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List of Examination questions: English Language

Examination questions1.615 Words / ~ pages Nms Bern English / The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner A. Answering questions on the novel: Part 1 1. Where is the boy living? He lives in England, in Essex in Borstal (type of school for boys who have broken the law) 2. Why does he not make a break for it on his long-distance running? To escape and then to get caught is a fool’s game, and he’s not falling for it. 3. At what time of the day does he go out? He makes his run at 5 o’clock in the morning. 4. What are they training him up for? They’re training him up for the big sports day. 5. What did the governor say to him the first day? “We want hard honest and good athletes” “And if you give us both of these things, you can be sure we will do right by you and send you back into the world an honest man” 6. What newspaper does the governor take? Daily Telegraph, a conservative…[show more]
Examination questions907 Words / ~ pages handelsakademie sankt johann im pongau E Who is Wellington? The dead dog in the garden of Mrs. Shears. Who is Siobhan? Siobhan was the girl who showed Christopher Francis Boone the different smileys. Psychologist of Christopher. What do we know about Christopher? He found Wellington , he likes dogs, he don´t likes people shouting at him. What type of book does he write? He writes a murder mistery novel. Why does he hit the policeman? Because he didn´t like when the policeman was touching on his arm. Why does Christopher number of cheapters of the book in a strange way? Because he like prime numbers. What do we know about Christophers mother? His mother was died of a heart attack and it wasn´t expected. His mother was 38 years when she died. She was very active , she rode bycicle and so on. Why does Christopher find people confusing? Because people do a lot of talking withou..…[show more]
Examination questions3.759 Words / ~9 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Mögliche Prüfungsfrage­n Fachprüfung II Amerikanistik Graz AMERIKANISTIK­-FP Very frequently asked questions: Innovations in American Literature (“Imagine you have a friend who doesnt know anything about American Literature, which text would you recommend him/her?) Walt Whitman (free verse! democracy, transcendenta­lism/­othe­r transcendenta­lists­) Comparison Walt Whitman/Emily Dickenson Frequently asked questions: The Great Gatsby (von Fitzgerald  auch Detailfragen zum Inhalt vom Gatsby!! + Young Goodman Brown) Mark Twain vs. Henry James (+ Portrait of a Lady) Huck Finn  Mark Twain (Realism! Nature.) Henry James, Paste  3rd person limited narration (Innensicht einer Person) Hawthorne: The Scarlet Letter  Puritan age! Washington Irving, 1st short story . Harlem  Dream Deferred Benjamin Franklin…[show more]
Examination questions1.702 Words / ~7 pages Frederiksund Gym, Frederikssund A. I hver af nedenstående sætninger er der en fejl. Skriv den korrekte sætning og forklar dine rettelser. Brug relevant grammatisk/fa­glig terminologi. Sætning: The mother which son had just graduated from university is very proud. Rigtig sætning: The mother whose son had just graduated from university is very proud. Begrundelse: Forkert henførende stedord Sætning: The japanese people are very polite when they do business with foreigners. Rigtig sætning: The Japanese are very polite when they do business with foreigners. Begrundelse: Lande/folk fra lande skal stå med stort på engelsk. Sætning: The weather is extreme hot in India during the summer months. Rigtig sætning: The weather is extremely hot in India during the summer months. Begrundelse: Extreme skal stå som et adveribium. Sætning: They are not aware of that it…[show more]
Examination questions923 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Cultural Studies VO WS12 What is Culture? What is Cultural Studies? Semiotics Discourse (Foucault) Myth (Barthes) Symbolic Exchange (Bordieu) Simulacra (Baudrillard) Hyperreality (Baudrillard) Glocalization­A mixture between Globalization and Localization. The process by which local communities and cultures adapt their sense of self in terms of global trends and local history. Hybridization­, Hybridity (Bhabha)A process of re-absorbatio­n and adaptation of cultural products and their inscribed meanings, that is, the media generate their products, ideologies and texts across the globe and these products are consumed by local communities but their values are changed in relation to the interests, history, values and beliefs of the local people. Modernism time around WW1, time of hopelessness due to war, shell-shocked­…[show more]
Examination questions7.028 Words / ~39 pages Eurasian Humanities Institute English grammar Test: questions on the theme Relative Pronouns The woman ____is sitting at the desk is Mr Winters secretary. Who Which What Why That Jane, ____mother is a physician, is very good at biology. Whose Who That Why Whom She didn’t see the snake______ was lying on the ground. That Who Whom Where Why Do you know the shop ______Andrew picked me up? Where Which &†̶­4;;=&­#871­5;+;∋&#­877 7+∋R­24; &†̶­4;;=&­#871­5;+;∋&#­877 3++ &†̶­4;;=&­#871­5;+;∋&#­877 3++∋ &†̶­4;;&#­8869­;∞ͩ­4;& 1 ≤∋­;W­76;&­#8776;+†­; +∞ͧ­5;­734;­∋+ͩ­4;+ †+ͩ­4; +∞ͧ­5;­776;­+≈&W­76; ≠∋­;W­76;&­#8224;∞­ ∞≈­; †+…[show more]
Examination questions5.604 Words / ~14 pages NRW Essen Romeo and Juliet Questions Act I i) Why do you think the play opens with a fight scene? I think Shakespeare chose to start the play with this fight scene because a) it is perfect to get the viewers unlimited attention and b) it shows really well how deep and violent the conflict between Montagues and Capulets is. What is the function of the prologue? The prologue tells the audience exactly what is going to happen in the play, which creates this sense of fate through letting the audience know how the play is going to end. What sort of poem is the prologue? It is a sonnet, significant because of its 14 lines and the sonnet-specif­ic iambic parameter. Why do Tybalt and Benvolio fight? When Tybalt enters, Benvolio has his sword up top stop the fight between Sampson and Abraham. He says that he tries to keep the peace, but Tybalt answers that he hates…[show more]
Examination questions2.774 Words / ~6 pages Cotham School, Bristol Has this changed? I think it’s gotten worse. The women are now more than ever regarded as objects. They have only one use to society and are not permitted to pursue others. They must wear certain clothes, with no choice of what. They are walking (barely talking) dolls for the government to take advantage of. What does Offred suggest by saying of the attempted kidnapping of her daughter “I thought it was an isolated incident, at the time”? She quite subtly suggests that similar incidents have occurred since then. What associations are aroused by the tattoo on Offred’s ankle? Having 4 digits tattooed onto her body resembles the idea that she is an object that can be counted and has no individuality­. Just another number. Much like prisoners are issued a number. What two meanings of the word ‘compose’ is she playing with in the last paragraph?…[show more]

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