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List of Presentations: English Language
Presentation BG/BRG Knittelfeld
Dangerous Obsession N.J. Crisp The play encourages us to question ourselves and our interpretation of reality. It forces us to think about the lies, social lies and twisted stories we all tell. 1. The Author Norman James Crisp, was born in 1923 in Southampton. He has written novels, plays and TV series.
Presentation BG/BRG Knittelfeld
DRUGS Turn on, tune in, drop dead? GO ASK ALICE (biography) Alice was a little girl at the age of fifteen. She had a lot of friends, who admired her a lot because she was really pretty and she was always good at school. Even the teachers liked her. When she entered a room, she lit up the whole place. She seemed
Presentation BG/BRG Knittelfeld
MULTI-CULTURAL BRITAIN Many cultures in Britain: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were separate kingdoms in former times. Today they form the basis of British culture. In any of the big cities are many other cultures represented, whose diversity enriches all aspects of British life.
Presentation BG/BRG Knittelfeld
Romy and Julian (written by Cilve Duncan) In general enormous amount of influence today: -magazines -media -internet -television People (especially young ones) feel the need to belong, to be a member og a group, of a trend- to be in and cool, our modern life is a “life on the fast lane” We’re
Presentation BG/BRG Knittelfeld
Too violent to watch Important vocabularies: - People who commit violence: murderer, robber, gunman, burglar, thief, mugger (Straßenräuber), criminal - Adjectives describing these people: fierce (Kämpferisch), deadly, evil, brutal, criminal, cruel - Violent actions: wound, strangle (erwürgen),
Presentation BG/BRG Knittelfeld
WHEELS This car was travelling along Turn up the volume. The man/woman was probably The next thing was that They crashed into They were badly hurt/seriously injured/killed. The car overtook him. He was awfully shocked when he found out that He was humming (summen, brummen) to himself. Five experts
Presentation Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU
Ethnic geography „Ethnicity&#­8220; derived from the Greek word „ethnos̶­0;, which means “people” or “nation̶­0;. Ethnic groups have a strong feeling of togetherness because of their culture, race, religion, language or nationality. Ethnic groups
Presentation HTBLVA Villach
The Political parties in Britain The Labour Party-was established in 1906 as a result of a break by the trade unions with the Liberal Party. The Labour Party advocated(vermeide­n) a policy of winning limited reforms without fundamentally challenging the profit system. It pledged(verspreche­n)
Presentation Bayern
Snow falling on Cedars by David Guterson The Author: - * 1956 in Seattle - He studied at the University of Washington - After graduation he moved to Bainbridge Island - He teaches English at local High School - He wrote articles for magazines and published a few books - His most famous book is ``Snow falling
Presentation München
Economy of the United Kingdom History: - industrial revolution: (before: Britain = agricultural country) - Britain was the first industrial nation - hand work removed to machine work - first phase: textile manufactur -> originating machines for the processing of cotton products - steam machines,
Presentation Wifi St.Pölten
The Way of the Peaceful Warrior Book presentation Intro The author Dan Millman wrote book in 1980. It’s a mixture of an autobiography, telling things which really happened to him and a fantastic novel. He’s a professor for physical education and a member of the human potential movement.
