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List of Essays: English Language - Page 4

Essay579 Words / ~ pages Nelson Mandela Schule berlin Fashion as a medium of protest / political protest Hi fellow fashionistas, I haven’t posted for a while as I have been busy following the turmoil of the political situation in the USA. Since this is a blog about fashion, I thought you might like to hear about an article that connects politics with fashion. Fashion is becoming more and more political and fashion designers represented at the New York fashion week are using their designs to convey political messages to the public. The author of the text is Sebastian Moll. The article is called ”Protest mit Stil – Die New Yorker Fashion Week ist so politisch wie nie zuvor”, which literally translates into “Protest in Style – New York Fashion Week is more Political than Ever”. The article was published in the German daily newspaper, “Berliner Zeitung” on the 13th February 2017. The article…[show more]
Essay953 Words / ~ pages Lillbaelt academy, Odense Promposals 1. Text 1, “With ‘promposals’, excess is a competition’, an article from The Boston Globe website, May 17, 2014, by Bella English, we get the idea of what a promposal is, by hearing a story about how one boy has been planning his promposal, and how big he think it has to be. The article is very positive towards promposals, and also the principal who is interviewed in the article, because she says, “when they’re done appropriately and in the right setting, I think they’re really sweet and wonderful” (p. 4 ll. 74). But even though the article has a positive view on promposals, it also mentions the downside of promposals, “the challenge is that we’ve had them interrupting class and creating spectacles in public places” (p. 4 ll. 77). The article also tells us how popular and outspread the promposal phenomenon is, to back up the…[show more]
Essay649 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium Dresden Cotta , Dresden The story of Kate Barlow 110 years ago Green Lake was the largest lake in Texas and a little town. There Kate Barlow, a pretty young woman lived at the edge of the lake. She was the town’s only teacher and famous for her spiced peaches in whole Texas. The students loved her and she was known for her cleverness in the town. She also gave education for adult persons, mostly male adults attended her lessons. Trout Walker was one of Ms. Barlow’s evening school students. He was a lot more interested in the teacher than in getting an education. Trout wasn’t really smart, but he was rich and had powerful family so everyone expected Ms. Barlow would marry Trout in the future. One day Trout invited Kate to a ride in is motor boat, which she refused. That was really awkward for a man like Trout. Kate also had a pretty nice friendship to a black onion picker…[show more]
Essay992 Words / ~1 page Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK Essay Title: Compare and contrastCSR policies of PARKnSHOP and WELLCOME CSR policy refer to the policies that areimplemente­d by companies to contribute to society and to give betterlivelih­ood for our offspring. CSR policy becomes to be a moresignifica­nt aspect in influencing the brand reputation and image ofcompanies nowadays. The consumers, producers, environment andcommunity will benefit a lot from the good CSR policies implementedby the companies. Therefore, CSR policy will show the responsibilit­yof companies not only to maximize the profits but also to give backto community. Moreover, CSR policy is one of the factors ofabstracting the investment from venture capitalists and stakeholders.­Henc­e, carrying out good and comprehensive CSR policies willdefinitel­y enhance the competitivene­ss of the brand…[show more]
Essay600 Words / ~ pages Duborg Flensburg ka 12C Essay Topic 3 12.02.2017 jjWho was the real Dracula? Notorious for his nightly visits. Famishes by an inexhaustible thirst for human life juice. And always escaping from one of his greatest enemies; the daylight. The speech is of Count Dracula. But why is the Romanian prince Vlad III a role model for the legend of Dracula? In the next few lines there will be shown a few equalities between the two figures. Draculas real name was Vlad Basarab, but after his death he only got called Vlad Tepes, which means Vlad the Pounder. This “nickname” he got through his passion to impale his enemies and other criminal on wooden pales. He was also called Draculea, which means son of Dracul. When Vlad II (his father) was defeated by the king of the Roman Empire as a knight of the Order of the Dragon against the Ottomans. He got the nickname “the dragon”,…[show more]
Essay572 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Dinkelsbühl Referentin: Datum: 09.11.2016 Lehrkraft: Frau Kurs: WSE American Indians and Lacrosse The article “American Indians and Lacrosse” was published in the Encyclopedia of American Indian Contributions to the World. Today, Lacrosse is a game played by two teams with ten players in each team that tries to put a five-ounce ball into the opponent’s goal. The original sport was first played by American Indians on the North American continent, from what is now Canada down to New York and partly on the American West Coast, but it is uncertain where it directly comes from. What is known is the fact that Jean de Brébeuf was the first non-Indian watching a game in the 1600s. He told something from curved playing sticks looking like crosiers. Legend says that the name “Lacrosse” was named by him but it is very likely that the game is named from a type…[show more]
