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List of Portfolios: English Language

Portfolio3.365 Words / ~10 pages Gymnasium Köln A prayer for Blue Delaney – Portfolio Inhaltsverzei­chnis Letter from Colm to his mother. 2 Diary entry. 2 Inner monologue of Colm in chapter 8. 3 Diary entry. 3 Table with short summary about every chapter. 4 Comment on chapter 18. 7 Comment on Chapter 9. 7 Book review 8 Characterizat­ion Colm 9 Summary about chapter 28. 10 Summery on chapter 1. 10 Letter from Colm to his mother Dear mum, I wrote you a lot of letters, but I don’t get one back from you, maybe you don’t get mines. I´m now 14 years old and I decided to write you that letter after a long time, because I know that we won´t met each other in our lives. I don’t care about why you left me or why you don’t hold me back, I decided to catch up with this chapter in my life. Maybe you won´t get this letter or won´t read, but I want you to know that I’m not mad or angry at you. I have a family now, a home. I go to…[show more]
Portfolio2.744 Words / ~13 pages Rhein-Sieg Gymnasium The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Reading Log by Ademi Rhein-Sieg-Gy­mnasi­um Sankt Augustin March 2016 Table of content I. Chapter summaries “The Tributes“ chapters 1-9 . 1 “The Games”, chapters 10-18 . 2 “The Victor”, chapters 19-27 3 II. Character list Katniss Everdeen 4 Peeta Mellark 5 Rue 6 Cinna . 6 Prim . 7 III. Special scences The changing relationshop between Katniss and Peeta 8 The capitol: power and authority . 9 The role the media plays and how ..…[show more]
Portfolio406 Words / ~ pages Wien, Akademisches Gymasium THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER Short Plot Summary The movie is about a fifteen year old, who just entered highschool. He doesn’t have any friends and the only one he had committed suicide. It isn’t the first time he lost a loved one. His aunt, Helen died eight years ago on Christma Eve in a car crash. Charlie is quiet, obeservant and doesn’t draw a lot of attention. He likes literature, so he writes series of letters to an imaginary friend. But evetually, he finds friends named Sam and Patrick. Later on, he discovers feelings for Sam. From this moment on, the life of Charlie goes up and down. A monolog about a character Charlie: Charlie now 16, has found a new friend named Mara. He’s just saw her trying to commit suicide. To calm her down, he talks about his depression. I know what you’ve been through! Not too long ago, I was depressed too. It was…[show more]
Portfolio845 Words / ~10 pages Bergstrassengymnasium Hemsbach 10a - Bergstrasseng­ymnas­ium 2.05.14 Looking for Alaska John Green Table of Contents 1. Alternative Cover 2. Novel Summary 3. Character Profile 4. My Questions while reading 5. Rewriting a passage 6. Word Web 7. Review 8. Sources 1. Alternative Cover 2. Novel Summary The novel, looking for Alaska is about a guy, called Miles, who wants to leave his old school to go to a boarding school in Alabama. Miles is just an equal guy, until he meets a Clique, consisting of The Colonel (his roommate), Alaska and Takumi. The Clique is completely changing Miles boring life. As Miles first sees Alaska, he falls in love and he is fascinated of the Girl, with her special character. He integrates good into the Clique and the daily life, after school is made up by the Codex to never reveal, what the other ones do. Miles starts a completely different life.…[show more]
Portfolio4.462 Words / ~14 pages Max Eyth Schule Dreieich Content General information&s­hy 3 Content Act One­ 4-5 First impression on Act One­ 5 Quotes Act One­ 6-7 Vocabulary Act One­ 7 Content Act Two­ 8-9 Vocabulary Act Two­ 9 First impression on Act Two­ 9 Quotes Act Two­ 10-11 ­ Information on the characters&sh­y 11-12 Conclusion&sh­y 13 ­ General information First presented in England at the Phoenix Theatre, London, on 28 July 1949 Scene: The action takes place in Willy Loman’s house and yard and in various places he visits in the New York and Boston of today. The author Arthur Miller (1915-2005) was born in New York City on 17th October 1915. His father, Isadore Miller, was prosperous as a shop owner and a manufacturer of women’s coats; however, he lost his fortune in the stock market crash of 1929. The young Miller was forced to work a number of odd jobs…[show more]
Portfolio1.030 Words / ~2 pages Borg Deutschlandsberg Dystopian Literature: Black Sheep by Ben Peek - Portfolio 1) The protagonist, Isao Dazai is a Japanese man probably in his thirties. He is living in a world where people of different races are segregated in ghettos. Dazai has moved to Australia, Asian-Sydney with his family. He was captured and brought to court by so called Segregators who represent the law of the United Nations and was forced to undergo a trial. He is treated violently. He has to wear chains and is kept in captivity in Sol Demie, an Assimilation Centre, while waiting for his punishment. The crime, which he is convicted of is being Japanese, or more precisely it is being Japanese while being aware of the fact that he is living in Australia and on top of that his flaunting of being Japanese. Moreover, he is found guilty for accepting these circumstances and for not being…[show more]
