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Preparation A-Level
Environmental awareness in the US- an analysis
Landesgymnasium Sankt Afra zu Meißen, 2+, Englisch, 2016, 2016-08-31
Landesgymnasium Sankt Afra Environmental awareness in the US- an analysis Table of contents 5.1 Environmental friendly places 14 5.2 Exhaust gases 15 5.3 Waste 16 7 Conclusion 16 8 Bibliography 18 5.1 Internet sources 18 5.2 Book sources 21 9 Appendix 22 Introduction Climate change is happening,

Keywords: waste, environmental, energy, california, united states, umweltbewusstsein umweltverhalten, climate change, online version accessed, globalisierung informationen globalisierung, informationen globalisierung umweltprobleme,
Conditions Case - Nike Labor
DPS RK Puram, 2012, 2013-09-06
Conditions Case - Nike Labor The problems Nike was facing three problems for which Nike was being vehemently criticized. Originally, Nike was the pet cause of the leftists and now Nike bashing had become America’s newest spectator sport. Labour conditions The major issues were child labour, slave

Keywords: nike, workers, labour, paid, working conditions, differences between, national cultures,
Specialised paper
Market perception of eco-innovative products from the costumer point of view
Technische Universität Wien - TU, 2009, 2010-05-31
Market perceptin study n EIPs (Ec-Innvative Prducts) frm the Custmer pint f view General cnsumer pinin Searching thrugh the Internet t gather infrmatin abut “ec-innvativ­e prducts” leads t many hits. There are lts f infrmatin abut apprpriate legislatin under discussin, definitins

Keywords: consumer, view, term, innovative products, “eco innovative”,
Reproduction in zoos
University of Salford, Manchester, , 2012-12-19
Reproduction in zoos Reproduction in zoos INTRODUCTION Zoos and aquariums globally are evolving into serious centres of research, education and conservation as the evolution of the natural world around them is compromised by habitat destruction and unsustainable use of biological resources.

Keywords: species, conservation, biology, international, captive breeding, breeding programmes, panda ailuropoda melanoleuca, giant panda ailuropoda,
Chernobyl today
BRG-Graz, 2011 Götz, 2011-03-20
Chernobyl Chernobyl today What about Chernobyl today and what happened exactly in the zone? Being researched and what about the concrete sarcophagus of the power plant? What is the radiation in the zone and is there a resistant life? One thing is clear: Chernobyl has recovered only a little bit, but

Keywords: area, contaminated, zone, radiation, science, chernobyl today, power plant, some radioactive,
The greenhouse effect
Städtisches Gymnasium Gütersloh, 2012 Note 2+, 2012-04-29
The greenhouse effect Table of content: · introduktion · What is a Greenhouse? · What is the Greenhouse effect? · The consequences. · How does this affect us? · Measures against the Greenhouse effect. · conclusion · sources introduction: For the First world today, one of the biggest problems on earth

Keywords: earth, global, plants, greenhouse effect, natural greenhouse, greenhouse gases, natural greenhouse effect,

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