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List of Interpretations: English Language
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Shakespear sonnet 130
Duisburg, Mr. Müller, 2011-02-13
Shakespear A model interpretation of Sonnet 130 A typical Shakespearean sonnet consists of three quatrains and one couplet. Those 14 lines rhyme with the abab cdcd efef gg scheme and do have an iambic pentameter. There are 154 sonnets written by William Shakespeare which do have different addressees.

Keywords: shakespeare, lines, refers, typical shakespearean, negative comparisons, shakespearean sonnet, typical shakespearean sonnet,
Frederick Douglass - From My Bondage and My Freedom
Erciyes University Kayseri, 2011-uğur yetgin, 2011-02-17
From My Bondage and from My Freedom Frederick Douglass My Bondage and My Freedom is an autobiographical slave narrative written by Frederick Douglass and published in 1855. This text is a deep meditation on the meaning of slavery, race, and freedom on the power of faith and literacy, as well as a portrait

Keywords: slaves, freedom, moses, land, civil, underground railroad, sweet chariot,
Interpretation: Death in Dublin; James Joyce - Shortstory
Dunarea de Jos Galati, Michaela Praisler , 2011-06-17
Death in Dublin The city of Dublin represents the constant of the aesthetics of James Joyce. Dublin is the material, it delivers the substance, and it arranges the epos and the textual weave with its own, individual language. The fiction is concentrated inside one city, be it the fragmentary existence

Keywords: dead, death, dubliners, ulysses, short stories, james joyce, short story,
Civilising Mission in Morenga
delhi university, 2010, 2011-09-03
Civilising Mission in Morenga In the Novel Morenga, Uwe Timm not only deals with the historical aspects of Colonialism but also critically lays bare the Civilisation Mission as a mere hollow tool due to which not only the South West Africans (Hereroes and Namas) suffered but also, the colonisers themselves

Keywords: novel, natives, namas, civilisation mission, civilising mission, through gottschalk,
The Constant Gardener Comparison Sandy Woodrow and Justin Quayle
Runge Gymnasium, 2011, 2011-12-11
The Constant Gardener - „at the morgue“ The text is an extract from chapter one of the book “The Constant Gardener” written by John le Carré. It takes place at the morgue in Kenya where Justin Quayle has to identify his dead wife Tessa. A friend of Justin Sandy Woodrow accompanied him

Keywords: tessa, morgue, john, justin quayle, sandy woodrow,
Dead Poets Society pp 163ff Comprehension and Analysis
Westfalenkolleg Dortmund, Lehrer 2012, 2012-06-25
A novel and the film: Dead Poets Society pp. 163ff Show how the author describes Keating's final meeting with his former class. The text provided is an extract (excerpt) from the novel "Dead Poets Society". It was written by N. H. Kleinbaum and published by Bantam Books in 1989.

Keywords: keating, nolan, todd, boys, former, english teacher, welton academy,
Analysis: The White Man’s Burden, by Rudyard Kipling
Heidehofe Gymnasium Stuttgart, 11, 2-, 2012-10-23
Analysis The White Man’s Burden by Rudyard Kipling The poem The White Man’s Burden , by Rudyard Kipling published in 1899, is a good example of the thinking of people from western countries in the age of imperialism. The poem shows that western society thinks it is its duty to integrate the colonized

Keywords: poem, natives, colonists, peoples, white man’s, kipling criticizes, man’s burden,
Analysis: Early Autumn by Langston Hughes
WBK Dülken, , 2012-12-18
Early Autumn by Langston Hughes Analysis: The short story Early Autumn by the American author Langston Hughes, originated in the year 1963, deals with the coincidental meeting of a former couple and the re-emerging emotions of the heartbroken and desperate female protagonist. The short story is

Keywords: bill, mary, autumn, past, speaker explains, short story, back together,
'Just Along For The Ride' by Dennis Kurumada (Analysis)
Schlaun Gymnasium Münster, 2011, 2013-02-20
Just Along For The Ride by Dennis Kurumada Analysis The first- person narrator from the short story ‚Just along for the ride’ by Dennis Kurumada, published in 1972, is a really desperate man, who does not know what to do in a serious and complicated situation. On one hand, he wants to say the truth and