Portfolio2.413 Words / ~8 pages BORG 12 Hegelgasse Wien Book report Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens Content 1. The Painting to the book 2. a. Why did I choose the book to the colour? b. The Author c. The Content 3. a. Creative Text – Book b. Creative Text – Colour 4. Why did I choose the colour grey? 1. The Painting This painting from the 16th century shows on the one hand sadness, desperation and poverty and on the other hand plenty and prosperity - and the enormous gap between poor and rich. Looking at the left side you see a rich man. He is very well dressed in strong colours and he has enough to eat for a whole family. But looking on the other side you see a powerless rather old man. His clothes are dirty and battered. In difference to the rich man, the old beggar indefinites with the background. But this little bit of grey in his clothes doesn’t let him get one with the brown wall. Here, you can see grey from…[show more]
Portfolio7.185 Words / ~21 pages Gymnasium Ulm BOOK REVIEW: ISBN-10: 159514188X ISBN-13: 978-159514188­0 Your name: Title of book + year of publication: Thirteen Reasons Why (The first: October 8, 2007; my edition: June 14, 2011) Author: Jay Asher Level (of Language): some difficult words and sentences but the content is easy to understand Number of pages: 336 pages Date started reading: June 18, 2014 Date finished reading: July 4, 2014 1.1 What kind of book is it? -Contemporary Fiction, Young-adult (Jugendlitera­tur) 1.2 What is it about? (action/plot; main ideas) Point of View This story is told from the first person point of view from two different people. The first person whose point of view is used in the telling of the story is Clay’s point of view. Clay is one of the students who receives Hannah’s tapes although she admits that he shouldn’t be on the list as he was not one of…[show more]
Portfolio1.417 Words / ~7 pages BG/BRG Keimgasse Mödling THE B URNE IDENTITY A novel by Robert Ludlum 5B CONTENT: PLOT SUMMARY ABOUT THE AUTHOR TIME/SETTING/­HISTO­RICA­L CONNECTION CHARACTER DESCRIPTION OWN REACTION PLOT SUMMARY A man gets found by fishermen, who are fishing in the mediterrenean­-sea. He has two bullets in the back and is unconscious. The men take him to a little island a few sea-miles from Marseille called „Ille de Port Noir“. Geoferry Washburn, the alcohol addict doctor of Ille de Port Noir, takes care of the man and helps him to get well again. He takes the bullets out of his body and finds a mysterious little microfilm frame, wich was implanted a few inches above his hip, with details about a bank account in Zürich. When the man is conscious again he asks him about his name, his job and where he comes from but the man knows no answers. After a few months the man feels impelled…[show more]
Portfolio1.128 Words / ~2 pages Borg Linz The great Gatsby Relationship between Nick and Jay At the beginning of the story Nick does not know very much about Mr. Gatsby. He just hears a lot of rumors about him, but he does not believe everything. He wants to create his own picture of him. One day he gets an invention from Jay Gatsby to his house, which is right next to his house. When he went to Gatsby’s house, there was a party like every weekend. But he realized that he was the only one who got personally invented. When he met Gatsby he instantly thought that Mr. Gatsby is very likeable. Over the time the two of them got to knew them better. In addition to that Jay told Nick the real stories of his life. For instance, what he did in the past and how he got his money. My personal impression was that Jay Gatsby trusted Nick from the beginning on and sees his intelligent and creative potential.…[show more]
Portfolio590 Words / ~ pages Heinz-Berggruen-Gymnasium Berlin James Conigrave, 12 October 1883 James Conigrave, 12 October 1883 Nothing felt more right than the warm sun rays on his back and cold fresh air in his lungs when he wandered into the untouched wilderness. His tense shoulders started loosening up and his mind started to function. This place always reminded Phillip of his grandfather, who used to bring him up here. His peaceful voice would tell him about his adventurous stories meanwhile, his brush stroked the paper creating pictures of the beauty around him. Sometimes they would sit an hour trying to sit still luring the animals. His grandfather showed him how to create a realistic image of the pure beauty of nature and evoked the passion of drawing and painting in him. The fact that Phillip shared the same love for art and nature with his grandfather made him feel even closer to him. William…[show more]
Portfolio1.971 Words / ~8 pages Gymnasium Landau a.d. Isar Summary- STEPHEN KING-IT The horror-novel It written by the author Stephen King and published in 1986 talks about a clique of seven boys who face the fight against a monster named It in their little hometown village Derry. Since eleven years the seven boys know each other and live in Derry, which is situated in the USA (Maine). Bill Denbrough, Eddie Kaspbrak, Ben Hanscom, Beverly Marsh, Stan Unis, Richie Tozier and Mike Hanlon but everybody of them has got a handicap which is the reason why they are called the Losers club. Bill is stuttering, Mike is black, Ben weights to much, Beverly lives in poor conditions, Stan is Jude, Eddie small and sickly and Richie vornooud. They are not liked and accepted. Even often annoyed or beaten as by the twelve-year-o­ld Henry Bowers. At the same time strange things happen in the city. Children tell of…[show more]

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