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Diploma thesis
Vállalkozás mint életstratégia (Digitális változat)
Közgazdasági Egyetem, 2008, 2011-01-25
Vállalkozás mint életstratégia (Digitális változat) A siker rögös útjain – Vállalkozzunk Európában Vállalkozás mint életstratégia A 10. évfolyam számára Tartalom 1. Siker és kudarc.. 6 1.1. Rendszerelméleti alapok. 6 1.1.1. Siker és kudarc szerepe életünkben.

Keywords: hogy, rendszer, modell, mint, mentális modellek, formális modellek, kívánatos állapot,
Final thesis
Case Studie: Burger King America. International Business and Management Studies.
Stenden University Leeuwarden, 5,4 , 2013-12-12
Case Studie Burger King America. International Business and Management Studies. Contents Foreword Executive summary Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Analysis of the current situation Part 3: Strategic Gap Part 4: Strategic choice Part 5: Implementation Plan Part 6: Conclusions and recommendations

Keywords: customers, burger king, target group, healthy food, expand target group, strong brand equity, food around world,
ACADEMIC ARTICLE CRITIQUE A Double-edged Sword: Transformational Leadership and Individual Creativ­ity” The article is written by Dr. Sabine Boerner and Silke Astrid EisenbeiB. They are both German and from two different backgrounds. Dr. Boerner is working within the University of

Keywords: research, article, negative, transformational leadership, astrid eisenbeib, follower dependency, authentic transformational leadership, leadership astrid eisenbeib, transformational leadership astrid,
L'intelligence collective appliquée au management de projets.
université d'avignon, 2013, dal palu, 14, 2014-02-10
Lintelligence collective appliquée au management de projets. Sommaire : Introduction I . L Intelligence collective : quel est son fonctionnement et quels sont ses enjeux ? I.a) Lintelligence collective originelle I.b) Les limites de lintelligence collective originelle II. De lintelligence

Keywords: sont, groupe, intelligence collective, collective originelle, open innovation, intelligence collective originelle, intelligence collective pyramidale, intelligence collective globale,
Specialised paper
Harley Davidson: Strategic Issues - Strategic Management, Corporate Governance
Cumberland County College Vineland NJ, 2015, 2015-04-21
6 6 HARLEY DAVIDSON: STRATEGIC ISSUES Harley Davidson: Strategic Issues B. D. Strategic Manageme­nt Instructor C. E. April 14, 2015 Harley Davidson: Strategic Issues Harley Davidson is a luxury motorcycle company that has successfully maint­ained its operations in the motorcycle

Keywords: market, company, globaldata, harley davidson, emission standards, strategic issues, inventory control systems, based inventory control, computer based inventory,
Dh Kinh te, DH Kinh te, teacher, 2017, 2017-11-22
KINH T LNG NG DNG CHNG 1: KINH T LNG NG DNG TRONG QUN TR KINH DOANH 1. Kinh t lng (Econometrics) có ngha o lng kinh t” (A.K.R. Frisch, 1930) Kinh t lng ng dng lŕ s kt hp gia s liu thc t, lý thuyt

Keywords: bin, quan, liu, kim nh, phân tích, trung běnh, dňng equal variances,
Managing Growing Organization - laxmi textile Sector: Textiles - Nature: Manufacturing Business name: - laxmi textile Sector: - Textiles Nature: - Manufacturing Description: - laxmi textiles manufacture cotton shirtings. So we buy grey cloth from various places like south India and then dying

Keywords: quality, marketing, product, shirting, customer value, textile industry,
ICT Unit 2 Cambridge Tech - Explain the personal attributes valued by employers
Cox Green Senior School , 2014, 2015-10-13
LO1: Explain the personal attributes valued by employers By R. W. Introduction Every employer of every business has a variety of different attributes (skills) that they particularly need for their job. In this piece of writing I am going to explain and define the most common and helpful attributes

