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Documents about Environmental Sciences

Preparation A-Level6.173 Words / ~23 pages Landesgymnasium Sankt Afra zu Meißen Landesgymnasi­um Sankt Afra Environmental awareness in the US- an analysis Table of contents 5.1 Environmental friendly places 14 5.2 Exhaust gases 15 5.3 Waste 16 7 Conclusion 16 8 Bibliography 18 5.1 Internet sources 18 5.2 Book sources 21 9 Appendix 22 Introduction “Climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and I think this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us.” 1 . With that quote, the American scientist and presenter Bill Nye touches a topic, which play a major role in our society. In fact, our climate is changing from year to year and humans are causing it for a major part. We as humans are the biggest problem, its a fight against ourselves, because we are overstraining our environment. The negative consequences of climate change are visible all over the world. The weather is affected by climate…[show more]
Excerpt571 Words / ~ pages DPS RK Puram Conditions Case - Nike Labor The problems Nike was facing three problems for which Nike was being vehemently criticized. Originally, Nike was the pet cause of the leftists and now Nike bashing had become America’s newest spectator sport. Labour conditions The major issues were child labour, slave labour and workers who toiled in unsafe and inhumane work environments. Indonesian workers revealed that they were being paid as low as 19 cents an hour. Women workers could only leave the company premises even on Sundays without permission from the management. To save face, Nike had involved auditing organizations like Ernst and young to study the working conditions. The firm was paid to publish a good report and this was soon found out by the activists who questioned the objectivity of these audits. Also, Nike involved a group of its…[show more]
Specialised paper831 Words / ~2 pages Technische Universität Wien - TU Market perception study on EIPs (Eco-Innovati­ve Products) from the Customer point of view General consumer opinion Searching through the Internet to gather information about “eco-in­novat­ive products” leads to many hits. There are lots of information about appropriate legislation under discussion, definitions and different approaches to enforce these sorts of products on the market. It seems like that there is a proven social benefit in implementing eco-innovativ­e products. On the other hand, there are recently only view comments, discussions and opinions from consumers on this topic. To get an idea why the current situation is like that, we can take a look about the information sources of consumers in the case they want to inform themselves about such category of products. An international survey, conducted…[show more]
Homework2.245 Words / ~9 pages University of Salford, Manchester Reproduction in zoos Reproduction in zoos INTRODUCTION Zoos and aquariums globally are evolving into serious centres of research, education and conservation as the evolution of the natural world around them is compromised by habitat destruction and unsustainable use of biological resources. Over a ten year period, from the mid-nineties onwards, the number of threatened taxa more than doubled (IUCN 2007) and 15-37% of species are predicted to be committed to extinction in the future due to climate change (Thomas et al 2004) this trend shows no signs of changing in the near future. The rate of researched and documented captive breeding and reintroductio­n projects has also increased during this period (Seddon et al 2007, Bowkett 2008). Zoos and their role in conservation The zoo community has coined the term ‘Integrated conservation’­…[show more]
Presentation483 Words / ~ pages BRG-Graz Chernobyl Chernobyl today What about Chernobyl today and what happened exactly in the zone? Being researched and what about the concrete sarcophagus of the power plant? What is the radiation in the zone and is there a resistant life? One thing is clear: Chernobyl has recovered only a little bit, but there are still some striking features the world isnt know. What is special about the area of Chernobyl? Many people have a picture of horror in there minds when they think of Chernobyl: An area which is highly contaminated with radiation and no one can live in it! But the appearances are deceptive, because Chernobyl looks today much different as it may be imagined. Despite of the huge accident, the local area around the power plant is almost free of radioactivity­. On most roads in the restricted area you can travel without any fear of radiation…[show more]
Presentation601 Words / ~ pages Städtisches Gymnasium Gütersloh The greenhouse effect Table of content: · introduktion · What is a Greenhouse? · What is the Greenhouse effect? · The consequences. · How does this affect us? · Measures against the Greenhouse effect. · conclusion · sources introduction: For the First world today, one of the biggest problems on earth is the Global warming. And the main reason for this is the Greenhouse effect. As the first world we should have to deal with this problem because we pollute the air most. First of all we need to clarify what the problem is. But before we can deal with the Greenhouse effect we should make clear what a greenhouse is. What is a Greenhouse? : Agreenhouse is a building in which plants are grown. It is a structure built out of different types of materials, such as a glass or plastic roof and glass or plastic walls. Plants in the greenhouse are protected…[show more]

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