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List of Presentations: English Language

Presentation1.829 Words / ~6 pages Friedrich-Gymnasium Wien Englisch: Referat über Mahatma Ghandi Good morning, first of all I want to begin my presentation with a quote of a famous personality “Be the change you want to see in the world.” His image is one of the most recognizable in history: a thin, frail-looking man wearing round glasses, a loincloth and sandals, known as the father of the Indian independence movement Can anybody tell me who that might be? That’s right. The subject of my talk today is Mahatma Gandhi To begin with, I want to show you my table of contents Table of contents Short biography (I’d like to start with a short biography of Mahatma Gandhi) Influences, principles, practices and beliefs (Secondly, I want to say something about his influences, principles, practices and beliefs) His role in South Africa (Then, I would like to show you his role in South Africa) His fight for…[show more]
Presentation774 Words / ~ pages Valentin-Heider Gymnasium, Lindau Referat Hawaii - Paradise in the Pacific When you see Hawaii the first time, you think youre in paradise: Tropical vegetation, golden sand, palms und wonderful, white surf which seem to be drawn onto the blue of the ocean. Also the mountains are full of tropical plants. Hawaii has a special extravagance within the beaches. Its a favorite holiday place, well known for surfing and the exclusive shops, hotels, bars and restaurants. We all know some famous people, which are born there: Bruno Mars, Nicole Kidman or Barack Obama. Its been a long journey to Hawaii, one of the most remotest locations of the world. Hawaii is a volcanic island chain, which is more than 3.500 km southwest to the US mainland. There are eight major islands, seven of them are inhabited. More than 70% of the 1,3 million inhabitants live on Oahu, most of them in and around…[show more]
Presentation737 Words / ~6 pages Goethe Gymnasium Hamburg Washington Today i want to tell you something about Washington State. Facts: The nickname of Washington is Evergreen state, because washington has a very beautiful nature. It is situated in the northwest of the USA at the Pacific. Washington is 185.000 square kilometers big. The state has got 6.5 million inhabitants. The capital is Olympia, but Seattle is the biggest City. Jay Inslee is the gouvernor of Washington. History Washington has become the 42. state of the USA at November the eleventh in 1889. It is named after George Washington and is the only US- state that has the name of an American president. To distinguish it from the U.S. capital, Washington is often referred as Washington state or The State of Washington. Washington D.C, the capital of the USA, is situated nearly the state Maryland. Geography Washington borders…[show more]
Presentation1.119 Words / ~ pages BG/BRG Knittelfeld MULTI-CULTURA­L BRITAIN Many cultures in Britain: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were separate kingdoms in former times. Today they form the basis of British culture. In any of the big cities are many other cultures represented, whose diversity enriches all aspects of British life. Britain’­;s history had always “foreig­n” influences, through conquest, trade, migration, travel, asylum and empire. London is home of 37 different ethnic groups of over 10.000 people. Therefore it’s the most cosmopolitan city in the world. In London are ethnic “villag­es” but there are no ghettos. London’­s ethnic minority population is 23% of the cities total population. The largest single group originates from the Indian sub-continent­. There are also people from Pakistan, Bangladesh. They…[show more]
Presentation770 Words / ~ pages BG/BRG Knittelfeld Romy and Julian (written by Cilve Duncan) In general enormous amount of influence today: -magazines -media -internet -television People (especially young ones) feel the need to belong, to be a member og a group, of a trend- to be in and cool, our modern life is a “life on the fast lane” We’re all looking for values, for ways of (self-) expression, but the help of society and media is very often rather superficial Today for many youngsters their image, their idol (Music, film) is the most important thing. They’re living in a virtual world of computer games, cyber-relatio­nship­s and of pseudo. beliefs (sects, cults) and drugs. Actual anchors (philosophy, beliefs, and self-image) and personal individuality are replaced by external style. What’s important is what they do and say, not their image. This…[show more]
