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Tutorial1.213 Words / ~8 pages PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore APPROACHES FOR LINE BALANCING ASSEMBLY LINE: Assembly line refers to a set of sequential workstations. These workstations are either connected by continuous or intermittent work handling system. Here, Raw materials are fed as input and the Finished products are taken as output THE LINE BALANCING The line balancing problem is to arrange the individual processing and assembly tasks at the workstations so that the total time required at each workstation is approximately the same. If the work elements can be grouped so that all the station times are exactly equal, we have perfect balance on the line and we can expect the production to flow smoothly. In most practical situations it is very difficult to achieve perfect balance. When workstation times are unequal, the slowest station determines the overall production rate of the…[show more]
Essay1.529 Words / ~13 pages Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK ELC3521: Project proposal about tracking robot Content Page Abstract P. 3 Background P. 4 Objectives P. 5 Methods P. 6 Working Schedule P. 11 Budget P. 13 References P. 13 Abstract In the last decade, tracking robots played an insignificant role in the security industry. Our society relied heavily on human resources to protect citizens’ life and property. Traditionally­, manpower security involves continuous cost and resources, it is an imperfect system. Fortunately, technology has been making good progress with advancement these years, growing importance could be seen in tracking robotics, as a replacement to manpower security. This proposal suggests some possible improvements to the existing tracking robotic system. We propose a series of functions and techniques, e.g. infrared thermal imaging system and automatic…[show more]
Bachelor thesis18.226 Words / ~49 pages Pomorski Fakultet, Rijeka Verovatnoća pojave iznenadnog otkaza unutar perioda Tu1 je 1-Rdef. Kod tu1 je verovatnoća da je preostali resurs TR>0 jednaka Rdef. Verovatnoća da će se do sledećeg ispitivanja (kod tu2) dostići kritična granica je:. Prednosti: – bolje se koristi preostali resurs, dobro se ekonomiše sa materijalom i konstantna verovatnoća bezotkaznog rada. Mane: – neophodna je tehnička dijagnostika, – neophodna je visoka kvalifikacija radnika, – neophodno je pratiti kod svakog elementa i svake mašine tok promene njenog stanja, i tok promene stanja mora biti poznat sa visokom tačnošću. Održavanje sa zadatim periodičnim ili aperiodičnim terminima ispitivanja zavisno od eksploatacije Kod ove varijante, termin ispitivanja je zavisan od radnog procesa vozila. Naprimer u poljoprivredi­, termin ispitivanja uslovljava očekivani vremenski…[show more]
Diploma thesis3.784 Words / ~31 pages Univerzitet zenica UNIVERZITET U ZENICI MAŠINSKI FAKULTET KATEDRA ZA KONSTRUKCIJE I CAD TEHNOLOGIJE PREDMET: CAE-RAČU­NARSK­E SIMULACIJE Omerović Numeričk­a analiza samopobudnih oscilacija u pravougloj šupljini određene geometrijske konfiguracije seminarski rad Mentor: V.Prof.dr. Senad Balić Zenica, septembar 2011. godin Sadržaj 1. Uvod 1 2. Eksperimental­no istraživanje samopobudnih oscilacija u zatvorenom mlazu 2 2.1 Uvod 2 2.2 Eksperimental­no istraživanje i instrumentaci­ja . 4 2.3 Posmatranje toka 5 2.4 Samopobudne oscilacije: istraživanje valne dužine 5 3. Numeričk­a analiza asimetrič­;nog toka i samopobudnih oscilacija mlaza u geometrijski simetrič­nim oscilacijama 11 3.1 Uvod 11 3.2 Opis problema . 12 3.3 Granični uslovi 13 4. Numeričk­a analiza samopobudnih…[show more]
Specialised paper2.591 Words / ~14 pages Universität Rostock 1. Water Pressure on one Paddle Presuppositio­ns: - Water flows only around one vertical downward adjusted paddle - Steady state treatment - Friction in the outflow at edge C is neglected - Frictionless fluid From this it follows a factor of safety because the water passes more paddles at a time in reality. So there is a segmentation of the force and the forces on each paddle will be smaller than the following. Fig. 1 Compressive force on a flood gate (source Bollrich) Procedure: - Control volume (fig. 1) with all relevant factors of influence (sum of all forces is zero) Calculation of hu: Equation from Bernoulli: 1) Equation of continuity: 2) Equation 2) in 1), converts in quadratic equation for hu: The only positve solution for h­u follows with h0 = 1 m, v0 = 1,5 m/s and g = 9,81 m/s2: With the knowledge of hu and the equation of continuity…[show more]
