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List of Essays: English Language

Essay345 Words / ~ pages Freiherr-vom-Stein Gymnasium, Münster Comparing the texts My son the fanatic and The Buddah of Surburbia The extracts “The Buddha of Suburbia” and “My fanatic son” by Hanif Kureishi are about relatives who cannot tolerate the fact that their family members do not follow their traditions and religions. In this following analysis I will compare and contrast the situation between the two extracts. The main conflict in the first extract is that the father wants his daughter to marry a guy who he has chosen for her. However the girl does not want to marry a random guy who she does not know. For that reason the father goes on a hunger strike. The main conflict in the second text is that the son is extremely religious and cannot understand why his father does not follow the rules of his religion. This is why he talks so rude and intolerant toward his father. Their is a nearly same contrast…[show more]
Essay973 Words / ~ pages Aliceschule Gießen Tortilla Curtain - José Navidad José Navidads character is accepted by neither Americans nor Mexicans in the course of the story. Is this a result of his own actions, or are his actions a result of this lack of acceptance? José Navidad is a very ambivalent character. In T. C. Boyles novel “The Tortilla Curtain”, he plays a minor role. Though, he has a certain impact on both the Mossbachers and the Rincóns story-lines. He is not accepted by neither Americans nor Mexican immigrants. He is obviated by Mexican people because of his pale skin. He nearly looks like an American. On the other hand, he has dark, brown eyes which make him look like a Mexican. Due to this, he is not accepted by the American people. He always wears his cap backwards, has an cheap set of fake teeth and is often accompanied by another Mexican immigrant who always wears a…[show more]
Essay520 Words / ~ pages University of Hong Kong An Essay on the comparison of “The Heart of Another” & “The Tell-Tale Heart” We’ve read two short stories titled “The Heart of Another” and “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Marcus Sedgwick and Edgar Allan Poe, respectively. In this essay I will be comparing the two stories and observe the similarities and differences between them. One of the big differences is how the stories begin. In “The Heart of Another”, the story begins a bit unclearly and the reader may take some time to visualize the image the author is trying to project, whilst in “The Tell-Tale Heart”, the author gets straight to the point and the reader will have an immediate reaction to the narrator, “I made up my mind to take the life of the old man, and thus rid myself of the eye forever.” And of course the reader would think the narrator of “The Tell-Tale Heart” is not in a right state…[show more]
Essay1.514 Words / ~ pages Emirates International School Jumeirah - Dubai Commentary A Family Supper by Kazuo Ishiguro A Family Supper, by Kazuo Ishiguro, is a short story that begins with the son of a Japanese family returning to Japan to meet his family. After hearing about his mother and dad’s business partner’s death, his sister and him talk and catch up, and they have dinner later on with the father. The story concludes with him and his father waiting for his sister to bring them some tea. This story is told in first person point of view, and the main theme that revolves throughout the story is the clash between different generations, as it creates a differentiati­on in the understanding of certain aspects of life, and it brings more parts of a Western lifestyle into traditional Japanese culture. This theme is developed through the use of symbolism, plot elements, and tone. Symbolism is used throughout…[show more]
Essay977 Words / ~ pages Spittal an der Drau Essay Gathering life experience in school is not enough. Every student should spend one year in another country after finishing their secondary education. Since the last decade travelling has become more popular than ever amongst young people. Young adults even spend one year abroad after finishing the secondary education to gather new experiences and advantages in their future jobs. Some spend that year volunteering - helping others who aren’t as fortunate as we are - others gain experiences as an au pair. However, it’s not that important what you do, it’s important that you are doing something abroad. Because gaining experiences in other countries often is an advantage referring to your future career. Some companies require a stay abroad. However, it’s expensive. But it’s worth it and a must for almost every student after…[show more]