Keywords: friends, benjamin, accident, desperate, person narrator, sincere person, short story,
True West - characterisation of Lee at the beginning of Scene Five (p.47-50)
Helene-Lange-Gymnasium Dortmund, 2013, 2013-02-26
True West - characterisation of Lee at the beginning of Scene Five (p.47-50) Lee at the beginning of Scene Five (p.47-50) Lee is one of the two main characters in Sam Shepard's Drama 'True West'. He has come to his mother's neighbourhood to steal electric devices and lives together with his brother

Keywords: shows, saul, superior, brother, knowledge, provoke austin, past scenes,
Elucidating Stalinism at the literary example of Animal Farm
BRG Spittal, 1, 2013, 2013-05-02
ELUCIDATING STALINISM AT THE LITERARY EXAMPLE "ANIMAL FARM" 1 Content 2 Author. 2 2.1 Life and work. 2 2.2 Legacy and problems with publishing "Animal Farm". 2 3 Plot 3 4 Symbols/Allegories­/Interpretation. 5 4.1.1 Mr. Jones. 6 4.1.2 Old Major. 6 4.1.3 Napoleon. 7 4.1.4 Squealer.

Keywords: animals, napoleon, orwell, pigs, snowball, animal farm, animal shall, animal farm”, work summaries animf, shall drink alcohol, animal shall drink,
Analysis: The American Dream in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU, 2012, 2013-05-02
Literary Studies - American Modernism The American Dream in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby 1 Introduction 2 2 The American Dream 4 2.1 General Remarks about the American Dream 4 2.2 Progress as Key Element of the American Dream 5 2.3 Upward Mobility: The dream of material wealth 6 2.4 The Pursuit

Keywords: daisy, fitzgerald, nick, american dream, great gatsby, green light, fitzgerald’s great gatsby, captain edward johnson, green light which,
Analysis of the speech "I Have a Dream" by Martin Luther King
Gymnasium Köln, Quellen aus der Rede von Martin Luther King, 2013-10-04
Analysis of the speech "I Have a Dream" by Martin Luther King A The speech I Have a Dream” from Martin Luther King contains many famous quotes and references. In the following I explain some selected quotes and clarify what effect they have. One famous quote from Martin Luther King is his

Keywords: speech, black, police, martin luther, luther king, audience feel,
Gedichtinterpretatio­n: ,,The Gehtto,,
Leibniz gymnasium pirmasens, keine,keiner,2013, 2013-11-24
The Ghetto The poem ,,The Gehtto,, by an unknown speaker deals with the tough life in a ghetto with its difficulties. In this poem the speaker describes his experiences of a life in a ghetto without any perspective. It´s a descriptive poem . The speaker tries to give the reader an understanding of a life

Keywords: ghetto, speaker, poem, reader, descriptions, create, detailed picture, living conditions, rhyme scheme,
Analysis of speech Take a chance by Barack Obama
Duisburg Steinbart-Gymnasium , 2012, 2013-12-08
Analysis of the speech Take a chance” by Barack Obama The speech ”Take a chance given by the US President Barack Obama at the University of Massachusetts Boston on 2 June 2006 deals with the generation of graduated students he talks to with the occasion to bring changes about. The speech can be divided

Keywords: speech, america, uses, students, barack obama,
Out of the Silent Planet: C.S. Lewis' Christian apologetic beliefs
West Valley High School, A,2012, 2014-01-26
Out of the Silent Planet - Why we are bent Interpretation – Novel by C. S. Lewis There are only two kinds of people in the end: those who say to God, Thy will be done, and those to whom God says, in the end, Thy will be done. C.S. Lewis Out of the Silent Planet looks like a normal science-fiction novel at first:

Keywords: lewis, ransom, weston, bent, higher power, silent planet,
My son the fanatic: interpretation of the relationship between Ali and Parvez
Gymnasium Köln, 13, Müller, 2, 2014-05-04
My Son the Fanatic summary: Parvez, a taxi driver, remarks that his son Ali threw away all his possessions (video games, guitar, TV etc., even pictures) and all the things he once enjoyed bare room Ali parted from his girlfriend without reason and his old friends stopped ringing Parvez does not understand

