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Political Studies

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University Babes Bolyai Cluj-Napoca

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8, Szabó István, 2017

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The conflict between the United States and Iraq. By all accounts, the reality of the American occupation and rebuilding of Iraq has diverted considerably from the idealistic vision that the occupiers held at the outset. Indeed, the American experience as an occupying force has been a disillusioning
Conflict between Protestants and Catholics in Ireland The troubles The country of Ireland, which is known for its beautiful scenery, is divided into two parts. The northern part, called also Northern Ireland belongs for today to the United Kingdom and covers about 13 800 km². The southern part ,called
Kisebbségek Erdélyben Örmények - M. - F. V. Politológia, II év Az örmények a 17. században telepedtek meg tömegesen Erdélyben. A szakirodalmak betelepedésüket 1672- höz kötik. Az örmények azonban már jóval korábban megjelentek Erdélyben és betelepedésük folytatódott
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