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Report5.709 Words / ~28 pages Jahangirnagar University,Dhaka Course Title: Introduction To Governmental Accounting Course ID: 4201 REPORT on Accounting practice of Chief Accounts Office of Bangladesh Submitted to Dr. Md. Chairman Department of Accounting & Information Systems Jahangirnagar University Submitted by Name Id 1466 1470 2306 2307 Umma Khair Fatama 2312 Department of Accounting & Information Systems Jahangirnagar University Date of submission: 13 November 2016 Contents Acknowledgeme­nt 5 Executive Summary 6 Part 1 8 Introduction 8 Rationale of the study 8 Objective of the report 8 Primary objective: 8 Secondary objective: 8 Scope 9 Methodology 9 Sources of data 9 Primary sources: 9 Secondary sources: 9 Limitations 10 Part 2 10 Findings and Analysis 10 International classificatio­n of Local Government accounting System 10 Countries with not very developed accounting…[show more]
Graduate thesis4.570 Words / ~29 pages Lord Ashcroft University Financial Statement Analysis Report for Kelloggs 2012 Table of Contents Executive Summary List of Tables List of Abbreviation 1.0 Task A 1.1 Introduction1­.2­ Market Environment Analysis 1.3 SWOT and Five Forces Analysis 2.0 Task B 2.1 Ratio Analysis 3.0 Task C 3.1 Profitability Ratio Analysis 3.2 Liquidity Ratio Analysis 3.3 Gearing Ratio Analysis 3.4 Investment Ratio Analysis 4.0 Task D 4.1 Conclusion 4.2 Recommendatio­n Reference List Bibliography Appendix Executive Summary Financial Statement Analysis A study of a large international organisation trading in the public domain was done. The company chosen is the Kellogg Company which is one of the world’s largest companies in the food industry that manages to succeed in this highly competitive environment because of their strengths; global appeal and financial…[show more]
Final thesis1.198 Words / ~10 pages ace,nepal Assignment of Managerial Accounting Submitted By: MBAe 3rd Trimester Company Introduction Triveni Byapar Co. Pvt. Ltd. is a part of Triveni Group and was established in the year 1940 as the groups import arm. Since then, the company has been a major importer and distributor of various international brands of home electronics products in Nepal. Some of the brands that they are associated with are Yasuda; in-house brand, Panasonic, Samsung, Crompton, Symphony, Opple, and Sansui. With its branch offices spread strategically located all over Nepal, and with its widespread dealer network, the company has been successfully bringing wide range of home electronics products to the consumers reach. Regional presence with regional strategies helped it to make sure that the company has a close understanding of the market enabling…[show more]
Research Proposal4.389 Words / ~17 pages University of zambia lusaka The firms were selected randomly to ensure objective and reduce researchers hand in the direction of the study, further being case studies random sampling was ideal as the companies are not representativ­e of the sampling frame. The respondents of the study will be chosen through purposeful sampling method. The respondents shall be therefore chosen by the researcher based on their significance in providing the specialised information required for the study. The study will require well informed and well placed staff from the target groups specified above in order to get accurate information, purposeful sampling is therefore best. 6.5 DATA COLLECTION The study will utilize both secondary and primary data collection methods and tools. 6.5.1 SECONDARY DATA COLLECTION Secondary data based on the review of literature will…[show more]
Homework819 Words / ~ pages National University of Singapore Intercontinen­tal Hotel Group Financial risks IHG is exposed to: The Group is exposed to a variety of risks associated with its ability to borrow and satisfy debt covenants The Group is reliant on having access to borrowing facilities to meet its expected capital requirements. The majority of the Group’s borrowing facilities are only available if the financial covenants in the facilities are complied with. If the Group is not in compliance with the covenants, the lenders may demand the repayment of the funds advanced. If the Group’s financial performance does not meet market expectations it may not be able to refinance its existing facilities on terms it considers favourable. The availability of funds for future financing is, in part, dependent on conditions and liquidity in the capital markets. Exchange and…[show more]
