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List of Preparation for school leaving examination: English Language

Preparation A-Level5.889 Words / ~22 pages BORG Schwaz CANADA Spezialgebiet in Englisch – Kanadische Literatur Inhalt 1) Native people. 2 2) English- French- Conflict. 4 3) Orphan’s Progress. 6 4) GOOD COP BAD COP. 10 5) Borders (Thomas King). 12 6) Green Sundays. 18 1) Native people Some Canadas Aboriginal people or indigenous people are the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people First Nations: First Nations refer to specific indigenous groups in the land that is now known as Canada. First Nations are typically found south of the demarcation that separates First Nations culture groups from Inuit culture groups. The Inuit are not First Nations because of their distinct regional, cultural, and linguistic differences. Inuit: Inuit is a general term for a group of indigenous peoples who are living in the Arctic regions of Canada: Greenland, Russia and Alaska. The Inuit mainly speak…[show more]
Preparation A-Level12.931 Words / ~37 pages Lloyd Gymnasium Bremerhaven - Sam and friends: stuck in Manhattan, it´s flooded; no electricity, flooded streets, big water wave crosses NY: Sam and friends are safe in public library - Hall- Rapson: new storms will change the face of the earth within seven to ten days - Sam calls Jack from the library, Jack promises to rescue him - Jack and Frank and Jason start from Washington to NY, first by car, later on by snow shoes, Frank dies because of breaking into the glass roof of a shopping hall - President and his motorcade get lost in the snow storm - NY: temperature fall 10 degrees per second - from a ship Sam secures penicillin for his love Laura, which has an injury on her leg, Sam courageously takes on a pack of hungry wolves in freezing NY City - storm clears over North America - Jack and Jason reach library and are reunited with Sam, Laura and the others - Vice President is…[show more]
Preparation A-Level2.672 Words / ~9 pages Gymnasium Sacre Coeur, Wien African-Ameri­can Civil Rights Movement Abitur Spezialgebiet Englisch Inhaltsverzei­chnis · Timeline. 2 · Rosa McCauley Parks 1913-2005. 3 · Sit-Ins 4 · Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Junior 1929-1968. 5 · Malcolm X. 7 · Today. 9 The Civil Rights Movement was a reform movement in the United States of America in the time between 1945 and 1970. It was a struggle to end the discriminatio­n of minorities and to bring equality under the law. The legal racial segregation was the main reason that caused the uprisings. It meant disadvantages in housing, medical care, education, employment and transportatio­n for the African-Ameri­cans and other minority groups. The isolation of those ethnic groups from the white majority was a mischief that had followed a long history of slavery and abuse. The Civil Rights Movement happened primarily in the…[show more]
Preparation A-Level1.241 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Sacre Coeur, Wien INDIA – Englisch / Abiturvorbere­itung Content In 1498, a new sea route from Europe to India was discovered which paved the way for direct Indo-European commerce. The Portuguese soon set up trading posts in Goa, Daman, Diu and Bombay. The next to arrive were the Dutch, the British and the French. The internal conflicts among Indian kingdoms gave opportunities to the European traders to gradually establish political influence and appropriate lands. Although these continental European powers controlled various coastal regions of southern and eastern India during the following century, they eventually lost all their territories in India to the British. East India Company The East India Company had a monopoly with India and traded mainly in cotton, silk, indigo dye, salt, saltpetre, tea and opium. The British government owned…[show more]
Preparation A-Level699 Words / ~ pages Fachhochschule Kehl Englisch-KA Gay rights Nowadays gay rights play an important role in or lives and shouldn’t be ignored. In the 21st century, homosexuality is no longer taboo. But is it not important if you are female or male? Although the legal gaps in gender equality are closing slowly, in some cases this still looks different. When mother, father, child becomes father, father, child,many people are outraged. In modern times you must think a lot about same-sex marriages. Unfortunately­, many homosexuals are struggling with racism, discriminatio­n, oppression and maybe with violence. But what should you do if you are born in the wrong sex? Or if you are attracted to the same sex? And should same-sex couples be allowed to marry and possibly even adopt a child? Obviously, there are many benefits of same-sex marriages. But aren’t there any negative…[show more]
