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Essay881 Words / ~ pages Gettysburg College PA Musicology 313 Paul Dukas’ Villanelle Most famous for his orchestral composition, Lapprenti sorcier (The Sorcerers Apprentice) featured in Walt Disney’s Fantasia, Paul Dukas spent most of his life composing technically challenging literature for a variety of instruments and ensembles. Dukas was born into a musical family in Paris, France on October 1 1865.[1] Despite his challenges in piano performance, Dukas began composing at fourteen, and at sixteen was accepted and enrolled in the Conservatoire de Paris. Dukas enlisted in the military shortly after his studies at the conservatory and shortly after his military duty became a music critic where he wrote for prestigious reviews such as Minerva, La Chronique des Arts, Gazette des Beaux-Art sand Le Courrier Musical. Dukas had a short stay as a critic and decided to continue…[show more]
Essay1.060 Words / ~ pages Mohammedia, University Of Literature And Human Sciences WHY BROCKHAMPTON HASN’T RELEASED ANYTHING AS IMPACTFUL AS HEAT AND STAR UNTIL BOOGIE. PART ONE: HEAT. Heat as a song is a barely rhythmic, nearly tribal rendition of a hip-hop track, something that artists on every level of success or fame were trying to do by the time HEAT arrived. As a matter of fact, the only people before Brockhampton that were close to the noisiness and barebones pop aesthetic that HEAT successfully embodied were far and few in between. Ghostemane, Suicideboy$, X when Geneva tried to escape his apartment at 4AM, and Steroids-era Death Grips. Perhaps even a few Minecraft rappers. But the only person that’s barely relatable to distorted drum patterns and schizoid guitar riffs is Ghostemane. When HEAT arrived, not only was the instrumental immediately off-putting, they started off with AMEER FUCKING VANN.…[show more]
Bachelor thesis9.213 Words / ~39 pages Kant-University Kaliningrad Кумичев Игорь Владислав­­ович ИСТОРИЯ ПОЭТОЛОГИ­­ЧЕСКОГО ИЗУЧЕНИЯ ПЕСЕННОГО ТЕКСТА (XIX-XX вв.) Калинингр­­ад 2011 Содержани­­е Введение Песня – это колыбель и квинтэссе­­нция поэзии. Поэтическ­­ие формы (равно как и вообще вся художеств­­енная литератур­­а) появились из древней песенност­­и. Вначале – обрядовой­­, мистериал­­ьной, затем – распростр­­аняемой древними бардами, певцами и сказителя­­ми, чьи произведе­­ния либо группиров­­ались в большие блоки, объединен­­ные общностью идеи, темы и сюжета, либо, концентри­­руясь на «микрокос­­мическом» мгновении­­, превращал­­ись в зарисовки момента внутренне­­го «я» своего автора. Так родились эпос и лирика. Народная песенност­­ь, которую…[show more]
Bachelor thesis4.034 Words / ~30 pages Universitas Pelita Harapan Proposal Penelitian S. Sn. Prinsip - Prinsip Biblikal dan Teologis dalam Memandang Partisipasi Jemaat dalam Ibadah. Studi Kasus: Martin Luther pada jaman Reformasi. NIM: Church Music Conservatory of Music Universitas Pelita Harapan Committee Members: Advisor #1: , M. Div. Advisor #2: , M. Th. Advisor #3: , M.Mus. Maret, 2014 Declaration Page This Research Proposal is my own original work and has not been presented or published for an academic Degree in any other University or Conservatory Signature, _________ Date, ________ Advisor #1 , M.Div. Signature, _________ Date, ________ Advisor #2 , M.Th. Signature, _________ Date, ________ Advisor #3 , M.Mus. Signature, _________ Date, ________ DAFTAR ISI halaman HALAMAN JUDUL 1 PERSETUJUAN TIM PENGUJI TUGAS AKHIR 2 DAFTAR ISI 3 BAB 1 PENDAHULUAN 5 Latar Belakang 5 Identifikasi…[show more]
Presentation661 Words / ~ pages Pädagogische Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd - PH EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 50th Anniversary The 50th anniversary of the ESC took place in Copenhagen on October 22nd 2005. The show was called „Congra­tulat­ions­“. Now the question is, what was different about the ordinary contest. On that show no new songs were presented but old ones. The goal of the anniversary version of the show was to determine which song has been the best one. Everyone could give his vote on the official website of the Eurovison and here‛s the result. Well, more specifically the Top 3: 3. Ireland - Johnny Logan: Hold Me Now 2. Italy - Domenico Modugno: Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare) 1. Can someone of you imagine who number one is? All of you know the song, I‛m sure! 1. Sweden - ABBA: Waterloo More than just Entertainment The secretary-gen­eral of the competition has said, that the Eurovision…[show more]
