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List of Reports: Business Studies

Report750 Words / ~ pages Rutgers, New Brunswick NJ The China Question case questions from Harvard business review 1. Should PS2 enter the China Market? Is it ready to enter the China market now? If not, what limitations need to be overcome? PS2 should enter China. The PCB market in China is three times the size of the PCB market in Canada. Market could be as big as 725 million if you include other types of POPs. The Chinese government is also thinking of environmental reform, which would dramatically expand the size of the market. PS2 also offers an alternative TPS technology, which is more mobile. The Chinese market has small contaminated sites which would offer PS2 a competitive advantage over the Chinese companies that already do business there. 2. Is export a viable mode of foreign entry vis-à-vis foreign direct investment for the soil remediation and oil sludge recovery markets…[show more]
Report654 Words / ~ pages Rutgers, New Brunswick NJ Makrolon Case Q - What was the original motivation behind Bayer’s decision to launch the Makrolon Ingredient Branding concept? A - The original motivation behind Bayer’s decision to launch the Makrolon ingredient-br­andin­g concept was to differentiate itself and its partners from the competition via branding strategy. The goal was to show Makrolon’s advantages and use the brand name to help “transfer [the] positive image to the end product”. By differentiati­ng Bayer and its partners, the ingredient will have a USP (unique selling proposition) and will help convince the customer to choose or look for products with the Makrolon logo. Q - What factors were responsible for the success and failure of the efforts? A – Makrolon had huge success partnering with Bayer. One factor of success came from the branding. Bayer, at the…[show more]
Report2.712 Words / ~11 pages Svendborg Erhvervsskole Cartetti Carletti is a candy and chocolate manufacture, that has been producing products since 1918. They are most known for their Big Ben, Drageé, P-tærter and Skumbananer. They are living in a red ocean industry, were they have to stand against big candy manufactures with much capital. They do therefor need a few competitive advantages or core competences, that can help them differentiate themselves much as possible. By going through an internal value chain analysis, I have concluded on that their Core Competence must lay in their great R&D work for new products and their competitive advantage is their unique products. Carletti has some well branded products in their products line, these can’t be replaced, but maybe expanded. For analyzing the competitive situation, I started carrying out Porter Five Forces and The Targeting…[show more]
Report1.057 Words / ~6 pages GSU, georgia Case Study - Influencing Others Influencing Others The greeting card incorporation­, Celebrations, is expanding their company to the online market (Hill, 2004). The organization has added team member, Rebecca, as the e-Commerce Director. Rebecca is new to the company, but has experience in the web-marketing field. Rebecca’s only current problem is the lack of connectedness with her new team. The team is completed by four other directors from finance, marketing, product development, and sales. The Awaken Group proposed a leadership model on global leadership in which influence is a key pillar (2012). The case study presented by Hill (2004) suggests a lack in influential leadership on Rebecca’s part. Communication is a component that leads to successful influence with others and Rebecca’s communication with the other…[show more]
Report1.119 Words / ~1 page HHX Vejlby-Risskov The Body Shop - Assignment Opgave 1 Hvilke aktiviteter beskæftigede Anita Roddick sig med i 1980’erne?Ani­ta Roddick beskæftigede sig i 1980’erne med skønhedsverde­nen. Hvor hun ejede og drev butikken The Body Shop. Anita Roddick og hendes firma The Body Shop brugte meget tid på, at bekæmpe beauty- og fashion fascisme i modeverdenen. Generelt set brugte Anita Roddick rigtigt meget CSR, hvor hun bl.a. oprettede forskellige kampagner, reddede hvaler og befriede Black Panther aktivister. Derudover var hun en af de første som introducerede genbrug af plastikflaske­r til verdenen og generelt gik hun rigtigt meget op i bæredygtighed­. Hvilken forretningsmæ­ssig baggrund har Jeremy Schwartz, og hvilke planer har han med The Body Shop?Jeremy Schwartz har en relativt stor forretningsmæ­ssig baggrund, hvor han tidligere har rådgivet…[show more]
Report4.604 Words / ~22 pages Independent University,Bangladesh Contents Executive Summary: 3 1.Introductio­n: 4 1.1History of the company: 4 1.2 Present position of Grameenphone: 5 1.3Competitor­’s analysis: 6 1.4 Vision: 6 1.5 Mission: 6 2.External Environmental Analysis of GrameenPhone: 6 2.1 The macro-environ­ment: 7 Economic Segments: 7 Political: 8 Socio-cultura­l segment: 9 Demographic Segment: 9 2.2 Porter’s five forces analysis: 9 2.3 Competitor’s analysis: 11 2.4 Summary of external environments: 12 3.Internal Environment analysis of Grameenphone : 12 3.1 Resources: 13 A) Tangible resources: 13 B) Intangible resources: 13 3.2 Core Competencies: 13 3.3 SWOT analysis: 14 3.4 Summary of the Internal Environment: 16 4.Corporate strategies: 16 4.1 Implementatio­n strategy: 17 4.2 Corporate social responsibilit­y of Grameenphone: 18 5.Recommendat­ions & Future Challenges:…[show more]
Report5.438 Words / ~26 pages Kenyatta University Running head: THE EFFECTIVENESS OF LOYALTY CARDS TO BUILD STORE LOYALTY. THE CASE OF TESCO 1 The Effectiveness Of Loyalty Cards To Build Store Loyalty. The Case Of TescoYourFirs­tName YourLastNameU­niver­sity title EFFECTIVENESS OF LOYALTY CARDS TO BUILD THE STORE LOYALTY Abstract The main purpose of this research is to assess the effectiveness of loyalty cards and identify how loyalty cards build store loyalty. The research entailed selecting a survey from a sample of British households, which included 175 loyalty card holder and 175 non loyalty card holders. The data involved sending of a structured questionnaire to potential participants via email and the result was expected back in a period of two week time. Both the qualitative and quantitative methods of data analysis were used, Cronbach’s Alpha and Independent…[show more]
Report1.183 Words / ~8 pages Hang Seng Management College Report on Ho Ko mobile application start-ups , 24 Nov 2015 Introduction In this report I am goi to talk about: Mobile application start-up ecosystem in Ho Ko Mobile application start-up community cycle in Ho Ko Mobile application start-up ecosystem in Ho Ko Accordi to the report of Compass1, which is an international survey company, mobile application start-up ecosystem is critical for the mobile application start-ups to be successful. The ecosystem refers to the combination of the followi components: (I) Education and Qualification­s, (ii) Market, (iii) Finance, (iv) Policy, (v) Infrastructur­e and Support, and lastly the (vi) Start-up community. Next, I am goi to talk about the situations of the above components in Ho Ko. (i) Education and Qualification­s People are always the most important factor to make start-ups success.…[show more]

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