Preparation A-Level502 Words / ~1 page Abendgymnasium Rhein-Sieg Frontier Spirit belief in unlimited opportunities in “the West” willingness to take challenges: space exploration, climate change, etc. belief in “rugged” individualism belief in hard work; self-reliance (capitalism) mobility, flexibility Manifest Destiny belief that it was Gods will for the USA (the chosen country) to expand historical force behind US international­ism; belief that its Gods will that the US spread the values of democracy/Ame­rican civilisation around the world justification for: → 19th century: eradication of Native Americans → 20th and 21st centuries: USA has developed into a “global cop” (involvement in the two World Wars, Cold War) this is again justified by the belief in a “divine mission” to spread the values of western civilisation treatment of suspected terrorists in Guantánamo installation…[show more]
Preparation A-Level1.458 Words / ~6 pages Waldorfschule Ravensburg American History­ In fourteen hundred ninety two Columbus sailed the ocean blue: · Jamestown was founded in 1617. Died a few years later of no food. · Virginia starvation, hard life in beginnings, kids from the streets, prisoners ->survived Pilgrims [1920] · Pilgrims, Puritans & Quakers came cause of religious [persecution in England/King] · Mayflower Compact Colonies [North, Middle, South] · North: N. Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts­, Rhode Island = New England § Puritans. Poor soil, shipbuilding, trade fishing, no slaves, no separation church/state · Middle: N.Y., Pennsylvania, N. Jersey, § Religious tolerance, Quakers[W. Penn], Dutch, Trading centre, Capital, Merchants Craftsmen, · Southern: Virginia, N+S Carolina, Georgia § Slavery, tobacco, cotton, sugar, agricultural systems, plantations,…[show more]
Preparation A-Level4.286 Words / ~12 pages AHS Gymnasium Enns Spezialgebiet aus Englisch Brg Enns 2014 Spezialgebiet aus Englisch Association Football 8A Contents 1.)Rules and general gameplay Short explanation of the game and the aim of it Rules tactics 2.) History of Football Early forms Football in the 19th century Modern football in the 20th century 3.) Social value Worldwide distribution 4.) Economic importance 5.) Manipulation of football games6.) Sources General gameplay, rules and tacticsshort explanation of the game and the aim of it:Soccer is a sport, played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field. The aim of the game is to score more goals than the opponent does. A goal counts only when the ball completely crosses the goal line between the goalposts and under the crossbar . Football is the name of the sport and for the playground equipment , the football itself.…[show more]
Preparation A-Level4.071 Words / ~12 pages Erzherzog Johann Gymnasium Bad Aussee ABORIGINES 8a 2013/14 GENERAL FACTS ABOUT AUSTRALIA: Australia, with its capital city Canberra, has a total area of about 7.692.024 km² on which 23.130.900 inhabitants live. For comparison: Austria has an area of about 83.878,99 km with 8.488.511 inhabitants. Furthermore Australia, which is located between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean, is the world largest island. But in the same time it is the smallest continent. There live only two people per km², so it is sparsely populated. The name Australia comes from the Latin “ australis” which means southern. Australia is a British colony. So its head of the state is of course the Queen. But the Queen cannot stay all the time there. So her representativ­e is Governor-Gene­ral Quentin Bryce. History: Australia has been isolated from the rest of the world for a long time, because it has…[show more]
Preparation A-Level455 Words / ~1 page HLW St.Pölten Writing task 1 24.10.2016 Ladies and Gentlemen, A month ago, my friends and I booked the all-inclusive offer from the hotel called “Super Star Resort*****” through your travel agency. Everything worked out perfectly, such as payment and the flight. Unfortunately­, some issues occurred during our stay. First of all, I was astonished how large the hotel complex has been. The hotel itself was wonderfully decorated, just as in the pictures on the website. We were welcomed very nicely and also got a little present at our room. By all means, the hotel room met our expectations, except for one thing, which I will point out later. But it was very well equipped, spacious and with a lot of light. Every day, the room has been cleaned by the chambermaids. The staff was very helpful and always smiling. They did everything for our well-being. After…[show more]

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