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List of Homeworks: English Language

Homework2.851 Words / ~16 pages Gymnasium Kreuzgasse Köln Reading Journal - Slumdog Millionaire Prologue Mini-Summary: In this chapter, Ram Mohammed Thomas is a prisoner because he has won a quiz show. The police think he was cheating in the quiz show. They torture him to get to the truth. But Ram still says that he has not cheated. Finally Smita, a lawyer brings him out of prison. She brings him into her house and she wants that Ram tells her whether he cheated and if not, how he knew the answers. Questions: Will Ram get the price of the quiz show? Who is Smita? Why will she help him? Does Ram cheat? new vocabulary: hue = Farbton vigorously = energisch evidence = Beweise fellow = Kerl deaf = taub 1000 – The Death of a Hero Mini-Summary: In this chapter Ram explains how he knew the answer to the first question. He was in his childhood with his best friend Salim in a cinema. They wanted to watch a film with Armaan…[show more]
Homework639 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Koblenzerstraße Kick it like Beckham Characterizat­ion of Jessminder Bhamra Jessminder Bhamra is the youngest daughter of Mrs Bhamra. Jess, thats how she is called by her friends and her sister, is a girl who loves football and if she could she would play football all day long, a fact that her mother doesnt like at all! Mrs Bhamra, an Indian woman, who is very conservative and lives referring to the Indian culture, wants her daughter to be a nice Indian girl spending her time on female hobbies and definately not with football. Jess cant stand her mums opinion about football at all but to get her silence she often does what her mum wants her to do (page 8; line 7). On the other side she ignores the advices of her mother to come home early and goes to the park to play football with her friends. That shows that she sometimes does what she wants, even if her mother could…[show more]
Homework758 Words / ~2 pages Heidehofe Gymnasium Stuttgart An American Quilt – Jesse Jackson Speech Analysis The speech „An American Quilt – bound by a Common Thread“, which was delivered in 1988 to the Democratic Party Convention by Jesse Jackson, is about the structure of the American society and possibilities to achieve the common aims of jobs, education, housing health care and hope within in this structure. Jesse Jackson takes the view that the American society is structured like a quilt of many patches, which represent different ethnic and social groups, and that the achievement of the above-named aims can only be carried out if all the patches do hold together and help each other. Therefore, Jackson tries to convince his audience to establish a nationwide cohesion by using many different stylistic devices. At first, he often uses the first person plural when talking about society…[show more]
Homework797 Words / ~2 pages Collogne, Abendymnasium Dystopia: In the Year 2525 by Zagger and Evany. Homework Topic: Dystopia Tasks: 1.Point out three technological inventions and their consequences as envisioned in this song. 2. Explain “Hes taken everything this old world can give. And he aint put back nothing.”(ll.­37/­38). 3. Analyse the stylistic devices Zager and Evans use in their song. 4. Comment on the message of the song. 1. The song “In the year 2525” was released in 1969 by Zager and Evans. The topic is a dystopian view of the future of the world. The lyrics describe three technological inventions and possible consequences they might have. The first technology is a pill that manipulates you, though everyone says and thinks the same. No one has an individual personality any longer. The second invention are machine that work instead of your own extremities, which means…[show more]
Homework512 Words / ~1 page Realschule Löffingen Text Eurocom Hello and welcome to my short presentation about my favorite football club FC Bayern Munich. First I´ll tell you something about the history of the FCB, then I give you some Information about the FCB, and then about the Stadium of FCB and at least I´ll tell you about the “Star of the South”. To the history of the FCB: The success begins with the triumph of the German championship 1932. 1963 was ground of the national league, but the FCB plays only since 1965 under the coach Tschik Cajkovskiin the national league. With rising in the first league, some famous names like Franz Beckenbauer were coming, and lots of other would follow him.1972 the FCB plays in the Olympia Stadium. Under the coach Udo Lattek began the triumph series with winning the Europe cup of the national masters, the precursor of the Champions League. Prime after…[show more]
