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Discuss how Lawrence expresses difficult family and love relationships in sons and lovers

Sons and Lovers is split into two parts. The first part focuses on Mrs Morel ‘s relationship with both her husband and her first born son, William. Mrs Morel despises her life as a miner’s wife and she despises her husband for being a violent drunkard. The relationship between her and her husband was only a happy one for the first few months of their marriage.

Mrs. Morel quickly grew to hate her Husband for his actions while drunk. He was a violent man and sometimes took out his anger physically on his wife. Because of this, Mrs. Morel lavishes all of her love and attention to her son William instead of her husband. She expects also that William lives only for his mother too.

This is the first indication that something is amiss in the balance of love between mother and son.

William becomes engaged to a woman called Gipsy from London. Mrs. Morel is against the idea that William would marry her. She does not say it, but it is clear that she sees Gipsy as a threat to her relationship with William. She does not want another woman to share her pride and joy (William) with.

This is clear because Gipsy is not the first girl who Mrs. Morel was against. During William’s youth, his mother would always complain about the women who would call to the house for him. Mrs. Morel replaced all of her affection for her husband by her love for William.

She cannot bear to see him leave her for another woman.

When William falls ill and dies, Mrs. Morel is heartbroken. Her greatest love has passed away. This was a very difficult time for Mrs. Morel and also for the rest of the family. When Paul falls dangerously ill, Mrs. Morel realizes that she must focus her love which she had for William onto her second born son, Paul.

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Discuss how Lawrence expresses difficult family and love relationships in sons and lovers
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He is devoted to his mother and would not leave her for another woman. This means that Paul is incapable of having any serious relationships because it would harm his relationship with his mother. This is evident when Paul and Miriam meet. Miriam is a girl Paul’s age who lives on the Levier’s farm.

She and Paul have a special friendship. She is in love with Paul and he is in love with her too but it takes him years to realize that because he is so blinded from his love for his mother. Paul and Miriam almost marry but Paul is then unable to do it because he sees how it would break his mother’s heart.

Mrs. Morel hates Miriam because she is so similar to herself and because she steals Paul away from her.

Paul begins to hate Miriam, blaming her making his mother suffer.

Paul blames Miriam also for being too shy to even kiss him while they are together. He doesn’t realize that it is he who doesn’t know how to be intimate with her because his only other relationship is one with his mother. Paul realizes that he must break his bonds with his mother to accomplish any real relationship with any other woman in his life but he is unable to do so, even when his mother has accepted that there is nothing she can do to stop him from being with other women.

Paul is unable to have a proper relationship until his mother is out of the way. He has two strained and difficult relationships while his mother was alive. One with Miriam where Paul couldn’t marry her because of his close relationship with his mother and the other woman was Clara who Paul also distanced himself from because of his mother.

Only once she passed away was Paul able to start a more meaningful relationship with another woman, but only after he decided not to follow his mother into the grave. Even after her death, Mrs. Morel his a power over Paul, affecting his life forever. All of the relationships in this novel, whether a relationship to alcohol for Mr.

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