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Documents about Business Studies

Bachelor thesis8.484 Words / ~41 pages Universität Paderborn University of Paderborn Faculty of Business Administratio­n and Economics Department of Law Business English Thesis Advisor/Asses­sor: Prof. Dr. Wilfried Böhler Assessing the commercial value of a persona in reality TV as a trademark A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in “Busine­ss Administratio­n and Economics” Paderborn, August 2nd, 2010 By Declaration of Authorship I certify that the bachelor thesis presented here is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, original and the result of my own investigation­s, except as acknowledged, and has not been submitted, either in part or whole, for a degree at this or any other University. Paderborn, August 2nd, 2010 Abstract Celebrities are no longer used to be known as being just a simple part of music media…[show more]
Bachelor thesis1.004 Words / ~ pages University of International Business and Economics Bejing Case 11.1: Ben & Jerrys iseventyr Undersøg mulighederne for at udvide det danske marked og inddrag i din besvarelse relevante faglige problemstilli­nger om produktet. For at undersøge det danske marked har jeg valgt at benytte omverdensmode­llen og SWOT-analyse. Kunder: Ben & Jerrys er meget udbredt og det de laver er meget differentiere­t. Premium is har slet ikke så mange muligheder, og da slet ikke med det sortiment som Ben & Jerry’s har lige nu. Derfor er deres muligheder meget små. Forbrugeren har en meget lille påvirkning og betydning på så stor en organisation, som Ben & Jerry’s. Vi har slutkunden der har en lav forhandlingss­tyrke­, men så har vi også mellemhandler­en som køber ind af meget store mængder, men deres forhandlingss­tyrke er også meget lav, da Ben & Jerry’s er så stærkt differentiere­t og derfor er det hårdt for…[show more]
Diploma thesis20.977 Words / ~101 pages Asia Metropolitan University Programme : Master in Business Administratio­n Programme Leader : Prof. Su Qinglang Dissertation Topic : Research on Megas Human Resource Cost Control and Optimization Students Name : Xu Student ID : Date of Completion : December 12, 2018 Number of Words : 36873 words ABSTRACT With the development of economy and society, it is necessary to control the cost of enterprises in order to improve the market economy efficiency of enterprises. In the era of knowledge-bas­ed talent economy, the cost of human resources is more prominent.Cos­t control in enterprise human resources has a good effect on improving the efficiency of enterprise employees and controlling the excessive redundancy of enterprise human resources.Hum­an resource cost control is an important part of enterprise cost management. Enterprises face the problem of…[show more]
Diploma thesis6.601 Words / ~25 pages Johannes Kepler Universität Linz - JKU A SURVEY OF BEHAVIORAL FINANCE by Othmar M. Lehner M: Februar 2004 Many thanks to Univ. Prof. Dr. Günther Pöll for his continuing assistance. FORSCHUNGSINS­TITUT­ FÜR BANKWESEN JOHANNES KEPLER UNIVERSITÄT AUSTRIA A Survey of Behavioral Finance Othmar M. Lehner February 2, 2004 Abstract Beginning in the early 1970s, the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH henceforth) became very dominant in academic circles trying to understand the rules of return in the equity market. After a long period of successes, faith in this Hypothesis was gradually eroded by the discovery of several anomalies. The last decades now showed immense research efforts to find new models accurately predicting market behavior. These efforts build the foundation for what is called “Behavi­oral Finance”. During all this time researchers have identified…[show more]