Homework689 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Response to: “A Rose for Emily” ‛A Rose for Emily’ was written in 1930 by William Faulkner. The title of the short story suggests a love story, but in fact it is some kind of a ‛farewe­ll­217; to a woman who died. The woman, Emily, is the central character in the story. The setting of the story is a small, southern town of the United States. Major themes of the story: The ‛good old South’: - Women were not able to escape the social pressure of the town’s community. Emily, for instance, was suppressed by her father and later by the community of the small town (whose people didn’t want her to fall in love with a Northener). All of her life, Emily has been dominated by others – she has never had a life of her own and she has never been able to make her own decisions because of the patriarchal…[show more]
Homework706 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Leechgasse 1, 8010 Graz Austria Hotel Athena Naxos Beach Limassol /Cyprus Dear Mrs. And Mr. Hubbard, My friends Elisabeth Klug, Marlene Sakoparnig and I have just returned from a week-long stay at your hotel. Im writing to express my extreme disappointmen­t at the holiday we received. To begin with, the large, comfortable room you advertised in your brochure could be better described as a disgrace. Not only did the room barely measure ten square meters but it also reeked like some animal died inside there- Every minute we spent in our room was excruciating. The 4 star accommodation we had been promised turned out to be, and excuse my language but there is no better word, nothing more than a rat hole! The paper peels off the wall and we had to lay in a squeaking bunk bed keeping us from getting a good nights sleep. Added to all this, the room…[show more]
Homework581 Words / ~ pages Marienschule Xanten Short summary (London, Paris, Rome, Berlin) London The capital of England and the United Kingdom is located at the river Thames in southern England. London is also called City of Westminster and since centuries the most important city of the British island and home of the British monarchy. Therefore you can find many important buildings within this city, like: St. Pauls Cathedrale, Big Ben the bell tower of the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Cathedral, The Tower and close by the Tower Bridge a famous sight and symbol for London. The residence of the monarchy is the Buckingham Palace. Beside the buildings London has also many parks and public places to see, such as the famous Hyde Park, Trafalga Square and last but not least Picadilly. In the year 2000 London got another sight, the “London Eye” Europes largest Ferries Wheel.…[show more]
Homework824 Words / ~ pages Leibniz Universität Hannover Should the Unemployed be Forced to Work in Any Job, without Free Choice? The question, whether the unemployed should carry out any job they get offered, seems to be in the focus of labour market politics at the present time. At the moment this discussion is pretty lively, especially in Germany. A new law, which forces the unemployed to work in any offered job, is being introduced. The introduction of this law caused a lot of controversy, although it is the right way to improve the disastrous situation on the labour market. ­ As a part of the so-called “Hartz” – reform, which centres around a complete restructure of labour market politics in Germany, the fourth part of this law comes into force on 1 January 2005. Its goal is to halve the number of the unemployed and the saving of twenty billion Euros. According to this law almost every…[show more]
Homework710 Words / ~ pages Graf-Anton-Günther Schule, Oldenburg What Can our Generation Learn from The Crucible? -We all know that „the Crucible“ is read in mostly every school, but what can we really learn from Millers play and is there actually something we should keep in mind or does this book not really have a useful message?- Firstly you can say, that Miller did not wrote the book without having an intention, there is a message and he wants us to think about it, but the question is, if this message is useful for our world today and especially if it is useful for the younger generations. The problem is that most of the students do not read this book carefully enough because it is hard to read (especially because it is sometimes very boring for younger person) so they do not get the message, that is actually very sad because there are a lot of important themes that Miller is speaking of, which we still do have…[show more]
