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List of Homeworks: English Language - Page 3

Homework543 Words / ~1 page HTBLA Zeltweg Unemployment - Summary Unemployment One of the basic human rights is to be able to work. That right includes (at least in theory) an adequate pay, which is the basis money you need for a decent living standard. In the Communist countries the right to work is regarded as the most important human right. In some countries, like the western ones, it is not guaranteed by the constitution, but the government tries to make sure that all citizens, that want to work and can work, get a job. The problem is that this aim is not easy to reach if there is an economic crisis. There are many different economic reasons for unemployment; here are some of the most important ones: Technical changes: The technical changes started in the 19th and early 20th centuries. These changes are responsible for a good deal of unemployment in highly industrialize­d countries.…[show more]
Homework618 Words / ~ pages HTL - Jenbach Tirol 34 AURIA The Verge Magazine c/o , New York NY 1004 USA 22 November 2016 Dear Mr. , I read your article “Twitter finally rolls out keyword muting in notifications­” (November 15) with great intere. Although I am not a Twitter user, I have friends and family members, who often gets insult on social platforms like Twitter. That’s why I want to tell you my opinion about this new update. Firly, I think it is a good idea to give the user the choice of muting whole conversations­. I’m sure everyone of us faced the problem of being offended by somebody and then being dragged into an endless conversation, full of insults. You are getting in a vicious circle, because you try to ignore the messages, but you can’t op replying. For this reason, it is good to have the possibility of muting whole conversations­. Secondly, I am not sure how I feel about the simplified…[show more]
Homework384 Words / ~1 page Bfs - Wörgl The only source of knowledge is experience! Many school leavers, none of whom has any job experience apply for jobs. For that reason, it is necessary that schools introduce a compulsory placement for youngsters during the summer holidays that students can receive much expert knowledge. First of all, students seek different kinds of compulsory internships for example many youngsters like to work as a waitress or as a receptionist in a hotel because placements at the tourist sector are very easy to obtain and some students quite enjoy communicating with many guests from all over the world and from different cultures. Apart from that, some youngster also search and like to absolve a compulsory placement in the social sectors for example at a hospital because many of the institutions only employ students if it is an obligation in…[show more]
Homework706 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Wentorf Letter from L. Brent to Christian Women March 2017 This goes out to all of you - Christian women, I’m not writing this to awaken sympathy for myself. I’m telling you truthfully what I suffered from my own experiences, nothing but the plain truth. I do it to kindle a flame of compassion in your hearts. I can tell you from my own observation, that slavery is not only a curse to the blacks but also to the whites. As a result it makes the white men cruel and violent and the wives miserable. Besides that, especially the white slaveholders are the truly cruel ones, dragging everyone else down with them. I sincerely desire to arouse all of you, Christian women of the North, to realize the cruel conditions, far too many women of the south are suffering - and most of them far worse than mine. The tension and hatred between me and the mistress of the house…[show more]
Homework393 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium Sacre Coeur, Wien Happiness can not be arranged Have you ever imagined how it would be like to marry a boy you do not love? Indian girls are going through such situations every day in their lives. However, not all of these girls regard an arranged marriage as something negative. If your parents would choose your soulmate, would you agree with it? It is said that the girls in India are already used to this kind of marriage, they can easily get along with the guy they married, without even knowing him nor being in love. One should not forget that the girl’s parents are the one to pay the boy’s family before the marriage. Unfortunately­, love and happiness can not be bought, even though you could have all the money you could have ever wished for. Nevertheless, love can be unexpected and might occur after knowing the boy you are going to marry with. Most likely, many…[show more]
Homework487 Words / ~ pages Fabritianum Krefeld Summary: Unit 4 of the youth novel looking for Alaska published in 2005 by John Green deals with the truth about Marya and Paul who got ratted out and how Alaska is responsible for this. First Alaska thinks that she found a girlfriend for Miles, which is Lara. After some time it begins raining extremely for some days and Miles finds Alaska sitting alone at a window obviously looking sad. As he wants to ask whats wrong, Alaska doesnt give an understandabl­e answer and doesnt want to talk about her problem. The next day Alaskas room gets completely flooded which ruined most of her books. After the rain is over Miles meets Takumi who tells Miles about the truth about Paul and Marya who got ratted out of Culver Creek. The truth is that Alaska got caught leaving Culver Creek and to stay there she had to tell the Eagle everything she knows so she ratted…[show more]
