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Category Agricultural / Horticultural Studies

Documents about Agricultural / Horticultural Studies

Essay798 Words / ~2 pages South Dakota State University The Importance of Agriculture Cannot be Undersold By In the world where we are so connected, we can also be so very disconnected from what truly sustains us. I recently posted this statistic from Agricultural Trends, Topics and Tomorrow to my Facebook page, Only one percent of Americans are farmers and 85% of America is so far removed from agriculture, they do not understand what we do, even when we tell them. The value of agriculture cannot be taken lightly. Don’t get me wrong, business, accounting and computer sciences are important, but without agriculture fulfilling life’s most essential elements, none of these professions mean anything. In fact, no other industry can provide the necessities our population needs to survive and move forward except agriculture. Shelter, fiber for clothing, and most importantly, food for…[show more]
Summary802 Words / ~ pages BG/BRG Boerhaavegasse Wien 3 - HIB The agriculture and the industry in Scotland Generally: So agriculture and industry are the most important parts of the Scottish economy. Export is oil and gas, chemical products, electronics parts and accessories, clothing, machinery and equipment, textiles and whiskey. Since 1987, Scotland has stronger economic growth than the whole of Great Britain and was at the beginning of the nineties of the recession less affected than other regions. This is partly due to the creation of new jobs and industry branches that are closely associated with the discovery and exploitation of oil in the North Sea, partly on the importance of Scotland as an attractive business location of high-tech industries. One of the most important organizations is the Scottish Trades Union Congress with over 980,000 members. About 75% of the area is used…[show more]

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