Keywords: parvez, bettina, father, friends, western, taxi driver, open minded,
Characterization of Mr.Neck from the novel Speak written by Laurie Halse Anderson
Carl - Bosch Gymnasium, Ludwigshafen, 2013, 2014-06-04
Characterization of Mr.Neck from the novel Speak written by Laurie Halse Anderson Characterization: Mr. Neck Novel Speak written by Laurie Halse In the given text from the novel Speak written by Laurie Halse Anderson we find a lot of information about the character Mr. Neck, while he is teaching his

Keywords: neck, family, country, jobs, america should, should have, real americans”,
Barack Obama: Speech Analysis - Obama Coins a Slogan - Election Campaign 2008
Gymnasium Berlin, 2, 2014, 2014-10-20
Barack Obama Coins a Slogan - Election 2008 Speech Analysis During the election campaign of 2008, after having lost the primary in New Hampshire to Senator Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama delivered his probably most famous speech. The text at hand is an extract from this speech. Obama tries to convince

Keywords: speech, using, phrase, barack obama, american nation, obama refers,
Just along for the ride by Dennis Kurumada - summary and work tasks
Westerwald-Gymnasium Altenkirchen, 1,2014, 2014-11-27
  Just along for the ride” by Dennis Kurumada Story and Work Tasks a), b), c) & d) Inhaltsverzeichnis 1.     Story. 1 2.     Work Tasks a,b,c and d. 2 a)     Describe Dick: 2 b)     How does the narrator feel? 2 c)     What type of text is it? 2 d)     Is the narrator a friend?

Keywords: narrator, friend, dick, reader, short story, ken’s house, still alive,
Going Home Compre­hension: The short story "Going Home" written by The New York Post in the year 1971 is about a man "Vingo" who was in New York for four years in jail and now he makes his way to his family. Six boys and girls get on the bus and see a man whose name is Vingo

Keywords: vingo, wife, tree, home, yellow handkerchiefs, still loves,
Analysis: Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut: Freedom and Confinement
PRS Friedrichsdorf, 2014, 2015-02-02
Slaughterhouse-Fiv­e by Kurt Vonnegut: Freedom and Confinement [Geben Sie den Namen des Autors ein] Freedom and Confinement in Slaughterhouse-Fiv­e” Billy Pilgrim is the main character in Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Slaughterhouse-Fiv­e”. During his life he is confined

Keywords: prisoner, confinement, tralfamadore, world, slaughterhouse five, billy pilgrim, slaughterhouse five”, freed german captivity,
Characterisation of Abernathy Haymitch and Effie Trinket - The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Realschule Gevelsberg, 12 /Siepmann / 3, 2015-02-23
Characterisation ­of Abernathy Haymitch and Effie Trinket The characters Abernathy Haymitch and Effie Trinket are both keyfigures oft he novel The Hunger Games , written by Suzanne Collins and published in 2008 and represantatives oft he political system and the society which are described

Keywords: haymitch, society, district, hunger games, effie trinket,
Gerechtigkeit in To kill a mockingbird - Harper Lee
Max-Brauer Stadtteilschule Hamburg, 12 pkt 2015, 2015-11-03
Justice in Harper Lee´s To kill a mockingbird The story To kill a mockingbird” takes place during the 1930´s in the south of the U.S.A. Scout Finch is a 6 year old girl who lives together with her father Atticus and her older brother Jem in a small, tired old town called Maycomb in the state of Alabama.

Keywords: justice, kill, father, atticus, boo” radley, commited crime, teaches scout,
Billy Eliot - Film Analysis - English Homework
Ås vidergåendeskole, Nice, 2015-11-26
Billy Eliot: Film Analysis Billy Eliot is the story about an 11-year old boy that lives in a fictional mining village in northern parts of England. Billy lives in a small house with his father, brother and grandmother. The family struggles to hold together because of both their financial status and his

Keywords: billy, ballet, movie, brother, father, music, cinematographic devices, scene where,
Filmanalyse: Remember the Titans - Movie Analysis
Albertus-Gymnasium Lauingen, Erstellt 2016, Quelle: Film, Wikipedia, 2016-06-05
3 Remember the Titans, 2000 Situation at the beginning of the film -city: The blacks and whites are spereated and whites look down on the dark skinnend people, they think they are something better. You can see the segregation at the beginning when the blacks are very angry because an officer has killed

Keywords: whites, blacks, coach boone, football team,
Characterization of Nick Carraway. The Great Gatsby
Hermann-Billung-Gymnasium, Celle, 1, Frau Duevier, 2015, 2016-10-20
The Great Gatsby (Klett English Edition) Characterization of Nick Carraway by L. B. The novel The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 10th of April 1925 tells the story about different characters in the summer of 1922. The main topic is the mysterious Jay Gatsby and hos obsession for Daisy Buchanan.

