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List of Lecture / Speech: English Language

Lecture509 Words / ~ pages Schiller-Gymnasium Berlin Steve Jobs Who is Steve? Steve Jobs was an genius of modern age. He gave us tools which changed our lives and our way to communicate. Steve Jobs was born in 24. Februrary 1955 in Mountain View. He was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. As a child he was very stressfull for example he drank insectposion and had to go to the hospital. In Silicon Valey he visitied different schools. Later he met Steve Wozniak and they became best friends because they shared the same hobby. At this time nobody knows that these two will change our world. First steps in his career: Steve Jobs studied in Oregon at the Read College. After 1 Semester he was bored and left the College. 1976 Jobs and Wozniak founded the company Apple computer in his own garage. Their first invention was the computer Apple 1. This computer had a 0.008 MB Memory. For example 1 picture on your phone…[show more]
Lecture801 Words / ~2 pages Paul von Denis Gymnasium, Schifferstadt 28.09.2014 Manipulation of the Mass Media Welcome, Ladies and Gentleman, Raise your arms if you think that the mass media informs you about necessary topics correctly and sufficiently. We are all aware of the fact that we are not the ones who decide which information is published in a newspaper or which news will be shown on the TV. We are only consumers from the beginning of the development of the mass media and there is nothing wrong with it. Right? – Wrong! Today we are addicted towards information whether it´s for school or for a job. Consequently, we are addicted to the media. Imagine that there is a person who censors the information we could get to hide bad news or unpalatable truth about him. This is a big problem because your own opinion is affected in a strong way and mostly you don’t even notice this. You want some examples? The best…[show more]
Lecture739 Words / ~2 pages Universität Potsdam Wealth inequality in the United States - Why the American Dream fails in the 21th century Speech 15.03.2014 Have you ever faced inequality in chance ? Have you ever thought about leaving your country? Have you ever thought about going to America? Have you ever heard of the American Dream? America the so called Land of Opportunity where all your hopes and dreams can become true , where you can go from rags to riches! Well I dont want to disappoint you but America is not what it used to be anymore. The people in America start to question the American Dream and focus all their thoughts on what President Obama calls A Fundamental Threat to the American Dream, our way of life and what [America] stands for around the globe. This professed fundamental threat that Obama speaks off and that literally everybody in the US is thinking about is the gap…[show more]
Lecture636 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Berlin Speech – African Americans “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” – Martin Luther King I started my speech with a quotation from Martin Luther King. And in my opinion, he is right. Discriminatio­n against minorities, particularly African Americans, is almost a part of everyday life in the United States. It’s happen every day in many places and in different contexts. Today, the conflict between black and white people has been a little bit better, but the target from the life together isn’t reached. The ethnic composition of the African-Ameri­cans has changed over the last years. In the census of 1950, the population of African Americans had stood at about ten percent. In 2010, their share was estimated at about…[show more]
Lecture589 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Brandenburg Speech example: The Need of Fitness One year ago I was 40 pounds bigger, I was overweight and I found myself very unhealthy.My best friends said I should give bodybuilding a try, so I did.And now one year later I am the man I am. It is not only a free time activity it is a lifestyle and it’s actually good for your health condition. Obesity is a big problem nowadays. 17% of the adolescents are overweight. That is one out of 5 in Germany. And the reasons are bad food and not enough sport. Obesity causes for example cancer, diabetes and a lot of heart diseases. But in Germany we aren’t as bad as the US, there are 36% adipose. Adipose is a level of obesity which is extremely unhealthy. If you train and gain regularly you may lose your fat automatically­. The biggest part of fitness is the clean alimentation. You have to eat vegetables, fruits and meat and…[show more]
Lecture513 Words / ~1 page Goethe-Gymnasium Berlin (Today I want to inform you about trash and how it affect us, animals and our environment.) First of all, we have all seen litter. And, I don’t mean in your trashcan. You can see it every day everwhere: in parks, on the streets or on any other public places. But litter isn’t only in cities. Also in the oceans. Some people might think now: That’s ok! The oceans are big enough for this little bit trash. But did you know that because of the litter, which is a part of everyones life, there is an island of trash two times the size of Texas floating in the Pacific ocean? Now think of Germany. Texas is twice as large as Germany. Now imagine that the island is made of trash. A lot of trash. That is why the sea life is dying. In the ocean litter passes very long distances. It washes onto beaches, is caught in fishing nets, damages boats and smells bad. But the biggest…[show more]