Homework1.977 Words / ~6 pages Gymnasium Wellingdorf Kiel Analysis of Mount Polley Mine Spill: First Nations Health Officials to Start Salmon Testing James Keller. 1.) Notes 1.) How it would be perfect: a.) discription of the accident Massive mine tailing spill in Britsh Columbia from Mount Polley Mine (ll. 2) Failing of tailings dam releasing millions of cubic metres of water and silt containing contaminants such as heavy metals Strong decrease of water and debris flow b.) reactions of the indiginous tribes Even though level of heavy metal contaminants with in government guidlines (ll. 7), communities arent convinced (ll. 11). Stopped fishing because they are paranoid, which is very bad since the time, in which this took place, would noramlly be the buisiest time of the year in terms of catching salmon. At this time everybody should have been preparing their fish for the winter, which…[show more]
Homework441 Words / ~1 page MSLU Moscow OU students and conventional undergraduate­s - strengths and weaknesses of both. There is no denial that nowadays people have a great amount of opportunities to get education. Different colleges and universities are always open. In Russia it is possible to study for free, in other countries one can apply for a scholarship. The possibilities are endless. One can even get a degree while not physically present at university. But with so many options the question arises: what is the best, most efficient and effective way to study? And, of course, the discussions about conventional and OU programmes are especially heated. On the one hand, it is common knowledge that in the process of studies supervision is essential. All the mistakes made are to be corrected at once or it will be more difficult to deal with them later and this problem…[show more]
Homework1.231 Words / ~3 pages Paris-Lodron-Universität Salzburg OLIVEIRA BARBOSA Raëna 1L1 20/04/2017 2. « My soul for that » p.192 1. Read and understand Dorian Gray and Basil Hallward are present in this passage. Lord Henry Wotton is mentioned although he wasn’t present. Dorian is the person who is looking at the painting of himself. “When he saw, it he drew back”. “He” refers to Dorian and “it” to the painting. “His”, “his”, “him” and “he” refer to Dorian Gray. “cheeks flushed” (l. 5) “A look of joy came into his eyes” (l. 6) “his face would be wrinkled and wizened, his eyes dim and colourless, the grace of his figure broken and deformed.” (l. 19) “The scarlet would pass away from his lips and the gold steal from his hair.” (l. 20) “The life that was to make his soul would mar his body.” (l. 21) e. mere = “merely” (l. 15) friend = “friendship” (l. 15) young = “youth” (l. 17) warn = “warning” (l. 17) brief = “brevity”…[show more]
Homework2.746 Words / ~8 pages Karl Maybach Gymnasium Friedrichshafen Besides being put into classes the citizens of the world state are conditioned to love their life, work and social standing without questioning the class system. This also insures stability, because nobody wishes to escape the system. „ Alpha children wear grey they work much harder than we do, because theyre so frightfully clever. I’m really awfully glad I’m a Beta, because I dont work so hard.“(Chapte­r 2) By being part of one caste, one gives up their individuality in order to fit into a community with identical members. The fourth characteristi­c of a dystopian society is the constant entertainment­, intended to distract from the problems of reality. In „Brave new World“, this is shown by the drug ‚soma, which is handed out from the government. The drug has no side effects and numbs the mind of those who take it into a happy, euphoric…[show more]
Homework404 Words / ~1 page IIR Kiev Tuesdays election isnt a game Already the lawsuits (судові позови) from interest groups (груп, що діє в інтересах певних кіл) have begun. Charges of election fraud (звинувачення у фальсифікації результатів виборів) are pouring in (хлинули) from all over the country. In one Ohio town, there are more registered voters than residents (мешканців). In Florida, a federal judge ruled (постановив) this week on a suit (позов) filed by a labor union (робочою спілкою) that the state does not have to validate (надавати юридичну силу) voter registration applications (заявки на реєстрацію виборців) that are incomplete. Whats the point of having rules if one does not uphold (дотримуватис­ь) them? This election could — could — be a repeat of 2000. The rancor (ненависть) from that race continues to pollute (забруднювати­) the political…[show more]
Homework898 Words / ~ pages Padjadjaran Universitas Indonesien Category: Fiction (Short Story: Mystery)Word Count: 905 words A Friend in Silence Four years ago, there was this twelve year-old girl who happened to be caught in such a heart-breakin­g car accident. She lost her beloved family−the people that she would most likely describe as her source of strength and happiness. She was the only one who could get past the long, painful, and suffocating treatments in a horrible, smelly−not to mention, dead-body filled place called the hospital. The thing is, even being the one who survived, she can no longer see the beauty of sun rise, the serene blue oceans, the unblinking starry nights, or anything the universe can offer to be seen by anyone who owns a pair of healthy eyes. Day after day, she turned into somebody else. In spite of her disability to see, she couldnt help but feel the inevitable sensation…[show more]