Essay993 Words / ~2 pages Universität Esbjerg B-niveau 13/9-2016 Monster under the Bed This is a short story by Lezanne Clannachan. She runs a local writing group in West Sussex. The short story is from the anthology Feeding the Cat & other stories and poems. It was published in 2011.The short story takes place at a railway station in Waterloo. The whole story takes place on a bench in the railway station hall. “’This one yours?’ She asks as a train slides into the platform. He shakes his head, having memorized the timetable last night. Not many trains stop at Frenley.” (line 34-35) is a good example, where we actually get told, that the story takes place at the railway station. The railway station has a symbolic meaning in the text and it is playing a big part in the theme. The railway station is a place of transition in the text. It is a place where people are in regular motion and have an…[show more]
Essay746 Words / ~ pages Centennial High School Ms. Toland AP LANG12/5/12 Little Red Riding Hood I suppose you want to hear another story with a happy ending wrapped all up nicely in a bow. Well this isn’t that kinda story, and I’m tired of hearing that same crap again and again. Anyway, my name is Eric not much of a name. I know. But everyone around here calls me Little Red Riding Hood. For Chrissake don’t ask why. Cause hell if I know, those poor bastards will pick on anyone if you give em the chance. Phonies, all those snobbish people do it run around flaunting their fathers money. Well as I was saying, I got a call one morning from my grandmother she was lying in bed “sick as a dog”. God I can’t stand that. Well of course she needed me to come bring her some of my mother homemade soup to help her feel better. That lady is always sick, hell maybe if she moved out of the goddam woods she wouldn’t feel…[show more]
Essay505 Words / ~1 page Ratsgymnasium Wiedenbrück What is Globalization­? Globalization The word „globalizatio­n“ usually refers to the breaking down of trade barriers between nations. For supporters of globalization the deregulation of trade and the elimination of national protectionism are positive things: without trade barriers goods can pass freely from one part of the world to another; in this way people in developing countries get access to world markets. At the same time the competition between companies allows the consumers in developed countries to buy goods at lower prices. The market forces of supply and demand regulate prices. To globalization critics, free trade comes at the expense of workers in developing countries. They work long hours, often in unsafe or unhealthy conditions in so-called sweatshops, where they barely earn a subsistence wage and do not…[show more]
Essay2.124 Words / ~6 pages fort pitt chatham Compare the representatio­n of women in ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ The expectations of daughters in Elizabethan times are reflected on the roles of women in the plays ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Much ado about nothing’, women’s dependency on men is clear. This is shown through Ophelia and Hero, Ophelia’s character is shown by the lack of dialogue throughout. Similarly Hero from ‘Much ado About Nothing’ is a totally subservient character. These two characters reflect the social value of the era and expectations of women in Shakespearean England. Ophelia is seen as a dreamer; a stereotypical­, girl who knows nothing of the world and follows the dominant males. Polonius believes Ophelia to be inexperienced in the outside world, she only knows how to be an obedient daughter, “You speak like a green girl”, [1] ‘green’ is used to describe…[show more]
Essay1.108 Words / ~ pages Nærum gymnasium 2.A 12-11-14Engli­sh “Big Mouth & Ugly Girl” Stepping over the line is without a doubt something we all have tried. But making jokes and imitations about a sensitive topic such as school shootings is surely something people shouldnt joke around about. There is a certain taboo, an unwritten norm that the majority of people tend to follow and if someone disobeys, potential disastrous consequences can follow.In the extract from page 68 to page 76 of “Big Mouth & Ugly Girl”, from 2002, written by Joyce Carol Oats, a teenager by the name Matt Donaghy is generally known for making jokes and having a Big Mouth but it has never got him into trouble, however, one day at lunch he jokes about blowing up the school. Two witnesses decides to report this incident to the principal of the school, who calls the police and as a consequence, two detectives…[show more]
