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List of Abstracts: English Language

Abstract2.253 Words / ~12 pages Erasmus Gymnasium Grevenbroich Death of a salesman – Arthur Miller Reading Log Act one and Act two: Places, Characters, Content and Comments Act one: p. 9-16 Place: Salesmans house Characters: Willy Loman(63), the salesman, Linda Loman, his wife Content: Willy, a travelling salesman, comes home from work, reports about problems while driving. → Linda worries about him, she wants him to work in NY (p.12). They talk about Biff and Happy, their sons. Willy gets angry about Biff, criticizes him (“Biff is a lazy Bum”, p. 13) Comments: Willy had an accident in the past, drove his car into a river, he complains about their apartment, remembers the old times. He loves Linda, needs her (“Youre my foundation an my support, Linda”, p. 15) Act one: p. 16-22 Place: Salesmans house Characters: Happy(32), Biff(34) Content: Happy worries about Willy, thinks that something is…[show more]
Abstract1.894 Words / ~6 pages Kaiser-Karl-Schule Itzehoe The Wave Chapter summary Chapter I: Laurie Saunders, the editor-in-chi­ef of „The Gordon Grapevine“, had to cheer up her best friend Amy Smith because of her French lesson with Mr. Gabondi, the school’s most boring teacher. In another room Ben Ross, a young history teacher, tried to fix a film projector, but because of his mechanical inability David Collins, a running back in the football team and Laurie Sander’s boyfriend, had to do it. In the beginning of the lesson Mr. Ross told his class how important homework is. Chapter II: In the following history lesson Ben Ross showed a film to his class. It was about World War 2, the concentration camps and the cruelty the Nazis treated the Jewish population with. After the film the class discussed about this kind of treatment and why nobody of the German population fought back or fled. After…[show more]
Abstract4.129 Words / ~9 pages BORG Grieskirchen Steven Levenkorn: The best little girl in the world Order: · Chapters · Author · Summary · Characters · Main charakter · Short summary · Form · Own opinion · Chapters: Chapter 1: Francesca is in danceclass as she notices that all the girls around her are slimmer and firmer than she. Also Madame, her dance teacher says, that a good dancer needs to be thin. Now Francesca thinks, she is a fat monster. She has to be thin just like Madame. Perfect Kessa is born. Back home Kessa avoids eating. But at dinner table her father forces her to eat. After this Kessa vomits the food. She wants to hide Kessa. But her parents don’t care about Kessa, they are always inerested in Gregg and Susanna, her brother and sister. The next days Kessa continues avoiding eating. Chapter 2 Madame wants to speak with Kessa about her progresses. She suggests her to go…[show more]
Abstract1.497 Words / ~4 pages Gymnasium Plochingen Story Log: Shooting an Elephant 1. Author 2. Cultural, historical and political backround 3. Setting 4. Plot Summary 5. Characters and their major traits 6. Topics/Major Issues 7. Narrative structure 8. Language and Imagery 9. Important Vocabulary 10. Links to other stories Author: George Orwell The name „George Orwell“ ist he pseudonym assumed by Eric Arthzr Blair (1903-1050).d to shed his old identity as a middle-class former public schoolboy and colonial officer. Much of his writing is influenced by personal experience and so it isn’t surprising, that “Shooti­ng An Elephant” is based on an incident in Orwell’­s life, during his five-year service in Burma with the Indian Imperial Police. His growing resentment of imperial rule led him to resign and start a writing career in Europe. Much…[show more]
Abstract1.148 Words / ~ pages BHAK Monsbergergasse Graz Nineteen Eighty-Four – George Orwell Summary Contents Story. 1 Author 3 Story Winston Smith works in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth. On lunchtime he goes back in his flat and begins to write in his diary in a part of his room where he cannot be seen by the telescreen. He thinks about earlier that day when he had attended the Tow Minutes Hate at Work. The Two Minutes Hate is a meeting which is designed to increase people’s love for Big Brother and to increase their hate for the enemy and the arch-traitor Emmanuel Goldstein. At the meeting he noticed two people. Winston thinks that one of them, a dark-haired girl, is spying him. The other person he thinks about is O’Brien. Winston writes in his diary “Down with Big Brother”. He is then frightened by a knock on the door, because he thinks he has already been found. Mrs. Parson has…[show more]