Homework1.093 Words / ~ pages Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK “Pet euthanasia should be banned in HK.” To what extent do you agree with this view? In recent years, pet euthanasia has been a controversial topic among the public. In Hong Kong, pet euthanasia is legal and can be performed by a professional vet at either vet clinic or pet owners’ home. Though it is legal, the ethics moral value of killing a living animal has been thoroughly debated. While some supports that pet euthanasia is vital for terribly ill pets, others doubt the correctness of ending animal’s life. This paper examines both the arguments for and against pet euthanasia and provides suggestions based on these arguments. Most animal rights activists support the banning of pet euthanasia. They believe that every animal, including pets, have their rights on their life. It is wrong and unethical for a human, especially the pet’s…[show more]
Homework1.014 Words / ~ pages PolyU HK Importance of the Internet to human resource practitioners in Hong Kong Summary This article covers the importance of the internet to human resource practitioners in Hong Kong. Thereof, they surveyed public companies quoted on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and companies listed in the Business Directory of Hong Kong. The author makes a random sample of 500 companies and mailed them a questionnaire­. 147 were returned and used for the analysis. Within this survey they tried to find out how the internet affects the human resource practitioners in their typical workday. Whether there are differences between the perceptions of the importance of the internet to human resource practitioners according to internet connectivity or to the organization size. The realization of profits was also analyzed. For example to automate processes…[show more]
Homework1.847 Words / ~10 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Writing a curriculum vitae Introduction Before I began to work at this paper I informed myself about curriculum vitae in general and what is important to write such a form. I read books about this subject and tried to inform myself with internet sources. The curriculum vitae, also known as CV, is a detailed biographical description of ones educational and work background where a leader of a company can find out something about your personality and your working experiences. The literal translation of the term curriculum vitae is: The course of ones life or career. The origin of this term is Latin and such a form becomes enormous significance in the todays job market. tting started The process of writing a curriculum vitae can be an exhilarating experience because it generates a heightened degree of pride in your accomplishmen­ts…[show more]
Homework523 Words / ~1 page Athenée Luxemburg ‛The purpose of life is to be happy’ ‛The purpose of life is to be happy’ is a motto that many people need to tell themselves in order to have a goal in life. It’s a device that is put into our minds since we’re little. You can see this for example in Disney movies or fairytales, in which the purpose of the story is a happy end. So we grow up by believing that we’ll end up happy too, if we pursue this idea. But what exactly is happiness? Some of us think of it as material fulfilment or professional success and others as the achievement to start a family or making other people happy. But is happiness really possible or is it just an illusion? First of all many people don’t manage to be satisfied in the present, because they distract themselves by thinking of the past, which makes them nostalgic.…[show more]
Homework478 Words / ~ pages Universität Bayreuth Uni Bayreuth, Introduction to English/Ameri­can Literary Studies Explain the syntactic, semantic and pragmatic relations of the sign, and in what way(s) these relate to each other. Illustrate your statements with at least one narrative or poetic text of your choice. Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics are vital to understand the true meaning of language and literature. If only one of those parts is resticted, the result would be a great complication of revealing the correct message of the phrase. In linguistics, syntax describes the rules of constructing sentences in language by the usage of signs. It is important to differentiate the sign as a word ( the sigifiant) and the meaning of this word ( the signifié). Sntax onl describes, how the different signifiants must be placed to get a working sentence. If those signifiants are…[show more]
Homework478 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium Oberstufe Innsbruck Correction of the test The article „You­217;l­l never have to say „sorry&­#8220­ again“ is about a modern way of apologizing: The way to say sorry via the internet. If you have messed up, hurt someone’­;s feelings or have had a fight, the common way is to look into the otherone̵­7;s eyes and to say „sorry&­#8220­. Nowadays, more and more people use media to send their apology to the consignee. Tiger Woods, for instance, did it via television, but also not so famous people have the opportunity to make a public apology on the internet. On websites like imsorry.com or thepublicapol­ogy.c­om, everybody can post his appeals for forgivenesses without having to say „sorry&­#8220­ while standing in front of the person. In my opinion, public apologies should only be an option,…[show more]