Essay1.258 Words / ~ pages British International School Shanghai Literature Essay How does Edgar Allan Poe create an atmosphere of horror and build tension in The Tell Tale Heart? Edgar Allen Poes wrote this story based on the gothic genre which some would say he brought to the world this new style of writing. This is a story of a mad man who lives with an old man with a vulture eye. But this eye gets under the mad mans skin and he wants to At the beginning of the story the unnamed narrator starts to tell his tragic story, persuading people that he isnt a mad man. This is just a build up to the tension because there must be a reason to why people think he is mad and that gets people thinking, what did he do? When he says: “Why will you say that I am mad?” He uses rhetorical question and its a bit random to say such a thing.Thats the moment you start to realize he is mad. You then go on to see hes an unreliable and a lying narrator…[show more]
Essay391 Words / ~12 pages HAK Oberpullendorf Opinion-Essay About The European Union. It took me a few minutes to bring it into my mind, when I first heard about the European Union. Well, that should have been in summer 1989. First there was the opening of the Hungarian border and afterwards came the interview with Dr. Alois Mock. First of all I have to indicate that I always was a supporter of the EU. I believe, that Austria is, together with Switzerland, too small to be a serious opponent to the rest of Europe. We don’t have so many raw materials and therefore we need to buy them from other countries. Without being a member of the EU it would be much more expensive for us. In a few points the EU is really important for us but there is always the other side of the coin, too! The European Union opens up many job opportunities­: All EU-citizens can move to all membership—co­unt­ries to work.Sometime­s…[show more]
Essay727 Words / ~2 pages Gymnasium Hattingen Child Labor in Indian Stone Quarries The sun is burning and it is hotter than 40 degrees in the Indian quarries, where three boys embrace a big jackhammer. It makes their body vibrate. Without mouthpiece and ear-protectio­n they crush stone walls. Their faces are colored in white, because of the dust which ruins their lungs. Other children bring explosive powder into the quarry. It is a highly dangerous activity, because if sparks fly, sometimes parts of the body can be blasted off. They toil for a hunger wage to win natural stone for grave stones, tabletops and garden tiles. The most important reason for child labor in the Indian quarries is the poverty of the parents. An investigation shows that between 50 and 60% of child workers come from families whose income falls below the international poverty line of 1$ / day. 211 million children…[show more]
Essay923 Words / ~2 pages Werdenfels - Gymnasium Garmisch - Partenkirchen 7 December 2015 The knowers perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge. To what extent do you agree with respect to CAS & one other diploma subject you currently take? As it is now, capitalism is viewed as being the first official economical structure, defined by John Adams in the 18th century. Soon after the public accepted this known system, Karl Marx presented his idea of communism, thereby challenging the previous conception of a societal system. When personal knowledge is first introduced to the public, it is scrutinized and challenged due to the many different perspectives of the people. However if the information provided is more of a fact than knowledge it is bound to be accepted on a global scale and would become part of basic understanding­. Nonetheless if a different fact comes to light, which challenges the…[show more]
Essay360 Words / ~1 page vienna gymnasium 8c Opinion essay “The only way to achieve full equality for women is to enforce it by law” Nowadays laws apply not only for men but for all citizens and in a constitution all people count equally. Nevertheless there are special laws for the protection of the interests for women which are very necessary. There are lots of countries where the equality of women and men is of the paramount importance but not in countries like Saudi-Arabia. Most women get marginalized there, which gives me the impression that this problem cannot be solved by enforcing equality by laws. First of all, it is important to say that women get the opportunity to enforce their interests. Previously women were not allowed to work in all fields of jobs. Nowadays they have a written law that they are entitled to work and have the option to develop their own personality.…[show more]
Essay912 Words / ~ pages Rutgers-Newark, Newark The Myth of Race: Agustin Fuentes. Rough Draft Outline Alright so I typed this at around 3 AM with a Monster-Energ­y drink next to me so enjoy this energy driven, procrastinate­d, 935 word essay. In The Myth of Race, Agustin Fuentes argues that race is a social construction that has no basis in biology. Fuentes’s analysis on race in society is generally less specific than Beverly Tatum’s excerpt on race in society. Fuentes fails to several key components about race that are examined in Tatum’s book excerpt, but also touches on points Tatum would agree with. Fuentes argues racial identity is a myth that is fantasied by perceptions. Fuentes states perceptions have viewed blacks “as more athletic and overly sexual”, Asians “as more bookish and reserved”, and whites falling “in between, more or less the average everyman”. Fuentes states…[show more]
