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List of Miscellaneous : English Language

Miscellaneous 842 Words / ~2 pages Not of importance Stay in the shed I awoke to the sweet smell of a gorgeous beauty sleeping next to me. Last night being a sensual haze of pleasure. I caressed her gleaming skin as her body was pressed against mine. I was still exhausted and in consideration of my current position I didn’t want to get up. I knew in a few hours she would have left and i wouldn’­t see her for a while, I opened the drawer next to the bed and held the ring in my hand. After thorough inspection I put it back in its casket and into the drawer. I would have to ask her when she awakes I thought to myself, encouraging and reinforcing the thought rather than believing it. Time passed and I lay there, it must have been around 5 in the morning and I had no way to tell for sure since the darn holiday shed didn’t have a clock. The ceiling fan completed its slow and noisy rotation, resounding…[show more]
Miscellaneous 1.283 Words / ~ pages Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen Essay Frederick Herzberg – Theory of Motivation “Employ­ees are our most valuable asset.” (Prof. Dr. Kerstin Pull, 2010) This quote from a cartoon outlines that it is always a very important task of managers to keep their staff motivated, probably one of the most important one’s they have to face. The importance deduces from empirical studies that motivated staff usually has a higher productivity than unmotivated staff. But how can a manager motivate his employees? Many theories try to answer this question. In the following I will have a closer look at the theory of the American psychologist Frederick Herzberg. Frederick Herzberg lived from 1923 till 2000. One of his most important research results is the Two-factor-th­eory and the idea of job enrichment. He had and still has great influence on management…[show more]
Miscellaneous 508 Words / ~ pages Hamburg Gerald That was a long time ago, that Gerald went to work, that he slept in a bed or that he took a bath. About twenty years. Actually it’s nothing special to sleep in a bed, but for Gerald it’s the unusual thing ever. Gerald worked as a bus driver; and he had a pretty wife. He was lucky at that time. One day, he read the newspaper, like he did it every day. He read the financial section, something about a special investment. Gerald became curious. He would become very rich, if he would buy a share from that corporation. So he decided to enter into business and became shareholder. He got indebted and invested all his money into shares, in order to get twice as much back out of it. But suddenly, after two years, the big surprise came. The corporation went bankrupt. His money was gone, all his money. However the debt remained. Now the fate…[show more]
Miscellaneous 760 Words / ~2 pages Sport BORG Graz The development of English Ten sixty-six or the battle of Hastings All persons who speak English should never forget the year 1066 when William the Conqueror planed the invasion of England. In Septmeber he crossed the English Channel with his fleet of sitably fa-bottomed boats and landed on the Sussex coast, moved on to Hastings where he established his base. William also had considerable luck: the Saxon Harold was engaged in a civil war against his own brother Tostig and when William arrived Harold was way up in the north. In this process he lost a high proportion of his best soldiers. So Harold, with the remmants of his army, made another forced march- abotu 250 miles in eleven days- and prepared for a battle. The nine hour conflict on that fateful day made William’­; svictory complete. In that battle, fought by no more than 16.000…[show more]
Miscellaneous 723 Words / ~ pages Barnim Gymnasium Bernau The Dead Poets Society Tom Schulmann The Dead Poets Society is a film written by Tom Schulmann and was produced in the year 1988. The action takes place in a fictional all-boys academy named “Welton­” in the USA in the year 1959. Dead Poets Society is a story about Welton’­s new teacher Keating, a former pupil of the school, who wishes to educate and raise his students to independently thinking individuals through the medium of poetry. His unique way of teaching stands in contrast to the school’­s conservative nature and causes troubles for him among his colleagues. The main characters are Keating (Robin Williams), the new teacher at the school, and Neil Perry (Robert Sean Leonard), Todd Anderson (Ethan Hawke), Knox Overstreet (Josh Carles), Charlie Darlton (Gale Hansen) and Richard Cameron (Dylan Kussman),…[show more]
Miscellaneous 530 Words / ~ pages Flour Bluff i.S.D English 3-2 Mrs. Pshigoda 4. September 2009 Mama’s boy Everything began in the winter, when Mama Bear protected her children from freezing to death in her dark and stony cave. She prepared the long hibernation by storing food and making the cave warm and comfortable. Her two children were absolutely unlike. The boy loved his mother more than everything else, so he fought against his sister to sleep as close to his mother as possible. She, the girl, instead was curious and adventurous, she loves her mother too, but she did not have any problems with being without her and she could care for herself. When the winter was over Mother Bear wanted her children to become independent, which was a great idea for her daughter. She left her home as the snow began to melt. But the boy, who loved his mother so much had no intentions to leave. “I…[show more]
Miscellaneous 569 Words / ~ pages Martin Luther Universität Halle Cause And Effect 16/01/2001 Why study - life is hard to be a success. My biggest problem as a student is the need of time. Time is always too short for anything in life. Especially these days, I got to do such a mass of tasks that it’s hard to keep up motivation. On the one hand I’m very happy about my new flat, I found some weeks before Christmas. On the other hand I know, that I need a lot of time to fix several things there, that I’m able to move there. I need wallpapers for example, and then I have to decide whether to roam around searching for the best price or to save time but spend more money in the first shop or supermarket. Besides that I have to do things that every student has to do. Like prepare for lessons, discourse and the most frightening topic: TESTS! I disagree that students have a lot of time. Somebody in the first semester…[show more]