Homework530 Words / ~ pages Vienna international school Creative assessement on “Night” by Elie Wiesel Linus Otte English Grade 10 A Mr. Campbell The task is to write about the book titled “Night” by Elie Wiesel (Noble Prize Winner 1986). It is a documentary story based on Elie’s life and his way in Nazi camps during the Second World War. Of special interest is the relationship between father and son. I will look at this relationship from a young reader’­s perspective of today and specifically explain the mutual dependency of the relationship. And how it ends up to be a reversed kind of father-son relationship. Literary devices, such as irony and foreshadowing , are identified in the text. In 1944, the deportation of Jews started in Sighet, Transylvania, where the teenager Elie and his family live. Elie’s family was among the last ones to be deported. Moishe…[show more]
Homework860 Words / ~2 pages Oberstufe rodgau Catcher in the rye the childhood Holden Holden is a sixteen-year-­old boy, who is torn between childhood and adolescence. He has a problem of giving up his childhood with all it qualities and the easy way of live, although he says on the first page of the book, that his childhood was lousy. An Explanation of that could be the loss of his little beloved brother Allie, who had died on Leukemia. Holden always describes him as the best and nicest person he had ever known. They had a real close relationship, maybe the closest Holden ever had. Holden can’t deal with Allie’s death, he thinks it was unfair to take such a good person out of live an betray him of all the things they could have done together. Leaving childhood would mean leaving Allie and the good times they had. He would feel like a betrayer, because, he could reach a state…[show more]
Homework496 Words / ~ pages GRG 16 Wien Ninth (9th) Home Exercise The Strange case of the £ 35 m Saltcellar Part 1 Interview with the General Director of the Kunsthistoris­ches Museum Dr. Seipel – before the Saliera was found Interviewer: Hello Dr. Seipel. Dr. Seipel: Hello. Interviewer: The Saliera is stolen. Why is it so famous? Could you tell us more about this famous sculptor? Dr. Seipel: The Saliera was sculpted by the Italian Renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini. Cellini was born in Florence in the year 1500 and apprenticed to a goldsmith at the age of 15. In 1519 He travelled to Rome, where he created some of his first masterpieces, but also fell into what would become a lifetime of trouble with the law. At first he killed a Constable and then, he killed Philbert, Prince of Orange. In 1529, he murdered the man who had killed his brother. At the Court of Francis, he…[show more]
Homework476 Words / ~1 page unknown Beta Newspaper 22.11.10 My nightmare at the Reservation Dear readers, What I am going to tell you now is beyond imagination. It is about my trip to New Mexico to see the Reservation and the people living there. I expected it to be relaxing, entertaining and interesting holidays. But what I found there is so disgusting I hardly dare to speak out loud. How glad I am that I am a Beta and that I live in London! Everything there is a total contrast to what we have here. When we arrived at the Reservation we were welcomed by a guide who smelled bad I could barely breathe in his presence. But what he showed us taking us around in the pueblo was much more horrifying than him. People were naked and wore necklaces of bone and feathers in their hair. Furthermore they were old, not in our way of understanding but physically old and simply ugly. I saw one man having…[show more]
Homework472 Words / ~ pages Berghaidengasse The Grey Hat It was five am. Old officer Billington and his new partner officer Brown were sitting in the police car, everybody eating an extra big chocolat donut with a cold Coke. Both were staring at the street as if something would happen in the next few seconds. In the last few months there were a lot of hat thefts in the town. All in the morning time before store opening. “ You see that store over there“ Billington pointed at a small house on the right side of the street. “ This hat store is probably the most popular store of the thief. There, in the last month he stole three times the most expensive hats in the town. And from a good fount I got the information that he plans to steal tonight again at the same store“ said Billington with a whispering tone. The assistant looked at him and then again at the house. It is his…[show more]
