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List of Argumentative pro and contra Essay: English Language
Discussion University of California Riverside
We Sell Our Life to Money, and We Do It in College The Effects of College on Students Our whole society seems to revolve around the concept that success means having more money – nothing else. Nowadays, people are going to college just because of the statistical promise that by doing so, they will be happier,
Discussion HPC, zetten
Macbeth William Shakespeare The supernatural plays an important role in Macbeth. To what extent does it motivate Macbeth’s actions? Without ­the so called ‘supernatural’ Macbeth wouldn’t have killed anybody to gain power. Before Macbeth heard the prophecies of the witches
Discussion Mildred-Scheel-Schule Böblingen
Essay ( Pro and Contra – Internet) The Inte­rnet is an invention of moder­n times, provoking lots of discussion in o­ur society. While t­he Internet certainly­ provides us with opportunities­ that go far beyond our normal ­,possible horizon; v
Discussion Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz-Gesamtschule Duisburg
The American Dream: Discuss whether the American Dream has come true for the Afro-American population. 24.11.2013 Homework: Discuss whether the American Dream has come true for the Afro-American population. In the following argumentation I will enumerate pro and contra arguments about
Discussion Wasagymnasium, Wien
GLOBALIZATION CAN BENEFIT EVERYONE People all over the world become closer than ever before. Goods and services from a country in Asia can be bought in North America and vice versa. Distance is not a problem anymore. Connecting with people from all over the world is easier than ever before. Travelling
Discussion Deutsche Schule Lissabon, Lissabon
Argumentative Essay:Doubt”, written by John Patrick Shanley. Question: Is Donald Mullers Mother a good mother or not? The play Doubt”, written by John Patrick Shanley and published in 2004 is about a strict catholic school principal who doubts, hence the name, a Fathers intentions with
Discussion Troy University
***** 2 ***** ***** ***** ***** English 1101 22 March 2013 Why Teenagers Drink Alcohol Teens consume alcohol for a number of reasons; there is not just one aspect to it. Teenagers are at an age when they want to experiment with everything. The curiosity to try alcohol, however, can lead to alcohol
Discussion Alfred-Krupp-Gymnasium Essen
P. 2 V. P. Mrs. Thompson College Prep English – 5th period 25 April 2014 Two Countries, Two Schools I, as an individual, have a very important and huge role in society. It is the individual of every person around, that makes up our society today. We together are trying to achieve a better world
Discussion Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium leonberg
Discussion: 9/11 had a stronger impact on the lives of US citizens than any other incident in the history of the USA.” 9/11- a date the whole world will never forget. Two planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, another into the Pentagon in Washington. Concerning to the
Discussion Gymnasium Köln
Comment Comment on the statement that woman should have it all a family and a care. Life has changed for families over the past years, and now in our world where success and sacrificing all for the job playing a bigger and bigger role one major question is whether woman should have a happy family and a good
Discussion Gymnasium am Kaiserdom Speyer
Should the voting age be lowered to 16? In lots of countries young people want to get more involved in politics. But they only have the right to vote when they are of age. This leads to the question if the voting age should be lowered to 16 or not? That is an inquiry on which the state and also the citizens ponder
Discussion Freiburg im Breisgau
Differences in Code-Switching between adults and children Introduction In our globalized world, more and more people with different cultures and languages interact with each other on a daily basis. Throughout their encounters, several language phenomena can be observed. One of these phenomena
Discussion Gymnasium am Kattenberge Buchholz
M. S. 12/1 English 26.08.2016 Comment The weapon right in the USA is worldwide one of the most liberal ones. At the same time the United States of America are one of the countries in which power and criminal activity are exceptionally high. The majority of the American citizens looks at the right on weapon
Discussion Hamburg Stadtteilschule 11. Klasse
English homework Essay Suleiman S. 12d Immigration is the biggest problem of our time Immigration is an important topic in many western countries these days. The immigration is only a consequence from the mistakes of their goverment. The main reason why people leave their country is war, poverty or
Discussion Gymnasium Coswig
Comment on the Marshmallow Effect Task: Comment on the Marshmallow Effect” and Nick Tasler’s quote: The secret to success in the marshmallow test of life and work is not about delaying gratification. It is about discovering gratification in every situation.” (from: The Marshmallow Myth”,
Discussion Schönbuch Gymnasium Holzgerlingen
Does immigration have a positive effect on society? Recently more and more people are leaving their country, emigrating to other countries and hoping for a better life. But a lot of people think that immigrants have a negative effect on society. Therefore they are demonstrating against them. Other
Discussion Moscow State Linguistic University
Discuss how a particular Law of Physics has changed the world culturally and socially Taking a glance at the modern world, one can assume that it developed to the present state on its own. But indeed, there were many names of great historical figures and personalities who had a tremendous impact on the
Discussion Gymnasium Adolfinum Moers
Should students rate their schools on the internet? Schools take a big role in our society. They are the place where students are given knowledge to help them become successful and where they realize their own capabilities for the future. On American websites like schoolrating.com” or ratemyschool.net”
Discussion Justus-Knecht-Gymnasium Bruchsal
Community Service good or bad idea? Last week in school we talk about Community Service and thought about if it’s a good idea to introduce the system of the Fountain Vally School at our school. In the following text i’m going to list the disadvantages and advantages of this system. I start with the
Discussion Immanuel-Kant-Gymnasium Berlin
Cartoon analysis in connection with Aldous Houxleys novel Brave New World LK Klausur Englisch Ted The given cartoon is a black-and-white drawing by an unknown cartoonist taken from ww.etec.ctlt.ubc.c­a. The cartoon is about education in school and visualizes a teacher standing in front of 6
Discussion Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium Weinheim
Pros and Cons about Online – and High street shopping Nowadays, there is a trend towards online shopping – especially for young people. Either order shopping comfortably from home and, if things go bad, wait days for your parcel or pay extra for halfway fast express shipping? The question is whether
Discussion Gymnasium Berlin
In the book ‘‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”, published in 2012, the author, Amy Chua, wrote Chinese children must spend their lives by obeying them and making them proud’’. That’s where the statement Kids owe their parent everything” comes from. In other words, children

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