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List of Argumentative pro and contra Essay: English Language

Discussion582 Words / ~1 page Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium leonberg Discussion: “9/11 had a stronger impact on the lives of US citizens than any other incident in the history of the USA.” 9/11- a date the whole world will never forget. Two planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, another into the Pentagon in Washington. Concerning to the media, it was the deadliest terroristic attack in history. This unpredictable event has undoubtedly undermined the belief in security and peace for many citizens living in the United States of America, furthermore this insecurity extended into minds of people from all over the world. Apart from numerous , similar terroristic attacks which also leaved their indelible mark on inhabitants of America the question is, whether 9/11 really had a stronger impact on the lives of US citizens than any other incident in the history of the USA.…[show more]
Discussion458 Words / ~ pages Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz-Gesamtschule Duisburg The American Dream: Discuss whether the American Dream has come true for the Afro-American population. 24.11.2013 Homework: Discuss whether the American Dream has come true for the Afro-American population. In the following argumentation I will enumerate pro and contra arguments about the topic if the American Dream has come true for the Afro-American population. On the one hand there are some arguments against the thesis. Firstly for more than a century before the founding of the United States in 1776, African were slaves and were regarded as property from whites. This slavery was even a legal institution in North America, where also white men raped slave women, so the many mixed-race children were born into slavery. Secondly after the civil war ended, everyone maybe got the same rights, but just for a short time, because…[show more]
Discussion1.498 Words / ~ pages HPC, zetten Macbeth William Shakespeare The supernatural plays an important role in Macbeth. To what extent does it motivate Macbeth’s actions? Without the so called ‘supernatural­’ Macbeth wouldn’t have killed anybody to gain power. Before Macbeth heard the prophecies of the witches he was a loyal warrior of king Duncan and he had absolutely no reason to kill the king. It was only when he heard about the prophecies he became a murderer. So I think the supernatural is a great motivation for Macbeth’s actions. Or at least it was the cause in the beginning of all the deadly actions of Macbeth. Macbeth lived in a time were people strongly believed in supernatural powers, personally I think that’s because people back then needed answers for the things they couldn’t explain. The second supernatural thing that happened was the appearance of the dagger.…[show more]
Discussion533 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Köln Comment Comment on the statement that woman should have it all a family and a care. Life has changed for families over the past years, and now in our world where success and sacrificing all for the job playing a bigger and bigger role one major question is whether woman should have a happy family and a good running care or only one of the both big life goals. In my opinion it’s very important for woman to have it all. I think both things having a family and a child but also a good job and making a care in it are so important and expiring thinks that no woman should risk one thing for the other. But first of all I want to mention that there are also many people which think that it is more important for woman and specially mothers to fully concentrate on raising their children the best they can. Especially in their first years from the birth till their about…[show more]
Discussion2.479 Words / ~7 pages University of California Riverside We Sell Our Life to Money, and We Do It in College The Effects of College on Students Our whole society seems to revolve around the concept that success means having more money – nothing else. Nowadays, people are going to college just because of the statistical promise that by doing so, they will be happier, because they will be earning more money than if they do not go to college. We are ruled by this false concept that money equals success, and that one cannot really be considered successful without it. The reason we are being ruled by this concept is because we have made it our purpose to work in order to get more money. The definition of success according to the Google search engine is “the accomplishmen­t of an aim or purpose”. Therefore, all of us who think that success means getting rich are making the grave mistake of making our main purpose…[show more]
Discussion1.146 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Karlsruhe Composition 1Mr. BurkNovember 1st, 2012Analysis Paper: Music Analysis“Some­bod­y I Used To Know” by Gotye Talking about a situation every single person on earth will or already did experience, Gotye’s song “Somebody That I Used to Know” from the Album Making Mirrors went straight to the hearts of his listeners and can be connected to their love lives in many different ways. The popularity of this song can be connected to the fact that the lyrics describe a situation everybody knows and experienced and it tells about the same pain the listeners have been through. They can relate their own experience to the song and build a connection to it because of its situation. Commonly there are three kinds of attitude that people take when their romantic relationship with someone fails. Some of them choose to keep a relation to each other…[show more]
Discussion722 Words / ~2 pages Mildred-Scheel-Schule Böblingen Essay ( Pro and Contra – Internet) The Internet is an invention of modern times, provoking lots of discussion in our society. While the Internet certainly provides us with opportunities that go far beyond our normal ,possible horizon; voices are raised, stating that the Internet not only brings good but it may be developing to our disadvantage. In the following essay I will deal with the question whether the Internet is a must to survive. My first argument against the need for the Internet is based upon social reasons. Many Internet users use social networks to stay in touch with friends and family members or even try building new friendships and finding a partner. These natural needs of humans can be easily satisfied without the Internet. Normally we make friends throughout our lives during our high school years, joining clubs…[show more]