Handout757 Words / ~ pages HTL Wien 10 Oil Pump – descriptions KOP Pumps in Automotive Engineering In cars there are several pumps to convey different liquids and gases. The engine has to be supported with oil for the lubrication, water for cooling and fuel as energy source for the combustion. Another application is the injection pump. Furthermore some engines have installed a turbocharger or a compressor to generate forced induction. Oil pump The most often used oil pump is a double-flow gear pump. In a housing there are two gears which have to sit tight to generate only small gaps in order to keep the medium inside the teeth. If the gaps are too big the efficiency degree decreases. One of the two gears is driven, either via a chain wheel (camshaft chain) or a pulley (cam-belt). The other one is drive by the first chain-wheel. This means the connection between them is form-fitting…[show more]
Homework3.121 Words / ~34 pages Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK Design and Manufacturing of Mixie Mug ME3204 Design and Manufacturing Project Group 20 Members: Ali Jahan Zaib (Leader) (12063189d) Ang Kee Jeng (12129471d) Jason Lai (12129761d) Maggie Lei (12130021d) Panisa Kwraiwattanap­ong (12129685d) Table of Contents (i) Introduction In recent years, elderly population has become a growing concern in many countries around world. This is also related to the advancement in technology that has increased the average life-span of an average human, in Japan for example, as of 2010; about 23 percent of its total population is over 65 years old. This is an alarming number as the government has to cater for so many elderly and as people age they start to become weaker and thus require more support for various tasks. This situation calls for creative engineers to build new technology that can enable…[show more]
Lab Report3.548 Words / ~27 pages HTWG Konstanz - Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Gestaltung Laboratory for Fluid Mechanics Measurement of Volume Flows Content 1 Fluid dynamic basics. 5 1.1 Volume flow measurements. 6 1.2 Discharge measurements. 9 1.2.1 Danaid reservoir 9 1.2.2 Poncelet tank. 11 1.2.3 Weighing container 12 2 Objective of the test 12 3 Test 13 3.1 Test rig. 13 3.1.1 Test installation. 13 3.1.2 Measuring instruments. 14 3.1.3 Plant Description. 14 3.2 Experimental preparation. 16 3.3 Procedure. 16 Evaluation. 17 3.4 Experimental Results. 22 3.5 Failure discussion. 24 4 Critical observation of the experiment 24 5 Comprehension­. 24 6 Questions for evaluation. 25 6.1 Fragen zur Blende. 25 6.2 Questions to the Danaid. 26 7 Literature. 27 1 Fluid dynamic basics A common task in the practice is to determine the flow rates for various turbo-machine­s and devices. For the determination of the flow, there are…[show more]
Term paper4.737 Words / ~21 pages Cecilien Gymnasium Düsseldorf 3°3 RAPPORT DE STAGE BCRM Toulon BAN Hyères-CEPA 10S BP200 Année Scolaire 2016/2017 83800 Toulon Cedex 9 Remerciements Je remercie M. Dominique , mon maître de stage et oncle de m’avoir très gentiment accueilli au sein de la Base Aéronavale (BAN*) d’Hyères et au Centre d’Expérimenta­ti­ons Pratiques de l’Aéronaval 10S (CEPA/10 S). Merci à lui et à sa compagne Sophie d’avoir accueilli moi et mes parents chez eux. Je remercie également tout le personnel du CEPA/10S de m’avoir accueilli avec beaucoup de gentillesse et de m’avoir expliqué le fonctionnemen­t du CEPA/10S, les outils de travail et d’avoir pris du temps pour moi. J’aimerais également dire merci à Olivier de m’avoir autorisé de faire ce stage de découverte au sein du CEPA/10S et Pauline qui m’a fait visiter la tour de contrôle. Je remercie finalement mes parents, Petra…[show more]
Summary378 Words / ~ pages Porto Seguro, São Paulo Palavra-Chave­: Cleco, Apertadeira Eletrônica à Bateria, Produto: Apertadeira Eletrônica à Bateria A Cleco foi fundada em 1894 em Cleveland, Ohio, EUA. A experiência de 120 anos da Cleco pode ser conferida pelas ferramentas e sistemas de montagem para uma ampla variedade de aplicações na indústria automotiva, de energia, aeroespacial, e indústria geral. Esta experiência é o diferencial para a alta qualidade e performance de suas ferramentas, que passam por melhoria constante, maios inovação, durabilidade e soluções seguras. As soluções da Cleco são focadas em aumento de produtividade enquanto oferece para os usuários um equipamento de fácil ajuste, ergonomia e segurança. As apertadeiras eletrônicas à bateria Cleco LiveWire são as pioneiras no mercado de aperto sem controlado sem fio. LiveWire™ é o exclusivo sistema…[show more]

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