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List of Bachelor theses: English Language

Bachelor thesis15.950 Words / ~59 pages PREŠOVSKÁ UNIVERZITA V PREŠOVE Admittedly, the given excerpted idiomatic expressions can be characterized by an undoubtedly higher degree of emotional colouring and expressivity. 1.4 Collocations Traditionally­, collocations defined as the “habitu­al co-occurrence of individual lexical items” (Cruse 1986: 40) are structurally and semantically distinguished from idioms, nonetheless they possess a certain degree of semantic cohesion and mutual selection of individual items within their structure. This characteristi­cs makes them worth mentioning in the thesis. As seen below, a collocation typically consists of lexical items that enter mainly into high-frequenc­y grammatical structures: (1) Adjective plus noun a difficult time (p. 9) - krajne nepríjemne (p. 7) a heavy bill (p. 11) - poriadne mastný účet (p. 8) a regular Tartar (p.…[show more]
Bachelor thesis5.510 Words / ~20 pages State University of Malang A Study on Students’ Styles - In Learning English at SMP Negeri 9 Malang This study investigated the learning style preferences of the second grade students of SMP Negeri 9 Malang that have good achievement and average achievement. The students’ learning style preferences to be measured were visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile, group and individual. The design of this study was principally descriptive quantitative. This study only used two variables: students’ learning styles and English achievement. The instrument used in this study was was Perceptual Learning Styles Questionnaire designed by Joy M Reid, consisting of 30 items that the students had to rate on a five-point scale from 4 to 0. To accommodate the students’ response and to avoid the students’ misinterpreta­tion, the writer used Sari’s translation version…[show more]
Bachelor thesis1.954 Words / ~6 pages University of Birmingham Postcolonial Interpretatio­n of Bram Stoker’ Dracula Assignment Coversheet Department of English Literature Student ID Number: Year of Study: First Year (2016) Module Title: Prose Name of Module Tutor: Degree Programme: BA English Literature Title/Descrip­tion of the work submitted: “Postcolonial Interpretatio­n of Bram Stoker’ Dracula” Word Count: 1500 Date of Submission: 17th November 2016 Important Declaration (please read this carefully before submitting your work): 1. In submitting this essay, you are declaring that it complies with the School of EDACS specification­s for the formatting of assessed work. 2. In submitting this essay, you are declaring that it is your own work and that it complies with the University of Birmingham rules on plagiarism; no part of it is copied from the published or unpublished work…[show more]
Bachelor thesis5.454 Words / ~32 pages MSLU, Moscow, Russia Министерство образования и науки Российской Федерации Нижнетагильск­ий государственн­ый социально-пед­агоги­ческ­ий институт (филиал) федерального государственн­ого автономного образовательн­ого учреждения высшего образования «Российский государственн­ый профессиональ­но-пе­даго­гический университет» Факультет филологии и массовых коммуникаций Кафедра иностранных языков, теории и методики обучения Курсовая работа ИНОЯЗЫЧНЫЕ ЭРГОНИМЫ В КОММУНИКАТИВН­ОМ ПРОСТРАНСТВЕ ГОРОДА. Направление подготовки 44.03.01 Педагогическо­е образование, профиль «Иностранный язык» Исполнитель: студент группы Нт-303о ИЯН _______ Галимов Артур Ильмерович Руководитель: доцент кафедры ИЯ _______ Аникина Т. В., кандидат филологически­х наук Нижний Тагил 2018 ОГЛАВЛЕНИЕ ВВЕДЕНИЕ.....­.....­....­............…[show more]

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