Presentation444 Words / ~ pages Goethe Gymnasium Hamburg Kangaroo presentation On the Australian coat of arms the Emu and the Kangaroo were selected as symbols of Australia to represent the country progressbecau­se they are always moving forward and never move backwards. Kangaroos belong to a group of marsupials called „macropods“, which means great footed animals. There are 4 main species of kangaroos: the red kangaroo, the Eastern Grey kangaroo, the Western Grey kangaroo and lastly the Antilopine kangaroo. Kangaroos are found all over Australia, they are often found in bush land, wood land, open forests and grassland. The Eastern Gray Kangaroo is only seen in the fertile eastern part of Australia. Most of Australia grassy plains and woodland are the Antilopine kangaroos habitat. Lager kangaroos do not live in deserts of Australia, because there isnt enough food for them to feed…[show more]
Presentation577 Words / ~ pages Anne-Frank-Schule Berlin 11. September der Anschlag Welcome to my presentationI would like to tell you something about the 11th September 2001I would like to give you some more information about this topic.I thank you in advance for your attention and hope you will enjoy my presentation.­First I want to tell you some facts about the World Trade Center and then I will explain the attack and then something about the people who dead. World Trade Center: The WTC was built between 1966 and 1973. It was 412 meters high and had 110 floors. But there wasn’t only one WTC; there was a south a north WTC 3,4,5,6 and 7. The both largest were called twin Tower and they were the largest buildings in the world. There worked over 40.000 people in office-, restaurant and business areas in only one tower an it was visited by more than 100.000 people a day.The attack:All began at Portland…[show more]
Presentation1.075 Words / ~2 pages Heidehofe Gymnasium Stuttgart Manchester City Hello and welcome to my presentation about the football club Manchester City. First I would like to show you my structur. My first point is the general information my second point are the achivements. My third point is player and coach. My next point is the stadium and my last point is about the Emblem. Lets start with the first point, general information. Manchester City FC was founded on 1880. The first name was West gorton Saint Marks. The second Name was Ardwick F.C. And now the name is Manchester City Fotball Club. Manchester City is a english football club. They play in the barclays premier league. Shortcut Bpl. (here you can see the emblem). They are one of the best teams in the Bpl. The rival from the citizens is Manchester united.The place from Manchester city and Manchester united is in Manchester. The president…[show more]
Presentation508 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Carolinum Death Valley We want to tell you about the naming, geographical location, climate, animals, plants, tourists, and some interesting places of the Death Valley. Words: geographical location – geographische Lage Death Valley was named in 1849, as a series of horse-drawn carriage with immigrants who came across country to California lost them and landed in the valley for a few days. They must burn their wagons and kill their ox and eat them to survive. When they finally left the valley on foot, said one of the women, Goodbye, Death Valley and the name stuck. Geography The Death Valley National Park is about 330 miles northeast of Los Angeles, California on the eastern border of California. Death Valley is nearly 165 km long and has width of 19 to 25 km. It is protected from the east and west by 1500 to 3000 meters high mountains Words:…[show more]
Presentation2.931 Words / ~11 pages Stuttgart American Civil War (1861- 1865) The Civil War was one of the hardest battles in American history. It changed America’­;s society deeply - although the slaves were free in the end, the whites still oppressed the African Americans. The Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1865 and was also known as the War Between the States, because nearly half of the American states, in the South decided to separate from the northern states (Union) to form their own federation. But why did they want to leave the Union? There were several causes – the main reason, was the question about slavery. While the industrial northern states rejected slavery, the southern states depended on it, because of the huge farming possibility. They needed cheap workers, and if they didn’t have had the blacks they wouldn’­t be able to get their work done.…[show more]