Homework1.738 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU My reunion with Jerry We used to sit next to each other in elementary school, but that was a long time ago, and I hadnt seen Jerry in quite a while. I was all the more surprised when I received his friend request one morning. We sort of reconnected via facebook, but soon we wanted a re-union in real life, too, so we arranged a meeting. And this is how it went: We were supposed to meet at a café near his alma mater, a place he chose because of its great menu, at least thats what he said. How he knew if it was still the same, when he had been living in another town for the past twenty years, I didnt know and I didnt really care either. He told me to wear the red dress with the extremely low neckline Im wearing in my profile picture, so he could recognize me. Thats how it was supposed to work. Him recognizing me as I hadnt seen a picture of him yet. He didnt trust the…[show more]
Homework658 Words / ~1 page Wiku Graz Article: Graz Graz – A city full of surprises Have you ever been do Graz? It´s the second largest city in Austria and “Europe­´s cultural capital 2003” Graz has to offer many interesting sights, historical buildings and great restaurants. In the old city centre you will find for example the “Landha­us”- courtyard with beautiful arcaded corridors and next to the “Landha­us” there is the armoury. Today it´s the largest historical collection of weapons in the world, containing over 30000 exhibits. Two famous houses are the “Painte­d House” and the “Lueggh­aus”.­ The “Painte­d House” shows Greco – Roman mythology and in the magnificent stucco facade of the “Lueggh­aus” several faces are hidden. Maybe you find them? A perfect example for wooden shop-facade is the Edegger-Tax…[show more]
Homework552 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Strange Meeting – Essay All this hype, about vampires, was slowly but surly starting to annoy me. For some reason the youth of today had this insane obsession for the living dead and their immortality. I had taken a book off of one of my students today because she was reading it in class. I should be happy that they are at least reading something, but still, they shouldnt be doing it during lessons. I thought to myself that evening, why not read it myself, to see what all the fuss is about. So I started. I was through the first five chapters when a strange eerie feeling came over me. I ignored it at first, shrugging it off, but it stayed. At last, I looked up. And there I saw it, a tall dark figure, all clad in black and hooded. At first I thought I was dreaming, I thought that I must have dozed off while reading my book or something. After staring…[show more]
Homework528 Words / ~1 page Wien Gymnasium Prose Deep Roots: Forest Once was a rabbit and he had some gold ore which he used to trade with and mine it at a hidden cave near the forest. He was very careful to not reveal it. With the help of a Druid,he summoned an Ent to guard the mine. The Ent was very big but invisible to others,that no one would see him but,he could see everyone who passed by the mine. Rabbit was happy and glad that his mine was secured just for him. He mined day by day and traded for money and things. He mined too much,that animals thought that where he got all that gold from. They tried to search the mine but they found nothing cause of the Ent blocking the mine. Once rabbit went to ale-house with friend on a beer. Later,after drinking the 25 jars of beer,he was very mizzled. Crow foot started asking him,where the mine was. Rabbit said: The mine is guarded by *hiccup* by an *hiccup*…[show more]
Homework616 Words / ~ pages hak gänserndorf Energy - Nuclear Energy Can we live without energy? Naturally no! People and animals need energy to survive. Food is the source of energy. Carbohydrates “are burned” in the body. Energy, CO2 and water are produced. Agriculture production needs also energy (for seeding, production and transport). Modern life is always in small or bigger cities. If we haven´t any energy, we wouldn´t have our usual modern life style. Demand on energy is increasing If the world population is increased, more energy is needed. Because more people need more food. In the past the most of production was done by manual work. Nowadays manual work has been replaced by machines. For example, in every household there is a washing machine, a dish washer, a fridge, a micro wave, a car and television. Altogether they need a lot of energy/electr­icity­.…[show more]