Essay398 Words / ~1 page Aarhus Business School - Denmark Retailing From: name@hotmail.­com To: retailing@hot­mail.­com Dear Mr. Jackson On my study trip to the UK I have learned a lot about retailing that I want you to know. I have visited a company who works in the street food industry and I’m sure that it can give you some good inspiration to your company. Street food is a very popular trend in the UK and is a big revolution, when we’re talking about British food. The companies have experienced that the consumers want their dining experience more relaxed. The revolution came out of the farmer’s market movement. Someone came up with the idea of getting transformable and started to make food to go.The benefits when starting a street food company is that you can get started in no time. The only thing you need to get started properly is a van and a great idea to get the costumers coming. The street…[show more]
Essay1.367 Words / ~ pages Universität Regensburg - UR Social Media, Instant Messaging and Teenagers – What it Means for them and how Damaging it is to the English Language by Composition Mrs September 2nd 2016 Every year Oxford University Press, which is the publisher of the well-known Oxford English Dictionary, announces a Word of the Year. As it says on the website, „one [word] is eventually chosen that is judged to reflect the ethos, mood or preoccupation­s of that particular year and to have lasting potential as a word of cultural significance.­” (Oxford par.1 ) While terms like Brexit, sharing economy and refugee were on the shortlist for 2015, the winning expression surprisingly is not even considered an actual word. It was the emoticon called “Face with Tears of Joy” (Fig. 1). As a reason for that choice, the company named the huge popularity of this image. It was the globally most…[show more]
Essay434 Words / ~1 page St. Georgs-Kolleg - Avusturya Lisesi, Istanbul War Crime: Should War Criminals Be Punished? When we think about war, we see that it can be simply explained with the words bloodshed, murder and pain. Although murder, bloodshed and causing someone pain are crimes, at desperate times, at times of war, these depictions become almost normal to our ears. Is this normal? Should there be such a thing as a war crime to punish these acts which we normally label as crime? War, no matter how painful it is, have been a part of the human life. Throughout the years, humans have chosen to fight over what they want and kill each other rather than sit and negotiate. This was and is the case probably because we, as humans, are stubborn and selfish. No matter what the reason is people have been killing each other and getting away with it. Humanitarians find war generally inhuman and want to include every aspect…[show more]
Essay1.498 Words / ~6 pages Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK Internet Regulations to Control the Internet There are a narrow and a broad definitions for the Internet. The narrow definition solely defines the Internet as a technical subject that needs to be programmed or managed. On the other hand, the broader definition covers the whole aspect of human life related to the Internet: privacy, security, cybercrime and changing interaction with technical systems (Kurbalija, 2010). According to Coffman et al. (2002), Internet is growing at unprecedented rates and it is affecting the vast majority of people. Some specific groups may have the concern that the growth of Internet might severely damage their privacy, while others may believe that Internet freedom upholds social justice. Owing to this power that the Internet possesses, many have raised questions on whether one should govern…[show more]
Essay522 Words / ~ pages Moscow State Linguistic University What is feedback provision? Feedback provision is defined as an integral component of educational process of foreign language. But it is a professional imperative for a competent teacher to understand clearly what the notion feedback stands for. One ought to remark that feedback provision isn’t practically identical to error correction. A. J. Hoge (2013) considerably observes that error correction hurts word fluency and interrupts the process of natural accuracy development hence it cannot be used in teaching practice. Whereas teacher who inputs a correct language form by means of using a special feedback provision technique reinforces the development of his/her students’ language proficiency. A competent teacher makes a choice between various types of feedback depending on such factors as his/her key audience,…[show more]
Essay446 Words / ~1 page Lycée français Anglais During the American Campaign, Bernie Sanders promised to make free for all the studies in the public colleges. The first reason is to avoid that banks enriched himself thanks to loans, for the biggest misfortune of american students.The rates were often excessive i n America, from 8 to 10 %. This law will consequently allow to avoid this situation of unequality. The second reason was rather the effects of the specializatio­n of the global economy. Indeed, the English-speak­ing countries, and and especially developed countries like France, need more trained people because they mainly relocated their companies in countries as China. The first reason ist maybe more practical and healthy . For the students, in particular in countries English speaker, to finance his studies means being into debt. Avoid the debts, it is to…[show more]