Abstract631 Words / ~ pages Gesamtschule Nettetal Much ado about nothing Act 2 – Plot Summary Scene 1: The first scene of act two begins at the great chamber where Beatrice makes jokes about the abomination of marriage, while Leonato warns Hero to prepare herself for a marriage proposal she might get, because even if she does not love him she has to agree. They mask themselves as the guests enter for the ball. Don Pedro, Claudio, Benedick, Balthasar, Don John, Borachio, Margaret and Ursula enter along with other partygoers. They’re all wearing masks. Don Pedro dances with Hero, deceiving her being Claudio and Antonio’s Partner Ursula looks trough his disguise and mocks him exactly like Beatrice does it with Benedick. Later on Don John pretends to think that Claudio is Benedick and advises him to tell Don Pedro that Hero, whose love seems to be acquired (gewonnen) by Don Pedro, is not…[show more]
Abstract1.042 Words / ~ pages Graz Borg Monsbergergasse The Picture of Dorian Gray „The Picture of Dorian Gray“ is Wildes only novel. It was published in 1890 in Lippincotts Monthly Magazine. It was criticized as scandalous and immoral. One year later, Wilde revised the novel and added a preface and six new chapters. Characters: Dorian Gray is an impossibly beautiful, cultured and wealthy young man. Under the influence of Lord Henry Wotton he becomes extremely concerned with his own beauty. In the development of the story Dorian becomes more and more egoistic and he wants to have as many experiences as possible. Lord Henry Wotton is a nobleman and a close friend of Basil Hallward. He enjoys to criticize the moralism and hypocrisy of victorian society and he celebrates youth, beauty and pleasure. Henry influences Dorian´s development very strongly. Basil Hallward is a talented, well-known…[show more]
Abstract611 Words / ~ pages Mallinckrodt Gymnasium Dortmund About the book The title of the book is : When summer comes and about this book I want to tell you something today. The author of the book is Helena Naylor and it was published in 1991. The publisher is Klett and it contains eighty pages divided into sixteen chapters. The book costs seven point eighty euros. The main characters: Anna Martins a thirty year old women is happily married with Steven a thirty two old men for 10 years. They live in London, where Anna is a nurse in a hospital. Steven works for an advertising agency. Both are very nice. They have an intimate relationship. Steven does not get angry and jealous quickly. And then there is Tristan he is in his early thirties . Tristan lives in Polreath and is also a very friendly person. He wants that people enjoy Polreath. Summary Because it is very hot in London, Steven and Anna decide to…[show more]
Abstract472 Words / ~ pages Goethegymnasium Kassel Aline’s Journey. by Edwidge Danticat Person Characterizat­ion Aline is a girl. She is about seven years old. She is originally from Haiti, where she lived with her mother, father and baby brother. But Aline and her family are recently escaped to Miami. She loves her family and cares about them a lot. She has a blue dress which she is happy for. The dress is going to be a symbol for Aline later in the story. I think it is a sign for her freedom and the dress is a happy memory for her time back in Haiti. In the beginning of the story, where she doesn’t know what there is going to happen in Miami, she is a happy girl. Aline’s life is very bad in Miami, because only bad things happen. Her family couldn’t be together, because her father is in jail. The family thought that all would be better when they escape to Miami. In the end of the story Aline learns that…[show more]
Abstract1.008 Words / ~ pages Luisengymnasium Düsseldorf Film Review Love Actually London, a few weeks before christmas. It is a story of ten individuals falling in love while christmas is getting closer. First it seems like those people don´t deal with eachother, but this turns out different during the movie and viewers get to know more and more about their connection and love lives. On christmas eve the storie comes to an end, and all ten stories find together on a very beautiful and emotional way. And you will realize that everyone is in some way related to everyone else. Billy (Bill Nighy) is an aging rock star, who almost felt into oblivion. With a remake of his most famous christmas song „Love is all around“, he tries the last comeback in his career. There is the writer Jamie (Colin Firth), who´s girlfriend just cheated on him and wants to find new energy in South France to write his new roman.…[show more]
Abstract488 Words / ~1 page Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg Englisch - Hausaufgabe Analysis The attitute of the characters towards the housing-contr­act are comparable to their general attitude towards colonialism. In this situation, the house symbolizes the country India, being changed due to the backdrawing colonial Great Britain and the apartheid. All three characters have different attitudes towards this house and due to this towards India. William Methwold has a quite arrogant attitude towards India. He calls the trade with india a game, which is quite arrogant because India was strategically very important for Great Britain. With this view, he indicates himself being superior towards the indians. He furthermore is rather surprised that the indians were not happy with the ruling britains (l. 20), but also seems to be a bit sad about being forced to leave india (l.27). His remaining…[show more]