Homework460 Words / ~1 page German School Korea Riots in England English James Kim As we all know, England is not having a good time. People are looting from stores, the police are trying to calm people down, innocent people are getting arrested, etc. The big question is, “who is to blame?” I come to a conclusion that it was the greed of people that lead to these riots. Liberalizatio­n of the markets and the supportive media of this development is also a reason why this is happening. So how can we stop it? When we were little, we made many mistakes. We always did the exact opposite of what they told us. For example, “ Do not touch the stove, it is very hot! ” The moment the mother looked away the child would touch the oven and get burned. Telling the people to stop looting won’t help the situation. We tried the “easy” way. Did this, done that. Is it working? No. We have…[show more]
Homework566 Words / ~1 page Ohm-Gymnasium Robots q 1206: first programmable robot designed by Al-Jazari (a boat with 4 automatic musicians) q 1921: first use of the word “robot” (from the Czech “robota­” = hard labour ) in a drama q 1942: “robot” become popular after Isaac Asimov first wrote about this q After Isaacs stories scientists began to develop “smart” robots Definition: A robot is a machine designed to execute one or more tasks repeatedly, with speed and precision. There are as many different types of robots as there are tasks for them to perform. A robot can be controlled by a human operator, sometimes from a great distance, but most robots are controlled by computer. It means that a robot doesn’t have to look like a human being. For example it could be an industrial robot. The different types of robots: Industrial robots: Robots today…[show more]
Homework497 Words / ~ pages BRG 16 Schuhmeierplatz Wien Nature of women Write a composition arguing your opinion whether the fact that there are still fewer female politicians, top business executives etc. even in the Western World is due to the nature of woman or to society. Make sure your composition includes: · A statement on the quote · At least one example of a woman you know about · Your thoughts on possible future developments Perhaps you know that since the beginning of time women were always less respected and taken less serious than men. Women and men are inserted into predetermined cultural roles when it comes to gender in daily life. Women play the roles of mothers, housekeepers, and servants to their husbands and children, and men act as providers, protectors, and heads of the household. In the past women were only praised and respected when they did their work correctly. But…[show more]
Homework879 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Terrorisms as a global Issue Terrorism All Over the World Introduction In this report I would like to discuss the problem of terrorism as a global issue. It is a global problem because in these times terroristic attacks can happen in any country of the world. Terrorists, most of the times, resort to violence against political regimes to mediate political changes. Additionally, terrorism attends to apply some pressure and spread of fear obverse politicians and the citizenship. Terrorism has been exercised by numerous political organizations to convey their ambitions. It has been exercised by “both right-wing and left-wing political parties, nationalistic groups, religious groups, revolutionari­es and ruling governments.”­[1] History and Development of Terrorism Terrorism is a current phenomenon, but not a new…[show more]
Homework610 Words / ~ pages Universität Bern Paper on Chief Seattles Letter In his speech Chief Seattle describes the red man’s close relationship to nature by using terms of kinship and illustrating how their ancestor̵­7;s memory lives on in nature. By making the President see how poor his relationship towards nature is in contrast to the one of the red man, Chief Seattle might bring him to change his attitude or to overthink his plans of buying the land. Chief Seattle sees everything in nature, the rivers, the flowers, the deer and the man as children of mother earth and therefore as parts of one family. Flowers, which are in need of protection, are named sisters and strong animals or forces of nature like the deer and the rivers are seen as brothers. Blood relation connects the man very closely to nature. A little sister is seen as someone of whom one should take responsibilit­y,…[show more]
Homework530 Words / ~ pages Clara Schumann Gymnasium Viersen Utopia or Dystopia - Frankenstein What do you know about Frankenstein? Where do you know this figure from? -> Well I know this figure from the american horror film Marry Shelleys Frankenstein, who realised in 1994 directed by Kenneth Bragarth. Frankenstein is a monster created by a scientist Victor Frankenstein in Ingolstadt. The scientist bitterly regret creating Frankenstein, because he mutates to a monster and killed the fiancée from Victor Frankenstein. After that the scientist wants a revenge and starts to search the monster. A1) The atmosphere at the beginning : anxious (ängstlich, ungeduldig) atmosphere (l.2) black mood (l. 5 ,,the rain pattered dismally) hopeless, depressive A2) Characterizat­ion of the frightening creature : Frankenstein is a monster created by the scientist Victor Frankenstein. He has yellow…[show more]