Essay384 Words / ~ pages Frederiksund Gym, Frederikssund Child Poverty Where is the child poverty rate the highest? And why Where is the child poverty rate the lowest? ^why What is the cause? Who is the biggest target to child poverty? Who’s fault is it? Why is teenage crime and child poverty often connected? What can we do to reduce child poverty? Get statistics There are currently 3.7 million children living in poverty in the UK. That’s over a quarter of all children. 1.7 million of these children are living in severe poverty. In the UK 63% of children living in poverty are in a family where someone works. This affects the child’s education, health and day to day life. There are many factor that causes child poverty. Families experience poverty for many reasons, but its fundamental cause is not having enough money to cope with the circumstances in which they are living. A family might move into…[show more]
Essay399 Words / ~1 page Akademisches Gymnasium Linz What would be the situation like if cars were banned from the city centre? E S S A Y Cars are well known for their high carbon dioxide emission. A lot of studies prove that they make an essential share of the greenhouse effect but what would be the situation like if cars were banned from the city centre? Would something change? Would there be better circumstances or is a life without cars undeniable not possible? A city centre without cars could be decisive for our environment and could contribute a big part to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. The air would be fresher, there may be more animals and plants in our cites and it would prevail healthier surroundings. If we count every city in the entire world and would really ban every single car from the centre then the effects would be enormous. As a result there would be a big positive change…[show more]
Essay635 Words / ~ pages Kaiserin-Friedrich Gymnasium Frankfurt am Main Essay: The company Mercedes. The brand name of the company Mercedes Benz came from the daughter Mercedes Jellinek of the racer Erriel Jellinek. He bought her a car created by Gottfried Daimler the founder of the Daimler-Motor­s-soc­iety in 1890. Erriel Jellineks pseudonym as a racer was 1900 Mercedes. Daimler invented a new motor and Erriel Jellinek ordered 36 of these motors, which was a big job. Cause of this big job they called this motor model. The name became famous as six cars with Mercedes motors won the Nice race in 1901. Daimler-Merce­des. 1926 they renamed the company Mercedes Benz after a company fusion. 1909 the DMG wanted a new logo for Mercedes. Alfred von Kaulla, the CEO of the Daimler-Motor­s-Soc­iety wanted a logo which is easy to remember. Daimler adapted a star, with that his dad marked house of a postcard. Mercedes…[show more]
Essay1.491 Words / ~ pages Myers Park High School Grapes of Wrath Chapter 14 Essay Cox It was the stock market crash in 1929 that lead to the decade long so called Great Depression. John Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath” describes the tragic effects that this economic crisis had on the daily lives of many American citizens. His book focuses on a family who like many other Americans at the time were fleeing the Great Plains due to occurrences like the dustbowl and the great depression which had left them unemployed and seeking new work. Shortly after the family in this book face the death of their Grandfather, one of many, but probably the most emotional hardships in the book, Steinbeck dedicates a short but impactful chapter to the purpose and meaning of the Great Depression. The chapter is unlike the others as instead of being centered around the plot including the Joad family, it shifts…[show more]
Essay473 Words / ~1 page Saint Mac´s Saint John Belonging in Peter Skrzyneckis poems. Belonging is the idea of being part of something where you are accepted and included. To belong means the individual becomes involved in something with the felling of security and identity. Peter Skrzynecki explores this theme within his many great poems; he does this with the use of language techniques and features. Poems such as ‘Feliks Skrzynecki’ and ‘Postcard’, and found in Peter Skrzynecki’s book of poems, ‘The Immigrant Chronicle’. Peter Skrzynecki’s poems are appropriately relevant to the topic of belonging. The poet has positive and negative feelings towards his belonging within each dimension in his life and this is displayed from his experiences that he discusses and expresses in his poems. ‘Feliks Skrzynecki’, which is one of Peter’s famous poems, strongly represents…[show more]
Essay466 Words / ~1 page OEGP Prague Tabloid and its function in post-industri­alize­d world We live in a world where despite the fact that at least some us, who live in western world, do not experience hunger, thirst or any lack of fulfillment of any our basic needs, most of us often feel unfulfilled and unhappy. The modern style of life causes, that due to the specializatio­n of work we do not experience fulfillment through work as we only see minimal results from it, nor do we do from love or any traditional fulfilment-so­urces for it often becomes just a matter of business or simple convenience. Due to this unfulfillment modern man craves for alternative reality, where everything is perfect and meets the high expectations or at least one does not have to think about his unfulfilling life for a while. There are many alternative realities one can dive into soap operas,…[show more]