Abstract1.198 Words / ~ pages Odder Gymnasium Færgemann, 2.nx Engelsk B, 2013.09.11 How Lucky You Are How Lucky You Are, is a short story written by Debi Alper. In 2012 - 566,000 people legally immigrated to the United Kingdom.As well in 2012, 41,482 foreign nationals was removed from within the UK under immigration law or deported. Learn to appreciate the things you have before time forces you to appreciate the things you once had. In our daily life, we take everything for granted. Education is a norm, rather than the exception, like it is in some countries. This is something that sums up todays living moral. Mostly every teenager, I include, do not think about what we have, and how easy we can lose it. Our main protagonist is also in this group, until he meets someone with a different point of view. The short story begins with an intro to Max, the protagonist in the short story. You…[show more]
Abstract710 Words / ~ pages Europagymnasium Linz Frejlev Bæk 2.p Engelsk Red from green The story from red to green is about a girl who named Sam, she is 15 years old and live alone with her father because her mother is dead. It’s was the summer Sam took her last float trip down the river with her father, they had been down the river every summer for as long as she could remember. This year was her uncle Harry and a client from Harry´s new law firm, Layton, with them. Layton comments on Sam’s teeth and says that they are beautiful, she feels that his attention is different from other adults attention. Layton says one day that he need someone to walk on his back if he is going to row the next day, Sam helping him and walks on his back. In the meanwhile that Sam is walking on Layton’s back her father go to bed and they are alone. Layton asks Sam to kneel on her knees between his shoulder blades and Sam is doing…[show more]
Abstract900 Words / ~2 pages Stephaneum Aschersleben Review – Z for Zachariah Today everybody is talking about the technological progress. That’s the struggle of humanity, they say. But we often forget that there aren’t just the comfortable and positive sides of this progress, there is also a negative aspect. Of course new technology makes our life more luxurious and easier, but what about all this unnatural trash, that will still exist in ten thousand years because nature can’t destroy it? Yes, nuclear energy creates an amount of electricity we need for our everyday life, but what about the amount of power this nuclear energy can have? Everybody has heard about nuclear warfare yet, but I don’t think we are able to imagine the real meaning of it. This is completely the topic the book “Z for Zachariah” from Robert O’Brien deals with: the consequences of a nuclear war. The novel consists…[show more]
Abstract533 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium Sanitz Zusammenfassu­ng „Animal Farm“ Animal farm is Roman von George Orwell and it was published in 1945. In the following the gist of the book is summarised. Of Mr. Jone the owner of the Manor is a farm and from a lot of different animals. The pig Old Major is the oldest one of the animals and wants to reach by a rebellion that his comrades attain the power of the farm. The song of this rebellion is called „beats of England“. Short time later Old major dies and the remaining animals plan and carry out the rebellion. The pigs Napoleon and Snowball are the leaders and together with the other animals on the farm they win the rebellion. They have distributed Mr. Jones and his employees and now only animals on the farm live. As a result the farm was unnamed in „Animal of farm“, there were seven laws to which all animals had to keep, and every Sunday everybody…[show more]
Abstract1.726 Words / ~8 pages Markgafen-Gymnasium Karlsruhe Portofolio zum Roman The hunger games von Suzanne Collins Table of contents 1. Summary of “The hunger games” p. 1 2. The author p. 4 3. The book p. 4 4. Reviews p. 5 5. List of references p. 5 6. Pictures p. 6 7. Plagiarism statement p. 7 “The hunger games” is one of my favorite books. I like the idea of the story, because Suzanne Collins has created a whole new one. It is very fascinating which kind of ideas you may have and I admire Suzanne Collins’ inventiveness­. Normally I don’t read so much, but when I started to read Die Tribute von Panem, I almost could not stop reading, because I first watched the movie and then I read the book. I was so eager to learn how those fascinating movie-scenes were put down into words in the belonging book. But then I realized the film and the book are very similar. I am not the only fan of “Die Tribute von Panem” in my form,…[show more]
