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Tutorial561 Words / ~ pages Sixth Form Roundwood, HERTS Explain the possible impacts on UK energy security of the trends shown (10) The IEA (internationa­l energy agency) defines energy security as “the uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price”. There are three main factors that contribute to energy security; high demand due to large consumer societies, low availability of energy from domestic reserves and low capacity to import and a non-diverse energy mix. Figure 1 shows no overall dramatic change in energy use since 1970. The amount has only increased by 20 million tonnes between 1970 and 2030. This is only a small energy gap which does not suggest energy insecurity for the UK as the UK are capable of coping with this rise. Between 1990 and 2010 the UK saw an increase of just over double in primary energy use. This suggests that the predicted rise of 7 million…[show more]
Bachelor thesis1.962 Words / ~10 pages Guadalajara ¿Cómo ha cambiado la imagen urbana en la ribera de Chapala en los últimos cuarenta años y por qué? Jueves, 9 de junio de 2011 Índice Introducción 1. Cambios 1.1 Arquitectura civil 1.1.1 Antes 1.1.2 Ahora 1.2 Arquitectura religiosa y de gobierno 1.2.1 Antes 1.2.2 Ahora 2 Causas 2.1 Aumento de población 2.2 Presencia de inmigrantes 2.3 Cambios de costumbres 2.4 Deterioro físico 2.4.1 Paso del tiempo 3 Consecuencias 3.1 Aumento de población fija 3.2 Más turismo 3.2.1 Más entrada de dinero 3.3 Creación de empleos 3.4 Contaminación Conclusión Bibliografía Barragán Tostado Introducción La ribera del lago de Chapala, el más grande de México, es un espacio que anima a recorrerla sobre todo en la porción comprendida entre la ciudad de Chapala y Jocotepec. Su clima, paisaje y generosa vegetación propician el descanso y dan el marco ideal…[show more]
Diploma thesis11.802 Words / ~79 pages University of Civil engineering Maribor, Slovenia UNIVERZA V MARIBORU FAKULTETA ZA GRADBENIŠTVO NAJSODOBNEJŠE METODE ZAJEMANJA TERENSKIH PODATKOV IN UPORABNOST V PRAKSI Diplomsko delo Ključne besede: gradbeništvo, geodezija, zajemanje podatkov, GIS. UDK: 528.02:004.3(­043.2­) Povzetek: V diplomskem delu smo predstavili najsodobnejše metode zajemanja terenskih podatkov. Še posebej smo opisali sistem GPS kot najsodobnejši globalni navigacijski sistem (GNSS) ter sistem LIDAR kot moderno metodo za zajemanje terenskih podatkov. S praktičn­im primerom smo ponazorili povezanost med zajemanjem podatkov s pomočjo sodobne tehnologije in prikazom v skupni bazi podatkov GIS. V sodelovanju s podjetjem Geoin d. o. o. smo posneli teren smučiš&#­269;a­ Pohorja in izvedli praktičn­i primer sledenja posameznika na trasi. MODERN METHODS…[show more]
Final thesis2.041 Words / ~5 pages University of Tasmania Hobart Barriers to achieving energy efficiency The purpose of this statement is to identify the importance of energy efficient homes with regard to a sustainable future. In order to address current main challenges such as climate change, energy efficiency is a very important issue. There are several barriers towards sustainable housing such as social values, socio-economi­c factors, physical constraints, deficits in capacity and deficits in governance. The main recommendatio­ns to improve the situation are to ensure access to information for customers and builders and to develop better policy guidelines, standards and good practice examples. Furthermore it is crucial to ensure that subsidies are accessible for all costumers. Energy efficiency must be a priority for public housing and an energy efficiency certificate should…[show more]
Final thesis2.623 Words / ~12 pages University of Tasmania Hobart Building a trail at Cashions Creek in Florentine Valley 1. Introduction This consultancy report focuses on main issues concerning the building of a nature trail at Cashions Creek in the Florentine Valley. The location is situated in a sensitive karst area and shelters plenty of karst landforms such as dolines, a few cave entraces, a dry bed, a blind valley and a collapsed cave. The main aim is to build a nature trail to display the karst landforms to the public but without doing any damage to the site. Soils play an important role in karst environments to stabilize the area. Due to the underground drainage system in karst areas, water pollution is an issue as well. If a sensitive karst area is treated wrong this can lead to hazards for people who visit the area and further to the deletion of the rich heritage. This report provides a detailed…[show more]
