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Graduate thesis4.458 Words / ~1 page Government Arts,Karur THE CONFLICT BETWEEN INDIAN SPIRITUAL FAITH AND WESTERN MODERN ATTITUDE IN KAMALA MARKANDAYAS A SILENCE OF DESIRE Markandayas A Silence of Desire takes its title from a motto of Longfellow: “Three Silences there are: the first of speech, the second of desire, and the third of thought.” The title depicts the second one in the novel by Dandekar and Sarojini because of them smarting under the strain of keeping a secret from the other. The conflict between Indian spiritual faith and Western modem attitude will be analyzed through the characters Sarojini and Dandekar. Even in the beginning of the novel we can see the Holy Tulasi plant which stood in the courtyard of Dandekar and Sarojinis dwelling place, which represents the spiritual faith of Sarojini who always cleanse the place where the Holy tulasi plant stood but in the contrary…[show more]
Research Proposal1.510 Words / ~6 pages FCS Miami 2 Mrs. Collazo AP English 11 18 February 2014 Breaking Bad’s Impact on Society Television has had a tremendous impact on the entire world, whether it is positive or negative. From dramas, to sitcoms, to even reality shows, they all seem to affect different places. The hit drama Breaking Bad has had a monumental impact on not only the city of Albuquerque where it was filmed, but the entire world. It centers on Walter White, a brilliant, over-qualifie­d chemistry teacher who turns to making crystal meth in order to support his family after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Although on certain occasions, it may seem that this impact has been a negative one, it has surprisingly been seemingly positive. For example, Breaking Bad has influenced some to act in outlandish, bewildering ways. There have been several murders and attempted…[show more]
Glossary2.164 Words / ~10 pages Tula State University Seminar 1. BASIC CONCEPTS Grammar [ˈɡræm.ɚ] – the rules about how words change their form and combine with other words to make sentences. Grammatical [ɡrəˈmæt.ɪ.kə­l] – relating to grammar or obeying the rules of grammar: a grammatical (= grammatically correct) sentence. Morphology [mɔːˈfɒl.ə.dʒ­i] – grammatical classes and groups of words, their grammatical categories and systems of forms (paradigms) in which these categories actually exist. Morphological [ˌmɔː.fəˈlɒdʒ­.ɪ.kə­l] – relating to the study of the form of words and phrases. Syntax [ˈsɪn.tæks] – the set of rules, principles, and processes that govern the structure of sentences in a given language, usually including word order. Syntactic [sɪnˈtæk.tɪk] – relating to the grammatical arrangement of words in a sentence. Semantics [sɪˈmæn.tɪks] – the study…[show more]
Opinion speech1.097 Words / ~1 page Runge Gymnasium PechaKucha:My personal climatechange­­Imagine me as a 5 year old kid. Small,impulsi­ve, interested in everything happening and stressful for myparents. And see me now 10 years later, 15 years old. Lager than themost, calm and hopefully not as annoying for my parents. 10 years anda big difference.In that 10 years there was also a bigchange in the global world. That also is influenced by us humans.We melt 1.5 thousand Gigatonnes of antarctic ice mass, that and othereffects made our sea level rise about 3 centimeters. Scientists sayour sea level could rise about 1 meter in the next 100 years. Alsoour average temperature could get about 4 degrees warmer. If in these 100 years our world worldwill still be like it is today,I dont know, but I know that ourworld is changing yet and that we have to do something. If we wantour descendants…[show more]
Protocol811 Words / ~2 pages Werner von Siemens Gymnasium München English W- Seminar Research log (11/1) 1/11/2015 In my seminar paper I will be talking about the National Rifle Associations influence on American politics and culture. Over the past few years many shootings have occured all over the Unites States of America and therefore many discussions and controversy have risen up. Despite of people being victims of mass shootings over and over again, gun advocates still exist with one of the biggest gun rights organizaion being the NRA. Whenever shootings happen the NRA is always there to whitewash guns. Even if there is just a small outcry for gun control, the NRA immediately stands on the opposing side, arguing that gun control legislation violates the 2nd Amendment, which specifically forbids the infringement by the federal government of the peoples right to keep and bear arms. But why…[show more]
Travelogue2.177 Words / ~4 pages Berufsakademie Emsland My diary journal: Au pair in New York - Silver Bay Class - 3 weeks of my diary as an Au Pair My daily journal Day 1. This is my first entry of my daily journal for the Silver Bay Class. I gonna now write everyday for 3 weeks a little bit about my days here in america. About my experiences and how those affected my thinking, acting and my view about things. I am already over 10 month here in america. I arrived on the 17th August 2009 in New York city. There we (au pairs form all over the world) got picked up and were brought to the au pair training school in the state of New York. I was surprised how many other au pairs were there. A total of 264 form over 16 counties. The most from germany. What my fear of not being abel to communicate reduces. In this 4 days I was overwhelmed with feelings, as excitement finally to meet my hostfamilie, sadness to leave my family…[show more]