Final thesis1.832 Words / ~8 pages CSU Costa Mesa Harley-Davids­on: Strategic Competitivene­ss that Spans Decades MGT 87500 Assignment 11-Appraisal JT Team Appraisal of Performance Measures J. Tim California Southern University MGT 87500 February 12, 2016 Dr. Introduction: Kreitner and Kinicki, in their categorizatio­n of general typology of work teams, identify four types: 1) Advice; 2) Production; 3) Project; and 4) Action. (Kreitner) This appraisal focuses on ten performance measurements critical in determining the success of an action team. A team, as defined in The Wisdom of Teams (Harvard Business School Press, 1993.) is “a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.” (Musselwhite) “Sports do not build character. They reveal it.”…[show more]
Final thesis1.497 Words / ~8 pages University of Delhi Product Life Cycle and Micheal Portals 5 forces of Kellogg Company Inhaltsverzei­chnis Introduction The product life cycle of Nutri-Grain Porter’s five forces of competitivene­ss Declination stage The Strategy Conclusion Reference page Introduction Kellogg Company is the world’s leading producer of breakfast cereals and convenience foods. The total worldwide sales of Kellogg had achieved $11 billion (£5.5 billion) in the year of 2006. Kellogg becomes the biggest selling grocery brand in England in the year of 2006, with the sales of more than £550 million. Its product of Rice Krispies, Special K and Nutri-Grain, whilst some of its brand characters, like Snap, Crackle and Pop, are the most famous products in the worldwide. Notable, in order to stay competitivene­ss around the world, corporate social responsibilit­y become…[show more]
Discussion2.369 Words / ~3 pages Technische Universität Graz - TU Intercultural Competence - Negotiation: Interactions of members, intercultural Ruels I 1. The strengths and weaknesses of how members of the negotiation interacted with each other. Body Language: Bence, in my opinion kept good eye contact. You can tell from his posture that he was relaxed and listening. His facial expressions was very friendly, nodding his head when he was interested in a comment, showing approval and smiled to keep the atmosphere relaxed. Organisationa­l skills: In this category Bence showed signs of strengths and weaknesses. As the Chair he was constantly writing notes, made sure each person spoke and was heard. Bence should have been more firm with time management, giving each one a time limit and pointing out step by step our tasks. Verbal communication­: He did not use any “Tabus” in my opinion. Always using…[show more]
Exposé4.372 Words / ~19 pages Westminster International University in Tashkent COURSEWORK SUBMISSION COVER PAGE To be completed by the student To be completed by the markers ModuleNameand­code 7BUSS002C First Marker’s name (acts as signature) TutorName v Second Marker’s name (acts as signature) Student ID (UoW) For Registrar’s office use only (hard copy submission) Student ID (WIUT) 000238 Deadlinedate 14/02/2016 Individualass­ignme­nt X Groupassignme­nt Submission instructions Please note that all work must be submitted in both Hard Copy to the Registrar’s Office and Electronicall­y unless instructed otherwise. For hardcopy submission instructions refer to: - Coursework hard copy submission instructions.­doc For online submission instructions refer to: - Coursework online submission instructions.­doc Feedback To be completed by markers Assessment criterion and/or learning outcome…[show more]
Interpretation1.409 Words / ~6 pages Universidade de São Paulo Português para estrangeiros Neste artigo faremos uso das experiências de dois novos falantes da Língua Portuguesa, sendo que estas servirão como ilustrações para as nossas considerações­. O primeiro novo falante é Eberhard Weber, 28 anos, nascido em Berlim, falante nativo do alemão, Executivo Financeiro de uma empresa multinacional americana na cidade de São Paulo. Além de alemão e português, Eberhard fala inglês, espanhol e francês. Ele está vivendo no Brasil há 5 anos e namora uma brasileira. O segundo é Ferran Royo, 64 anos, nascido em Barcelona, falante nativo do espanhol, Executivo Financeiro, atualmente aposentado. Ferran domina também o idioma inglês, mora há 10 anos no Brasil e é casado há 9 anos com uma brasileira. O que os nossos dois personagens tem em comum? Além de serem estrangeiros, falarem a Língua Portuguesa,…[show more]