Miscellaneous 496 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium Kerpen Gaming is a toxic addiction Sams real life is a incredibile mess. Skipping school, no personal contacts, losing contact to his parents, and gaming gaming gaming – just a normal day in Sams life. His notes and marks are terrible and if he keeps living this way he will mess up everything. His teachers have tried everything, but it didnt work and so they arrange a meeting between the family and the director. I dont know what to do anymore, Mr Fishensen, explains his mother with tears in her eyes. Well Mrs Mumberfish, we even dont know what to do, says the director. Mr Fishensen shows a statistic and explains, that Sam isnt the only victim of the dangerous addiction. Over forty percent of german teenagers play computer games over six hours per day. So we ask a professor addiction about this probably theme. There are many reasons, why teenagers…[show more]
Miscellaneous 981 Words / ~2 pages University of Mostar One of those days in life A girl sits at high stool table. Gets plugs from her ears, sighs, and opens a bag. She takes out very old on verge of falling apart notebook and a pencil. It is a black pencil with “I had it!” label on it. Waiter comes, she smiles, politely orders vanilla flavored coffee and opens notebook. She starts to write. Nothing special, nothing like award winning Nobel Prize for literature, but she pores her soul into those lines. Writing calms her. After of couple minutes she pulls her head up and looks for him. She already knows that he is there, at the bar, putting drinks in order, preparing cocktail mixtures, cleaning. it´s that annoying six sense of hers that allows her to feel the energy of room. Pulling her head up is just a mechanical gesture so she can catch his look and come to him. She takes a deep breath, climbs of the…[show more]
Miscellaneous 1.165 Words / ~2 pages Gymnasium Nürnberg Story about a famous georgian park in Atlanta It was a warm spring day and the sun was shining over the lush lawns of the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. I could hear the fountain with the splashing water and children screeching with delight from far away. I and my friend Jack were just hanging out in the park to celebrate the beginning of our well-deserved vacations. I was reading the AJC and Jack snoozed in the shadow of a huge tree with dark green leaves. Listening to the birds twittering and just doing nothing was so relaxing, but when I looked up to the sun I realized something weird. The tree Jack was lying at was sawn partially in the upper half. I jumped and made him getting awake from his nap. “Jack! Look at the tree. Can you see the cut above you?” I shouted. “Well, it´s strange, you are right. And it is not naturally for sure”, he replied.…[show more]
Miscellaneous 325 Words / ~1 page HTL Wien 10 Ten Goals minus eight I have read the article about Jack Spencer making a life list, and this encouraged me to share my own life goals. First, my number one life goal is, and this might sound a little cliché, to be a valuable human being and help as many people as I can. I want to help them with any kind of problem they have. My number 2 life goal is to travel around the world and see every beautiful and famous city there is. Of course, I would visit them in an order to not waste too much money. I would love to see Tokyo, Paris, New York or Dubai. The reason for my first goal is very simple: it feels good, I just get this heart-warming feeling and I like it. As for the second one, every time I visit a new town, it is so amazing to see the different people, and the buildings are what really interests me. Each city has its own style of architecture, which is unique…[show more]
Miscellaneous 458 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium München Causes of the Civil War The issues that caused the Civil War had been brewing since the United States was formed. The most important causes Southerners listed for the war were unfair taxation, states rights, and the slavery issue. Here are some primary sources that show how heated these issues had become by the late 1850s. Unfair Taxation (economic) The history and economy of the North were very different from those of the South. Factories developed in the North, while large cotton plantations developed in the South. The Southern plantation owners relied on slave labor for economic success. Their crops were sold to cotton mills in England, and the ships returned with cheap manufactured goods produced in Europe. By the early 1800s, Northern factories were producing many of those same goods, and Northern politicians were able…[show more]
Miscellaneous 1.919 Words / ~9 pages Gymnasium Burgstädt Contents: Reading expectation Book summary Characterizat­ion of Ben Ross Newspaper article Diary entry Book review Reading expectations: At first, I thought “The Wave” isn’t really a book I want to read. From the cover of the book I couldn’t really expect anything, because it’s just red. But then I read the blurb and also watched the movie and the topic the book is discussing catch me a bit. The way how the blurb describes the experiment that a teacher wanted to stage a kind of national socialism in his class sparked my interest. I find this part of the history very interesting and so I got interested in the book too. I also hoped it wouldn’t get too boring to read, because normally I don’t really like reading books. But then I thought that it is just a short novel, so it couldn’t be too bad. Then I just read it and I think it wasn’t a mistake and…[show more]

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