Lecture2.362 Words / ~5 pages Universidad Católica del Ecuador Quito Teenage Refugee Speech Good morning. Good morning to everybody. I am here to talk about a worldwide problem that concern us all. There has been much talk lately on this subject, so you probably already have an idea about what I am going to talk about, (but this time it will be different, because it will not be the typical data we all already know about. Rather,) I will focus on teenage refugees. The humanitarian crisis in Mittle East today is really complicated and today refugees are also a very sensitive issue. All the information that we receive is quite general, or is only spoken about near numbers of quantities of people that arrive to the different countries. Very few people really care about the refugees and less about teenager refugees, and what actually affects them for example: how these people live in their native and non-native…[show more]
Lecture762 Words / ~ pages Angell Freiburg Good morning. Have you ever thought about suicide? Thinking of ending your life? There are people in the world that think about it every day. They suffer from indescribable pain and agony. People with disabilities or incurable illness wait for death to take them away. It is never ending waiting. What do you think? Should they be able to kill themselves in terms of euthanasia? Putting a stop to their miserable situation? There are many debates about euthanasia. Can the doctor trust the patient to decide if he should end his own life? Should it be legal? I say NO! Let’s have a look at Robert Powell. When he was only a few months old, his parents noticed something was wrong. He could not carry his own weight on his legs anymore. The doctors did many tests, but soon they discovered that they couldn’t help him in any way. They told Robert’s parents…[show more]
Lecture532 Words / ~1 page Schulausbildung in Wiesbaden Speech about Cultural Diversity Once upon a time there was an 18 year old male called Stephen Lawrence. He was British and a student just like us. You are probably wondering why I am telling you this. The truth is, it is no happy story - it is a very sad story. Stephen Lawrence was murdered by a gang of teenagers. But I’m not finished. The police found the gang who killed the young student but covered up for them. You might ask why they covered up for them. Isn’t the police a symbol for justice? The answer is that even though Stephen Lawrence was a British student, some people thought that he was different. Different in a way he couldn’t change. Stephen Lawrence was black. He was murdered because of his skin color just like many people before him. Now I have to ask you: Do you know what Great Britain stands for? MULTICULTURAL­ISM. If you don’t know…[show more]
Lecture628 Words / ~1 page Htl 1 linz Steve Jobs commencement speech analysis Hi everybody, today I’d like to talk about Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford University which he performed in front of the graduates in 2005. During his 15 minutes speech he tells several life stories of love, loss, discovery and death. He encourages them to fulfil their dreams and to do what makes them happy. “I never graduated from college. Truth be told this is the closest I’ve ever been to a college graduation.” Jobs starts off his commencement speech. This quote immediately brings up some humor to his speech and is well perceived by the audience. Jobs speaks about three stories from his life in which he found motivation. The first one is about connecting the dots, about how he got to where he is today. He was adopted, because his parents wanted him to get the best education. After…[show more]
Lecture396 Words / ~1 page ecolea Güstrow Pollution of the oceans Our earths surface consists of 70% water. Here live countless types of fish. Also turtles, jellyfish and other animals. In addition, many types of birds live above and on the water. Unfortunately­, many of these animals die because of the plastic damage, which is the subject of my speech. Around 140 million tons of plastic waste floats in and on the oceans. This is about the size of central Europe. This is divided into 46,000-580,00­0 plastic parts per square kilometer on the water. But thats only 15% of the kind of garbage. Another 15% are flushed ashore. The amount of garbage floating on the oceans is so great that it can be seen from outer space. But another 70% are down on the sea floor. Which is why many people are not aware what an enormous mass this is. Every year, about 6.4 million tons are added. 20% of the waste…[show more]