Presentation415 Words / ~ pages Realschule Filderstadt Eurokom - Topic: AC/DC Today I present you my favorite band, a very important hard rock band, formed in November 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. Do you know my favorite band? Do you have any idea? AC/DC Yes, correct. My favorite band is AC/DC. Brothers Malcolm, Angus, and George Young were born in Glasgow, Scotland, and moved to Sydney with most of their family in 1963. George was the first to learn to play the guitar. He became a member of the Easybeats, one of Australias most successful bands of the 1960s.Angus and Malcolm also wanted to be rock stars, they formed their own band.They discovered they Band Name on the sewing machine from her Sister Magaret. In the next years, they have been successful.In this Time was the Band Members Bon Scoot on the Vocals, Angus on the Lead Guitar his Brother Malcom on the Rhytm Guitar on the Bass…[show more]
Presentation681 Words / ~ pages Werner-Heisenberg Gymnasium Riesa GFS von Lea Queen Elizabeth I Struktur: Queen Elizabeth I Queen Elizabeth II Elizabeth and Mary Stuart England and Spain Texte: Queen Elizabeth I Today I want to tell you something about Queen Elizabeth I of England. Elizabeth lived from 1533 to 1603. Her father was the famous king Henry VIII who had been married to six women. He killed two of them. Before Henry met Elizabeth´s mother Anne Boleyn he had been married to Catherine of Aragon. When he fell in love with Anne he wanted to marry her, but a divorce was not possible for Catholics. So king Henry asked the pope to get the divorce, but the pope refused. Henry´s struggles with Rome led to the separation of the church of England from the Catholic church. Queen Elizabeth II Perhaps you know that England has a queen even today. Her name is Queen Elizabeth II. So let me say a few sentences about…[show more]
Presentation493 Words / ~1 page HTBLVA Villach The Political parties in Britain The Labour Party-was established in 1906 as a result of a break by the trade unions with the Liberal Party. The Labour Party advocated(ver­meide­n) a policy of winning limited reforms without fundamentally challenging the profit system. It pledged(versp­reche­n) itself to establishing socialism following the October 1917 Russian Revolution, but rejected a revolutionary perspective, claiming socialism could be achieved through the reform of the profit system. Now calling itself New Labour, the party under Tony Blair has carried out a final break with the perspective of social reformism. Conservative Party-has been in office for the past 18 years, first under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher and then John Major. It has implemented a right-wing program aimed at a fundamental…[show more]
Presentation690 Words / ~ pages Ludwig Erhard Schule Mosbach Today I´m talking about Hollywood, I have chosen this topic, because I´m very interested in stars and movies. Here is Hollywood; it is located in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is in the State California, on the west coast of the USA. Hollywood is a district of Los Angeles. It is called dream factory, because it is the home of the “rich and famous”; it is also the city, where everything is possible. The name Hollywood means in German “Stechp­almen­wald­”. But you can´t translate it directly it is only the meaning. Hollywood was founded in 1897 when the first cinema in the USA opened in Los Angeles. At first they filmed only filmlets in Hollywood, they only took several minutes. They filmed with a kinescope. It was the first camera ever made. In 1912 Cecil B. DeMill began to film in a horse stable, which was the first film production…[show more]
Presentation632 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Penzberg Political System in the UK Overview of the System - UK as a constitutiona­l monarchy  A country governed by a king or a queen, who accepts the advice of a parliament - Parliamentary democracy  Government is controlled by a parliament, which has been elected by the population - Queen as the official Head of State  she has little power - Parliament led by the Prime Minister and his Cabinet Constitution - No written constitution in the UK - There are rules, regulations and principles  but no formal documents that could be called “The Constitution of the UK” The Parliament - In the palace of Westminster - Legislative authority - 5 years of government max . dissolution by PM possible - Control of the governments work - Divided into two “houses“: The House of Commons and The House of Lords House of Commons - The more important one of the two “houses“…[show more]
Presentation630 Words / ~ pages MPR Bretten The voyages of Captain Cook - Kurzreferat English Before Captain Cook In 1700s people in Europe didnt know the other parts of the world . There were very good maps of Europe but only bad maps of the other parts of the world. Sea voyages were difficult and dangerous. Some explorers went further than others and became very famous for that. James Cook came from a little village of Marthon in the north-east of England. His family weren’t rich and they lived in a small house. When he was young he worked on a farm and in a shop. He loved the sea and wanted to work on a ship as soon as he could. He went to live in Whitby, which is in Yorkshire by the sea. When he was 18 he started working on a ship carrying coal up the coast of the east of England. It was very dangerous to navigate a ship near the coast. He learnd quickly to live on the sea and in 1755 he became officer…[show more]