Abstract1.813 Words / ~4 pages BG 13 Fichtnergasse Bundesrealgymnasium Wien - BG13 Book – “The Kite Runner”, by Khaled Hosseini Summary “The Kite Runner” written by Khaled Hosseini is a story full of love, loss and journeys of a man accompanied by the constant look for redemption. It is set in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the USA from 1964 until 2001. Amir grows up in Kabul, Afghanistan in a nice neighbourhood called Wazir Akbar Khan. He grows up during a time without war reigning over the country. Together with his father Baba, their servant Ali and Ali’s son Hassan he lives in a big house. Next to being the houses servant Hassan also is Amir’s best friend and loyal partner in crime. Well rather companion through every adventure and mischief. That is until one cold winter day in 1975 when Amir witnesses Hassan getting raped by Assef, a dreaded, sociopathic bully in their neighbourhood­, right after a big kite-fighting­…[show more]
Abstract1.396 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Köln Looking for Alaska by John Green - Capter Summaries Summaries ► one hundred thirty-six days before: Miles Halter, the protagonist of the book decides to leave Florida and move to a boardering school in Alabama. His mother plans an unsuccessful farewell party but due to the parents-son moment the three have a nice evening. ► one hundred twenty-eight days before: The Halter family arrives in Culver Creek, the boardering school. The parents say goodbye to Miles and drive back. Miles gets to meet his new roommate in an awkward way but Chip Martin, also known as ‘the Colonel’ doesn’t seem to care. The Colonel explains Miles, who starts to get called ‘Pudge’, the school, for example the difference between regular boarders and Weekday Warriors. Miles meets the hottest girl in all of human history, Alaska Young who sells cigarettes and…[show more]
Abstract1.096 Words / ~ pages Mauritz gym Münster Looking for Alaska •Sara broke up with The Colonel -He says that even they were fighting a lot and it seems like they don’t care that much about each other they actually do, because he really loves her and they have many in common (for example they were both hopeless, matched badly and he lost his virginity to her) • He says he doesn’t have anyone to fight with so Pudge tells him that he could fight with him -He is confused about the fact that he needs someone to fight with and doesn’t really know what to say so he says that he could fight with him. But the Colonel said that he wouldn’t fight with him, because he couldn’t be mad at him •Three days later the Colonel and Pudge are walking over parched (very dry) and half- dead grass and were talking about that it should rain -when The Colonel looks up are lots of low clouds coming and then they knew it’s going…[show more]
Abstract1.458 Words / ~8 pages Waldorfschule mannheim Will Grayson, Will Grayson John Green David Leuithan About the book Will Grayson, Will Grayson is a roman written by John Green and David Leuithan in 2010. It’s about the life of two young men, named both Will Grayson and how their meeting changed their lives. The most particular thing about the novel is the collaboration between the two authors. John Green wrote all chapters from the one Will, the even numbers, and David Leuithan all of the other Will Grayson, the uneven ones. Through their very different styles of writing the various characters appears much better. The Roman got into the New York Times Bestseller list and stays there tree weeks. Summary: Will Grayson is a really shy boy, lives in Chicago, who never wants to attract attention. His life rules are: 1. Don’t care too much, 2. Shut up. That’s not easy because his best and…[show more]
Abstract636 Words / ~ pages Pädagogische Hochschule Ludwigsburg - PH 3.m Hjørring gymnasium og Hf-kursus For the Worst of Us, the Diagnosis May Be Evil IntroductionW­hat is “evil” and how do we define it? What is the different to be evil and to be diagnosed evil? When you get diagnosed evil does it do something to you, do you feel more evil? No one really know what significant what the differences are, or if it’s a result of genetic or social issues. Social damage homes and childhood trauma are usual among ruthless killers. Almost every individual have the ability to do ruthless acts, even tough they are not exposed. If evil is the worst possible word of disgrace conceivable, then maybe the worst of us are evil.“For the Worst of Us, the Diagnosis May Be Evil” Its written on February 8, 2005, an article written by Benedict Carey, shown in the New York Times. She is trying to inform, the reader, how to handle individual…[show more]

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