Homework3.206 Words / ~18 pages The Hong Kong Polytechnic University MM2021 Management & Organization Individual Essay Topic: Motivation Title: How Motivation Contributes to the Overall Performance of a Company? According to the Business Dictionary (2017), motivation is defined as internal and external factors that energize, direct and sustain people to be continual to make an effort to attain a goal. In this highly competitive business world, every organization aims to be a success. They all target at maximizing their profits. One way is to improve the employees’ productivity. Employees are the most valuable asset in a company. Employee satisfaction plays an important role in boosting a firm’s productivity. It can even affect the bottom line of a company. In fact, motivation is regarded as one of the essential elements which can increase employees’ productivity. This essay will analyze…[show more]
Case Task2.098 Words / ~11 pages Apollon Hochschule der Gesundheitswirtschaft Bremen Fallaufgabe „Buchführung“ P-BUFÜS01-XX1­-K04 – 0609 K04 Inhaltsverzei­chnis 1. Primäre Problemstellu­ng der Klinik Regenbogen 1 2. Warum soll ein Krankenhaus in neue Versorgungsfo­rmen einsteigen? 2 3. Vor- und Nachteile gegenüber Mitkonkurrent­en, die sich durch die Einrichtung eines MVZs ergeben 3 4. Kostenstelle und Kostenarten eines MVZs 5 5. Schwierigkeit­en, die entstehen, wenn die Kostenstellen zusätzlich mit indirekten Kosten bebucht werden müssen 7 Literaturverz­eichn­is 8 Abbildungsver­zeich­nis 9 1. Primäre Problemstellu­ng der Klinik Regenbogen Das primäre Problem der Klinik Regenbogen GmbH ist, dass der Einstieg ins MVZ aufgrund der Vertragslage mit den niedergelasse­nen Ärzten nicht mehr rückgängig gemacht werden kann. Zusätzlich stellen die Verantwortlic­hen fest, dass eine schnelle Umsetzung…[show more]
Case Task2.995 Words / ~10 pages University of Malaya 1. The Airlines Industry Air travel has emerged to be one of the main transportatio­n for people and products since the year 1903. 1903 marks the year that the Wright brothers invented the first successful airplane. During both World Wars, government subsidies and demands for new airplanes vastly improved techniques for their design and construction. Following the World War II, the first commercial airplane routes were set up in Europe. Over time, air travel has become so commonplace that it would be hard to imagine life without it. The airline industry, therefore, certainly has progressed. It has also altered the way in which people live and conduct business by shortening travel time and altering our concept of distance, making it possible for us to visit and conduct business in places once considered remote. The hundred-plus…[show more]
Internship Report2.413 Words / ~5 pages Berthold Gymnasium Freiburg Inhaltsverzei­chnis­: Persönliche Eignung und Neigung Die Suche nach dem Erkundungspla­tz: Die Erkundungsste­lle Ablauf und Formen der Erkundung Arbeitsmarkts­ituat­ion Persönliches Fazit 1.Persönliche Eignung und Neigung: Für mein Praktikum habe ich mich für das Fotogeschäft XY entschieden. Der Grund für meine Entscheidung war, dass ich seit gerne Jahren gerne fotografiere, um mit diesem Praktikum, Einblick in den Beruf des Fotografen zu erhalten, um zu erfahren, ob diese Berufsrichtun­g für mich was wäre. Wie bereits erwähnt, interessiere ich mich schon lange für das Fotografieren­. Diese Neigung hat sich vor etwa sechs Jahren verstärkt. Der Auslöser war vor allem, das Geschenk von Verwandten zu meiner Kommunion. Ich bekam meine eigene Kamera mit Zubehör. So kam ich darauf, zu fotografieren­. Und ich blieb…[show more]
Summary6.675 Words / ~24 pages ekonomski fakultet zagreb Financijski Managment Teorije određiva­nja deviznog tečaja 1) Paritet kupovne moći - Gustav Cassel poslije I. svjetskog rata. Europske su zemlje nakon visokih ratnih i poslijeratnih stopa inflacije željele svoje valute ponovo vezati uz zlato. Međutim, stope inflacije su se među zemljama jako razlikovale. Cassel je stoga razradio način na koji te zemlje trebaju utvrđiva­ti ravnotežne vrijednosti svojih valuta. Dilema je bila slijedeć­a: ili će zemlja s višim stopama inflacije pristati na velika smanjenja razine cijena ili će svoje valute vezati uz zlato po novim paritetima, koji će odražavati tu njihovu višu razinu cijena. Po Casselu, promjene deviznih tečajeva trebale su odgovarati razlikama stopa inflacije po zemljama. 2) Teza o elastičn­osti…[show more]
Summary3.223 Words / ~12 pages Bergen Norwegen Stråling Stråling: Er energi som sendes ut fra en strålingskild­e i form av bølger eller partikler. Elektromagnet­isk stråling: Bestemt egenskap, samme hastighet, lysets hastighet. Nordlys er elektromagnet­isk stråling. C= hastigheten til EM-stråling. Bølgelengde (Tegn)= lyshastighete­n/ frekvens. Lyshastighet = Frekvens*bølg­elen­gde. All stråling som har energi mer enn synlig lys er ioniserende stråling. (Ioniserende stråling slår ut elektroner og protoner, kan føre til mutasjon av DNA.) Ioniserende stråling er stråling som har evne til å rive løs elektroner i de atomene eller molekylene som blir truffet. Da sier vi at atomene eller molekylene blir ionisert. Em- stråling C- Lyshastighet F- frekvens Bølgelengde Ioniserende stråling Skall modell Høy frekvens= Mye energi Lav frekvens= Lite energi Begreper:…[show more]

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