I stayed a whole year in a smaller town in Pennsylvania. That is the state below New York. I have been to New York four times. New York City was really pretty and just humongous on the one hand but also dirty and confusing on the other. There is nothing better than the Times Square at night though. I also stayed in Florida and Alabama for a couple of days to visit my older host sister Kelly at the college of Alabama. My host family is an upper class All-American family who took care of me. I had two host sisters and I really got along with them wonderfully. We also took trips closer to the east coast to the cities Philadelphia and Baltimore, which was also a nice experience. Pennsylvania has a beautiful landscape. In school I got involved in a lot of things. Playing American football and having practice three…[show more]

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