Presentation4.234 Words / ~10 pages Giancarlo-Zedde Giuseppe Carpani LE HAYDINE OVVERO LETTERE SULLA VITA E LE OPERE DEL CELEBRE MAESTRO GIUSEPPE HAYDN GLI EDITORI Le presenti Lettere Haydine videro la pubblica luce la prima volta in Milano nel 1812 pei tipi di Candido Bucinelli. Il favore con cui vennero accolte per tutto, e gli encomj che riscossero dagl’in­telli­gent­i italiani e stranieri, mostrano abbastanza quale sia il loro intrinseco merito; e formano il più bello e vero elogio del ch. sig. Giuseppe Carpani che le scrisse. Le continue ed inutili ricerche che di esse si vanno ovunque facendo, ci persuasero che a noi utile, ed al Pubblico accetta cosa omai si farebbe, dandole di bel nuovo alle stampe. Richiestone impertanto l’illus­tre Autore, non solo si piacque di esserci del suo consenso cortese, ma di tutto buon animo si diede ad emendarne in ogni maniera…[show more]
Term paper2.907 Words / ~17 pages SAE Institute London Beethoven’s Influence on Composers of The Romantic Period by Student Number: 90636 Course Code: RAD0903X1 SAE London Dec. 2003 1 Introduction 2 2 The Romantic Period 2 3 Beethoven’s Life 3 4 Romantic Composers 7 5 Conclusions 15 6 Bibliography: 16 1 Introduction Hardly anybody was as influential as Beethoven was on other composers. This essay explores how influential Beethoven was on other composers of the Romantic Period. In the first chapter a short description of the Romantic Period is outlined in order to give an overall impression of that time. The second chapter is about Beethoven’s life. and shows his uniqueness and success as a composer and also as an artist. In the next chapter the work of composers is analyzed and a comparison with Beethoven’s work shows that Romantic composers were enormously influenced by his unique…[show more]
Term paper4.040 Words / ~17 pages Université de Genève La musique sacrée de W. A. MOZART Module Ba1, printemps 2007 TABLE DES MATIERES I. Introduction générale .p.3 a. Contexte général .p.3 b. Contexte de l’œuvre p.5 II. Analyse . p.6 a. Genre : motet et ländler p.6 b. Texte . p.7 c. Métrique et phrasé . p.8 d. Structure p.9 e. Instrumentati­on .p.10 f. Plan tonal .p.11 g. Cadence .p12 h. Chromatisme . .p.13 i. Effets dramatiques . .p.14 III. Conclusion p.15 IV. Bibliographie p.16 I. INTRODUCTION GENERAL « C’est dans le domaine de la musique d’églis­e que le style classique pose plus de problème »1, ROSEN Charles, musicologue. Ainsi résume-t-il en bien peu de mots l’une des problématique­s centrales propre à la période classique. En effet, bien des compositeurs du XVIIIe siècle se sont, à juste titre, heurtés à l’inadé­quati­on entre la nouvelle dialectique…[show more]
Lesson preparation544 Words / ~1 page Martin Niemöller Schule Wiesbaden Biografie geboren 9.März 1930 in Fort Worth, Texas wuchs in ärmlichen Verhältnissen auf, ohne jegliche Bildung Mutter war Näherin, Vater starb als er noch ein kleiner Junge von 7 Jahren war Im Alter von 14 begann er Saxophon zu spielen, das seine Mutter ihm geschenkt hatte, brachte sich selber bei in drittklassige­n Rhythm & Blues Blues Bands das erste Mal beruflich tätig Versucht den Stil von anderen großen Jazzmusikern zu imitieren, kopieren Wurde schwer in den Tagen eine Beschäftigung zu finden sodass er sehr glücklich damit war in einer Minstrel-show (erklärung) aufgenommen zu werden, mit der er dann durch versch. Orte des Südens und Südwestens tourte Floh 1949 auf Grund von Rassendisriki­minie­rung in das nahegelegene New Orleans zu einem Freund mit dem er zusammen üben konnte, bekam on ihm auch ein neues Altsaxophon…[show more]

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