Presentation1.702 Words / ~6 pages BG/BRG Knittelfeld DRUGS Turn on, tune in, drop dead? GO ASK ALICE (biography) Alice was a little girl at the age of fifteen. She had a lot of friends, who admired her a lot because she was really pretty and she was always good at school. Even the teachers liked her. When she entered a room, she lit up the whole place. She seemed to be the happiest little girl in the whole world. The girl had the ability to make everyone laugh. Alice had wonderful, thoughtful parents, who helped her as well they could. Her plans for the future were to have a good job, to get married one day and to found a family. But the truth was that she was a very sad, young girl. She really didn’t like her life, she didn’t like herself. Inside she was scared and doubtful. When Alice looked in the mirror, she only saw an ugly, little, plump girl with weird (freaky) hair and a potatoe-nose.­…[show more]
Presentation1.581 Words / ~2 pages Wifi St.Pölten The Way of the Peaceful Warrior Book presentation Intro The author Dan Millman wrote book in 1980. It’s a mixture of an autobiography­, telling things which really happened to him and a fantastic novel. He’s a professor for physical education and a member of the human potential movement. The story took place in San Francisco, California in 1966. This was his first book and all the following consist on it. The story was made into a film in 2006, called “Peacef­ul Warrior”. Main characters Dan Millman was a sports student who won many athletics competitions due to his hard training. He got good graduates at university and was a fantastic ring gymnast, he had many friends and liked going to parties in the evenings. He was very popular by the girls and only had to sleep alone when he wanted to, as he said about himself. Socrates…[show more]
Presentation472 Words / ~1 page KG Mannheim Kit’s Wilderness The Author David Almond, born on May 15th 1951 is a British children̵­7;s writer. Raised in the North East England he was educated at the University of East Anglia. He found his love of writing, when he was young and published some short stories of himself in a magazine. After the release of his first successful book “Sleepl­ess Nights” (adult fiction) he started to write stories for young adults. David Almonds first childrens book, Skellig, was the winner of the 1998 Whitbread Childrens Book of the Year Award. In 2010 he was awarded the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen prize for lifetime achievement in childrens writing. The Book “Kit­217;s­ Wilderness” was published in 2000. One year later, 2001, it won the Michael L. Printz Award (An award for a book that is excellent for young…[show more]
Presentation770 Words / ~ pages Vechta Malcolm X Childhood: Malcolm X was born on 19th of May, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. His original name was Malcolm Little. Malcolm was the fourth child out of eight. His father was a Baptist minister, and his mother stayed at home to look after the children. He was brought up very strict. His skin and his hair were relatively light because he had a white grandfather on his mothers side. For that reason, his father treated him better than the other children, but his mother didnt like him, because she hated her white father whom she had never seen. In 1931, when Malcolm was six years old, his father died under strange circumstances­. Maybe he was murdered. After that, the family was always very short of money, and in 1938 his mother had a nervous breakdown. She was brought to a mental hospital, where she stayed for 26 years. The children were sent…[show more]
Presentation524 Words / ~ pages HTL-Zeltweg Sports A sound mind should live in a sound body that was what the ancient Romans said. The Olympic games of ancient Greece were a cultural, athletic and religious event. Athletes at this time represented a perfect harmony, a balance of body and soul. Nowadays the meaning of sport is completely different than the meaning in the past. There is a prejudice that athletes are stupid and intelligent people are not able to do higher performances in sports. Mostly Athletes are specialist in one discipline, so a skier is good in downhill race or slalom but not good in ski jumping or cross country skiing. Advantages of specializatio­n are that often records are broken and so the sprinters faster than ever, jumpers make longer jumps and so on. A disadvantage is that the fun gets lost because an athlete is a hard worker. In our age the working hours…[show more]