Lecture1.223 Words / ~3 pages Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena - FSU Einleitung: Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen! My Name is . and the topic of todays presentation is: Gera as an economic location. My presentation is in five parts. I want to talk about some information about Gera, the sectors of the economy, Training facilities, examples of location factors and my conclusion. At the end, I will try to give an answer to the question: Gera - innovative and worthy to live! Is that true? welcome: Welcome to Gera – my hometown. Home of about 100.000 inhabitants, Gera is a regional centre in East Thuringia. About 450.000 people live in the catchment area. My hometown is only 20 kilometres away from Hermsdorfer Kreuz which is the intersection of the transport axes A9 Berlin-Munich and A4 Dresden-Frank­furt. Moreover, Gera has an airfield in the city district Leumnitz. Still, the federal roads B2, B9, and…[show more]
Lecture748 Words / ~2 pages Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena - FSU Gera as an university city This video shows Thuringia’s university locations. These higher educational institutions provide an attraction towards companies, which would profit from research as well as employment. Also they promise the settlement of young students, which could lead to the opening of clubs and bars. Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is . and the topic of my todays presentation is: University location Gera Unlike Jena, Weimar, Erfurt and Ilmenau known for their rather old universities, Gera hasn’t had a higher educational institution until 1998. With the foundation of the University of Cooperative Education and the private SRH Fachhochschul­e of health Gera thas tried to catch up in the central German competition. My presentation is divided into 3 parts. I will talk briefly about the current status…[show more]
Lecture536 Words / ~ pages Haifa University The definition of love in Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream. How can kidnapping a bride lead to a happy ending? Hippolyta never expressed acceptance of Theseus as a husband, for she never gave her hand in marriage to him. However, weddings are the means to solve all problems in Shakespearean comedies. They serve as a bridge between events as repulsive as Theseuss kidnapping of Hippolyta and the happy ending that Shakespearean comedies require. The question remains whether such an ending can truly be considered happy.Theseus and Hippolytas relationship is unveiled in the fifth act in Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream. During this act, their commentary on the events of the play within the play serve as a window of their views of one another. Hippolyta expresses pity instead of joy at the events of the play, While Theseus…[show more]
Lecture1.523 Words / ~6 pages Rudolf-Steiner-Schule München The War of the Worlds By H.G. Wells Introduction: This story is about a man who lives in the late 19th century and becomes a witness of terrible event, there has been an attack on earth by the Martians, which they started in Great Britain. Fortunately, it did not spread over the whole world. We follow the narrator (the main character in this story, his name is unknown to us) on his journey in the war whit the Martians. On his way trying to survive he meets an Artilleryman, with whom he spends some time, both hiding from the Martians, but finally they separate their ways. Later on the narrator meets a curate who believes this is a sign from God. The curate gets killed by the Martians and the narrator continue his way towards London which is completely empty and in some parts destroyed. After all this, the narrator just goes on to search the Martians…[show more]
Lecture699 Words / ~1 page Istanbul erkek lisesi Speech: Climate Change The planet is changing, and it’s changing our life in the process. In the last two decades, the warming of the planet has become increasingly more evident, as summers get longer and winters get warmer. Droughts, rising sea levels because of the melting ice caps, and increasingly more destructive storms are just the beginning. Although we don’t one hundred percent know what the future has in store for us, we can predict the outcome of this climate change - and it’s looking rather grim. The warming rate of our planet is largely influenced by human activity. Ever since the Industrial Revolution our carbon emissions have been intensifying the greenhouse effect. Factories, vehicles, houses, power plants are all contributing to it; as we relentlessly burn fossil fuels, which, although cheap, have costly consequences…[show more]
Lecture956 Words / ~1 page Romain-Rolland-Gymnasium Dresden Migration. You hear this term almost every day these days. Be it on television or the Internet. It is a topic that has never occupied people as much as it does today. Society is divided to an extent rarely seen. But how does it come to such a split, in which different groups face each other full of hatred? There are different interpretatio­ns of this. For me, however, it is clear that the main causes are increasing digitalisatio­n and the associated media behaviour. First of all, it should be noted that the political attitude of each individual is strongly influenced by the environment in which he or she grows up. Parents, family and friends as well as growing up in a village or town play an important role. In addition, school is also of great importance, since a large part of the time of day is spent there, as is later the case with work. In primary…[show more]

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