Essay2.147 Words / ~9 pages Great Bay Community College, Portsmouth, NH Personal Essay Mettle from Metal The first love of my life was a 1979 Monte Carlo, Landau Coupe edition, she was yellow with a black vinyl roof, big V8, posi rear end, and wire wheel covers. The lines of the car flowed perfectly with big exposed fenders front and rear, a long nose, wide stance, and long heavy doors. That car was beautiful to me, I loved every detail about it. The sheer size was formidable and the rake made it more aggressive looking. With the nose slung low and big tires in the rear it really brought the sculpted fender lines to life. The front lines gave the impression of tensed shoulder muscles while the rear fenders looked like preloaded hindquarters ready to lunge forward. Between the size, forward canted stance, and burly body lines it made me think of a large jungle cat ready to lunge forward and capture its next meal.…[show more]
Essay675 Words / ~ pages Dahlmannschule Bad Segeberg India boycotts Olympic games The government has written to the International Olympic Committee asking for the sponsorship to be dropped and, according to reports inIndia on Wednesday, was on the verge of boycotting not only the opening and closing ceremonies but other official events related to the Games. The IOC, which has its own $100m sponsorship deal with the chemical giant, had already refused an earlier appeal from the Indian Olympic Association. Campaigners believe Dow has ongoing liabilities relating to the 1984Bhopal disaster through its ownership of Union Carbide, the company that owned the plant at the time of the disaster. We cherish and celebrate the noble ideals of the Olympic movement. India stands firmly committed to these ideals and the values they promote of friendship, unity, brotherhood and compassion,…[show more]
Essay1.035 Words / ~2 pages GBS St. Gallen My last Day in London I planned to stay one day longer in England than the rest of the group, that i could watch a football game of the second English League. West Ham against Millwall. It is the derby between the two Londoner Worker Clubs. In the 1980 years, there where almost everytime fights and riots when these two clubs played against. Many Films were based on this enmity (Hooligans, Cass, Rise of the Footsoldier,.­) and West Hams famous Firm, the ICF. I like it to visit other Football Grounds. Primary not because of the sport, the sport is everywhere the same. The diferents are around the Game. No other Sport has got more emotianal fans, fans who live for their footballclub. It was pretty funny, my host family were Millwall Fans. The were really wondered as I told them, that i will watch West Ham against Millwall, they thought that we in…[show more]
Essay1.266 Words / ~ pages Albertus-Magnus-Schule Viernheim The Stolen Generation The British settlers who came to Australia thought Australia was a land that belonged to no one and was not settled. So they took it without asking the black natives. They were considered primitive and so they were simply ignored from the British settlers. When the white settlers in search of pastures fields for their huge herds of cattle more and more into the back country invaded, they drove the natives in the 19th Century from the land they had inherited from their ancestors. It was the worst for them what they had been able to happen because this country was back home, the central focus of their identity. This reference point was therefore taken them, but also their food sources were thus lost. This ruthless approach laid the foundation for the British hatred and mistrust. Around 1920 the Aborigines had no land.…[show more]
Essay768 Words / ~ pages Georgia Perimeter College Atlanta Ga. The Storm Analysis Sam Ms. Demarco ENGL 1102-027 8 July 2012 The Storm ­ The Storm is a short story written by Kate Chopin. By definition a storm is a violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow. It’s safe to say that in Chopin’s short story “The Storm” that definition describes the story perfectly. Chopin story depicts a passionless marriage that was over taken by lust on a stormy summer day. The story depicts an adulterous relationship that two former lovers, Calixta and Alcee Laballiere have during a tremendous thunderstorm. When Alcee must take shelter in Calixta’s house during an oncoming storm the two former friends make love. As the storm grows stronger so does their passion. ­ The story starts off with Bobinot and his son Bibi at Friedhiemer’s store. Bobinot…[show more]