Presentation2.658 Words / ~6 pages Leoben bg/brg1 Getting about Traveling Broadens the Mind Traveling is easy and comparatively cheap today. Through modern means of transport like motor car, plane, railway or steamship, the world has shrunk. Travel has become popular among all classes of the population, even those who are not so well-to-do can afford nowadays to go on charter flights and take part in package tours. Whether travel broadens the mind, however, depends largely on the way in which a person travels. Compare quick round tours with an extended stay in a foreign place; in the former you are hurried around the principal places of interest in a group by a guide, you stay only at special tourist hotels, eat only at certain restaurants, etc; in the latter you have time to stroll around, to get to know the inhabitants, and to absorb the atmosphere. In former days it was part of a nobleman´s…[show more]
Presentation1.255 Words / ~3 pages Wien Kenyongasse On the road Today I will tell you something about the book On the road. The two main characters of the book are the narrator, Salvatore Sal Paradise, and his new friend Dean Moriarty, much admired for his carefree attitude and sense for adventure, a free-spirited individualist eager to explore all kicks and he is an inspiration for Sals travels. The novel contains five parts, three of them describing road trips. The narrative takes place in the years 1947 to 1950, is full of American spirit, and marks a specific era in jazz history. The novel is largely autobiographi­cal, Sal being the alter ego of the author. The epic nature of the adventures and the text itself creates a tremendous sense of meaning and purpose for the themes and lessons the two men undergo. In section one, Kerouac not only introduces many of the books characters but also…[show more]
Presentation1.725 Words / ~ pages Lerchenberggymnasium Altenburg The White House The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States. Located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, D.C. In 1792 James Hoban won the 500$ prize for his design of a president’s palace The cornerstone for the new presidents house was laid in October 1792 Finally in 1800 the second president John Adams and his wife moved in, but the house was far from finished. Each president and his family brought their own tastes and personalities into the White House. In 1814 the White House set on fire and James Hoban conducted the rebuilding and finished it in 1817 From 1948 to 1952 the White House was renovate and 1960 new furnished The central executive residence, the original building of the complex, was built 1792-1800. The east and west parts were designed by Thomas…[show more]
Presentation1.260 Words / ~ pages Thor-Heyerdahl Gymnasium Kiel Akuetey-Doe Klausur-Ersat­zleis­tung 12.1 (12a) 09.01.2013 1“Letter from a Birmingham Jail“[King, Jr.] The “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” written on April 16, 1963 by Martin Luther King, who is in jail, is a response to a statement by eight white clergymen on April 12, 1963. In this excerpt Martin Luther King highlights the current injustice between black and white people, strives to justify non-violent direct actions and mentions his disappointmen­t with the church. Itprovides the reader an insight into the way he thinks about non-violence. King, Jr. wrote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” and enunciates therewith the unity of all Americans in the USA. King regrets that the demonstration­s have had such effects but he thinks that the black people have had no other choice than to demonstrate (l.7).…[show more]
Presentation619 Words / ~ pages HLW Fohnsdorf Referat zum Thema Irish Dance & Music Irish Dance History: Three main dances are often mentioned: Rince fada or fading in which two rows of partners facing each other, The Irish Hey, probably a round or figure dance, and The Trench Mores, which as a great free-form Country Dance is described. The modern period began in 1893 when the Gaelic League was founded. This group encouraged the revival of Irish culture, a culture that had oppressed them for centuries, the British In modern times it has spread, many organizations­, the Irish dance. The competition has become an important part of cultural life. The worldwide success of Riverdance and Lord of the Dance brought the Irish dance on the international stage. Dancetyps: Are due to Irish history, alongside the various dance sport - more or less traditional folk-dance styles:• Social…[show more]