Lesson preparation656 Words / ~ pages BBS1 Mainz Englisch – Telefongesprä­che To say who you are? speaking. (Anruf abnehmen) It’s here. (Anrufen einer bekannten Person) This is . (Anrufen von nicht Bekannten) To open a conversation politely? Nice to hear from you. To say who you want to speak to? I actually want to speak to . To put a caller through to another person? Just hang on a moment while I make the connection. To say that sb. can’t talk now? I’m afraid sb.’s line is engaged. I’m actually talking to so. on the other line. To say you will call again later? I’ll try calling later. To take or leave a message? Let me just get a pen. I’ll tell sb. you called. Questions: Answers: Could I speak to . , please? Certainly. Can I take a message? That would be great. / Yes, please. Could you ask him to call me back? Could you tell me your name again? Does . have your number? Yes, he does. Is he/ she there at…[show more]
Lesson preparation868 Words / ~1 page Universität zu Köln 10th Form Unit Theme: We and the Environment Topic: Trash: It lasts a Long Time! Level: pre-intermedi­ate; intermediate Objectives: - to develop students’ listening and speaking skills; -to activate the use of phrases expressing personal opinions, agreement and disagreement; -to introduce vocabulary on a certain topic ; - to practise working in pairs and small groups; - to widen students’ outlook; -to teach careful attitude to environment Materials: PowerPoint presentation; handouts; cards with new vocabulary; the song by Michael Jackson “Earthsong” Procedure: Warm-up/ Introduction The song by Michael Jackson “Earthsong” (I part): What about sunrise What about rain What about all the things That you said we were to gain. What about killing fields Is there a time What about all the things That you said was yours and mine.…[show more]
Translation2.062 Words / ~4 pages Kiev KPU Коннла Огненоволосый был сыном Конна Воителя. Однажды стоя рядом с отцом на вершине холма Усна, увидел он девушку в странном одеянии, идущую к нему. - Откуда ты держишь путь? - спросил Коннла. - Я пришла из долины Вечной Жизни,- ответила она.- Земель, где никто не стареет и не умирает. Земель, где каждый день словно праздник. Земель, где нет ни соперничества­, ни разногласий. Люди называют нас Жителями Холмов, потому что дома наши построены в кольце зеленых холмов. Король и его свита только удивленно смотрели по сторонам, недоумевая, откуда доносится женский голос. Никто из них не видел волшебной девы.- С кем ты разговариваеш­ь, сын мой? - спросил Конна король.Тогда ответила ему Волшебная Дева:- Коннла разговаривает с молодой девой, которую не одолеет ни смерть, ни старость. Я люблю Коннлу и хочу позвать его с собой в долину…[show more]
Translation639 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Ebingen A prayer for blue Delaney Chapter 7 - Translation - Summary Übersetzung und Zusammenfassu­ng von Kapitel 7 1. Übersetzung auf Deutsch : Colm wurde in ein andere Waisenhaus in Bindoon geschickt. Alles war schlecht. Das Gebäude war schön aber nichts war so wie es aussah. Die Brüder(Mönche­) waren sehr verrückt und sie bestrafen die Jungen ,wenn sie einen Fehler machen. Das einzige, was Colm in Bindoon mag, ist sein Blutsbruder Tommy, der auch hier her geschickt wurde. Tommy musste für die Zuschauer singen, aber er wollte nicht. Colm sagt,dass er für ihn singen würde. Aber Tommy sagte ,dass Bruder Keaney die Jungen vor und nach dem singen bestraft wurden und sie werden bestraft, wenn sie falsch singen. Eines Morgens, fängt Colm an seiner Mutter einen Brief zu schreiben. Aber Tommy hinderte ihn,da es Zeitverschwen­dung wäre.Tommy…[show more]
Exam thesis29.299 Words / ~121 pages Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München - LMU Figure 24: Relative number of mentions (in %) of the strategy of IFIDs in Australian and American English (December 2008). At first glance, it seems that only marginal differences are observable. Yet, some interesting results became visible. Generally, American English native speakers made use of less IFIDs than Australians across all situations, as is clearly illustrated by the chart. The case of S3 (Manager), in which invariably all respondents from both target groups explicitly apologized, was surprising in light of the fact that the situation was characterized by a higher social status of the offending person. Nevertheless, it seemed to call for an explicit apology among all participants of the study. The results found in S1 (Professor), in which Australian English speakers showed a significantly higher employment…[show more]
Exam thesis21.863 Words / ~44 pages Universität Augsburg Immigrant Identities in U.S. American Literature: Stephen Crane’s Maggie: A Girl of the Streets and T.C. Boyle’s The Tortilla Curtain Table of Contents 1 Introduction 3 2 Multicultural America? The Concepts of Ethnicity and Identity in the American Context 4 2.1 Identity: Us vs. Them 4 2.2 Ethnicity and Race 6 2.3 Americanness 6 2.4 Otherness 10 2.5 Immigration and Immigrant Identities in Literary History 13 3 Stephen Crane’s Maggie: A Girl of the Streets 15 3.1 Maggie’s Otherness 16 3.2 Violence, Fear and Poverty as Fixed Components of Life 19 4 T. C. Boyle’s The Tortilla Curtain 23 4.1 Emphasis on Ethnicity as Otherness in T.C. Boyle 24 4.2 Violence and Fear, Borders and Boundaries, Territory and Intrusion 27 5 From ‘Melting Pot’ to Multicultural America? 30 5.1 Hypocrisy and False Morals 30 5.2 Prejudice and Racism 34 5.3 Deconstructio­n…[show more]

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