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Musicology 313 Paul Dukas’ Villanelle Most famous for his orchestral composition, L'apprenti sorcier (The Sorcerer's Apprentice) featured in Walt Disney’s Fantasia, Paul Dukas spent most of his life composing technically challenging literature for a variety of instruments and ensembles.

Keywords: dukas, horn, villanelle, paul, subscriber article, accessed december, oxford music online,
Why Brochmapton's HEAT and STAR are better than SWAMP
Mohammedia, University Of Literature And Human Sciences, Sajid; 2017 , 2017-12-22
WHY BROCKHAMPTON HASN’T RELEASED ANYTHING AS IMPACTFUL AS HEAT AND STAR UNTIL BOOGIE. PART ONE: HEAT. Heat as a song is a barely rhythmic, nearly tribal rendition of a hip-hop track, something that artists on every level of success or fame were trying to do by the time HEAT arrived. As a matter of fact,

Keywords: heat, song, fucking, star, time, music, same formula, dear watson, something like,
(XIX-XX .) 2011 –

Keywords: , , , , xviii ,
Bachelor thesis
Prinsip-prinsip biblikal dan teologi dalam memandang partisipasi jemaat dalam ibadah
Universitas Pelita Harapan, 2010, 2015-03-22
Proposal Peneliti­an S. Sn. Prinsip - Prinsip Biblikal dan Teologis dalam Memandang Partisipasi Jemaat dalam Ibadah. Studi Kasus: Martin Luther pada jaman Reformasi. D. M. N. NIM: 0. Church Music Conservatory of Music Universitas Pelita Harapan Committee Members: Advisor #1:

Keywords: yang, dalam, dari, gereja, partisipasi jemaat, konsep teologis, konsep teologis ibadah, konsep teologis partisipasi, teologis partisipasi jemaat,
Eurovision Song Contest
Pädagogische Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd - PH, 2010, 2010-10-05
EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 50th Anniversary The 50th anniversary of the ESC took place in Copenhagen on October 22nd 2005. The show was called „Congratulat­ions“. Now the question is, what was different about the ordinary contest. On that show no new songs were presented but old ones.

Keywords: political, show, let‘s, eurovision song, song contest, little clip,
Haydine, Lettera prima
Giancarlo-Zedde, 2012, 2012-04-22
Giuseppe Carpani LE HAYDINE OVVERO LETTERE SULLA VITA E LE OPERE DEL CELEBRE MAESTRO GIUSEPPE HAYDN GLI EDITORI Le presenti Lettere Haydine videro la pubblica luce la prima volta in Milano nel 1812 pei tipi di Candido Bucinelli. Il favore con cui vennero accolte per tutto, e gli encomj che riscossero

Keywords: questo, strumenti, prima, solo, musica strumentale, della musica, queste lettere, della musica strumentale,
Term paper
Beethoven’s Influence on Composers of The Romantic Period
SAE Institute London, , 2013-01-17
Beethoven’s Influence on Composers of The Romantic Period by R. S. Student Number: 90636 Course Code: RAD0903X1 SAE London Dec. 2003 1 Introduction 2 2 The Romantic Period 2 3 Beethoven’s Life 3 4 Romantic Composers 7 5 Conclusions 15 6 Bibliography: 16 1 Introduction Hardly anybody

Keywords: beethoven, music, symphony, piano, romantic period, university press, romantic composers, macmillan london limited, london macmillan london, oxford university press,
Term paper
La musique sacrée de Mozart: l´Ave verum corpus
Université de Genève, , 2009-12-28
La musique sacrée de W. A. MOZART Module Ba1, printemps 2007 TABLE DES MATIERES I. Introduction générale..p.3 a. Contexte général....p.3 b. Contexte de l’œuvre..p.5­ II. Analyse........p.6­ a. Genre : motet et ländler.....p.6 b. Texte......p.7 c. Métrique et phrasé....p.8 d. Structure.....p.9

Keywords: mozart, d’une, elle, texte, donc, verum corpus, l’ave verum, cette œuvre, l’ave verum corpus, ludwig kassel basel, finscher ludwig kassel,
Lesson preparation
Musikreferat: Ornette Coleman (Biografie)
Martin Niemöller Schule Wiesbaden, 2015, 2015-10-03
Biografie geboren 9.März 1930 in Fort Worth, Texas wuchs in ärmlichen Verhältnissen auf, ohne jegliche Bildung Mutter war Näherin, Vater starb als er noch ein kleiner Junge von 7 Jahren war Im Alter von 14 begann er Saxophon zu spielen, das seine Mutter ihm geschenkt hatte, brachte sich selber

Keywords: stil, jazz, platten, auftritte, musikern, coleman, something else,

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