Excursion report4.020 Words / ~17 pages Hogeschool Utrecht King’s Cross & St. Pancras Een vergelijkend onderzoek met Regent Quarter Inhoud 1 Site en situation. 3 2 Theoretisch kader Regeneration. 15 Voorstel Veldwerk. 17 1 Site en situation 1.1 Ligging King´s Cross en St. Pancras. Londen is de hoofdstad van het Verenigd Koninkrijk en de grootste stad van West-Europa. Groot Londen heeft ongeveer 7,5 miljoen inwoners en de totale metropool van Londen 14 miljoen inwoners. Londen is historisch gezien een van de grote wereldsteden en blijft een wereldstad op politiek, cultureel, mode, handel en financieel gebied. Een dergelijke grote stad heeft belang bij een goede infrastructuu­r en concurrentiep­ositi­e. Londen is een polycentrisch­e stad, meeste activiteiten concentreren zich rond de Bank of England, het oude stadscentrum, rond politieke, diplomatieke en Koninklijke…[show more]
Excursion report3.787 Words / ~14 pages University of Tasmania Hobart Executive Summary This report is addressed to the managers of Zoodoo and Bonorong Wildlife Park. Indicators were developed in order to measure the current sustainabilit­y for the businesses. In the first part of the report these indicators are used to determine the status quo. Current gaps and possible solutions towards a more sustainable development are worked out in the second part. The overall finding of this report was that both businesses at least partly contribute to sustainable development. Differences between the businesses exist with regard to the sustainabilit­y of the three main dimensions (economy, ecology and environment). This report provides an analysis of the current situation and recommendatio­ns for both wildlife parks to improve their sustainabilit­y. Table of Content 1. Introduction. 2 2. Discussion.…[show more]
Specialised paper588 Words / ~ pages MNG Rämibühl, Zürich FSC in Switzerland and Brazil Introduction The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization which certifies wood that has been cut down under sustainable conditions with the FSC-label. Its goal is to make “the world’s forests meet the social, ecological, and economic rights and needs of the present generation without compromising those of future generations”1­. Although it has basic principles to achieve this goal, the requirements to obtain the label vary in each country, depending on the country-speci­fic circumstances­. Certified wood can be sold abroad regardless of the local criteria. This system seems to contradict their goal of an international standard since the requirements of a country can differ very strongly, as it can be seen using the example of Switzerland and Brazil. Analysis The rate…[show more]
Specialised paper2.405 Words / ~10 pages BG/BRG Fürstenfeld la selva tropical la selva tropical © Spezialgebiet­: Spanisch contenido la introducción página: 3 la definición de la “selva tropical” los bosques primarios los bosques secundarios página: 4 la ocurrencia de los bosques tropicales página: 4 el clima página: 5 la construcción del bosque página: 6 la fauna y la flora página: 7-8 la deforestación y la destrucción página: 9 el “bosque de los austríacos” y otras medidas de protección página: 10 los fuentes página: 10 la introducción: La expresión tropical viene de la palabra griega tropos, que significa el cambio y en alemán “Wechsel”, „Wendung“. Muchas personas creen que la selva está muy lejos de nosotros y no es un asunto en Europa. ¡Pero tan lejos, como pensamos, no lo es! ¿De qué material existen la mayoría de marco de madera? Se hace del meranti, una madera tropical. Nuestros armarios…[show more]
Research Proposal1.825 Words / ~11 pages Mink College Werkstuk Arm-Rijk Kenia en Noorwegen en s Aardrijkskund­e Minkema 3AB 27-02-‘14 Inhoudsopgave Inleiding In dit werkstuk zijn wij opzoek gegaan naar antwoord op de vraag: “Waarom is Noorwegen rijker dan Kenia?” Om deze hoofdvraag te beantwoorden, gingen wij opzoek naar geschikte deelvragen die pasten bij de gekozen dimensies. Wij hebben gekozen voor de sociale dimensie, de culturele dimensie, de demografische dimensie, de economische dimensie. We hebben gekozen voor deze dimensies, omdat we dachten dat fysische dimensie en de politieke wat minder met arm/rijk te maken. In direct misschien wel maar we dachten toch echt dat de behandelde dimensies het belangrijkst wa. De nadruk ligt eigenlijk vooral op de economische dimensie, want arm en rijk heeft toch het meest met inkomen/econo­mie te maken. We zullen nu eerst even wat…[show more]
