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Discussion384 Words / ~ pages Thomas Merton Oakville LVV4U January 12th, 2014 Critical Reflection on Athenian Democracy When the concept of Athenian democracy was developed and enriched by the noblemen Cleisthenes, Solon, and Ephialtes during the Archaic Period it had a significant impact not only on Greece but on future nations to come. Often harshly criticized by major thinkers and philosophers such as Socrates and Plato, the system of democracy asserted itself successfully. It crossed the Athenian borders and by the 4th century BCE, the time of Aristotle, there were hundreds of democracies in Greece among several cities that were still ruled in an oligarchic or autocratic way. The most profound and most stable democracy was the Athenian one which had its strengths as well as its weak points. Athens democracy suffered several interruptions due to the effects of the Peloponnesian­…[show more]
Discussion5.444 Words / ~22 pages Friedrich-Gymnasium Wien Emil-von-Behr­ing-G­ymna­sium Oberstufenjah­rgang 2012/14 Seminararbeit Leitfach: Geschichte Kursbezeichnu­ng: 2gw1 Thema: Charakterisie­rung des Lawrence von Arabien im Spiegel des gleichnamigen Spielfilms Verfasser: von Kursleiterin: Abgabetermin: 12. November 2013 Bewertung: Seminararbeit­: Note (mit Tendenz): .... Punkte: .... Präsentation: Note (mit Tendenz): .... Punkte: .... Gesamtergebni­s: Punkte: .... [(3x Punkte der Seminararbeit + 1x Punkte der Präsentation) : 2] Unterschrift der Kursleiterin: .............­... Abgabe im Oberstufensek­retar­iat: .............­... (Datum) Inhaltsverzei­chnis Seite Einleitung 3 Historischer Hintergrund – Der Erste Weltkrieg in Arabien 3 Filmanalyse von „Lawrence von Arabien“ anhand von Schlüsselszen­en 6 Allgemeine Angaben zum Film 6 Inhaltszusamm­enfas­sung­…[show more]
Specialised paper6.829 Words / ~1 page BG/BRG Knittelfeld Häresie oder wahrer Glaube? Der Kreuzzug gegen die Katharer in Südfrankreich (1209-1229) Abstract The instinct of searching for the truth, how everything did come about, finding the right ways of morality and placing them within a grid of values of different schools of faith, has constantly drawn intense interest by different socio-cultura­l groups. The mere existence of theological schools of thoughts inherently leads to subjective conceptions, interpretatio­ns and hence deviations within a wider faith community. Not unlike other religions, the Roman Catholic Church has experienced a struggle between followers of a very dogmatic and a more heretic interpretatio­n of the religious laws. This paper therefore tries to shed light on the heretical chatars in the sparse part of France, that once were very popular there and…[show more]
Homework2.363 Words / ~6 pages mataram Nusa tenggara barat KOSKOOSH TUA mendengarkan dengan rakus. Meskipun penglihatanny­a telah lama memudar, pendengaranny­a masih akut, dan suara sekecil apa pun menembus kecerdasan berkilauan yang masih ada di belakang dahi yang layu, tetapi yang tidak lagi menatap hal-hal di dunia. Ah! itu adalah Sit-cum-to-ha­, dengan lantang membenci para anjing ketika dia memborgol dan memukul mereka ke dalam tali pengikat. Sit-cum-to-ha adalah putri putrinya, tetapi dia terlalu sibuk untuk menyia-nyiaka­n kakeknya yang patah, duduk sendirian di salju, sedih dan tak berdaya. Kamp harus dihancurkan. Jalan setapak yang panjang menunggu sementara hari yang pendek menolak untuk berlama-lama. Kehidupan memanggilnya, dan tugas hidup, bukan kematian. Dan dia sudah hampir mati sekarang. Pikiran itu membuat lelaki tua itu panik saat itu, dan dia mengulurkan…[show more]
Homework2.613 Words / ~8 pages universidad princeton Resumen administració­n: Gestión de finanzas y de control Se denomina gestión financiera a todos los procesos que consisten es conseguir mantener y utilizar dinero, sea físico ( billetes y monedas) o con otros instrumentos como cheques o tarjetas de crédito. La gestión financiera es la que convierte a la visión y misión en operaciones monetarias. Las empresas compran y venden, contratos, , servicios, etc. El momento en el que se perfecciona una venta es la cobranza, el momento en el que se perfecciona una compra es el pago. Las cobranzas y los pagos son parte esencial de la gestión financiera y representan el movimiento de fondos, es decir de dinero. Bancos y entidades financieras proveedores Les presta dinero Materias primas dinero empresa dinero Servicios clientes bienes un ejemplo seria los ingresos de fondos de una familia.…[show more]
Notes2.469 Words / ~11 pages Clancy Catholic collage Sydney Image provided focus for loyalty. Augustus was revered as a god Wallace Hadrill states: “disrespect to the divine maiestas was the ultimate treachery.” Basically stating it was considered illegal The image of the princeps appeared in a variety of situations. Buildings, formal statues and coins. COINS: Shows how Augustus wished to appear to the people of the empire He obtained the right to make coins out of precious metals A stable currency with the face of their princep which the people had confidence in would ensure economic stability and growth A silver denarius of 31BC has the head of Octavian on the obverse side and on the reverse shows the words ‘CAESAR DIVI F” (Caesar son of a god) It also depicts Venus holding a helmet and a sceptre. There is also a shield leaning against a column with a star. The symbolism of the star suggest Caesar’s…[show more]
Exam preparation2.745 Words / ~8 pages St Marys Wollongong Agrippina the younger source analysis and notes Table to be used to record information for Part B Source Origin of source Physical Description How is Agrippina represented? Significance or propaganda value 1 Roman coinage minted in AD 37-38. On the observe side (left hand image) of the coin, the bust of the Emperor Caligula, known by his actual name of Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus is featured surrounded by the words ‘C CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS PON M TR POT’ The reverse side of the coin (right) features full body models of the contemporary Emperor’s sisters, Drusilla, Livilla and Aggrippina. Around the three sisters, are there names as well as the letters ‘SC’. Featured on the reverse side of the coin, along with her two sisters Drusilla and Livilla, Agrippina is represented with Goddess like qualities. In this depiction,…[show more]
Assignment1.388 Words / ~4 pages ILS Institut für Lernsysteme - Fernhochschule Hamburg GesM 4-XX1-K09 Geschichte Aufgabe 1a) Welche Einfluss (politisch, wirtschaftlic­h, sozial) hatten die französischen Könige im 17. Und 18. Jahrhundert? Politisch: In Frankreich herrschte der Absolutismus, d.h. die komplette Macht lag beim König. Der König erließ die Gesetze und das ganze Volk war verpflichtet ihm zugehorchen. Zudem war er auch von den Steuern befreit und überließ das den Angehörigen des dritten Standes zur Zahlung. Religions- und Pressefreihei­t gab es nicht. Ein Parlament war nicht vorhanden um Rechte und Pflichten niederzulegen­. Frankreich war eine absolute Monarchie. Wirtschaftlic­h: Der Merkantilismu­s in Frankreich war extrem schlecht. Die Bürger litten besonders unter Armut und Hungersnot, da von der Ernte nichts für sie blieb. Es herrschte der Absolutismus. Die Produktionsko­sten waren…[show more]

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