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List of Essays: Management / Administration

Essay1.951 Words / ~7 pages University of Kuala Lumpur CRANSTON NISSAN: ADDRESSING THE ISSUE OF TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT Introduction Total Quality Management (TQM) is a comprehensive and structured approach to organizationa­l management that seeks to improve the quality of products and services through ongoing refinements in response to continuous feedback from the customers. TQM requirements may be defined separately for a particular organization and can be applied to any type of organization. As a current focus of e-business, TQM is based on quality management from the customers point of view. As per the given case study, it provides a lot of scope which can be contextual analyzed in respect of TQM. Primarily, Total Quality Management (TQM) is the organization-­wide effort to install and make permanent a climate in which it continuously improves its ability to deliver…[show more]
Essay509 Words / ~ pages concordia university montreal MBA-615 IT Governance in UPS - Managing Information Systems UPS has designed a coherent set of IT governance mechanisms. At the beginning, it established an executive steering committee composed of 4 senior executives from different departments. The goal of the committee was to set strategic direction for IT and establish priorities and funding levels. As IT capabilities at UPS were further developed, the executive steering committee switched to a supervising role to provide input on the firm’s long-term IT strategy and establish IT principles such as standardizati­on and scalability. This committee is now composed of 3 senior executives, including the CIO. The ITSC (Information and Technology Strategy Committee) deals with short-term issues and includes 15 senior managers from all functional units, and is headed…[show more]
Essay5.734 Words / ~18 pages Iscam Madagascar Les options stratégiques de vente à l’inter­natio­nal: avantages et inconvénients Année scolaire : 2009-2010 Les options stratégiques de vente à l’inter­natio­nal: avantages et inconvénients Une entreprise dans le but de réussir sur un marché étranger doit être capable de se plier aux attentes et aux diverses exigences mis en place par ce marché étranger en question. Si l’entre­prise­ de commerce international n’est pas capable de répondre à tous les critèr­es mis en place par le ou les marchés qu’elle cible elle ne pourrait jamais s’y implanter durablement. Pour le produit, plusieurs critèr­es d’éligi­bilit­é seront à suivre, il faut aussi adapter le produit à l’offre international­e, et…[show more]
Essay1.381 Words / ~ pages UBT - JDH Community Hospitals There is no a specific definition that can clearly define the community hospitalsbeca­use the concept of this organization is different from country to country. But mainly, a community hospital is a local hospital, unit or centre providing an appropriate range and format of accessible health care facilities andresources and aimed to provide a more homelike style of care. The community hospitals is basically found forproviding both health and social care services for older people and local communities by positioning the hospitals in places that can serve the patients within the area they liveand with the right level of care, are often closer to home for friends and families to visit and is often a more relaxed atmosphere than thegeneral hospitals. Also,can help to prevent emergency admissions to general…[show more]
Essay2.714 Words / ~10 pages Veleučilište u Rijeci VELEUČILIŠTE U RIJECI Stručni studij poduzetništva Ugovor o organiziranju putovanja (Seminar iz Trgovačkog i radnog prava) I. SAŽETAK Ugovorom o organiziranju putovanja organizator putovanja se obvezuje da pribavi putniku skup usluga koje se sastoje od prijevoza, boravka i drugih usluga koje su s njima vezane, a putnik je dužan organizatoru platiti jednu ukupnu (paušalnu) cijenu. Glavni subjekti ovog ugovora su putnik (naručitelj usluge putovanja) te organizator putovanja koji izvršava tu uslugu. Ugovor o organiziranju putovanja u pravilu nije samo ugovor kojim se određeni subjekt obvezao odvesti osobu od točke A do točke B, nego ovisno o ugovoru sadrži i ostale dodatne usluge koje se pritom naplaćuju i obračunavaju u konačnoj cijeni koju putnik plaća organizatoru putovanja. Te usluge mogu biti: hrana, piće, boravak,…[show more]
Essay1.405 Words / ~4 pages Universidad de la sabana Luis Cabrera 201329028 IMPORTANCIA DE LA CADENA DE SUMINISTRO DE UNA EMPRESA A través de la historia se ha podido ver como los gigantes de la industria han teorizado y cambiado cada vez los conceptos dentro del ámbito empresarial. Gigantes como Frederick Winslow Taylor, Henry Ford, Rockefeller, Asa Griggs Candler y todos sus sucesores han hecho que las compañías que fundaron continúen siendo lideres hoy en día, esto se debe a la integración efectiva de todas las áreas ( financiera, mercadeo, operativa, comercial, compras). Lo que se busca argumentar en este ensayo es como el buen manejo de la cadena de suministro hace que todas la áreas de la empresas funcionen correctamente y conectadas entres si, permite optimizar costos, obtener un mayor margen de utilidad, y como la demanda juega un papel importante en esta. “Pero en los últimos…[show more]
Essay758 Words / ~ pages ACE college Kathmandu How Operational Innovation can transform your company? Critical Review Today, the business environment is very much dynamic and competitive. Many organizations aim to achieve competitive advantage in its sector along with different changes. But is it that possibility of achieving the competitive advantage? This case typically describes how organizations can get those competitive advantages through operational innovation and excellence. There are three most important strategies that a company can implement in order to get the competitive advantage which are listed below: 1.) Differentiati­on 2.) Cost Leadership & 3.) Response The advantage of these strategies can be achieved through operational innovation and excellence. Operational Innovation means coming up with entirely new ways of filling orders, developing…[show more]
Essay1.815 Words / ~11 pages Hong Kong How to create value in buyer-seller relationships­? Introduction The creation of value has been seen as the focus and one of the main objectives in buyer-seller relationships (Ulaga, 2006). Adding value to the relationships increase customer satisfaction, link together the involved parties and promote customer retention. Understanding how the value could be identified, created and delivered to the relationships is therefore crucial in business market. This paper first explains the relationship development process and introduces the four different phases. Then, factors in direct and indirect aspects of value creating function are discussed. Trust and commitment which would lead positive effects on the relationship are also examined in the paper. Relationship development process When buyers and sellers undergo…[show more]
Essay1.692 Words / ~6 pages Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK APSS1L01 Tomorrow’s Leaders Individual Paper Name of the student: Lam Wang Fai, Student ID: 16063811D Date of the Class: Wednesday Time of the Class: 1330 to 1630 Group Name: Era Lecturer of the class: Pui Ki Li Introduction of Emotional Competence and Its Relationship with Leadership Introduction It is believed that emotional competence (EC) facilitates relationships and plays an important role in leadership. According to Goleman (2001), it is the ability to regulate and notice emotions in others and ourselves. This term paper will be divided into 2 parts. Part A will introduce EC in 5 main concepts: emotional perception, facilitation, understanding­, management and social skills. Meanwhile, Part B will discuss my personal experiences related to leadership and EC. Part A. -Emotional Perception Emotional perception…[show more]
Essay1.597 Words / ~7 pages Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK How the organizationa­l structure affects innovation in firms? Innovation makes development and improvement, which is the key to continued success. Organizing is arranging and structuring work to accomplish an organization’­s goals. Organization is important for a corporate so as to operate efficiently, but people usually just learn it in theory. Thus, knowing how to apply organizationa­l structure to innovation in practice is necessary. Besides, although there are many organizationa­l case studies about some situations where innovation may occur, most of these studies are just focusing on the small-scale organizations like particular farms and schools (Sapolsky, 2016). This article aims at discussing how the organizationa­l structure influence the innovation in terms of firms. This paper will discuss from the perspective…[show more]

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