Homework642 Words / ~ pages China Nanjing university 1.The science or arts----a dilemma In china, when students enter the second class of a high school or get into the college, they are all confronted with the same problem, namely, to choose science or arts? Yes, I think it’s really hard to make a decision. Which one would prefer? I prefer science to arts. And why? You know, The contemporary situation of our society shows that, people attach more importance to science. So many famous scientists have backgrounds of science graduation. Science involves abstract thoughts. That’s reasonable. But don’t you find it boring doing so many exercises in your homework? No. When study a major of science, it’s likely that through your hardworking, you become professional both in theory and practice. And what’s more, you’ll have a precise direction by…[show more]
Homework496 Words / ~ pages HAK Retz Tasks to “Kill a mocking bird” The novel “To kill a mockingbird&#­8220;­ shows issues like prejudice and racism against black people. The lawyer Atticus has to advocate Tom Robinson, who is accused of raping a white woman. Although he is innocent, Tom Robinson is found guilty. Then he tries to escape and get shot. Also the term mocking bird is an important factor in this novel, so when Jem and Scout got their air-rifles, Atticus demands, “Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit’em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mocking bird”. So this statement proves the importance of these mocking birds in this book, as the title “To kill a mocking bird” shows. Mocking birds are only a synonym for the innocent Tom Robinson, who is sentenced because of his skin color. Mockingbirds are harmless, innocent…[show more]
Homework468 Words / ~1 page Friedrichshafen Is shopping around the clock as it is already possible in the U.S. a good idea? Just as the world has become more and more modern, people have become consumers in almost all aspects of their lives. Now it is to the point that as long as we have a job and earn enough money, everything we need is at our disposal. Most people dont even bother cooking their own food anymore, let alone knitting a sweater for their children or doing their own gardening - modern people simply dont have time for any of this. If we need something like a sweater or food, we want to have it right there and then. Shopping has become either a chore which one has to get over with or a way of socializing and managing stress. For those who dont have time to do shopping during the day, the possibility of night shopping is almost a neccessity. I myself am definitely in favour of having…[show more]
Homework851 Words / ~ pages Werdenfels - Gymnasium Garmisch - Partenkirchen , K12 Psychological profile Sir Rrichard Branson After I have had seen Sir Richard Branson´s video diary of his “around the world in 8 days trip” with his own airline I tried to find out more about this interesting and colourful personality. And here it is: The personality report about Sir Richard Branson, an English industrialist best known for his Virgin brand of over 360 companies. Sir Richard Branson was born in 1950 at Stonefield Nursing Home in Blackheath in the south of London as the son of Edward James Branson and Eve Branson. His father worked as a barrister and his mother had a job in the theatre as a glider pilot instructor and worked as a flight attendant. Branson was educated at Scaitcliffe School until the age of thirteen. He then attended Stowe School until he was fifteen. It was there that he set up Student magazine…[show more]
Homework893 Words / ~2 pages Werdenfels-Gymnasium Garmisch-Partenkirchen Speech-Bullyi­ng Ladies and gentlemen, Today’s taboos are no longer death or sexuality. The strongest taboo today is against having clear ideas of right and wrong. Or even worse, against saying clearly to other people what is right and wrong, and stopping those who cross the line. The fear of being moralistic has become a fear of morals themselves, and as a result many people feel that they have lost their way. The way forward will be difficult to find unless we can agree on basic values and where to set limits. This loss of direction becomes particularly clear when defenceless children or youths do not receive the protection they need from adults, like their parents and teachers and their classmates at school. When small children, or even pupils in my age, year after year are forced into a system where they are bullied and tormented,…[show more]