Essay1.044 Words / ~ pages københavns universitet Aya Ghaleb 24-04-2016 1.v Engelsk The Happiest Days of Your Life How would you feel without any love or attention from your parents? And what would you do if your parents took decisions on your behalf. These are some of the questions that are dealt with in the short story ”The Happiest Days of Your Life” The story’s structure is a bit special, it starts and ends at the same place, which is in the family’s car and the rest of the events takes place while the family is visiting the new preparation school for the story’s main character. The structure looks like a circular composition, which is common for a short story. The main character usually leaves home, goes outside, and then ends up home again, so this story goes like car-school-ca­r. In this sort of structure the main character frequently achieves or learns something during his journey.…[show more]
Essay1.164 Words / ~ pages Rijksuniversiteit Groningen 2 ‘Good’ or ‘Evil’: Issues of Morality in ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find’ ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find’ is one of Flannery O’Connor’s most famous works. A direct effect of this renown is the extensive number of possible interpretatio­ns of the story. ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find’ was no exception: copious articles have been written about the significance of the story, especially about the possible religious meaning and problematic moral ambiguity. These themes can be found throughout the story, especially in the main characters, the ‘evil’ Misfit and the ‘good’ Grandmother. O’Connor herself has revisited the story more than once to try and clarify issues of morality, interfering in the interpretatio­n of the story by critics and readers alike. The discord about the ambiguous nature of the story is caused by the way morality is problematized­…[show more]
Essay557 Words / ~1 page Theodor-Heuss-Realschule Heidelberg English Presentation: Living in London. City tour of London Hello my name is Sarah Brown now I’m meeting my friend Anna from Germany in the city. I have been living in London for seven years now. Uhh,. here she is! „Hi Anna, nice to meet you! Shell we have a walk through the city?“ Altough I live in one of the London’s suburbs I have to go to the city by underground everyday because I work in a financial centre there. I take the undergorund because there is so much traffic in the city centre but there are often problems with the underground. The London underground is the oldest and second system in the world. This system has 270 stationen, 11 lines and 3 million passenger take the underground everyday. At least three or four times a week the trains are delayed. Due to the bad weather here I can’t ride my bike to work. Also driving a car in London isn’t…[show more]
Essay464 Words / ~1 page Don Bosco Gymnasium Unterwaltersdorf Hierarchy and social stratificatio­n in Animal Farm Hierarchy and social stratificatio­n is a often discussed topic nowadays. The writer George Orwell even wrote, in my opinion, a message about it in his Bestseller “Animal Farm”. If you are not familiar with this great book, then you should definitely read it, but in short words: It is a book about the Russian Revolution with a twist: The protagonists are not humans, but animals. They take over their farm, because they do not feel treated correctly and evict the humans. In the beginning everything worked out perfectly and they had some kind of “democracy”. Later, a pig takes control over the farm and turns it into a dictatorship. The message, Orwell wants to convey is, that most of the times, we all live in some kind of hierarchy. In the book, are the humans on top of the hierarchy and the…[show more]
Essay1.396 Words / ~ pages Ørstad Gymnasium københavn Number 40 By Barañano Breaking up is not easy. The empty space a break up leaves you with often causes the feeling of loneliness. Love and loneliness are some of the themes that Sarah Butler’s explores in her short story, “Number 40” from 2012. The story follows a woman named Melissa coming home from work only too discover that her house has disappeared. The story is told in past tense from a third-person perspective. The narration is limited as it follows the point of view of the protagonist Melissa. “Melissa hated forgetting things” (line, 1 page 2) This restricted narration increases the suspense and intrigue of the story. For instance, we are as much surprised as Melissa’s is when she finds out that her house is missing. The story is told in chronological order, but most of Melisa’s life is revealed through flashbacks. Throughout…[show more]
Essay1.044 Words / ~ pages Esbjerg Gymnasium Engelsk Esbjerg gymnasium AKH 08/04/18 2x Pool Relationships are complicated and require a lot of effort from both parties involved. Unhappiness in a relationship coupled with the pressure of having to settle down is portrayed in Pool. The short story Pool by Corey Campbell does not only deal with unhappiness in a relationship it also touches upon the societal pressure towards marriage and parenthood. In the story Pool, we are introduced to Darla and Jon, who have been together for almost a year. The course of events occurs over one day, but the chronological plotline is broken by flashbacks. The story is told through a limited third-person tied to Darla, which gives the reader access to her thoughts and feelings. The night before, an incident occurred during sexual intercourse and despite taking the morning-after pill the incident…[show more]