Keywords: gatsby, daisy, killed, nick carraway, narrator does, novel great,
Frankenstein, Nick Dear. Analysing tasks
Romain-Rolland-Gymnasium Dresden, 1-, Ditt, 2016, 2017-01-03
J. D. , 12EN2 Analysing tasks ( Frankenstein” – Nick Dear) In scene 12, De Lacey, his son and daughter-in-law are introduced. They live peacefully together in a cottage on the country side between fields. Agatha and Felix leave De Lacey alone when moving out to work on a field. The blind, old man

Keywords: page, lacey, victor frankenstein, human society, female creature,
The battle of Maldon: Close reading
Wofford Spartanburg, B this year, 2017-03-08
The battle of Maldon: Close reading 2 Cam A. Dr. Grinnell 2/27/2017 HP: Cam A. H0w t0 Ruin a Perfectly Good Battle The poem, Battle of Maldon”, is a fantastic example of how disastrously ineffective King Ethelred the Unready” ran the English empire around the turn of the eleventh century. His trusted

Keywords: byrhtnoth, battle, vikings, troops, earl, english army, playing field, army’s demise,
Characterisation: Junior - The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Sherman Alexie. Based on first 7 chapters
Schloß Gymnasium Benrath Düsselldorf, A-, Mrs. Burgard, year 9, 2017-05-03
Junior’s­ characterisation (b on the first 7 chapters) In his novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” Sherman Alexie illustrates and describes the living conditions on Native American reservations and the many circumstances that have contributed to

Keywords: hope, strong, family, native american, spirit junior, arnold spirit, arnold spirit junior, native american reservations,
Characterisation of Adam from On the bridge by Todd Strasser
Konrad-Adenauer-Gymnasium Westerburg, 2, Müller, 2015, 2017-05-17
Characterisation ­of Adam from On the bridge The character Adam Lockwood is described as a guy that smokes, wears a leather jacket all the time, has long black hair and behaves like some kind of gangster”. This can be seen in e.g. his leaning against the wall. Generally speaking he likes

Keywords: seth, adam, point, doesn’t, consequences, throughout whole, leather jacket, older women,
Characterization of Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller.
Shanghai University, SHanghai, 2017-11-02
Characterization of Willy The main protagonist Willy Loman of Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller is the most complex character in the drama. A clear developed split, dual personality was a consequence of him believing wholeheartedly in the American Dream which he never achieves, resulting him

Keywords: past, present, play, biff, failure, american dream, willy loman,
The extract under analyses is from "To Kill a Mockingbird" by a famous American writer Harper Lee.
grammar school 4 Volgograd, 5, Gouferteil, 2016, 2018-01-17
The extract under analyses is from To Kill a Mockingbird by a famous American writer Harper Lee. Harper Lee who was born as Nelle Harper Lee to Amasa Coleman Lee and Frances Cunningham Finch Lee on 28th April, 1926, in Monroeville city of Alabama was the youngest among four children and her siblings were

Keywords: jury, attitude, extract, speech, black, white people, after atticus, does something,
Text Analysis Chapter 25: Grapes of Wrath written by John Steinberg
Realgymnasium Wien, 2, Mrs Saunio; 2017, 2018-03-10
Text Analysis: Grapes of Wrath Chapter 25 J. R. 6CDue to 29. 11 2017 The book ‘The Grapes of Wrath’, written by John Steinberg, is set during the Great Depression, focusing on a poor family who must leave their home in Oklahoma due to the Dust Bowl and its consequential drought, economic hardship,

Keywords: grapes, steinberg’s, food, 25th chapter, growing heavy, profit when,
The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry: Analysis
Filozofski Fakultet Rijeka, A, dr. Joseph Molitorisz 2016, 2018-05-16
O. HENRY – THE GIFT OF THE MAGI O. Henry is a pen name of an American short story writer William Sydney Porter. His famous short story The Gift of the Magi was published for the first time on 10th December 1905 in The New York Sunday World and later in his collection The Four Million in April of the following

Keywords: della, james, time, hair, gift, looked, short story,

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