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Documents about Industrial engineering

Lab Report1.262 Words / ~1 page Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK the process of ultra-precisi­on single diamond turning technology ISE 4009 Advanced Manufacturing Technology Background This report discusses an experiment to study the process of ultra-precisi­on single diamond turning technology. Also, familiarize with the method of using Form Talysurf Measurement System for the measurement of the form accuracy in peak to valley (Rt) and surface roughness in average (Ra) value. Through the experiment, understand the differences of the quality between rough cut and finish cut of mould inserts and study the setting of diamond tools and form compensation. Methodology Measurement Procedure First, the rough blank of the mould insert would be rough cut by using the Nanoform 200 Ultra-precisi­on Machine. Next, The Rt value and Ra value of the mould insert would be measured by using the Form…[show more]
Presentation5.134 Words / ~24 pages Colombo University Shipping Containers Redesigned As Composting Toilets To Improve Sanitation, Port-au-Princ­e, Cite Soleil: Final Report Inhaltsverzei­chnis EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. 2 FORMAL PROBLEM STATEMENT. 3 BACKGROUND RESEARCH. 3 DESIGN SPECIFICATION­S. 6 FINAL DESIGN. 8 BUDGET ESTIMATES AND METERIAL LIST. 22 ENGINEERING CALCULATIONS. 23 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY According to the Human Development Index. Haiti is one of the poorest nations on earth. Its entire country is faced with unemployment, disease, corruption, deforestation­, crime, poor health and natural disasters, even within its capital of Port-au-Princ­e. Cite Soleil, its slum city, has been hurt even more. Until recently, gangs controlled the streets, and it took the help of the UN to drive them out. Yet with the worst sanitations in the Western Hemisphere, and a rising crime rate…[show more]
Term paper3.905 Words / ~21 pages Universiti Malaysia Pahang - Pekan Campus - UMP INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING WORK AND TIME STUDY TO REDUCE HIGH WORK IN PROGRESS (WIP) AT KEDAI NO 4 MAK LONG SALTED FISH , bt. Ab , b. , b. and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, 26600 Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia *Email: ABSTRACT This project is the study of how industrial engineering tools is being applied to Kedai no 4 Mak Long Salted Fish in order to improve the productivity of the salted fish production. Four production workstations are being studied by using the time study and work study to determine the time cycle and layout of the workspace. The four workstations are unload the fish, cleaning and cutting the fish, soak the fish and dry the fish. Operation chart is being carried out at workstation since the workstation is the busiest production line with many steps. Pareto chart is also being carried out to…[show more]

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