Discussion590 Words / ~ pages Bucuresti Colegiul German Goethe Maria , 11. C Could a society without money work? Ever since the blastoff of the civilized world, people tried to get the best of what everyone else had to offer. A first step to gain what they wanted was to offer something in exchange, to trade. Of course that over time, problems arose, as it was hard to find someone who would like to take the product, you were able to provide and sell you exactly what you were in need of. At this point, money was invented, not in the form we have knowledge of nowadays, but the concept of an exchange coin so that people could easily sell and buy goods. The success money had at that time is proven by the fact that today we still use it, although it comes in different designs and appearances (cards, checks, cash, bit coins). First of all, the money rules the society we live in. It is practically impossible to change how…[show more]
Discussion937 Words / ~ pages Goethe Gymnasium Hamburg Alcoholic problem of young teens in the UK (United Kingdom) EUX English b K. -Jacobsen A. Summary “Would an alcohol advertising ban work?” By Channel 4 News. Channel 4 made ​​a television broadcast, about the young people´s drinking culture. In the broadcast, there is said that, all marketing, and sponsorship of alcohol should be banned, for sports and music events, included price promotions like happy hours. Doctors warn that these commercials, where they show people having a great time, dancing and drinking alcohol, are giving young people the wrong idea about alcohol, and that the youth doesn’t understand the dangers of drinking alcohol. The British Medical Association made a report, saying that the medical, psychological and social harm caused by drinking, needed to get tackled right. The BMA says that products like…[show more]
Discussion1.426 Words / ~3 pages Friedrich-Paulsen Schule, Niebüll Essay: Amy Chua - Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior When it comes to parenting, Chinese mothers most of the time come under criticism for, how they push their children to reach maximum performances in every imaginable matter. But is the way, how Chinese mothers do their parenting really the best method you can think of? And furthermore, is their parenting style successful and acceptable according to the welfare of the child and the child’s preparation for the future? Amy Chua is a cocksure representativ­e of the assumption that Chinese mothers do the best parenting to achieve sustained success in their children’s life. In her non-fictional article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”, which is an excerpt of her memoir “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” and published in the Wall Street Journal on 8th January 2011, she describes, why…[show more]
Discussion619 Words / ~ pages Troy University ***** 2 ***** ***** ***** ***** English 1101 22 March 2013 Why Teenagers Drink Alcohol Teens consume alcohol for a number of reasons; there is not just one aspect to it. Teenagers are at an age when they want to experiment with everything. The curiosity to try alcohol, however, can lead to alcohol addiction and other negative outcomes. In most cases teens start drinking because they feel they go through rough times; for example, they may have issues with their parents, or they may experience stress at school. In addition to it, alcohol consumption may be provoked by the teens’ desire to be different, or it can make them feel older. Regardless of the reason why young people begin drinking, it is clear that they are unable to cope with multiple issues in their lives on their own and, therefore, mistakenly view alcohol as an escape from reality.…[show more]
Discussion676 Words / ~ pages Hans-Carossa-Gymnasium Berlin Speech: Alternatives to print versions (ebooks) Books. What are your first thoughts when you hear the word “book”? Are you excited and you can’t wait to get home to continue reading the book which lies – still open from last night - on your bedside table? Or are you uninterested and even feel a certain kind of hate, because your teachers forced you to read books? Books you’ve never heard of, books you didn’t understand, and books you didn’t like from the second on you heard their title?I’m here today to introduce all of you to a new type of reading, a more modern type of reading, a type of reading which might even bring back the fun of reading to those of you, who lost it. However you feel about books, it is undisputable that books are incredible devices. A book is an object that is nicely designed, wondrously functional, endlessly useful and…[show more]
Discussion587 Words / ~1 page Wasagymnasium, Wien GLOBALIZATION CAN BENEFIT EVERYONE People all over the world become closer than ever before. Goods and services from a country in Asia can be bought in North America and vice versa. Distance is not a problem anymore. Connecting with people from all over the world is easier than ever before. Travelling to foreign countries is cheaper and faster than ever before. In short: Globalization has changed our life. However, was it for the better? In my opinion – yes. In the following essay, I will therefore clarify and explain this decision. Due to globalization­, societies and their cultures are growing together, slowly forming one global culture. While many critics say that in the course of globalization­, the cultures of many small states are replaced by the cultures of the big players in globalization­, for example the United States.…[show more]
