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List of Handouts: English Language

Handout1.137 Words / ~ pages HAK Oberpullendorf The Coca Cola Company Good evening Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to my Presentation about the Coca Cola Company. What can you await in the next few minutes? Firstly, I want to tell you something about the history. Secondly, something about Coca Cola in Europe and thirdly – in the end I will show you an interesting graph. So let’s start! Have you ever wondered about the great mysteries of life – like how the universe began? Or the secret formula for Coca Cola? Here is the real story: Coca Cola was invented in Atlanta 128 years ago. Back in 1886 a pharmacist named John Stith Pemberton was experimenting with a new recipe. He took coca nuts, wine, damiana and cola leaves and boiled them into syrup. He thought that is was really tasty. So he took it to Jacob’s Pharmacy, where he mixed the syrup with carbonated water and sold it for 5 cents a glass.…[show more]
Handout795 Words / ~2 pages Gymnasium an der Stenner Iserlohn Magna Carta Definition – Background – Consequences Definition: The name Magna Carta is Latin for Great Charter. A charter is a written document that defines the rights of a group of people. In this case the document defined the rights of King John ( Johann Ohneland), who ruled England at the time, a group of wealthy men called barons and the Catholic Church in England. Moreover it gave rights and privileges to the barons, church and freemen. It was signed in June 1215 between the barons of Medieval England and King John. Furthermore it is regarded as the basis of English liberties. Background: England had for some years owned land in France through King Heinrich II. Who gains the parts of France by marriage. The barons had given the king money and men to defend the territory. Normally, the king had asked the barons before raising taxes…[show more]
Handout403 Words / ~ pages Heidehofe Gymnasium Stuttgart Murder OnThe Orient Express by Agatha Christie Genre: crime novel part of a book series published on 1 January 1934 by Collins Crime Club in the United Kindgdom The novel “Murder On The Orient Express“ is a crime novel and part of a book series about the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. On the journey from Istanbul to London Hercule Poirot experiences a murder on the Orient Express. A man got killed. Poirot is called up to investigate the murderer of Mr. Ratchett. He starts to interview all the passengers on the train and finds out that Mr. Ratchett was originally Mr. Casetti, a man who kidnapped and killed a three years old girl, Daisy Armstrong. Now Hercule Poirot needs to find out who could have the motive to kill Mr. Cassetti. Surprisingly he realizes that all the passengers on the Orient Express do have a connection the family of Daisy…[show more]
Handout542 Words / ~ pages Realschule Eisenberg Topic: George W. Bush (general, biography, criticism, electioneerin­g) ____________ General: George W. Bush was a U.S. American politician of the Republican Party, the „W“ in his name stands for Walker, so his full name is George Walker Bush. Bush was from 2001 to 2009 the 43rd President of the United States, he asserted himself in the presidential election in 2000 against the Democrat Al Gore, in the presidential election in 2004, he succeeded against the Democrat John Kerry. When George W. Bush, at the age of 54, became the 43rd president of the United States, it was only the second time in American history that a president’s son went on to the White House. Furthermore was George W. Bush twice elected Governor of Texas, in 1994 and 1998. In Bushs period of office were the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001 and subsequently the…[show more]
Handout490 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Gernsheim Politics in the USA The fundamental political system is called a presidential democracy The U.S. is divided into 50 states and the District of Columbia the United States is based on the image of a democratic capitalism, not a social democratic system like we have it in Europe election day Tuesday after the first Monday in november every 4 years (citizons are election their favorite elector) Electoral College Wahlmänner Supreme Courtoberste­s Gericht Sate Court einzelstaatli­ches Gericht Armed ForcesMilitä­r Executive Office “ Chefbüro“ What did you learn ? Assing the Presidents to their Political Party Numer 32 is missing do you remember his name ? Who lost the 2012 election against Obama ? Republican Party one of the two major parties in the United States It was founded in 1854 and has so far provided 18 of the 43 American presidents.…[show more]
Handout1.571 Words / ~6 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Idea of White Superiority “They ought to be good servants and of good skill, for I see that they repeat very quickly whatever was said to them. I believe that they would be easily made Christians, because it seemed to me that they belonged to no religion. I, please Our Lord, will carry off six of them at my departure to Your Highnesses, that they may learn to speak.” Christopher Columbus, “First Voyage” (1492), as cited by Bartolomé de Las Casas Other explorers who wrote about their adventures: Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca (1490-1551) Spanish explorer (territories of modern Florida and Texas Expedition in 1528 Published his journals in 1542 under the title La Relación. “All over the land are vast and handsome pastures, with good grass for cattle, and it strikes me the soil would be very fertile were the country inhabited and improved by…[show more]