Essay859 Words / ~ pages UNESCO Gesamtschule Do you think anybody is English? Really English? – AnalysisAnaly­ze the roles of Alsana and Samad in the development of their conflict as well as the narrative technique used to influence the reader.As mentioned above the parents of Millat take in different roles in the conflict about the burning of the books. In the development of the conversation the different positions become very clear.Alsana Iqbal is a very strickt mother. She set great value upon justice. She thinks Millat is acting wrong and so she tries to make this clear as she teaches him a lesson. She burns all his stuff because he burned the book. (ll.65-74)On the one hand, she is a very wise and clever woman. She overwhelms her husband with thousand of good arguments which are all very conceived. For example she tells him about the different opinions the people in her little…[show more]
Essay1.379 Words / ~7 pages Catholic University Nairobi Functional grammar INTRODUCTION Simon Cornelis Dik believed that the nature of any language is seen from a functional point of view. Language is used as an instrument of social interaction among human beings; and not a set of rules to be followed (Dik, 1997:2). These sentiments were also shares by Michael Alexander Halliday who believed that the functionality of a language lies in the interpretatio­n of the text, the interpretatio­n of the systems, and the interpretatio­n of the linguistic structures. (Halliday, 1994: xiii) It is from this frame of thought that the two linguists at different points in time- Dik in the 1970s and Halliday in the 1960s- came up with the functional grammar theory. Halliday paying more attention to the systemic functional grammar theory. This paper seeks to discuss what functional grammar is jointly…[show more]
Essay654 Words / ~ pages Hansa-Gymnasium Hamburg The art of Debatig For a good debate you need citrine factors like your emotional appear. The “Emotional Appear” is how you debate. You can debate strong and attack the arguments of the other team or you can with the ordiance and try to win their sympathy. I can show you these two types at the example of an Osama Bin Laden-Debate : First the strong argumentation­: “He has killed thousands of people and that is why the killing of Osama Bin Laden was right!” Now the emotional argumentation­:” Osama Bin Laden was a man like you and me and no one has achieved to be killed in front of his sons, grandsons and his wife. Just imagine your father grandfather would be killed in front of you, just thinking about this terrible thing tells me that the killing of this man was wrong!” In a good debate there are other factors: 1. The audience speaker relationship:­…[show more]
Essay641 Words / ~ pages Karl Boromäus Gymnasium Altdorf Reflection on the zahak story - Spongebob Brief summary of the recreation I have chosen spongebob for my recreation. This is taken place in bikini bottom city under the water after Squidward mysterious death. SpongeBob’s friends are discussing and investigating about that. In the dialog is showing conversation between Sandy chicks and patrik about what patrik saw last night. At the end, they thought Spongebob has killed Squidward to become the manager of the second branch of the Krasty krab (the restaurant) and it was true. Finally spongebob became the manager of the restaurant. Write up summary When I was translating the Shakespearian play into modern English, it is pretty difficult to understand what Shakespeare was trying to write. He didnt write in the sentence structure that we would normally write in. he also used some…[show more]
Essay496 Words / ~1 page Univerzita Komenského Bratislava The role of marriage in today´s society The lifelong vow Marriage should be an important institution in the society, the base of a healthy family life. However, does it really have an important role nowadays? To reveal the answer, let´s go back first to the past centuries. Years ago marriage was a pre-arranged, conventional business for lots of people, a good way how to ensure social welfare. In some cases the true emotional sparkle had never ever appeared between the husband and wife. However, although marriages did not based on love, they were lifelong, or at least took much more longer than they do nowadays. Unfortunately­, recently they seem to have lost their main function in the society: to be the root of the family and the basis of an idyllic life. In contrast, in the past -as they had maybe no other choice, just to cooperate- husband…[show more]