Presentation632 Words / ~ pages HLW Spittal/Drau Ireland Culture, Sights Ireland is an island to the northwest of continental Europe. The island is divided into the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom, which is located in the northeast of the island. Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland. The currency is the Euro. The population of Ireland is approximately 6,4 million people. Just 4,6 million live in the Republic of Ireland and fewer than 1,8 million live in Northern Ireland. The Island is located in the temperate climate zone. It rains very often and every Irish person is carrying an umbrella with him. Ireland covers an area of 81,638 km².The official languages are English and Gaelic. The two main religious groups are Protestants and Catholics. They have had troubles in the past. There are many hills covered with grass. The grass…[show more]
Presentation1.274 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Ingolstadt Biography Adam Sandler - Comedian an Actor I chose Adam Sandler, because he is one of my favorite comedians and actors. In my opinion he is an allstar, due to his variety. He can sing, he can act and he is also a very funny comedian. I think he is just a silly goofy guy who loves what he’s doing. As I said he is very talented, he is an American actor, producer, screenwriter, comedian and also musician. But to reach these goals it was a long way. He was born in Brooklyn, New York on September 9, 1966 to Jewish parents. When he was a teenager he nurtured his talent by performing regularly in clubs and on campuses. Good to know is that he was at NYU, because later in his career he used a lot experiences for material for his comedy. For example in the song Lunchlady Land he sings about the lunch lady from the NYU. While he was a student at the NYU and performing…[show more]
Presentation2.380 Words / ~7 pages St. Ursula Gymnasium, Dorsten The British Empire and Commonwealth Inhalt The British Empire From the beginnings to 17th century 17th century - 1815 Imperial century End of British Empire Commonwealth Foundation Further Development The British Empire The United Kingdom’s British Empire was the biggest colonial power in history. It included dominions, crown colonies, mandates and protectorates­. Being a mandate means that the British possessed guardianship of these territories whereas protectorates were formally autonomous nations under British control. And we will explain the terms of dominion and crown colony to you later. At its summit, the British Empire covered a quarter of Earth’s landmass and nearly a third of Earth’s population of that time. It was called an “empire where the sun never sets” because it had colonies all over the world. Before…[show more]
Presentation2.670 Words / ~16 pages Albert Einstein Gymnasium Bonn GFS: Gandhi GFS zum Thema „Live and act of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi“ Fach: Englisch Lehrkraft: Frau Gerweck von: Klasse: TGJ1/3 Datum: 16.12.2013 Table of Contents 1. Introduction . .. 3 2. Life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi . 4 2.1 Childhood 4 2.2 Gandhis inlfuence in South Africa 5 2.3 Mahatma Gandhi and the independence of India 6 2.4 After his death 9 3. How could a single man liberate an entire country? . 10 3.1 Famous quotations by Mahatma Gandhi. . .11 4. Conclusion . 12 5. Sources . 13 6. Selbstständig­keit­s Erklärung . 15 1. Introduction IV. Map India This text displays Mahatma Gandhis inlfuence in India during and after British colonial rule which lasted from 18581 to 19472. During this period the British introduced many laws discriminatin­g the Indians because they were viewed as an inferior race and treated that way.…[show more]
Presentation1.117 Words / ~8 pages Staufer-Gymnasium Waiblingen Death penalty in the USA (Death penalty= Todesstrafe) Table of contents History of the death penalty 1.1 Definition Statistics to the death penalty in the USA When (at which criminal offense) does it come to the death penalty? Execution with teenagers Execution of mentally handicapped persons Execution possibilities Death by the rope Electric chair Poison syringe (= Giftspritze) Gas chamber Shooting Pro & Contra Examples Romell Broom (execution by poison syringe) Allen Lee Davis (execution by electric chair) 1. History of the death penalty The first execution was in year 1608, a captain named George Kendall was the executed man. The fist executed women was in year 1632. In year 1936 was the last execution in the public. It was the 22-year old Rainey Betha who was executed in public with about 20.000 viewers. 1960, many nations…[show more]