Keywords: work, health, safety, time, team, important because, good communication, problem solving, good communication skills, employers value because,
Business plan Café Instigo - podnikatelsky plan
Ecoplus St Pölten, Jansky, 2014-04-15
NÁZOV KAVIARNE Názov našej kaviarne je Café Instigo. S­me kvalitnou kaviaro­u, ktorá vznikla v roku 2012 a už dva roky si držíme poves obúbenej a štýlovej kaviarne. Kompetencie Monika Kollárová manažér kaviarne Miroslava Urbanová ekonomika

Keywords: bude, kávy, náklady, budú, množstvo, krycí príspevok, našich produktov, raajkové menu, vyššia vrstva pracujúcich, našou cieovou skupinou,
The goal: Eli Goldratt. Systems Thinking
Grey High, Greymouth, 1998, mark twain, 2013-09-02
The goal: Eli Goldratt. Systems Thinking Introduction. The following report depicts the use of the Theory of Constraints and how it can advance organizations towards the overall goal that is the same for every business regarding profit. Theory of Constraints is a concept that created by Eli Goldratt

Keywords: business, constraints, staff, organization, profit, large, five focusing, operational expense, upgrade facilities, five focusing steps, north river press,
Who needs a Business Plan
sds-i London, 2010, 2010-09-21
Who needs a Business Plan (BP)!? Of course, everyone, everyone who runs a business or a project needs a business plan. Who has a business plan? No, I mean a real one, written down in all those chapters, with cash flow and all those other financial tables? And up-to-date? Okay, let’s not dwell on

Keywords: start, project, easy, strategy, business plan, executive summary, financial plan,
Lesson plan + tasks
Resumen: Reglamento del Parlamento Europeo y del conseljo de 28 de Enero de 2002
Universidad Panamericana , 2013, 2013-08-23
Resumen: Reglamento (CE) NO 178/2002 del Parlamento Europeo y del conseljo de 28 de Enero de 2002 Porel que se establecen los principios y los requisitos generales de la legislación alimentaria, se crea la Autoridad Europea de Seguridad Alimentaria y se fijan procedimientos relativos a la seguridad

Keywords: alimentos, salud, como, productos, trazabilidad, seguridad alimentaria, unión europea, objetivo final,
Test report
Organizational Behaviour - Organizational Cynicism. Why does organizational cynicism exist?
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad - IIMA, 2011, 2013-12-02
INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT ROHTAK HRM-1 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR I ORGANIZATIONAL CYNICISM ABSTRACT: According to Oxford Dictionary, cynicism is defined as, an inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest; scepticism”. This behaviour exhibited in an organizational

Keywords: work, employee, management, related, organizational cynicism, organizational commitment, self esteem, affective organizational commitment, belief organization lacks, organization lacks integrity,
Exam thesis
Emocionalna inteligencija i liderstvo - Upravljanje promenama
FEFA Belgrade, 2012, Prof Dr Diklic, 10, 2013-04-12
FEFA, Univerzitet Singidunum” SEMINARSKI RAD Predmet: Upravljanje promenama Tema: Emocionalna inteligencija i liderstvo Sadržaj: 1...... Uvod 2...... ta je emocijalna inteligencija? 3.... Emocionalna inteligencija u liderestvu 4..... Kako se meri emocionalna inteligencija 5.....

Keywords: kako, uvek, model, emocionalne inteligencije, emocionalna inteligencija, predstavlja sposobnost, emocija predstavlja sposobnost,
Exam thesis
The Higher Education Business in UK: Consumer Perceptions in Asia
University of London, 2000, 2016-03-30
The Higher Education Business in UK: Consumer Perceptions in Asia Tabl­e of Contents ­ 1. Literature Review Education services as international trade is considered to be a multi-million dollar business and a huge contributor towards the source of income

Keywords: research, expectations, higher education, service quality, international students, higher education institutions, about higher education, higher education universities,
Business 21: Unit 9 Management and Leadership
Technische Universität Dresden - TUD, , 2010-07-10
Aus Business 21 Autoren: O'Riordan/ Lehniger, D Chapter 9: Management and Leadership 1.0 Introduction to Management and Leadership Differentiate between Management and Leadership? Manager The role of the manager is essentially one as an implementer. overseeing the operational concerns of

Keywords: leader, management, theory, work, employees, organization, leadership style, approach model, effective leaders,

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