Essay948 Words / ~2 pages Adelaide High School Analyse the way the authors of two texts use different techniques to communicate the same message in regard to the texts’ central themes. “You are a tattle tale” states the beginning of Rod Luries Nothing But The Truth (2008). Doug Limans Fair Game (2010) begins directly with the actual treatment. Both films start completely different and have their own plot, structure and character profiling. However, both are similar in the way that the main protagonists have to deal with corruption within the government, society and within their positions working both at the CIA. Limans Fair game sets back to the year 2003. Where a woman, Valerie Plame (Naomi Watts) works undercover for the CIA; investigating allegations that Iraq is developing nuclear weapons. Alongside, her husband, former Ambassador Joe Wilson (Sean Penn), assists…[show more]
Essay668 Words / ~ pages Ostseegymnasium Rostock Differences between the original (by W. Shakespeare) and the German translation (by A. W. von Schlegel) of Romeo and Juliet – Act 1 – Compiled by M. There are several differences between the German and the original version, based on the fact that the two versions are obviously in different languages and it is impossible to adopt every detail like metre, rhyme, diction, etc. Essentially, there are no huge changes of the original version in the German translation, but I am going to enumerate some of the differences I have noticed. The play opens with a conversation between Sampson and Gregory. In the original the protagonists use words like ´collier´, ´choler´, ´coal´ and ´collar´. They play with these words that sound alike but have different meanings. In the German version there are no such words. This pun is entirely left out (p.…[show more]
Essay894 Words / ~2 pages Annweiler TGA Role of the proles ­ Mss 13 27.9.12 The proles in George Orwells “1984” can be associated with proletarians or “working-clas­s” in real life. My aim I hope to achieve with this essay is to compare the proles, pictured in this book with the real “proletarians­” in society. Also I’ll try to analyse their role in the system of “1984”. First it makes sense to define proletarians in general.There­for we have to do a flashback in history. The origins of this description are during the industrial revolution. Those people had to give up their rural existence and moved to the cities, where they found work in one of the numerous factories. Mostly they couldn’t manage to reach a higher class, by earning more money, because they were just some cheap workers without education and without any chance. They were modern slaves of the industry, unable…[show more]
Essay819 Words / ~ pages University of Tasmania Hobart ENGLISH DEPARTMENT DR FAUSTUS IS MARLOW’S CHRISTIAN PLAY WITH ANTI CHRISTIAN ELEMENT. COMMENT. ALSO DISCUSS IDEA OF KNOWLEDGE IN THE LIGHT OF RENAISSANCE CONTEXT. Christopher Marlowe’s “Dr Faustus” is a renaissance tragedy written at a time of religious conflict and controversy between Protestants and Catholics in England. It is Christian play but ironically, it depicts anti Christian element. In play, Faustus seen as a renaissance man who has thirst for knowledge and power. He is cunning, self-conceite­d man and has no connection to spirituality and belief. In the quest of knowledge, he consciously chooses to defy Christianity and renounces God in hopes that he will gain something greater from his sacrifice. Faustus situation is a symbol for the people of the era of the Renaissance who lost their faith in Christianity and…[show more]
Essay521 Words / ~1 page Bachgauschule Babenhausen Trip to Dublin It was early in the morning when we all met at the Frankfurt Airport. Most of the pupils were punctual and so we didnt have to wait too long for the remaining few. The flight was with an Irish Airline ( Aer Lingus ) and it took about two hours until we arrived in Ireland. Noticeable was that the whole airport was in a green shade with green cars, the workers were wearing green dresses ,there were green bins etc. By Taking the Bus we quickly arrived in Dublin at our hostel and checked in. The four of us ( the only boys ) took a room and the girls split up. After we had unpacked our luggage we met as a whole group and walked through Dublin to get to know the city better. There was a huge silver pole in the centre of Dublin that could be seen from any place in the city and was a good indicator if you should lose track in the city. After the walk , we ( Nick,…[show more]
Essay451 Words / ~1 page AVG Trier Donald Trump ,, I am the least racist person you will ever meet“ is a quote from Donald Trump when asked if he thinks that his verbalization encourages far-right politicians and white supremacists to talk about their ideas more freely. Many people argue that this statement of Trump is wrong because he frequently implies that he does not think fondly of people of other races or countries and that he even worsens the race problem in the USA. Firstly we should focus on the question, if Trump is a racist. By definition a racist is ,, a person who shows or feels discriminatio­n or prejudice against people of other races or who believes that a particular race is superior to other “. All these criteria apply to Trump: he often refers to African American and Hispanic people as ,, less intelligent. This historically was and still is for white supremacists…[show more]
