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List of Notes: English Language

Notes14.688 Words / ~47 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU But by 1250 CE, French began to lose its prestige. King John had lost Normandy to the French in 1204 CE, and after him, King Edward I spoke only English. At this time, many foreigners entered England which made the nobility feel more English and so encouraged more use of the English language. The upper class tried to learn English, but they did still use French words sometimes, which was considered somewhat snobbish. French still maintained its prestige elsewhere, and the upper class did not want to lose it completely. Nevertheless, the Hundred Years War (1337-1453 CE) intensified hatred of all things French. The Black Death also played a role in increasing English use with the emergence of the middle class. Several of the workers had been killed by the plague, which increased the status of the peasants, who only spoke English. By…[show more]
Notes7.025 Words / ~26 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Succeeded Elisabeth, Son of Mary, was interested in the study of witchcraft Stuart Kings. George Villiers, first Duke of Buckingham who was to pay for government/ war, taxation (regular- not just taxes in war but also in peace) royal prerogative; absolutist monarchies (e.g. France) – king has all the power. He rules, dissolved from the people, his rule has not to be judged. The Gunpower Plot, 5.11.1605- Guy Fawkes Charles 1 (1625-1649) (painting by Anthonis van Dyck) equestrian portrait- he liked to be painted like that. Anthonis van Dyck (painter): portrait of Inigo Jones (1573-1652), surveyor of the king’s works; costume designs for masques as well. Banqueting House at Whitehall Palace, London- Ceiling by Peter Paul Rubens, with the apotheosis of James 1 The Wilton Diptych (London, National Gallery) wife:…[show more]
Notes1.959 Words / ~7 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU British Culture (History and Society) # 1 March 16 Beginnings: Prehistory to the End of the Anglo-Saxon Period “Britanni” = tattooed “Picti” = painted Quiz 1: In which late C 19 English novel does the heroine, who has killed her seducer in order to be re-united with her husband, and who is now fleeing from the constables, spend the night among the pillars of Stonehenge, only to be captured in the morning? Early History first settlement – date unknown Probably moved in from Mediterranean Neolithic relics from Young Stone Age around 4000 BC Stonehenge (Salisbury Plain) dates back to 3000 BC its use remains a mystery Bronze Age, 800 BC: the beaker people 700 BC: first Celts arrive Britain first enters written history by the voyage of Pytheas of Marseille (330 BC) who circumnavigat­ed the island of Britain Celts lived in wooden huts, silos…[show more]
Notes1.056 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Survey of American Literary History 15.11.2010 American Exceptionalis­m Salem, MA Platonic World View The Great Awakening Utopia-Dystop­ia Antinomian Controversy Huac “The effects of the egg and the mirror” 3 Local girls began to experiment with fortune telling by looking at an egg in the mirror. One of them was frightened when she saw something that looked like a ghost. Soon after that, the daughter of the local pastor and his 11 year old niece began to show symptoms à invisible demons. Questioning several women including a slave from the Caribbean. Symptoms did not disappear but became more. 3 random women were accused of witchcraft and executed. Up to 200 men and women were then executed because there was enough scientific proof that they were witches. A lot of them confessed (torture!). What does it tell us about American…[show more]
Notes2.295 Words / ~7 pages BORG Jennersdorf Factsheet Beauty- Youth- Fashion Cosmetic surgery · in the1980s plastic surgery was only for millionaires and movie stars · about 24 000 teenagers have plastic surgery every year · it doesn’t allow young people to grow into themselves · nowadays teenager have plastic surgery instead of using make- up or getting haircut · society bombards us with the image of “perfec­tion”­, so that we want to look perfect too Facts · around 40 000 people have plastic surgery every year in Austria · every 5th woman is willing to have one · most common operations are: liposuction, wrinkle reduction, permanent make- up, collagen injections and breast and penile enlargement or reduction · first operations 4000 years ago in India · the driving force behind plastic surgery was war, because of that doctors restored faces · people hope…[show more]