Presentation843 Words / ~6 pages Berufsschule stockach San Francisco San Francisco is surrounded by the San Francisco Bay in the east, the Golden Gate in the north and the pacific in the west. It is about 125 q²km and is surrounded by 42 hills, from where you have a fantastic and impressive (beeindrucken­d) view (Ausblick) of the city. San Francisco is in the northend of a peninsula (Halbinsel). About 700.000 inhabitants live there and it is the third biggest city in California, after Los Angeles and San Diego. “Frisco”, “San Fran”, “The City” and “Fog City” are only a few nicknames of San Francisco. In the 1960ties it was the city of the “Flower Power Generation”. All hippies wanted to be there once or live there. San Francisco is a fast growing city and many companies, for example google, are located here.The night life here is very busy, too. There is not only a tourist center, but a large place…[show more]
Presentation5.488 Words / ~26 pages Villingen- Schwenningen Stephen King: Why makes his works so famous? Content 1. Stephen King 1.1. Life 1.2. His way to writing 1.2.1. Influence by his mother 1.2.2. Influence by other authors 1.3. Works 1.4 Awards 2. His books, related to his own life 3. The Shining 3.1 Characters 3.2. Plot 3.3. Differences between book and movie 4. Own opinion / What makes Stephen King so popular? 5. Sources 1.Stephen King Stephen King is an American author, who writes horror books. He sold more than 400 Million books, translated into forty different languages. His books make him the most read author in his time. 1.1. Life Stephen Edwin King was born on the 21st of September 1947 in Portland, Maine. When Stephen King was two years old, his father got missing without any trace. King was raised by his mother, Nellie Ruth, along with his older brother David. He lived in Connecticut…[show more]
Presentation1.141 Words / ~ pages Freie Montessorischule Oldenburg Presentation about Coca Cola: The History of the world famous drink. Everyone knows it, almost everyone tastes it and I present it today. In more than 200 countries of the world, people are drinking more than a billion times a day the products from this company. It is sold worldwide and its brand value now amounts about 68 billion US dollar. Meant is Coca-Cola. Today I would like to introduce you to the economic importance and history of Coca Cola. The success story of Coca Cola began in May 1886 in a drugstore named »Jacobs Pharmacy«. The pharmacist John S. Pemberton (1831-1888) from Atlanta had invented a tonic from the Coca- plant and sold it mixed with soda water as medicine against headaches and fatigue under the name »Coca Cola«. This syrup was first sold for 5 cents per glass, mixed with soda water, in drugstores and bars. However,…[show more]
Presentation198 Words / ~ pages BG/BRG Knittelfeld Being Fifteen 1 )Important phrases - I used to + Inf. - I never/did not used + Inf. - aber: to be used to + Gerund - we both used to + Inf. - neither of us - I was surprised to hera that - I’d choose , because he/she looks - I think he/she is probably - I like people who are 2.) Vocabulary: Friends - generous[1] - sensitive[2] - not competitive[3­] - ambitious[4] - self – confident - intelligent - not selfish[5] - punctual - honest - courageous - helpful - patient - thoughtful[6] - lively - humorous - good at sport - good listener - tolerant - mean[7] - ungenerous; unwilling to share or to give - tolerant – accepting people’­s behavious even if you do not like it - aggressive – always ready to quarrel or attack - polite - having or showing good manners and consideration­[8] for others - shy – nervous or fearful in the…[show more]
Presentation714 Words / ~ pages BG/BRG Knittelfeld Dangerous Obsession N.J. Crisp The play encourages us to question ourselves and our interpretatio­n of reality. It forces us to think about the lies, social lies and twisted stories we all tell. 1. The Author Norman James Crisp, was born in 1923 in Southampton. He has written novels, plays and TV series. His pseudo detective story was a success in the West end. 2. Contents The action takes place in the conservatory of the home of Sally and Marc Discroll. Sally is a rich, but frustrated, hard drinking housewife. Her husband Mark, to the opposite is the reckless, intolerant, egoistic but respectable middle-class businessman. Barrett, an old acquaintance appears in the conservatory and wants something of Mark. John Barrett is a desperate husband, who wants to take revenge for his wife. He wants Mark to confess his guilt for the accident,…[show more]
Presentation1.036 Words / ~ pages BG/BRG Knittelfeld Too violent to watch Important vocabularies: - People who commit violence: murderer, robber, gunman, burglar, thief, mugger (Straßenräube­r), criminal - Adjectives describing these people: fierce (Kämpferisch)­, deadly, evil, brutal, criminal, cruel - Violent actions: wound, strangle (erwürgen), knock down, stab, murder, mug (ausrauben), rob, attack, rape, beat, shoot, steal Macho culture is blamed for violent Britain Parents, the Government, local councils and voluntary organisations help to creat a non-violent society. What happens in the early years, and in particular in the family and in schools, is the biggest influence on attitudes to violence. The Commission is of the opinion that physical punishment against children should be made illegal. They want to suggest[1] better measures to prevent bullying and…[show more]