Presentation KG Mannheim
Kit’s Wilderness The Author David Almond, born on May 15th 1951 is a British children’s writer. Raised in the North East England he was educated at the University of East Anglia. He found his love of writing, when he was young and published some short stories of himself in a magazine. After
Presentation Wien
Poetry and Theory Three theoretical modes: · reflection of language, representation and categories of critical thought undertaken by deconstruction and psychoanalysis · analyses of the role of gender and sexuality in every aspect of literature and criticism by feminism and then gender studies
Presentation BG/BRG Lichtenfelsgasse Graz
Today I have my book launch/presentatio­n: I want to present a detective story by Agatha Christie. The title of the book is “After the Funeral” It was first published in the US in 1953. Funeral is a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated. Before I begin to report I want to say something
Presentation Westfalenkolleg Dortmund
My irish diary by Ralph Giordano As a confessing Ireland lover nothing lies closer, than selecting everything about Ireland, before travelling, as a later reading or only to read and dream about this beautiful island. From Dresden, in the direction of Cologne, straight through Belgium, a bit of France
Presentation Schwabmünchen
A contrasting analysis between Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy - Main male character - 28 years old - Unmarried - Wealthy owner of the famous family estate of Pemberley in Derbyshire - An archetype of the aloof romantic hero à Handsome, tall, and intelligent - Not convivial, cold and
Presentation Vechta
Malcolm X Childhood: Malcolm X was born on 19th of May, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. His original name was Malcolm Little. Malcolm was the fourth child out of eight. His father was a Baptist minister, and his mother stayed at home to look after the children. He was brought up very strict. His skin and his hair
Presentation Frankfurt
Einleitung: What is the American Dream? ­ààà Bild Freiheitsstatue!! · There is not a unified definition- any U.S. citizen probably has its very own dream. For some it is the dream of freedom and equality, for others it is the dream of a fulfilled life, and for others it is the dream of fame and wealth · In
Presentation HTL-Zeltweg
Sports A sound mind should live in a sound body that was what the ancient Romans said. The Olympic games of ancient Greece were a cultural, athletic and religious event. Athletes at this time represented a perfect harmony, a balance of body and soul. Nowadays the meaning of sport is completely different
Presentation Ludwig Erhard Schule Mosbach
Today I´m talking about Hollywood, I have chosen this topic, because I´m very interested in stars and movies. Here is Hollywood; it is located in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is in the State California, on the west coast of the USA. Hollywood is a district of Los Angeles. It is called dream factory, because
Presentation Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU
SCHOOL Systems School systems: British System: à Basic information: Years 1-2 are spent in infant schools Years 3-7: junior schools Years 7-11: Secondary schools (aka High schools) Main exams: GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) = taken at the age of 16 From age 16 to 18, many students
Presentation Gymnasium
The British Empire and the Commonwealth · Spain, England, portugal, France, Holland struggeled in the 16th century. England was the last that join the colonial powers but became the most important. The British Empire was the largest colonial empire in history it´s peak (at the beginning of the 20th
Presentation Gymnasium Landkreis Teltow Fläming(Brandenburg)
Speech: Ethnic diversity Welcome Ladie's and Gentleman, today I would like to give you a speech about "ethnic diversity - a blessing or a curse" and to come to the most important thing first: In my opinion it's a blessing. Many people, especcialy here in Germany, where everybody wants to be
Presentation Gymnasium Carolinum
Death Valley We want to tell you about the naming, geographical location, climate, animals, plants, tourists, and some interesting places of the Death Valley. Words: geographical location – geographische Lage Death Valley was named in 1849, as a series of horse-drawn carriage with immigrants
Presentation Gymnasium Bochum
The University of Oxford 1. Facts and figures Motto in Latin Dominus Illuminatio Mea Motto in English The Lord is my Light Established Unknown, but teaching existed since 1096 Type public Total students about 20 000 undergraduates 11 917 postgraduates 7 350 Chancellor Baron Patten of Barnes 2. Organisation
Presentation Gymnasium-Wien
COLOR OF WATER Biography of the author James McBride James McBride is an award-winning writer and composer. He was born in 1957 and was the eighth of twelve children. He was raised in Brooklyn´s Red Hook housing projects. He received a degree in music composition in Ohio. He also pursued a master´s degree
Presentation Stuttgart
American Civil War (1861- 1865) The Civil War was one of the hardest battles in American history. It changed America’s society deeply - although the slaves were free in the end, the whites still oppressed the African Americans. The Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1865 and was also known as the War
Presentation Centennial High School
T. C. 3/11/10 Period 5 After the First Death In everyday society, thousands of normal people get up on the brink of situations. They are recognized as the heroes of today and tomorrow. Achieving the status of hero is seen through many traits. For instance, in the book After the First Death, heroism is displayed
Presentation Desert Choral High
"The History of American Education " For centuries, character education played a central role in the curriculum of higher education institutions in the United States (Christian Higher Education, 295). A majority of education institutions were religion-based and emphasized the importance
Presentation BRG Wels
THE HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE Lots of languages are spoken in the world. These languages can be divided into groups of which they come from, for example the Indo- Chinese group, the Semitic group, the Malayo- Polynesian group or the Indo- European group which was spoken about 5000 years ago in Europe.