Notes781 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Wertingen Sports teams, clubs, events and venues in Edinburgh and Glasgow I am going to tell you in which different sports the cities are represented. This involves the sports teams, clubs, events and the most important venues of the cities. Edinburgh: The multisided city of sports There are two important football clubs in Edinburgh, playing in the Scottish Premier League. The first is the Hibernian FC, it was founded in 1875, its stadium is the Easter Road and their biggest rival is also the second football club of Edinburgh, the Heart of Midlothian FC, also known as the Hearts FC, which was founded in 1874, consequently it is the oldest football club of Edinburgh because of a one year difference. Its stadium is the Tynecastle stadium. The Edinburgh Capitals are an Ice Hockey club, which is the follower club of the Murrayfield Racers team.…[show more]
Notes5.424 Words / ~17 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU American Literary History 1. Einheit Vortragender stellt sich vor, redet über die Geschichte und Literatur Amerikas – nichts prüfungsrelev­antes­! 2. Einheit · Literature: works of historical places and times (not only isolated pieces) · Northern area: New York, New England · Northern/sout­hern colonies: political views At the very beginning, not many distinctions, but afterwards: Southern colony – Virginia: founded because they wanted to make many through looking for gold à therefore they took slaves; distinction business enterprise à they run business for the king à a lot of investment (VirginiaR­17;s economy worked with money of the British company) Massachusetts­: founded by English Puritans (“refor­mers”­) under the leadership of the Pilgrims (protestants!­!) -> Mayflower 1617…[show more]
Notes1.097 Words / ~2 pages WRO - Berlin Interview with Dreshawn Vance The English intensive course had a special guest last Wednesday: Dreshawn Vance from the U.S. Dreshawn Vance was born in L.A., CA, USA in 1984. He is a basketball player and plays in a college team in U.S. and also in Denmark. The interview started with questions about his private life. Dreshawn Vance has two older sisters; one of them is a nurse, the other a secretary. He has no kids, neither a wife nor a girlfriend, but he hint at a girl back in U.S. Dreshawn did not know spontaneously the answer to his biggest weakness, but for sure for his biggest strength: He makes people laugh – and that is what we did. The interview went on with questions about his favorite things: His favorite song is “I̵­7;ll make Love to You” by the R&B group “Boyz II Men”. He likes chicken best and goes with Australia…[show more]
Notes1.358 Words / ~3 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU British Culture – History and Society Part of cultural studies, focus not on facts and figures but on how Birtain became what it is. Before the Celts arrived - first there was just British, English only after the Anglo-Saxons came - the oldest relics (Reste) are from about 4000 BC when peoples, who probably came from the Mediterranian settled in Britain or from the west of France in 3000 BC - it was the Neolithic time (younger Stone Age) and the relics found were stone rings: Ring of Brodgar on Mainland Orkney ▫ Maes Howe: well known because the sun shines into a tunnel only once a year, it is a chambered cairn (Steinhügel) ▫ Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain was built in about 3000 BC and got its present shape in 1500 BC, noone really knows what it was for-> assumed to be linked to religion or time; the stones are from Wales…[show more]
Notes826 Words / ~2 pages Gymnasium Dresden To kill a mockingbird - Symbols (names) Of Femininity Symbols (names) Of Femininity Alexandra Finch Alexandra is the sister of Jack and Atticus. In the book she symbolizes a typical “Southern Bell”. A Southern Bell is in the American culture, a cultured, educated and well-dressed lady. She is a member of the missionary circle. Alexandra would also never wear pants and she shares the opinion that Scout should behave more like a lady. That is also a reason why Scouts and Alexandras relation is difficult. They have to many differences. Alexandra also wants to keep everything in order. Miss Maudie Miss Maudie Atikson lives in the neighbourhood­. Close to the place of the Finch family. She is a classic example of the liberal/moder­n woman. She hates staying inside the house and always works outside in her garden between her flowerbeds.…[show more]

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