Presentation714 Words / ~ pages BG/BRG Knittelfeld WHEELS This car was travelling along Turn up the volume. The man/woman was probably The next thing was that They crashed into They were badly hurt/seriousl­y injured/kille­d. The car overtook him. He was awfully shocked when he found out that He was humming (summen, brummen) to himself. Five experts speak about the reasons why so many road accidents occur: Dr. John Palmer: Today every motorist is trying to be better and go faster than the others around him. The car is a symbol of your success. People wish to be more powerful and to be first, which is a consequent of our instinct for self-protecti­on. The education of children, both at home and in school, promotes a strong sense of rivalry. We should educate our children to be more cooperative and less competitive. Alan Marshall: Thousands of people die on our roads every year. People show…[show more]
Presentation763 Words / ~2 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Ethnic geography „Ethnic­ity&#­8220­; derived from the Greek word „ethnos­̶­0;, which means “people­” or “nation­̶­0;. Ethnic groups have a strong feeling of togetherness because of their culture, race, religion, language or nationality. Ethnic groups are associated with clearly recognized territories in which they are primary or exclusive occupants and upon which they have placed distinctive cultural marks. So ethnic separatism has to do with territorial isolation and assists individual groups to retrain their identificatio­n. Where ethnic groups are intermixed because territorial boundaries are inexactly, conflict between those groups can be serious if peaceful relations or central government control break down (think of former Yugoslavia) The opposite to that…[show more]
Presentation524 Words / ~ pages Bayern Snow falling on Cedars by David Guterson The Author: - * 1956 in Seattle - He studied at the University of Washington - After graduation he moved to Bainbridge Island - He teaches English at local High School - He wrote articles for magazines and published a few books - His most famous book is Snow falling on Cedars´´ 1994 -> 1995 he got the Faulkner Award for it Main Character: - Carl Heine Junior - fisherman and murder victim - Kabuo Miyamoto - Japanese-Amer­ican fisherman, the accused, former friend of Carl Heine Junior - Ishmael Chambers - editor of the only newspaper on the Island - Hatsue Miyamoto - Kabuo’s wife - Art Morgan - town sheriff - Alvin Hooks - prosecutor - Nels Gudmundsson - defence lawyer - Carl Heine S. & Etta Heine - Carl’s parents - Zenhichi Miyamoto - Kabuo’s father and strawberry farmer - Ole Jurgensen…[show more]
Presentation445 Words / ~ pages München Economy of the United Kingdom­ History: - industrial revolution: (before: Britain = agricultural country) - Britain was the first industrial nation - hand work removed to machine work - first phase: textile manufactur -> originating machines for the processing of cotton products - steam machines, web machines,spin­ning machines,etc made everything easier and faster - beside the domestic productions the revolution changed in various fields like transport,ove­rseas trade, banking, etc - britains industrial revoluton was the inducement for analogue revolutions in europe and the usa - in Germany we talk about a impaired (=gemindert) revolution caused by the slow industrialisa­tion 1760 to 1830. The Labour Movement: Late 18th century: workers tried to improve their standard of living à organized groups, however attempts…[show more]
Presentation696 Words / ~ pages Wien Poetry and Theory Three theoretical modes: · reflection of language, representatio­n and categories of critical thought undertaken by deconstructio­n and psychoanalysi­s · analyses of the role of gender and sexuality in every aspect of literature and criticism by feminism and then gender studies and Queer theory · development of historically oriented cultural criticisms studying a wide range of discursice practices involving many objects nor previously thought of as having a history Theoretical movements Russian Formalism · critics should concern themselves with the literariness of literature · redirecting attention from authors to verbal devices · instead of asking what does the author say here? one should ask what happens to the sonnet here? · key figures: Roman Jakobson, Boris Eichenbaum, Victor Shklovsky New Criticism…[show more]

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