Lesson plan with work tasks

Family Ties:Famili relationships

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Lesson plan + tasks
English Language

University, School

Pedagogical University of Moldova

Grade, Teacher, Year

2013,English for you and me, Afanasie Manic, Tatiana Musteata

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Family Ties - Famili relationships





Teacher’s actions

Students’ actions

Methods and techniques

Patterns of classroom interaction



To organize the class for the lesson.

Good morning my dears!

How are you?

Good morning teacher!

We are fine, thank you.

Choral response


Warm- up

-                      To get tuned emotionally as a result of getting interested in what is coming on.

Now we are going to play in a research game. Let’s group up in 4 teams.

I’ll invite everyone in the group to the center of the class and I’ll say for example ‘IF you were more like a father go to the right of the room. If you were more like you mother, go to the left of the room.

We go on with this activity with changing the two items:

Mother- Father

Sister- Brother

Uncle- Aunt

Grandmother- Grandfather

What can you observe? What kind of opposing pairs do we have?

Well done! Our new theme is “Family Ties”. Please write it down.

Pupils listen to the teacher’s speech, make up groups and play the game.

Pupils answer the question

Pupils are writing down the new theme.

Research game


Group work

Choral response

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