Examination questions737 Words / ~ pages Christ The King Sixth Form London Examination Questions Geography – Mr. Fagan A) Explain why oil exploration in the area shown could lead to high economic and environmental cost. B) Assess the relative importance of named players in the global supply of energy. A) Oil exploration in the areas such as the Amazon could lead to high environmental costs due to the fact that there are a lot of ecosystems in the area, oil exploration may lead to destruction of these ecosystems which may endanger the species. Permanent damage may be done as it may be difficult for the ecosystem to be rebuilt. As well as this, deep water drilling is also required in places such as the Arctic, this is perhaps a sensitive and delicate procedure as new technology may be used to carry out the deep water drilling and by chance an oil spill may occur. Following the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico it showed…[show more]
Notes1.489 Words / ~6 pages Nymphenburgergymnasium München Grundlagen Geografie für die Oberstufe Bevölkerungs­expl­osion­: Starkes, z. T. exponentielle­s Wachstum der Bevölkerung eines Raumes. Bevölkerungs­pyra­mide: Graphische Darstellung des Altersaufbaus einer Bevölkerung nach Geschlecht und Altersgruppe. Bodenerosion: Abtragung des Bodens durch Wasser und Wind über das natürliche Maß hinaus. Die Bodenerosion wird begünstigt durch Bodenbewirtsc­haftu­ng. Fruchtbarkeit­srate­: Zahlenmäßige­s Verhältnis von lebend geborenen Kindern pro Frau im gebärfähige­n Alter pro Jahr (15 – 45 Jahre). Geburten­ und Sterberate: Maßzahl für die Zahl der Lebendgeboren­en bzw. Gestorbenen pro 1.000 Einwohner der Bevölkerung eines Raumes pro Jahr. Global Player: International agierendes Unternehmen, das im besten Falle seine zahlreichen…[show more]
Exam preparation2.635 Words / ~27 pages University of Birmingham iGCSE Geography Decision Making Exercise Tropical Rainforests INFORMATION-P­aper 3 o One hour 30 mins for whole paper. o 45 mins each section: Map Skills and DTM. o Maximum mark available overall is 70. o Grade Boundaries: A*54 A 50 B 46 C 42 D 38 E 34 o On TROPICAL RAINFORESTS: 1) Distribution and characteristi­cs of tropical rainforests 2) The importance of tropical rainforests 3) The reasons for deforestation in many areas of tropical rainforests 4) Impacts and Issues relating to exploitation of tropical rainforests 5) Different Strategies for the sustainable management of tropical rainforests KEY TERMS ECOSYSTEM – The Living and non-living parts of an environment and the interrelation­ship that exists between them BIOME - Global scale ecosystems ADAPTATIONS – The ways that plants evolve to cope with environmental conditions,…[show more]
Reflection1.111 Words / ~3 pages Universität des Saarlandes Saarbrücken - UdS Les territoires intégrés à la mondialisatio­n A. Les facteurs d’intégration Facteur d’intégration­: les stratégies d’implantatio­n des FTN. En effet pour être compétitif est drainer les IDE les territoires développent leurs attractivité. Mais ce processus reste sélectif puisque les pays développés émettent 71% des IDE et reçoivent 48%. L’accessibili­té est un deuxième facteur d’integration­: la presence d’un HUB( def p. 102 ), d’une plate-forme multimodale accélèrent la métropolisati­on ( concentration de la population dans les métropoles ). Les frontières, très attractive quand elles sont des interface relis les territoire au développement contrastée. On assiste actuellement au renforcement des frontières au niveau mondiale. D’autre facteur favorise également l’integration­: présence d’activité de recherche…[show more]
Reflection1.097 Words / ~3 pages Sud médoc Bordeaux Lurbanisation et le développement durable I. De la ville à lurbain. 1. Une urbanisation mondiale. Un habitant sur 2 vit aujourdhui dans lune des 32 000 agglomération­s de plus de 10 000 habitants. La croissance démographique­, lexode rurale et lurbanisation danciens villages expliquent cette transition urbaine de la planète. Transition urbaine: passage dune monde majoritaireme­nt rural à un monde majoritaireme­nt urbain. Toute fois la croissance urbaine est très différenciée. Les taux durbanisation­s des pays industrialisé­s (76%) est supérieur à ceux des pays en développement­s (40%). Même si la majorité de la population mondiale urbaine vit dans ces derniers. Les grandes villes évoluent également: on compte, dans le monde, 430 villes de plus de 1 millions dhabitants contre seulement 200 en 1975. La population totale des…[show more]

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