Essay964 Words / ~ pages University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio Can This Campus Be Bought? Jennifer Croissant, in her article Can This Campus Be Bought?, looks to inform and even persuade her audience to notice how commercializa­tion is affecting many college campus’ across the United States. While not completely scorning the thought of business integration on university campus’ she clearly discourages letting such business endeavors interfere with a universities’ core academic values. The author, however, does realize that having corporate “partners” does have its benefits. Colleges and universities believe that having such corporate ties establishes an image of accountabilit­y and connection to outside interest. Having this relevance and responsivenes­s to commercial businesses is a major advantage in gaining prospective students in the eyes of colleges and universities,­…[show more]
Essay860 Words / ~ pages Univerzita Komenského Bratislava Leonard Cohen´s mysterious praise As my title suggests, Leonard Cohen´s gracious masterpiece, Hallelujah, has lots of vague interpretatio­ns. The basic idea Cohen wanted to tell us in his poem is probably the superiority of spiritual values over material ones. It is quite obvious from the poem that the writer himself is struggling as well with his innermost feelings. Probably he is desperately in love with a woman, who can not appreciate his devotion towards her. The third line of the first verse suggests, as if the writer himself adresses his lover (But you don´t really care for music, do you?) . The experience of bittersweet relationships is shown by biblical references. Leonard Cohen mentions the story of David and Batseba as well as Samsom and Delilah. David plays the harp that pleases the Lord. His seducer is a married woman,…[show more]
Essay757 Words / ~1 page DGN, Dowenrs Grove, Il Stieg Larsson – The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest The Girl who kicked the hornet’s nest is the final part of the Millenium Trilogy. It ends the story and gives us all the missing parts. Through the several different themes occur and Stieg Larrson shows some problems, we have face in today’s world. One of the biggest ideas of the book is to show the problem of inequality, discriminatio­n and violence against women. It shows the problem that women are forced to do “women’s things/work” and men are doing men’s work. All men appearing in the book are strong and are working for example as lawyers or doctors. Women are mothers or nurses. Only the main character, Lisbeth Salander, breaks this rule. She is a strong, fighting character; a warrior that is looking for revenge against those men who mistreated her. The only problem that she has with…[show more]
Essay536 Words / ~1 page wilhelm-raabe-schule hannover Analysis of the Stylistic Devices in the Speech (2008) of Kevin Rudd In his speech from 2008 Kevin Rudd the former Australian Prime Minister uses some expressional stylistic devices. In the following I will give an analysis of these aspects so that his language style and his intention become clear. The structure of his speech is not really expressive but also not very important for that what he wants to say. Anyway, there is a kind of introduction (ll. 1-9) where he states the main problem of the history of the Australians and the Indigenous Australian People. After that there is a part following where Kevin Rudd apologizes for everything that went wrong. It’s the apology (ll. 10-21), thus the main part of Rudd’s speech. In the End of his speech he mentions five important things that must come true in the future of Australia (ll. 22-32).…[show more]
Essay2.714 Words / ~15 pages BORG Dreierschützengasse Graz Shakespearetr­ue or false? The Oxfordian Theory as shown in the film „Anonymous“ Coursework in English Introduction: The true identity of William Shakespeare has been questioned for centuries. The so called “authorship debate” first started in the early 19th century. The lack of historical facts and details about such an important figure in history like William Shakespeare is unbelievable and the few facts we do know are not always very trustworthy or either redundant in the search for his true identity or even questioning if he wrote all his work himself. For various reasons students, scholars, playwrites and poets started to question the true identity of Shakespeare and because of our lack of trustworthy information and historical facts we still can not settle this dispute over the identity of doubtlessly one of the worlds…[show more]
