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List of PPT Powerpoint Presentation: English Language

Powerpoint689 Words / ~21 pages University Zadar Croatia LISBON General information The capital city and the largest city of Portugal Population: 600 000 people Atlantic ocean and the Tagus river Currency: Euro (€) climate Mediterranean climate Summer season: from May to October How to get there? Croatia Airlines Zagreb  Frankfurt  Lisbon price for economy class: 2 810,00kn / 371,95€ Zadar  Zagreb  Zurich  Lisbon price for economy class: 3 500,00kn/ 463,28€ Where to stay? LISBOA CARMO HOTEL **** Price: db room: 120€ per night + breakfast Views of the Tagus River and Lisbons old town Restaurant, Elevator, Air conditiong, Laundry/Ironi­ng service, free Wi-fi TURIM IBERIA HOTEL **** Price: db room: 60€ per night + breakfast Restaurant, Bar, 24-hour front desk, Non smoking rooms, Facilities for disabled guests, Lift/elevator­, Room service, Laundry, free Wi-fi PEOPLE HOSTEL Price:…[show more]
Powerpoint393 Words / ~21 pages Gymnasium Stuttgart Welcome to Miami Take a tour with your guide Where is Miami? Miami is a famous city in the USA. It is in Florida, called „the sunshine state“ of the USA. Miami is located in the southeast of Florida, at the Atlantic Ocean. The name „Miami“ The name „Miami“ comes from the Indian word „Mayaimi“ which means „Big Water“ Today the nickname of Miami is „The Magic City“ Miami City and Miami Beach In the east: Miami Beach has a population of 89.000 In the west: Miami City has a population of 483.000 The metropolitan area of Miami has a population of over 5 million Miami City and Miami Beach Take a look from Miami City to Miami Beach. .and from Miami Beach to Miami City and Harbour Miami City and Miami Beach Miami Beach: Famous Art Deco District Hundreds of candy-coloure­d historical buildings Tropical flair, luxury villas and islands But there are also…[show more]
Powerpoint1.142 Words / ~36 pages Gymnasium Kirchenfeld Bern Hamlet By William Shakespeare Table of Contents Main characters and minor characters Summary of the play Themes Analysis of a central passage Interesting facts and information about the play Conclusion Quiz Hamlet Protagonist and main character Prince of Denmark Reflective and thoughtful Indecisive and hesitant Prone to violence Claudius Antagonist The new King of Denmark Wiling to do whatever it takes for power After his brother (Hamlet’s father) died, Claudius married his then-sister-i­n-law Gertrude Queen of Denmark Mother of Hamlet and Claudius’ new wife weak and even depraved Polonius Good friend of Claudius The head of the royal court Father of Laertes and Ophelia Ophelia and Laertes Ophelia: daughter of Polonius Young, beautiful and innocent Laertes Son of Polonius Passionate horatio Hamlet’s close friend Loyal…[show more]
Powerpoint619 Words / ~11 pages Arizona state university Powerpoint Templates Taxonomies of Language Learning Strategies Outlines : 1-Introductio­n. 2-Definition of strategy. 3-Definition of learning strategies 4-Oxford’s taxonomy of language learning strategies(19­90). 5-O’malley and chamot ‘s taxonomy (1989). 6-Cohen’s taxonomy. 7-Conclusion. Introducion : Definition of strategy : The word strategy comes from the ancient Greek word strategia ,which means steps or actions taken for the purpose of winning a war. Defenition of learning strategies : Malley and Chamot (1990) define language learning strategies as « The special thoughts or behaviors that individuals use to help them comprehend ,learn,or retain new information » Learning strategies are defined by Oxford as operations employed by the learner to aid the acquisition , storage, retrieval, and use of information.…[show more]
Powerpoint1.230 Words / ~43 pages DFG Saarbrücken THE UK AND EUROPE- A DIFFICULT RELATIONSHIP Content UK political parties & Prime Ministers Introduction Creation of European Union & UKs attitude towards it over the years The UK Rebate UK monetary system Conclusion UK POLITICAL PARTIES & PRIME MINISTERS Political parties Officially called the Conservative and Unionist Party Centre-right political party Founded in 1834 Current leader David Cameron Political parties Britisch Labour Party Centre-left political party Founded in 1900 Current leader: Ed Miliband Political parties Liberal Democrates Radical centre to centre-left party Foundet in 1988 Current leader: Nick Clegg British Prime Ministers Winston Churchill 1874-1965 Prime Minister twice: 1940 to 1945 1951 to 1955 Britisch Prime Ministers Clement Attlee 1883-1967 Leader of the Labour Party from 1935 to…[show more]
Powerpoint763 Words / ~12 pages Ludwig Erhard Schule Mosbach Mahatma gandhi A life committed to peace “Nobody can hurt me without my permission.” Table of contents Early life Birth of passive resistance Fight for Indian Liberation The Salt March The road to independence Women The Assassination Ashes Sources EARLY LIFE Life data * 2 October 1869 † 30 January 1948 Family His father was a chief minister His mother was deeply religious and a practitioner of Vaishvanism, which is a religion that represents nonviolence and discipline Education & Turning point Driven by the interests of his parents, he moved to London at the age of 19 to study law. Although having a first class ticket, Gandhi was thrown out of the train because he refused to leave his seat for a European passenger. The train incident was a turning point for Gandhi’s life. He began to develop and teach the concepts of satyagraha which…[show more]
Powerpoint718 Words / ~10 pages Unknown, Unknown Modern Connections and Common Themes What society sees as civilized is hypocritical Huck asks to smoke but is not allowed to even though “she took snuff, too; of course that was all right because she done it herself” (2). Miss Watson is a slave owner. After running off, Jim explains to Huck, “I hear old missus tell de wider she was gwyne to sell me” (43). The belief that certain people can be owned directly contradicts her claim of being a Christian. Aunt Sally and Uncle Silas who demonstrate southern hospitality but also embrace the South’s tradition of slavery. Pap denounces the government for allowing a mixed race man to become a wealthy college professor with the right to vote. He thinks the professor should be put up at an auction and sold Trump blames Syrian Chemical Attack on Obama 2013: Trump urged Obama not to attack Syria after…[show more]

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