Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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Ambition and Self-Improvement

The novel “Great Expectations” is written by Charles Dickens. The story is about a young man whose name was Pip. Pip’s dream was to be a gentleman and to be in love with Estella. But before he reached this, we can read in the book how Pip was changing himself.

The theme “Ambition and Self-Improvement” is an important topic in the novel of Charles Dickens. How different is the young Pip as the Pip who becomes a gentleman? There are three questions which can help us to answer the above question. The first question is how has the level of his education changed over the years.

The second question is how has his social class changed. And the third question is how has his morality changed. The three questions are quite similar. Summarized there are three important words for Pip’s self-improvement: educational, social and moral.

I start with the first word “educational”. In the beginning, Pip was a child who was not very educated. For example, the first time when he met Estelle, he did not know how to be a gentleman. After that he got the chance to learn what a gentleman is doing.

Over the years he learnt to read and write. Furthermore he was taught how to behave on the dinner. These are the main points about the educational self-improvement.

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It was usual that a gentleman was part of the high social class. So Pip climbed the classes up and he got in the high social class. This is a preeminent achievement which shows us another step in his self-improvement.

The last important word is “moral”. The morality is also important like the other two keywords. As a child, Pip was a bit cold. Sometimes he was very immorally, but this changed when he grew up. He adjudged himself when he was not kind to the other people especially to Joe and Biddy.

He felt remorse about the incorrect things he had done when he left for London.

In addition the word “ambition” shows what Pip wanted to reach. The greatest example is the title: “Great Expectations”. We can see that Pip had from beginning hope to succeed. He was convinced that he would have a great future.

In conclusion we can see that Pip had grown up over the years. In the end of the novel he was definitely a gentleman. It is almost impossible to compare the young Pip to the old Pip. He improved himself in education, social and morality.

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