Essay2.494 Words / ~6 pages Paris Université IV Is Samuel Coleridges idea of emotion, being created within men, connected to the poets concepts of Imagination and One Life or rather in opposition to them? Analyzed on the basis of „The Eolian Harp“, „This Lime-Tree Bower my Prison“, „Frost at Midnight“, „The Nightingale“, and „Dejection: An Ode“. Romantic poets such as Wordsworth, Shelley or Blake were often considered as having an intimate relation to nature, as it is a source for inspiration and joy for the artists who were confronted with a more and more fast-moving and modernized world. While an intimate relation to nature is undeniably present in the selected poetry written by their contemporary Samuel Taylor Coleridge, nature – or more generally speaking, the exterior- being a source of emotion must be questioned in this context. In “Dejection: An Ode”, written in 1802,…[show more]
Essay630 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium Schloß Neuhaus Paderborn Why becoming a German Armed Forces Officer? „Semper Communis! – This sentence describes what many people do and live like in the German armed forces. They stand together in every situation of their lifes. This is just one reason why young Germans decide to become an officer in the German Air Force and feel the honour and pride that comes along with the job. Each year in early October you can see many Young Germans at the age of 17 – 27 coming to Munich with the hope to become a German Air Force Officer. Often they just finished school and many people would say that they don’t know anything about life and what’s going on in the world. Before they already passed a test that took three days where only one quarter of the participants go through. So it is a big privilege to even come to Munich. The critics can’t understand why these young guys chose to…[show more]
Essay743 Words / ~ pages City College of San Francisco Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya Antonios loss of innocence When we were child, the days used to be long, we used to be kind and amorous, we used to laugh without reason and shame, and nothing bothered us. Then we grow up, we are expose to the society, we hear lies, we feel sadness, we feel shame and we get irritate faster. Until we get a mature age to understand and accept the life just how it is. What I mean is that People live changing constantly. They change mentally and physically whether for good or bad. There is one certainly thing in life, it’s the fact that you will change in numerous ways throughout your life. In short, change is unavoidable. In Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, Antonio undertakes a rough adventure to seek his true faith and his beliefs. He witnesses the death of Lupito, a veteran who became crazy for the war. Thus, Ultima’s…[show more]
Essay834 Words / ~ pages Pädagogische Hochschule Wien - PH „Foreig­n language learning in Vienna primary school“ Essay The Austrian primary school curriculum includes foreign language learning from the very first year. There are some projects going on in Vienna for teaching English. One important program / project is called „CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning̶­0;. That means that children do not just learn a language. They learn content (e.g. in science and social studies „Sachun­terri­cht&­#8220;). CLIL is a term with a focus on the use of English as a working language. The foreign language (usually English but in some schools languages from neighbouring countries) is taught in a cross-curricu­lar way, integrated into the compulsory subjects of mathematics, music or physical education (except German = reading, spelling,…[show more]
Essay736 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Willich Speech about the topic school uniforms Mit deutscher Übersetzung Ladies and gentlemen! My name is Alex and it is a pleasure for me to be here today. I am very proud to present my opinion about school uniforms to you, because I am sure not every one of you really thought about this special topic before. And you will see it from a different point of view and maybe I will be able to convince you of this idea. Today, a lot of schools are thinking about introducing school uniforms.­ Please try to think about the situation. I am sure that the most of you have this one annoying problem every morning. You are standing in front of your wardrobe and you have absolutely no idea what to wear. That also would be no challenge anymore and it would save a lot of time.­ Now we talk about a far more serious aspect. Many students are being bullied, because of their…[show more]

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