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Bachelor thesis
Assessing the commercial value of a persona in reality Tv as a trademark
Universität Paderborn, Prof. Böhler, 2011-03-20
University of Paderborn Faculty of Business Administration and Economics Department of Law Business English Thesis Advisor/Assessor: Prof. Dr. Wilfried Böhler Assessing the commercial value of a persona in reality TV as a trademark A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements

Keywords: reality, product, brand, trademark, celebrity endorsement, source credibility, meaning transfer model, davie brown index, advertising effects beyond,
Case 11.1: Ben & Jerrys iseventyr Undersøg mulighederne for at udvide det danske marked og inddrag i din besvarelse relevante faglige problemstillinger om produktet. For at undersøge det danske marked har jeg valgt at benytte omverdensmodellen og SWOT-analyse. Kunder: Ben & Jerrys er meget udbredt

Keywords: jerry, meget, deres, også, ikke, rundt omkring, grøn energi, danske marked,
Diploma thesis
Survey of Behavioral Finance
Johannes Kepler Universität Linz - JKU, 2004, 2011-05-24
A SURVEY OF BEHAVIORAL FINANCE by Othmar M. Lehner M: Februar 2004 Many thanks to Univ. Prof. Dr. Günther Pöll for his continuing assistance. FORSCHUNGSINSTITUT­ FÜR BANKWESEN JOHANNES KEPLER UNIVERSITÄT AUSTRIA www.uni-linz.ac.at­ A Survey of Behavioral Finance Othmar M. Lehner February

Keywords: arbitrage, risk, behavioral finance, economic research, national bureau, efficient market hypothesis, efficient markets hypothesis, asset pricing model,
Final thesis
Harley-Davidson: Strategic Competitiveness that Spans Decades
CSU Costa Mesa, IB 87516 Global Business Strategic Management, Dr. Gyongyi Konyu-Fogel, 2018, 2018-01-06
Harley-Davidson: Strategic Competitiveness that Spans Decades MGT 87500 Assignment 11-Appraisal JT W. Team Appraisal of Performance Measures J. Tim W. California Southern University MGT 87500 February 12, 2016 Dr. J. B. Introduction: Kreitner and Kinicki, in their categorization of general

Keywords: match, effective, winning, team members, team member, have played,
Final thesis
Product Life Cycle and Micheal Portal's 5 forces of Kellogg Company
University of Delhi, 2013, 2013-12-12
Product Life Cycle and Micheal Portals 5 forces of Kellogg Company Inhaltsverzeichnis Introduction The product life cycle of Nutri-Grain Porter’s five forces of competitiveness Declination stage The Strategy Conclusion Reference page Introduction Kellogg Company is the world’s leading

Keywords: stage, kellogg, company, order, nutri grain, product cycle, market share, capture market share, stay competitiveness among,
Intercultural Competence - Negotiation: Interactions of members, intercultural Ruels
Technische Universität Graz - TU, 2015, personal experience, 2015-02-25
Intercultural Competence - Negotiation: Interactions of members, intercultural Ruels I 1. The strengths and weaknesses of how members of the negotiation intera­cted with each other. Body Language: Bence, in my opinion kept good eye contact. You can tell from his posture that he was relaxed

Keywords: meeting, negotiation, bence, decision, body language, time management, making movie,
Why Do Small-Scale Producers Choose to Produce under Contract? Vegetable Exports from Uzbekistan
Westminster International University in Tashkent, 58, Dr. MuzaffarAhunov, 2017, 2017-04-03
COURSEWORK SUBMISSION COVER PAGE To be completed by the student To be completed by the markers ModuleNameandcode 7BUSS002C First Marker’s name (acts as signature) TutorName M.v Second Marker’s name (acts as signature) Student ID (UoW) For Registrar’s office use only (hard copy submission)

Keywords: research, data, farmers, uzbekistan, contract farming, small scale, under contract, small scale producers, fairly important slightly, important fairly important,
Português para estrangeiros
Universidade de São Paulo, 2010, 2011-06-10
Português para estrangeiros Neste artigo faremos uso das experiências de dois novos falantes da Língua Portuguesa, sendo que estas servirão como ilustrações para as nossas considerações. O primeiro novo falante é Eberhard Weber, 28 anos, nascido em Berlim, falante nativo do alemão, Executivo

Keywords: ferran, eberhard, brasil, português estrangeiros, língua portuguesa, povo brasileiro,
1 : 1.1 -- -. - , . -

Keywords: , , « , , , ,
Case Task
Business Turnaround & Organizational Transformation (BTOT) - Learning Diary
Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, good, 2018-07-21
Business Turnaround & Organizational Transformation (BTOT) Learning Diary Sessions 12 | Date: 13th July 2018 | Case: Three in the Middle: The Experience of Making Change at Micro Switch In this session we discussed the case three in the middle: the experience of making change at Micro Switch. The key

Keywords: employees, firm, visionary, sense, developmental turnaround, micro switch, eagle ridge,
Case Task
Case study about McDonald's from hkuspace
HKU Space Hong Kong, 2016, 2017-09-27
Question 1 At the end of the last century, McDonald’s has gone in China. Nevertheless, there are several forces which could affect or have affected the development of McDonald’s, including political-legal, economic, socio-cultural and technological forces would have analyze below. Political-legal

Keywords: mcdonald, food, chinese, china, price, industry, state owned, bargaining power, young people, drive through service, state owned companies,
Exam preparation
København: Instrukser om danskopgaven. Novellesamling af Anne Marie Aidt
Rødovre Gymnasium, 2017, 2017-04-26
Instrukser om danskopgaven Formålet med danskopgaven er at give dig træning i at arbejde og formidle videnskabeligt. Videnskabeligt arbejde går ud på at opnå indsigt ved at benytte veldefinerede og anerkendte metoder. Videnskabelig formidling går ud på at fremlægge både de anvendte

Keywords: eller, hvad, bogen, ikke, hvis, vist ovenfor, marie guldager, skal fylde omkring, katrine marie guldager,
Course Learning Outcome HIC – Entrepreneurship track C. Z. (Team 1) During the past 8 months thanks to Hult Impact Challenge we have been able to obtain and improve ours skills in order to overcome the different stages of the challenge. From the start of the assignment the group was challenge to apply

Keywords: needed, time, strategy, learn, knowledge, overcome different, project management, supply chain,
Test report
Business report: The Scandal Inside SHKP. Management Study
hong kong, 2016, 2017-02-11
Business report: The Scandal Inside SHKP. Management Study Community College of City University BUS10306 Management Group Written Report The Scandal Inside SHKP Mak Kan Wai word counts: 2,252 Submission date:14th November, 2016 Introduction: Management can lead a company to success. however,

Keywords: shkp, business, thomas, group, company, hong, internal control, million square, family style management,
Mid Term Submission: Recommendations for augmenting the existing Sales & Distribution Network of Airtel with focus on Airtel 3G Contents Introduction. 3 Objective. 3 Literature Review (Findings from Secondary Sources). 4 Airtel Channel Structure. 9 Findings from Primary Sources. 10 Business

Keywords: airtel, distributor, customer, field sales, retail outlets, sales executives, field sales executives, zonal sales managers, other channel members,

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