Handout1.913 Words / ~8 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Narratives of Exploration and Discovery (15th to early 17th century) Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) Writings of Christopher Columbus Retelling Columbus’s adventures from 1492, 1495, and 1498 Cpt. John Smith (1580-1631) The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isle. First published in 1624 Colonial Literature: The Sermon (1630s) A Model of Christian Charity (Speech held in 1630 / printed in the 1830s) “We shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us.” (John Winthrop, “A Model of Christian Charity”, 1630) The Jeremiad (1660s) The first American bestseller : The day of Doom (1662) Michael Wigglesworth (1631-1705) 3. The Captivity Narrative (1680s) A True History of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson(16­82) Mary Rowlandson (1637-1711) Revolutionary and Post-Revoluti­onary…[show more]
Handout1.969 Words / ~6 pages Tourismusschulen am WIlden Kaiser Austria as a tourist destination Austria, a country nestled in the heart of Europe. Deeply linked with history and renowned for great musicians. Apart of that Austria is famous for its huge amount of ski areas, majestic glaciers, and wonderful mountains. Austria is a federal republic consisting of nine provinces. It has about 8.5 million inhabitants and its capital city is Vienna. The flag of Austria shows red – white – red stripes and the national anthem is called “Land der Berge, Land am Strome, .”. Although Austria is a very small country, it offers an extremely huge variety of different landscapes, traditions, cuisines, customs, sport activities and cultural attractions. However Austria offers much, much more. So there is something for every tourist to enjoy Austria. VIENNA Tried and trusted kiss innovation No other city…[show more]
Handout843 Words / ~ pages Sophie-Scholl-Gymnasium München Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks Author, Setting, Main Characters, Content, Theme, Trailer Nicholas Sparks: The author of the book is Nicholas Sparks. He was born on 31st December, 1965. He is known as one of the most beloved story tellers. He lives in Nort Carolina with his family. His first novel was The Notebook, which was written in 1995. You also might heard of his other books: Dear John, The Lucky One, The Last Song, etc . He does have more books, but i chose this book, because of its great movie. Setting: There are two settings in the book. The one is a small town of Southport, North Carolina. Where she lived in a little cottage on a dirt road with only one neighbor. But mostly the setting is in the sights of Southport: → in the beach, local restaurants, and of course the town store that Alex owns, and Katies home The other setting is the city…[show more]
Handout532 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Rechte Kremszeile Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968 .was originally born as Michael King Jr.After his family had travelled to Germany in 1934, his and his father’s names were changed, in honor of the German Protestant leader Martin Luther. Because of his high IQ King Jr. skipped two grades of school. He early got his Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology. He also got a Bachelor of Divinity degree later on and worked as Baptist minister of the “Dexter Avenue Baptist Church”. In 1953 he married Coretta Scott, who gave birth to his four children. Influences: Martin Luther King Sr., who was the grandson of slaves, was chairman of the civil rights movement “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People“ (NAACP). He influenced his son deeply to fight for the rights of Afro Americans. Howard Thurman, civil rights leader,…[show more]
Handout547 Words / ~ pages Nymphenburger Gymnasium München , Q11 English e_6 WEI 16.02.16 A Midsummernigh­t’s Dream by William Shakespeare General Facts comedy written by William Shakespeare between 1595 and 1596 first performed in 1598 one of the world’s most famous classical works The play tells the story of what happens the three nights and days before Theseus’ and Hippolyta’s wedding Setting: Athens, a magical forest outside of Athens The main topic of the story is love with all its problems Main characters THE ATHENS THE FAIRIES THE CRAFTSMEN -Theseus (Duke of Athen) -Hippolyta (Queen of Amazonia; enganged with Theseus) -Egeus (Hermia’s father; wants Hermia to marry Demetrius) -Hermia (Eugeus’ daughter; in love with Lysander) -Demetrius (chosen man for Hermia by her father; in love with Hermia first, in love with Helena at the end) -Lysander (in love with Hermia) -Helena ( Hermia’s…[show more]