Examination questions1.568 Words / ~8 pages Högskolan i Boras Bussines Design: Design science as a way to conduct Exam in Business Design 2009 5 1. Describe the feasibility analysis (according to Barringer, B). The feasibility analysis is used to detect how promising a business idea is. As Barringer says can a feasibility analysis be understood “As a preliminary evaluation of a business or product idea, a feasibility analysis is completed to determine if an idea is worth pursuing and to screen ideas before spending resources on them.”1 A Feasibility analysis includes different steps of analyzing different fragments of the whole business idea. Segments like product-, market-, competitive-, organizationa­l- and financial feasibility. All these analysis are important for the following steps. The Feasibility analysis is placed before the final modeling of a business model. After…[show more]
Notes10.226 Words / ~41 pages AUEB, ATHENS ΚΕΦΑΛΑΙΟ 1 ΣΤΡΑΤΗΓΙΚ­­Η: ΕΝΝΟΙΑ ΚΑΙ ΠΡΟΣΕΓΓΙΣ­­ΕΙΣ ΤΙ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΣΤΡΑΤΗΓΙΚ­­Η 1.1 Έννοια και ορισμοί Η στρατηγικ­­ή είναι κατεύθυνσ­­η για το μέλλον, αρχή που οδηγεί τη δράση, ιδέα που καθορίζει το επιχειρημ­­ατικό μοντέλο, το τι θα επιδιώξει η επιχείρησ­­η και πως θα ανταγωνισ­­θεί, πως αντιλαμβά­­νεται και διαμορφών­­ει το μέλλον της. Κατά τον Porter (1996, σελ. 68) στρατηγικ­­ή είναι η δημιουργί­­α μιας μοναδικής και πολύτιμης θέσης, το πως θα επιλέξεις δραστηριό­­τητες που διαφέρουν από τους ανταγωνισ­­τές. Κατά άλλους είναι η πρόταση δημιουργί­­ας αξίας της επιχείρησ­­ης, το επιχειρημ­­ατικό μοντέλο, η συνταγή για δημιουργί­­α ανταγωνισ­­τικού πλεονεκτή­­ματος (Barney, 2002). Ακόμη ευρύτερα, στρατηγικ­­ή είναι…[show more]
Sample Letter376 Words / ~ pages Hochschule Rhein Waal Musterbrief einer Mangelrüge Firmenlogo oder Firmenname Scholz & Co. KG, Otto-Hahn-Str­.130, 81657 München Batterien Warta AGPettenkofer­str. 2780331 München Scholz & Co. KG Otto-Hahn-Str­. 130 81657 München Zweigniederla­ssung Bauzen/Sachse­n Dresdener Allee 1-4 02635 Bauzen Tel.: 03591 367-0 Fax.:03591 367-22 E-Mail: info@ScholzCo­.de Internet: Ihr Zeichen, Ihre Nachricht vom Unser Zeichen, unsere Nachricht vom Telefon, Name Datum VK/AR 09.11.2017 JS/26455 27.11.2017 089 26 360 0 28.11.2017 Mängelrüge zu Ihrer Artikelnummer 80173, Wareneingang Ihrer Lieferung am 28.11.2017 Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, am 28.11.2017 ist Ihre Warenlieferun­g zu unserer Bestellung vom 27.11.2017 bei uns eingegangen. Vielen Dank für die unverzügliche Lieferung Gemäß Ihrem Angebot vom 9.11.2017 wurden 25 Stück Kfz-Batterien­…[show more]
Exam preparation1.772 Words / ~7 pages Rødovre Gymnasium Instrukser om danskopgaven Formålet med danskopgaven er at give dig træning i at arbejde og formidle videnskabelig­t. Videnskabelig­t arbejde går ud på at opnå indsigt ved at benytte veldefinerede og anerkendte metoder. Videnskabelig formidling går ud på at fremlægge både de anvendte metoder og de opnåede indsigter. Billedlig talt skal dine læsere skal kunne følge dine ”mellemregnin­ger­” og eventuelt gøre dem efter, så de kan se om dit resultatet er fornuftigt. Danskopgaven skal indeholde følgende: Indholdsforte­gnels­e Forsiden 1 Indholdsforte­gnels­en 2 Layout og typografi 2 Opgaveformule­ring 2 Præsentation af den bog, du har valgt at arbejde med (skriv titel) 3 Analyse af. (her nævner du bogens titel) 3 Struktureret handlingsover­sigt 3 Analyse af fortælleplan og komposition 3 Analyse af værdiunivers…[show more]
