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List of Handouts: English Language
Handout Realschule Eisenberg
Topic: George W. Bush (general, biography, criticism, electioneering) __________________­__________________­____________ General: George W. Bush was a U.S. American politician of the Republican Party, the W in his name stands for Walker, so his full name is George Walker
Handout Gymnasium Gernsheim
Politics in the USA The fundamental political system is called a presidential democracy The U.S. is divided into 50 states and the District of Columbia the United States is based on the image of a democratic capitalism, not a social democratic system like we have it in Europe election day Tuesday after
Handout Gymnasium an der Stenner Iserlohn
Magna Carta Definition – Background – Consequences Definition: The name Magna Carta is Latin for Great Charter. A charter is a written document that defines the rights of a group of people. In this case the document defined the rights of King John ( Johann Ohneland), who ruled England at the time,
Handout Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU
Narratives of Exploration and Discovery (15th to early 17th century) Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) Writin­gs of Christopher Columbus Retelling Columbus’s adventures from 1492, 1495, and 1498 Cpt. John Smith (1580-1631) The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England,
Handout Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU
Idea of White Superiority They ought to be good servants and of good skill, for I see that they repeat very quickly whatever was said to them. I believe that they would be easily made Christians, because it seemed to me that they belonged to no religion. I, please Our Lord, will carry off six of them
Handout HAK Oberpullendorf
The Coca Cola Company Good evening Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to my Presentation about the Coca Cola Company. What can you await in the next few minutes? Firstly, I want to tell you something about the history. Secondly, something about Coca Cola in Europe and thirdly – in the end I will show you
Handout Sophie-Scholl-Gymnasium München
Safe Haven Author, Sett­ing, Main Characters, Content, Theme, Trailer Nichola­s Sparks: The au of the book is Nicholas Sparks. He was born on 31st December, 1965. He is known as one of the most beloved story tellers. He lives in Nort Carolina with his family.
Handout Heidehofe Gymnasium Stuttgart
Murder OnThe Orient Express by Agatha Christie Genre: crime novel part of a book series published on 1 January 1934 by Collins Crime Club in the United Kindgdom The novel Murder On The Orient Express is a crime novel and part of a book series about the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. On the journey from
Handout Tourismusschulen am WIlden Kaiser
Austria as a tourist destination Austria, a country nestled in the heart of Europe. Deeply linked with history and renowned for great musicians. Apart of that Austria is famous for its huge amount of ski areas, majestic glaciers, and wonderful mountains. Austria is a federal republic consisting of
Handout Gymnasium Rechte Kremszeile
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968 .was originally born as Michael King Jr.After his family had travelled to Germany in 1934, his and his father’s names were changed, in honor of the German Protestant leader Martin Luther. Because of his high IQ King Jr. skipped two grades
Handout Nymphenburger Gymnasium München
J. W. , Q11 English e_6 WEI 16.02.16 A Midsummernight’s Dream by William Shakespeare General Facts comedy written by William Shakespeare between 1595 and 1596 first performed in 1598 one of the world’s most famous classical works The play tells the story of what happens the three nights and days
Handout HKS Weinheim
GFS-English J. H. / WG1a 17.06.2016 Internet of Things The evolution of technology has gone very far. The new trend, Internet of Things” is about to change our way of life, work, learn and the way we play. I‘ll show you some facts and details about the Internet of Things. Definition: Internet of Things
Handout Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München - LMU
Religion in the UK I. Christianity in the UK 1. Early Christianity early British history: various forms of pagan belief (polytheistic belief system) organised religion ~ AD 100: Christianity arrives with the Romans, no organized attempt to convert Britain AD 313 Edict of Milan (by Emperor Constantine):
Handout Eleonorengymnasium Worms
Presentation IRA in Ireland R. G. and J. T. 15th of May 2016 The Irish Republican Army The background of the most recent conflicts in Ireland Ever since the first successful attempt by the English to occupy Ireland in 1169 tension has risen dramatically over the years. So much so that under the firm rule
Handout Gymnasium Hannover
KKK (Ku Klux Klan) 1.) The origins 1.1 The Klan’s foundation - name origin- Greek word kuklos” —> circle - racist organization - founded in Tennessee on 24th December in 1865 1.2 The activities - social, right-winged community - preaching white power” - thoroughly believe black people are
Handout IBCollege Krupa
English Prensentation: Handout Biodiversity Now I am going to speak about the importance of the biodiversity. Biodiversity is very important because we get seventy-five percent of our food supply from twelve plant species. Moreover, more than 90 percent of global livestock production comes

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