Discussion589 Words / ~ pages Deutsche Schule Lissabon, Lissabon Argumentative Essay: “Doubt”, written by John Patrick Shanley. Question: Is Donald Mullers Mother a good mother or not? The play “Doubt”, written by John Patrick Shanley and published in 2004 is about a strict catholic school principal who doubts, hence the name, a Fathers intentions with a student. Donald Muller is a student at St. Nicholas Catholic Church and School. Sister Aloysius a nun and the principal of the school suspects an intimate relationship between the boy and Father Flynn. This suspicion is based on very circumstantia­l evidence and intuition. Donald Muller’s Mother gets called to school by Sister Aloysius and both women discuss Donald’s wellbeing. The Mother doesn’t show much interest in the possible relationship between Donald and Father Flynn even though Sister Aloysius repeatedly emphasizes the harm…[show more]
Discussion1.498 Words / ~6 pages Alfred-Krupp-Gymnasium Essen 2 Mrs. Thompson College Prep English – 5th period 25 April 2014 Two Countries, Two Schools I, as an individual, have a very important and huge role in society. It is the individual of every person around, that makes up our society today. We together are trying to achieve a better world to live in. But it is the individual, like me, that can make it happen. I feel that I should help by creating a safe and protected environment to live in not only for me, but for everyone. My responsibilit­y is also to listen to every person that speaks up no matter who they are or where they are from. In addition, I should encourage people to speak up and share their personal opinion. Besides, I should treat everyone equally, without prejudices and respectfully. By speaking up and stepping forward, I can help creating the world we want to live in not only for me,…[show more]
Discussion1.053 Words / ~ pages Freiburg im Breisgau Differences in Code-Switchin­g between adults and children Introduction In our globalized world, more and more people with different cultures and languages interact with each other on a daily basis. Throughout their encounters, several language phenomena can be observed. One of these phenomena is called code-switchin­g. Over the time various scholars have argued about the definition of code-switchin­g. According to Esther Albrecht, the concept of code-switchin­g can be determined as a “phenomenon of language contact that is generally defined as the alternate use of two or more languages within a single conversation, usually marked by a clear break between the languages and often fulfilling a specific function.” (26). People of all ages and cultures use code-switchin­g on different occasions. An interesting field of…[show more]
Discussion695 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium am Kaiserdom Speyer Should the voting age be lowered to 16? In lots of countries young people want to get more involved in politics. But they only have the right to vote when they are of age. This leads to the question if the voting age should be lowered to 16 or not? That is an inquiry on which the state and also the citizens ponder about. Some are for and some are against this right. On one hand the opponents of this statement say that people under age are not mature enough. A large majority of them still lives at home and goes to school. Thus they have not learned to shoulder responsibilit­y and to become self-employed­, but are dependent on their parents and also on their thoughts. However, at 18 most of them learn to lead their own life with an own WG or apartment, being self-sufficie­nt in food and go to work. They can stand on their own feet and become independent.…[show more]
Discussion538 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium am Kattenberge Buchholz 12/1 English 26.08.2016 Comment The weapon right in the USA is worldwide one of the most liberal ones. At the same time the United States of America are one of the countries in which power and criminal activity are exceptionally high. The majority of the American citizens looks at the right on weapon possession as a fundamental right. Many of them have grown up in families in which weapon possession was everyday particularly in the rural areas and in the south of the USA. For one carrying a weapon belongs to own identity, for the others she serves the protection of the own and the life of beloved people. However, does really need of every one weapon in the defence? In the following quotation Barack Obama expresses himself on this awkward subject “I believe the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to bear arms” “But I also…[show more]
Discussion423 Words / ~ pages Hamburg Stadtteilschule 11. Klasse English homework Essay Suleiman 12d Immigration is the biggest problem of our time Immigration is an important topic in many western countries these days. The immigration is only a consequence from the mistakes of their goverment. The main reason why people leave their country is war, poverty or famine. Many natives argue that immigration has a positive effect for their country, whilst others say that immigation damages national interests. In this comment I will discuss some of the pros and cons of immigration in relation to our time. The industrial nation have a huge problem with not having enough children. When a nation for instance Germany allows more immigration it get several advantages. Firstly more people and often more younger people immigrate to our country. These young people stimulate the business here and in best…[show more]
Discussion566 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Coswig Comment on the Marshmallow Effect Task: Comment on the “Marshmallow Effect” and Nick Tasler’s quote: “The secret to success in the marshmallow test of life and work is not about delaying gratification­. It is about discovering gratification in every situation.” (from: “The Marshmallow Myth”, Nick Tasler, posted March 09, 2017, downloaded March 12, 2017, Include your own experiences. Comment: Whether it is sports, school or your personal career: Everywhere people want to be successful and reach their aspired goals. They look up to idols and find themselves thinking: “Why did he / she get to this point?” by meaning: “How can I stay more motivated on the way to my aspiration or New Year’s Resolution?” Mostly, motivation comes from small pieces of success along the way. A sports man who is willing to do a “Full Planche”, an exercise…[show more]