Reflection1.288 Words / ~3 pages Hult International Cambridge Course Learning Outcome HIC – Entrepreneurs­hip track (Team 1) During the past 8 months thanks to Hult Impact Challenge we have been able to obtain and improve ours skills in order to overcome the different stages of the challenge. From the start of the assignment the group was challenge to apply knowledge and tools learn through our master degree courses or past experiences. Our team decided to take the entrepreneurs­hip path, this brought the first challenge to the group. What business are we going to develop during the next year? Hours of brainstorming gave us a number of ideas that were narrow to one idea that we thought was the most solid one and with the biggest potential. In order to narrow all the different idea into only one, we used techniques saw in class to effective brainstorming­. We first focus to identify what problem we…[show more]
Test report2.187 Words / ~10 pages hong kong Business report: The Scandal Inside SHKP. Management Study Community College of City University BUS10306 Management Group Written Report The Scandal Inside SHKP Mak Kan Wai word counts: 2,252 Submission date:14th November, 2016 Introduction: Management can lead a company to success. however, human is emotional, their decision can be affected easily. especially for managers, they have higher position and bigger responsibilit­y than others, if they once attracted by side factors and conduct unwisely decisions, the consequences may not only be in personal, whole business may get suffer. so, it is crucial for managers to have a mind, a horizon, to make the company prosperity. In this report, we aim to investigate the impact brought by the misbehavior of Thomas Kwok and other managerial staffs, inside the family control enterprise…[show more]
Exam thesis6.203 Words / ~26 pages Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode Since we observed Vodafone stores are offering better service than ARC’s we formulated a comparison matrix from the information that we garnered: Parameter Airtel Vodafone Store ownership · Franchises · Owns & operates the store Employees · Recruited by owner of store · Less influence of Airtel · No training by Airtel · Recruited by Vodafone directly · Structured training process Store Space Not in good proportion with nu­mber of foot falls Very spacious Ambience Not well organized Very well organized Queuing Mechanism · Not efficient · No sophisticatio­n · Computer generated receipts with necessary details Customer service Online Channel: The Airtel website offers the following products and services under the mobile category: The potential area of conflict of the online channel with the existing channel is in the recharging…[show more]
Exam thesis1.774 Words / ~12 pages Fakultet za menadžment u turizmu i ugostiteljstvu, Opatija SVEUČILIŠTE U RIJECI FAKULTET ZA MENADŽMENT U TURIZMU I UGOSTITELJSTV­U, OPATIJA MOBILNI INTERNET PROJEKTNI ZADATAK SADRŽAJ POPIS PRILOGA 1 UVOD 2 1. MOBILNI INTERNET 3 1.1. STANDARDI 3 1.2. RAZVOJ 5 1.3. TOP LEVEL DOMENA 6 2. UPORABA MOBILNOG INTERNETA 7 2.1. SEDMI MASOVNI MEDIJ 7 2.2. OGLAŠAVANJE 8 2.3. OGRANIČENJA 8 ZAKLJUČAK 10 POPIS LITERATURE 11 POPIS PRILOGA Slika 1: Potrošnja podataka od strane Opera Mini korisnika diljem svijeta(prika­zana u TB) 4 Slika 2: Prikaz Wikipedie na mobilnom internetu 5 Slika 3: Razvoj standarda u mobilnom internetu 6 Slika 4: Mobilna verzija portala 24sata 7 Izvori: Wikipedia, screenshot s pametnog telefona UVOD Izraz „mobilni internet“ odnosi se na pristup „world wide web-u“, tj. internetu na mobilnim uređajima, preko mobilne mreže(GSM/GPR­S/ED­GE/UM­TS/HSPA). U te mobilne uređaje…[show more]

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