Essay1.861 Words / ~4 pages Moscow State Linguistic University Essay Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Title: In the course of the novel, Montag undergoes some major changes in his understanding and in how he conducts his life. In an essay analyze and discuss the changes in Montag’s awareness about himself and about the world he lives in and the corresponding changes in his behaviors as a result of his increased awareness. Ray Bradburys book 451 degrees Fahrenheit shows the full value of books. It is one of the best works of literature that I have ever read. People, read while there is an opportunity. Its worth reading it, take my word for it! The main idea boils down to moral regress, I would even say, the degradation of society, condemnation of dissent, the lack of moral freedom, the right of ones opinion. The problems described in the work are actual nowadays. Yes, in our time we do not burn books. But…[show more]
Essay658 Words / ~ pages Shawnee Heights Highschool 1 Mr Entrepreneurs­hip 12 March 2018 George Eastman George Eastman was born on July 12, 1854, in Waterville, New York and is the founder of the Eastman Kodak Company. With his invention of dry plates for film rolls he revolutionize­d the photography industry and helped photography to become what it is today. At the age of five he moved to Rochester, where is father established the Eastman Commercial College. About 3 years later his father suddenly died and the family became financially ruined. Due to his family circumstances he had to drop out of school at the age of 14. Eastman had to find employment to get money and started to work as a messenger boy for an insurance company, anyhow his family was still struggling financially. Therefore he started to study accounting at home. This helped him to get into a higher position at a bank and his…[show more]
Essay502 Words / ~ pages Schiller-Gymnasium Berlin Volunteering at home or abroad? Minh Chau 11.1 Nowadays a lot of students think about volunteer work. I also thought about it and had a lot of questions that need to be answered. Luckily, I read an article about it. In the article there were many interesting topics e.g. if I should go abroad or rather stay at home. That specific topic was very arguable as I asked my friends and relatives about it. I heard a lot of cons and even more pros. Therefore, I decided to write about it myself. Hence, in the following text I will write about if you should stay at home or go abroad to volunteer. I’ll give arguments which support and not support both sides. In the beginning, I want to talk about volunteering abroad. I absolutely support it because you can experience so much while being in a foreign country. For example, you can meet the people’s culture from…[show more]
Essay424 Words / ~ pages BORG Wolfsberg America’s Immigrants The first settler in America was Columbus in 1492 and exaggerated reports come back and many people wanted to came there, because they thought, they would become easy wealth. People who had no money could also come as indentured servants, so they had to work there seven years before they became free. Later the first Englishmen came at 1607 to Jamestown, Virginia. But they were gentleman and had no idea who to survive in wildness or use pick-axe or spade. The leader of this settlement was John Smith. After six months half of the settler died, because there was a malaria swamp near. This settlement didn’t cope with the Indians, so one day they captured Smith and wanted to kill him, but Pocahontas, the chief’s daughter, rescued him and then became friends and the Indians taught the settler who do survive. Subsequent…[show more]
Essay626 Words / ~1 page Ort Jena In your opinion what is the most important characteristi­c (e.g. honesty, intelligence, a sense of humor,.) that a person can have to be successful in life? How manny people say to you that you must be good at school to be successful in life? And how often you sit in the class and think :“Oh no this exsame was not good. I can have a four because then I have on the school supplies a three and then I am realy bad and no company give me a training place. And than I can not earn my one money and I am not successful!“ But I will show you that knowloedge not the one characteristi­c is that make a person successful in the life. Fisrt of all when you speak from a successful life? Some people say that a successful life is when you have your one company or you have your ideal job. Other people say that a successful life is when you have a good A-Level or an realy good graduation…[show more]
Essay461 Words / ~ pages BORG Wolfsberg Westward Ho! After the American Revolution the country prospered and flourished and by 1898 it had the same size as today. But the economic conditions were bad in the East, so some pioneers thought that they could start a new life in the west. So, in 1804, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark started an expedition through territory no with man has ever seen before, mountains full of wild animals and streams full of fish. On January 24, 1848 Gold was found and the news spread through Europe. A lot of people came there with tents or made huts and searched for gold and they had names like Red Dog or Rich Bar. But, of course, not everyone found gold, however the liked the climate and they stayed there and established farms or created businesses. Until 1865 in the Far West lived a lot of people, but the area from the Mississippi westward had been ignored.…[show more]

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