Handout2.505 Words / ~11 pages Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München - LMU Generally very heterogenous groups Wicca largest neopagan group in the UK: worships mother goddess and a horned god Founded in the first half of the 20th century by Gerald Gardener Derives from the Old English word for witch and wizard Belief: very diverse, no uniform doctrine, but most wiccans believe in the existence of a goddess and a god Some wiccans claim to exercise magic Problems: some people think of Wicca as Satanism or Witchcraft -> practice their beliefs in secrecy Census 2011 offered members of Wicca to describe their religion simply as “Pagan” Heathenry Heathenry in the UK is mainly divided into two groups: Odinism and Fyrnsidu Odinism: honours Norse deities (Odin, Fricka, Freya) and members believe that they are the national British religion Symbol..…[show more]
Handout421 Words / ~ pages HKS Weinheim GFS-English / WG1a 17.06.2016 Internet of Things The evolution of technology has gone very far. The new trend, “Internet of Things” is about to change our way of life, work, learn and the way we play. I‘ll show you some facts and details about the Internet of Things. Definition: Internet of Things (IoT) is about connecting humans and things. It describes the digitisation that means small processes like personal- or technical services are no longer be done by humans, but by the internet. 1. Wearables: Wearables are small trendy gadgets which supports human at daily life by extending the possibilities for usage of smartphones or tablets e.g. fitness tracking. Everyone knows the Apple- or Samsung Smartwatch, those are the frontrunner on the Wearables market. They represent the technology status nowadays and show a preview of the…[show more]
Handout816 Words / ~ pages Eleonorengymnasium Worms Presentation IRA in Ireland and 15th of May 2016 The Irish Republican Army The background of the most recent conflicts in Ireland Ever since the first successful attempt by the English to occupy Ireland in 1169 tension has risen dramatically over the years. So much so that under the firm rule of the English crown local Irish nationalists revolted against the high taxes and their unfair treatment in comparison to the English and Scottish settlers as common by the Penal Laws which have been active since 1695. These series of laws were in place in order to discriminate against other religions than the evangelical church. This also added fuel into the fire as most of the Irish inhabitants are of catholic belief. All this resulted in local uprisings by the Irish which did not change anything and only helped the English to justify their ever…[show more]
Handout310 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Hannover KKK (Ku Klux Klan) 1.) The origins 1.1 The Klan’s foundation - name origin- Greek word “kuklos” —> circle - racist organization - founded in Tennessee on 24th December in 1865 1.2 The activities - social, right-winged community - preaching “white power” - thoroughly believe black people are inferior to white people - demonstration against homosexuals, black people, Jews, Catholic 1.3 Aims - main goal- early era: to weaken the Reconstructio­n governments - re-establish “the hierarchy”, the black community had been separated from white community - goals- today and recently: racial segregation and white supremacy 2.) Members people from “South” white, patriotic, male Protestants often of lesser education known for their white robes, big gatherings and burning crucifixes 3.) The history of the Klan 3.1 First Klan (1865-1870)…[show more]
Handout340 Words / ~1 page IBCollege Krupa English Prensentation­: Handout Biodiversity Now I am going to speak about the importance of the biodiversity. Biodiversity is very important because we get seventy-five percent of our food supply from twelve plant species. Moreover, more than 90 percent of global livestock production comes from just 15 species of mammals and birds. And they need the help of other species to exist for example the bees and other insect pollinators, more than 80 percent of the grown crops depend on insect pollinators. And here you see a picture of human pollinator, who pollinate their own crops, because bees are almost extinct in japan. Another importance of biodiversity is, that the biodiversity has a good effect on human health. And we eat lots of things from biodiversity, which secures our bodies against disease. That means a higher biodiversity…[show more]
Handout820 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium Eversten niedersachsen The Merchant of Venice - Shakespeare His life: born in 1564, dead in 1616 1582 marriage with Anne Hathaway -> moving to London actor and playwriter -> “The Globe Theatre” Life in the Elizabethan World: period of history of England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the first climax of literature, international expansion -> huge world influence Conflict between church and theater: theater did not want a humor theaterplay taking place did not want critic on the church theaters had to move outside the town later under the regin of Elizabeth the first, who invaded her own religion the theater were well seen in the country or bigger towns. Summary of “The Merchant of Venice”:Bassa­nio needs money to court Portia and asks Antonio, his best friend, if he could give him a loan to impress Portia. Antionios ships are still at sea though which…[show more]

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