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List of Homeworks: English Language - Page 3
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Essay: It all happened on the first night.
Gymnasium Köln, 2, 2015, 2018-05-06
Essay: It all happened on the first night. ..It all happened in the first night. Me, Donovan, Dani and Ruby wanted to put up a tent and made a fire but unfortunately the weather changed and it began to storm heavily so we had to choose an other place where we could stay. Luckily Donovan saw a house in the

Keywords: mike, dani, everyone, thought, donovan, bear,
Amina Sabriye2­2/08-17English A English assignment23.1 Hv­ilke ord er tællelige, utællelige eller begge dele?Utællel­ige - salt, snow, butter, loveTællelige - spoon, streetBegge dele - woodDe utællelige navneord, det er dem vi ikke kan tælle direkte. Dvs. vi

Keywords: money, eller, ikke, navneord, penge, furniture,
Keeping up with the constantly changing media landscape, media landscape
BORG Bad Aussee, B, 2018, 2018-11-22
Keeping Up with the Constantly Changing Media Landscapeby Anna-M­arie V. 11th October 2018 We could say that traditional media like broadcasting, printed media or magazines became the target group of electronic media the minute the internet took over our day to day lives. So how long

Keywords: internet, news, traditional, printed media, know everything,

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