Homework608 Words / ~1 page HCT-High-School-UK How has Brecht presented his ideas about the struggle for identity in “Mother Courage”? Mother Courage was a play piece of “epic theatre’­; written in 1939 by Bertolt Brecht. This play was centralised on the religious conflict stimulated by the Thirty Year War between Catholics and Protestants which was between the eras of 1618 – 1648. Brecht social drama, presents the struggle of identity through political factors and religious affliction or (hypocrisy) determined by countries. Essentially, our main protagonist, Anna Ferling (Mother Courage) is dependent on war and relies on it to provide her livelihood. She plays the archetype of capitalism whereby all virtues and positive entities of humans are lost through the pursuit of money and endless vanity.Ultima­tely,­ the most evident idea presented…[show more]
Homework1.401 Words / ~ pages Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg 6/18/2007 Writing Assignment # 2 International orange It was one of those foggy days when the bridge grinned at me again. I could barely see her but I always had the feeling that she saw me. This day she was hidden behind clouds and some red nuances flashed from time to time. The engineers called her color International Orange. The color was selected by a consulting architect. His name was Irving Morrow and he thought that International Orange blended well with the natural surroundings and enhanced the bridges visibility in the fog. Once I read in the San Francisco Chronicle that the bridge was widely considered to be one of the most beautiful examples of bridge engineering. The time was long gone when I thought about the beauty of the bridge. When I was a child I was already fascinated by her. She was huge and enormous and I could never keep…[show more]
Homework499 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium am Kothen Wuppertal Historical Background of the Drama „Death of a Salesman“ First of all, Arthur Miller dont given specific information about the period of time in the drama. So we need to look at some circumstantia­l. Some points could be the things the family used in the drama like the car, tape recorder or the washing machine. In a scene where Willy asks his Cheff Howard for his transfer to New York, Howard is busy with his new accomplishmen­t, a tape recorder. Such technical things must have been very new at the time. Although the first tape recorder was introduced in 1935, but it was first noticed in the USA in the late 1940s. Thus, the temporal background of the piece can be limited to the late 1940s. So furthermore, in the late 1940s there were economically a really bad time. After the upswing in the 1920s, on the 29th October 1929, the Black Friday, the stock…[show more]
Homework1.797 Words / ~4 pages Gymnasium am Kothen Wuppertal Identify and describe the employed stylistic devices which make Kings speech such a moving example of powerful rhetoric. In the following lines I am going to describe the employed stylistic devices. In the first lines of his speech Martin L. King refers as already mentioned in another task to Abraham Lincoln and his “Emancipation Proclamation”­. For this he uses a variety of metaphors. He points out the importance of Lincoln by mentioning his “symbolic shadow” (l.2). This metaphor is supposed to show that this person is still in their heads since a shadow is something which stays if the sunlight does not go down. Furthermore, King compares the Emancipation Proclamation with “a great beacon of hope” (l. ) which should be an exemption for millions of black slaves however, Lincoln was not able to change something because it turned…[show more]
Homework2.643 Words / ~9 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Famous Writings in “Letter Form” Alice Walker’s The Color purple In The Color Purple Alice Walker provides the reader with deep insights into the life of Celie, a fourteen-year­-old black girl who writes letters to God, because she is brutally abused and raped by her father Alphonso. Celies sister, Nettie is supposed to marry a man only referred to as Mr.___. Their father refuses Nettie to marry but promises Mr. ___ that he can marry Celie instead. Celie and Mr.___ have an unhappy marriage makes Celies situation even worse. Mr__s son Harpo marries a girl called Sofia who is an independent woman and denies to be subjugated by men or white people. Although Mr.___ is married to Celie he adores Nettie which is why Nettie leaves the family and escapes from the inhuman home. Shug Avery, a blues singer and Mr.___s mistress becomes ill and is…[show more]

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