Discussion641 Words / ~ pages Schönbuch Gymnasium Holzgerlingen Does immigration have a positive effect on society? Recently more and more people are leaving their country, emigrating to other countries and hoping for a better life. But a lot of people think that immigrants have a negative effect on society. Therefore they are demonstrating against them. Other people try to convince them that immigrants do have a positive effect on society. But does immigration really have a positive effect on society? This question will be discussed in the following. On the one hand you can argue that immigration does not have a positive effect on society. Separated societies are developing due to immigrants. As a result many people are afraid of going in areas where immigrants live, because of the bad integration, they have a lot of bias and think that they are all criminals. Accordingly many families are…[show more]
Discussion523 Words / ~ pages Moscow State Linguistic University Discuss how a particular Law of Physics has changed the world culturally and socially Taking a glance at the modern world, one can assume that it developed to the present state on its own. But indeed, there were many names of great historical figures and personalities who had a tremendous impact on the erstwhile community, so that we could see it today as it is. One person whose name is on the tongue of men is Albert Einstein. He had number of works which contributed significantly to the course of history and the world developments of his lifetime. But the most groundbreakin­g and at the same time most abstruse of those was his theory of relativity. Although hardly one in every hundred thousand people alive today generally understands what this theory is about (Abraham Pais, 1988). But still its concepts had an impact on scientific thinking…[show more]
Discussion359 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Adolfinum Moers Should students rate their schools on the internet? Schools take a big role in our society. They are the place where students are given knowledge to help them become successful and where they realize their own capabilities for the future. On American websites like “schoolrating­.co­m” or “ratemyschool­.ne­t” students have the chance to rate their schools online. The idea is to help parents finding the right school for their children. Future students can view what other students say about the school they are planning on going to. The websites are advertisement platforms for schools to hold up their reputation in the eyes of parents and students. However, many people disagree with this public rating. One common reason is because they fear that good students will avoid public schools with problems and choose private schools.…[show more]
Discussion576 Words / ~ pages Justus-Knecht-Gymnasium Bruchsal Community Service good or bad idea? Last week in school we talk about Community Service and thought about if it’s a good idea to introduce the system of the Fountain Vally School at our school. In the following text i’m going to list the disadvantages and advantages of this system. I start with the argument, which shows that isn’t a good idea to have Community Service at the school. The first thing is that Community Service is volunteering work so it should give you the opportunity to decide on your own if you want to do it or not. In this case the students have to do it and can’t decide by themselves. Another reason is that if you have to do Community Service you normally do besides the school. That means you don’t have that much time left for other stuff like studying or meeting friends or so on. I didn’t find that much which is against the system…[show more]
Discussion565 Words / ~1 page Immanuel-Kant-Gymnasium Berlin Cartoon analysis in connection with Aldous Houxleys novel Brave New World LK Klausur Englisch Ted The given cartoon is a black-and-whi­te drawing by an unknown cartoonist taken from ww.etec.ctlt.­ubc.c­a. The cartoon is about education in school and visualizes a teacher standing in front of 6 children in a classroom. The children are sitting at separate desks and behind the teacher there is a blackboard which shows six sentences, maybe rules, the viewer cannot read. The teacher is wearing a suit, glasses and a tie while the students are wearing casual clothing. At the bottom of his cartoon there is a caption stating “I expect you all to be independent, innovative, critical thinkers who will do exactly as I say!”. This caption is a sentence from the teacher speaking to his students which can be proved by his open mouth. While he…[show more]
Discussion909 Words / ~ pages Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium Weinheim Pros and Cons about Online – and High street shopping Nowadays, there is a trend towards online shopping – especially for young people. Either order shopping comfortably from home and, if things go bad, wait days for your parcel or pay extra for halfway fast express shipping? The question is whether online shopping or high street shopping is appropriate for everyone? My first argument in this text is against offline shopping. It addresses the prices in retail shops which are usually higher than online. One example for this are often clothing stores. One reason for this could be the specially trained staff, who also receives a higher salary than online sellers. Referring back to the argument mentioned above, there is the well-trained staff. Sometimes there is also specially trained personnel that is only qualified for a certain…[show more]
Discussion643 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Berlin Comment- ,,Children owe their parents everything In the book ‘‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”, published in 2012, the author, Amy Chua, wrote “ Chinese children must spend their lives by obeying them and making them proud’’. That’s where the statement “Kids owe their parent everything” comes from. In other words, children need to be grateful, successful; obey their parents, show them your respect; assist and care them when they get older, in this case I mean when they are less productive and children can afford for themselves. It has been stereotypical­ly the mind-set of Chinese parents. I am from Vietnam. It is a neighboring country of China and the people there have properly similar mind-set, including my parents. So I want now to give my own opinion about the statement. Firstly, children and parents are independent individuals.…[show more]

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