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Documents about Economic Systems

Essay2.905 Words / ~9 pages Waseda, Tokyo Think Tank of Asia Pacific RegionIntrodu­ction – Definition, History and Function of Think Tank There is not a consensus definition about “Think Tank”. In the most general way, according to MacMillan Dictionary, think tank is “a group of people who work together to produce new ideas on a particular subject”. Meanwhile, Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines a think tank as, “an institute, corporation, or group organized for interdiscipli­nary research (as in technological and social problems)” and Encarta World English Dictionary defines a think tank as, “consultative committee: a committee of experts that undertakes research or gives advice, especially to a government”. Scholars also define the term “think tank” in different ways. According to McGann and Weaver (2000), a think tank is “a policy research organization…[show more]
Essay1.409 Words / ~ pages D'arcy Mcgee The relationship between Colombia and USA Distribution of wealth Inhaltsverzei­chnis Trade relationship between Colombia and the United States 1 Commodities from Colombia. 2 Commodities from the USA. 3 Coffee. 3 Social Issues and Responses 4 Sources: 5 Trade relationship between Colombia and the United States The USA and Colombia have both free market economies and have strong relations which reach from the energy sector, mining and oil export, other to the cultivation of cocoa and coffee beans and even reach the illegal trade of drugs like cocaine. Therefore the war on drugs and also terrorism is one of the main contributions to relationship of these countries. Despite those major reasons, what also affects the huge investment of the USA in Colombia is the issue of Human rights as well as general territorial tensions and conflict…[show more]
Report2.106 Words / ~11 pages Aarhus Business School - Denmark Studieretning­sopga­ve 04-01-2013 ¨ Studieretning­sopga­ve International økonomi/Afsæt­nin­g Vesterager Vejledere: & Abstract The study investigates show that there have been good and bad periods in the economy between the years 2005-2010. In the assignment there have been used several methods, models and tools to explain, analyze and estimate. The study tests show that there has been an economic crisis in the chosen period. It also shows that there is a significant relationship between the economic crisis and consumer’s behavior on the market. The results show that in 85% of the cases the consumers have changed their consumption pattern as a result of the economic crisis. It also shows that there is a significant relationship between the new smartphones, internet and the way to research the market. Indholdsforte­gnels­e…[show more]
Homework3.592 Words / ~7 pages Technologisches Gewerbemuseum Wien - TGM New Technologies: If robots are the future of work, where do humans fit in? Robots work more efficient than humans and because of the fact that they are more efficient, it pays of buying robot instead of salary people. The robots have not just landed in the workplace, they are expanding skills, moving up the corporate ladder, showing awesome productivity and increasingly showing aside their human counterparts. A robot can for an example make and flip a gourmet hamburger in ten seconds and could soon replace an entire McDonalds crew. This leads to fewer jobs and in turn leads fewer jobs to unemployment. The question is how Sweden then is going to receive tax. The welfare and education cannot be developed or improved. This means that the development in Sweden for a better society is stopped. There are solutions for this problem and some…[show more]
Homework1.011 Words / ~ pages Aegee Cagliari INTRODUCTION Young people are one of the major resources of Europe, we represent its potential for the future. However we are a group which face many challenges as unemployment and related social problems. This issues should be seen not only as a disadvantage for individual young people but also for Europa as a whole. In a time of constantly developing technologies and rapidly changing political, social and economical realities where the exchanges and competition among people, goods and knowledge is global, our young minds can give a great contribution to find solutions for the future. Today’s young Europeans have grown up in the Europe of single market, Schengen and the Euro. Many of us have benefited from mobility programss such as Erasmus, Leonardo and Youth in Action. In many istances, and we all here represent a part…[show more]
Notes1.677 Words / ~5 pages Aegee cagliari Investing and Empowering - EU strategia 1- Investing and Empowering è una strategia adottata nel 2009 dalla Commissione europea mirata a promuovere lo sviluppo umano e sociale di quei giovani che desiderano sviluppare competenze, sfruttare pienamente le proprie capacità, svolgere un ruolo attivo nella società e impegnarsi ulteriormente nella costruzione del progetto europeo. Nello stesso tempo, si ambisce a coinvolgere anche i gruppi giovanili più svantaggiati e meno attivi a partecipare nella società e a sviluppare il proprio potenziale. L’UE riconosce in primo luogo il valore dei giovani come risorsa umana indispensabil­e per il futuro dell’Eu­ropa e dallaltro vede anche la necessità di sviluppare il loro capitale umano data la loro condizione di vulnerabilità­, accentuata soprattutto dallattuale…[show more]
Presentation991 Words / ~3 pages Gymnasium Trossingen Aujord hui je vous présente LUnion européenne Maintenant Lenquête Premiere Faits gènèraux (Allgemeines) Apres Quels pays appartiennent à lUnion européenne ? (Welche Länder liegen in Europa ?) Troisieme Lorigine de lunion ? ( Wie Startete die EU ?) Quartieme Les symboles (Motto/Flagge­/Hymn­e) Cinqieme laSystème politique (Politisches System) Et finalement Quest-ce que lUE fait ?(Was bringt uns die EU ?Les Faits gènèraux : DieEuropäisch­e Union(EU) ist einStaatenver­bundm­it 28Mitgliedsta­ateni­nEur­opa, welche 1950 als Europäischen Gemeinschafte­n gegründet wurde. In der EU gibt es offiziell 24 Sprachen. In allen Staaten der EU leben 507,42 Mio. Menschen auf einer Fläche von 4.381.324 km². Insgesamt gibt es 11 offizielle Währungen. U.A. Der Euro, Britische Pfund und die dänische Krone. LUnion européenne…[show more]
Presentation617 Words / ~2 pages Universität Basel 12.10.2015 Das Abkommen von Dublin Beim Abkommen von Dublin handelt es sich um einen Völkerrechtli­chen Vertrag, welcher bestimmt, welcher Mitgliedsstaa­t Verantwortlic­h für die Überprüfung eines gestellten Asylantrages ist.Das Abkommen gilt für den jeweiligen zuständigen Staat innerhalb der Europäischen Union, sowie für weitere Europäische Mitgliedsstaa­ten. Unterschriebe­n haben alle EU-Mitgliedss­taate­n sowie Norwegen, Island, die Schweiz und Lichtenstein, und haben sich somit verpflichtet, die Verordnung anzuwenden. Als erstes Abkommen wurde am 15. Juni 1990 Dublin I von den damals 12 Mitgliedsstaa­ten unterzeichnet­. Am 1. September 1997 trat die Verordnung schliesslich erstmals in Kraft. Das Ziel des Dubliner Abkommens ist die Vergemeinscha­ftung der Migrationspol­itik und der Flüchtlingssc­hutz…[show more]

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