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List of Portfolios: English Language
Portfolio BORG 12 Hegelgasse Wien
Book report Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens Content 1. The Painting to the book 2. a. Why did I choose the book to the colour? b. The Author c. The Content 3. a. Creative Text – Book b. Creative Text – Colour 4. Why did I choose the colour grey? 1. The Painting This painting from the 16th century shows on
Portfolio Bergstrassengymnasium Hemsbach
Patrick Veith 10a - Bergstrassengymnas­ium 2.05.14 Looking Alaska John Green Table ­of Contents 1. Alte­rnative Cover 2. Novel Summary 3. Character Profile 4. My Questions while reading 5. Rewriting a passage 6. Word Web 7. Review 8. S­ources 1. Alter
Portfolio Gymnasium Ulm
BOOK REVIEW: ISBN-10: 159514188­X ISBN-13: 978-15951­41880 Your name: L. A. Title of book + year of publication: Thirteen Reasons Why (The first: October 8, 2007; my edition: June 14, 2011) Author: Jay Asher Level (of Language): some difficult words and sentences but the
Portfolio Max Eyth Schule Dreieich
  Content General information       ­                     3 Content Act One               ­                    
Portfolio Rhein-Sieg Gymnasium
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Reading Log by E. Ademi Rhein-Sieg-Gymnasi­um Sankt Augustin March 2016 Table of content I. Chapter summaries The Tributes chapters 1-9 . 1 The Games”, chapters 10-18 . 2 The Victor”, chapters 19-27 3 II. Character list Katniss Everdeen 4 Peeta Mellark 5
Portfolio Heinz-Berggruen-Gymnasium Berlin
James Conigrave, 12 October 1883 James Conigrave, 12 October 1883 Nothing felt more right than the warm sun rays on his back and cold fresh air in his lungs when he wandered into the untouched wilderness. His tense shoulders started loosening up and his mind started to function. This place always reminded
Portfolio Borg Linz
Z. T. The great Gatsby Relationship between Nick and Jay At the beginning of the story Nick does not know very much about Mr. Gatsby. He just hears a lot of rumors about him, but he does not believe everything. He wants to create his own picture of him. One day he gets an invention from Jay Gatsby to his house,
Portfolio Gymnasium Köln
A prayer for Blue Delaney – Portfolio Inhaltsverzeichnis Letter from Colm to his mother. 2 Diary entry. 2 Inner monologue of Colm in chapter 8. 3 Diary entry. 3 Table with short summary about every chapter. 4 Comment on chapter 18. 7 Comment on Chapter 9. 7 Book review 8 Characterization Colm 9 Summary
Portfolio Gymnasium Landau a.d. Isar
Summary- STEPHEN KING-IT The horror-novel It written by the author Stephen King and published in 1986 talks about a clique of seven boys who face the fight against a monster named It in their little hometown village Derry. Since eleven years the seven boys know each other and live in Derry, which is situated

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