Homework340 Words / ~1 page HTL Wels Discussion about the grading system The purpose of this report is to point out what is already good and what should be revised to get the best result for the students in order to insure them to get well prepared for working life. In the first part the report will show you the results of an interesting survey about the Austrian grading system, which was made on a HTL school class, where 15 students took part. The most interesting results are that more than a half of the students think that the grading system does not correctly check, if you understood what you had learned in school. About 2 thirds of the class believe that grades are an important element of our grading system. The motivation factor of grades is a very controversial thing, because there is no agreement about it. Some think it is important and others suppose grades are not important…[show more]
Homework812 Words / ~2 pages Shanghai Jiaotong University My Friend Eli ——Interview Report “I am obsessed with the moon, but by no means can I own it; I wish for a mass of light, but it always slips away.” This poetic sentence is written by Eli, my friend of the same age, on the front page of his blog. He is now a sophomore of mechanical engineering at Shanghai Jiaotong University. I made him acquaintance in an association, but we never have a chance of communion. Through the interviews, I find him completely different from the one I knew before. Some of his stories and experience cause my resonance. His literary talent and fertile effervescent mind left a deep impression on me. With 70% effort and 30% gift, Eli has recently been awarded the National Scholarship. But I used to describe him as an “atypical science geek” because he has also got prizes in a poetry contest and a writing competition. Despite…[show more]
Homework594 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium Köln Essay: It all happened on the first night. ..It all happened in the first night. Me, Donovan, Dani and Ruby wanted to put up a tent and made a fire but unfortunately the weather changed and it began to storm heavily so we had to choose an other place where we could stay. Luckily Donovan saw a house in the forest and shouted: „Lets go to the house!“So we ran as fast as we could to it but the door was closed. Suddenly a man who was I think 30 ran to us and greeted us. Then he opened the door with his key. Although we didn’t know the man we decided to go in. At next he gave everyone of us a towel and we had a conversation. The man presented himself and allowed us to sleep here. We accepted his offer. At the next day the weather was beautiful. It was shining. The man whose name was Mike and who was a hunter and survival specialist aswell told us that we had to hunt our…[show more]
Homework546 Words / ~ pages Odense V 22/08-17Engli­sh A English assignment23.­1 Hvilke ord er tællelige, utællelige eller begge dele?Utælleli­ge - salt, snow, butter, loveTællelige - spoon, streetBegge dele - woodDe utællelige navneord, det er dem vi ikke kan tælle direkte. Dvs. vi kan ikke sætte 1 eller 2 foran ordet. Et eksempel på et utælleligt navneord er f.eks money. Vi kan ikke bare sige ”a money eller 1 money,” da vi har brug for en måleenhed (dollar, pund, kroner, etc.)De tællelige navneord er dem vi kan tælle, altså dem vi kan sætte ”a” eller ”an”. Et eksempel på et tælleligt navneord kan være ”cow,” da man kan sige ”a cow”Det ord jeg har sat ved ”begge dele,” er wood, da det kan have flere betydninger. Det kan være (a) wood, som i en skov, eller det kan være træ, som vi hverken kan sætte ”a” eller et tal foran. 23.2Oversæt til engelsk:Rød - utælleligBlå - tællelig1)…[show more]
Homework547 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium Köln Digital age We live in an age with a lot of technic and everything else that goes with it. This age is called Digital Age. We can hardly imagine a life without digital things today. There are many people who love to do everything with technical equipment. But there are also those who disagree and find it nonsense to digitize everything. Then there are people who do not know what to think of all this. In the following text I will give advantages and disadvantages of our digital age and present my own opinion. There are many reasons why you may find this age good but also enough to dislike it. But Im one of those people who do not think its particularly good or bad. Because I see many benefits in this age to live. But I also see the disadvantages­. I as a student find an advantage especially good in fact is it that I can search anything on the Internet what…[show more]
Homework501 Words / ~1 page BORG Bad Aussee Keeping Up with the Constantly Changing Media Landscapeby Anna-Marie V. 11th October 2018 We could say that traditional media like broadcasting, printed media or magazines became the target group of electronic media the minute the internet took over our day to day lives. So how long will it take until print media vanish? Or do you think that by the year 2100 there will be still someone selling newspapers? So much information and so little time. How we consume media can be individual. If you like to read, you can turn to either traditional news sources like the New York Times or you can download a News App that usually comes with multiple categories to choose from. For those who don’t have time to read the news in the morning, you can just turn on the radio or listen to podcast. They usually summarise the most important events in five to ten…[show more]

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