Presentation Leoben bg/brg1
Getting about Traveling Broadens the Mind Traveling is easy and comparatively cheap today. Through modern means of transport like motor car, plane, railway or steamship, the world has shrunk. Travel has become popular among all classes of the population, even those who are not so well-to-do can afford
Presentation 10. KlasseCenter Vesthimmerland
1. New York Never Again It was a new day, of course it was a new day, every day is a new day, but something new was going on for Joey. She had decided to spend her summer holiday in New York, life was starting to use last day’s happenings, and Joey was sick of it. “I really want to try something new,
Presentation Berufskolleg
Brave New World Aldous Huxley • partly a statement of ideas ( expressed by characters with no more depth than cartoon characters) • First three chapters present most of important ideas or themes of the novel • Director of Hatcheries and conditioning explains that people are breed
Presentation BORG Dreierschützengasse Graz
· Englisch Kernstoff: food Food It is important for your health what you eat, where you eat and why you eat. As a teenager you have to eat a variety of foods that give you the nutrients your growing body needs. It is not wrong if you eat burgers and pizza but you have to eat smaller amounts and balance them with
Presentation Gymnasium Penzberg
Political System in the UK Overview of the System - UK as a constitutional monarchy A country governed by a king or a queen, who accepts the advice of a parliament - Parliamentary democracy Government is controlled by a parliament, which has been elected by the population - Queen as
Presentation Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München - LMU
Contrastive lingu­istics and language teaching I. Introduction As you already know, Contrastive linguistics is a branch of linguistics which seeks to compare the sounds, grammars and vocabularies of two languages with the aim of describing the similarities and differences betwee­n
Presentation Stiftsschule Einsiedeln
Australia With approximately 7.7 million Km², is Australia the largest island of the world and the sixth-biggest state. In Australia, lives 22.3 million people which is circa a quarter of the population of Germany. More than 70% of the population lives along the coast, because a big part of the continent
Presentation Gymnasium Sinsheim
Englisch Referat - The Southern States of the USA Today I tell you something about the south of the USA = Here you can see a map of the south of the USA The south of the USA hat eleven states : Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee
Presentation Lerchenberggymnasium Altenburg
The White House The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States. Located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, D.C. In 1792 James Hoban won the 500$ prize for his design of a president’s palace The cornerstone for the new presidents
Presentation Realschule Baiersbronn
Report about Bali Hello, my name is Meghan. I'm here to give you some information about Bali and its sights. I have been living in Bali for 3 years and so I know the island quite well. First of all I want to talk about some general facts. Balso, also called Paradise Isalnd or Island of the Gods'
Presentation Freie Waldorfschule Frankenthal
Sir Francis Drake The eldest of twelve children was born in Crowndale, in about 1540 (the exact date of his birth is not known). He grew up in a protestant farmer-family who was banished from his land by a catholic unrest. At the age of thirteen Drake started to work on a small coast ship. From his
Presentation Gymnasium waldkirchhen
Mississippi civil rights activist murder Persons: - James Earl Chaney (21 years old black man from Meridian , Mississippi) - Andrew Goodman (20 years old Jew from New York) - Michael Schwerner (21 years old Jew from New York) - Cecil Price (Deputy Sheriff and member of the faction White

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