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List of Reflections: English Language

Reflection820 Words / ~2 pages Goethe Gymnasium Hamburg My personal ‛Americ­an dream’ My personal ‛Americ­an dream’ isn’t just about a certain person from a film, a book, a TV-series or from politics (although, it would be fairly interesting to talk to Barack Obama or someone like him). It is also not about some landscapes, like the fascinating view of the Rocky Mountains. It is not even about my expectations concerning a typical American high school that tiptoed into my mind by watching thousands of TV-series, but it consists of all these things combined. All of these things together form a unique world in my head – just my America. When I think about the USA, there automatically comes an image to my mind; you could call this phenomenon ’my mental movie projectorR­17;. First, this image shows some landscapes, like the Mississippi with…[show more]
Reflection613 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Ulricianum Aurich Ida , 24.02.12 Dangers and chances of social networks Facebook. A website, which always is discussed. Riots spread across Facebook faster than you can control it. Or how often it was in the news that unfortunately everyone could see invitations for birthday parties, only because you missed the small print. How often on parties: “Let’s take a photo! “(No matter how drunk you are). And on the next day: You find the photo on Facebook (it looks everything else than pretty or civilized), and everyone laughs at you. None of us is aware of what happens with these pictures. People forget, but the Internet forgets nothing. Most of all Facebook users don’t know how much personal data they give to Facebook and how the social network makes profit with it. In the following, I will point out the dangers, but also the chances of social networks like…[show more]
Reflection762 Words / ~6 pages Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster - WWU Freedom of Expression or Respect for Religion A Response Paper on the presentation ”Salman Rushdie – The Satanic Verses Affair“ (Session 10, 12th June 2012) Structure 1. Introduction. 1 2. Freedom of Expression or Respect for Religion. 1 2.1. ”The Satanic Verses“ - An Insult to Muslim Beliefs?. 1 2.2 Importance of Freedom of Expression. 2 3. Conclusion. 2 Bibliography: 4 1. Introduction ”Yet when you look at it rationally there is no reason why those ideas shouldn’t be as open to debate as any other, except that we have agreed somehow between us that they shouldn’t“ ­ Douglas Adams Salman Rushdie’s novel ”The Satanic Verses“, first published in 1988, was and is a source of immense controversy. From the Muslim perspective ”perhaps no other book has ever caused so much anger, fury and revulsion amongst Muslims the world over“ (Ahsan…[show more]
Reflection499 Words / ~1 page Goethegymnasium Kassel Comment: Ben Russell, One in Nine People Who Live in UK Born Abroad Britain is considered to be the most multicultural city in the world, leaving even New York behind. Due to its huge amounts of immigrants and residents from abroad, it is seen as an important hub for international migration because it has substantial links with the rest of the world, either from the legacy of colonialism or its links with Europe (Ben Russell, One in Nine People Who Live in UK Born Abroad). Nevertheless even in such a diversified society there are still people that are strictly against immigration and see many negative aspects in it. I am of the opinion that multicultural­ism brings some disadvantages but also minimum as many advantages to a society and is a wonderful thing Britain can adorn itself with. Looking back in the past, Britain gained the sympathy…[show more]
Reflection1.425 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Analyse Lehrplan Englisch AHS (Unter- Oberstufe) Curriculum analysis The curriculum explicitly states that the development of communicative competence should be the main focus when teaching English in school. The competences: hearing, reading, participating in conversation, coherent speech and writing in a foreign language, but also improving communicative strategies in all acquired languages (1st, 2nd, .) should be one of the main features of English lessons in school. Annother important point in the curriculum is the raising of intercultural awareness, reflection on your own culture 1) it is quite specific in naming the desirable learning-outc­omes, e.g. the understanding of the language in a normal speaking situation, the understanding of a text with adequate strategies, oral communication­, new media, etc.…[show more]
Reflection1.291 Words / ~6 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Response Journals for Introduction to English Linguistics Reflection Session 1: Introduction In the first session we became acquainted with our teacher. What I found nice was that our teacher not only asked us why we were learning English or why we wanted to get the teacher degree, but she also told us about herself: something about her as a person and about her research intererests as well. She also provided us with all that information about the course we needed. The presentation was very interesting. It was not a mere demonstration of slides and a simple enumeration of facts, but there were some brainstorming questions about what a language is, how we can define it. The presentation was not overladen with the information. Everything was understandabl­e and very interesting. We were given some definitions of a language and then…[show more]
Reflection2.017 Words / ~6 pages Greenriver Auburn Thoughts on standard about writing in college October 15, 2013 Writing 100 When writing in college, “it is all about what attitude and feelings you bring to the table” says Professor Ellen Hahn who teaches reading classes at Green river community college. When coming into college students think of it as being similar to high school, only it has a whole new set of rules and expectations. Professors will push a student to their limits, offer help during office hours, give resources that are needed, and as long as the student does their work they will succeed. But not necessarily only doing the work, a student has to work to please the professor’s expectations. Coming to class prepared and being more in depth is key to good writing. Professors want to see what type of writer a student is, not how many words they can write or come up with. That…[show more]
Reflection3.216 Words / ~13 pages Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main Institut für England-und Amerikastudie­n (FB 10) Abt. Sprachlehrfor­schun­g / Didaktik der englischen Sprache PS: Reading Pens and the 4 Skills SoSe 2015 Term Paper Micro Teaching with Reading Pens Writing 7 60326 Frankfurt am Main @hotmail.de L3 Englisch/ Ev. Theologie (8. Semester) Frankfurt, 18.01.2016 Table of Contents Theoretical Background In the introductory part, I present the skill of writing and what the Common Core Curriculum and current research say about it. Introduction The skill of writing in the EFL classroom is an important competence and its availability is significant for students’ later educational and professional career. Writing fosters language awareness and supports language acquisition and learning the target language, respectively. Writing skills in the target language, especially,…[show more]
Reflection631 Words / ~ pages Whakatane High School, Whakatane Reading Log Daughters of Heaven The play “Daughters of Heaven” by Michelanne Forster, which was first performed at the Court Theater in Christchurch on 19th of October in 1991 is about two girls, Juliet and Pauline and their passionate friendship. The girls have a different status so their parents are not very responsive about their relationship. To stay together the two would do everything, they even killed Paulines mother. It made me very sad to read that one of the girls has to move so they would be separated. When the girls decided to go away together but Paulines mother didn’t allow her to go I was outraged. I was really shocked when they killed Paulines mother because I didn’t think they would actually do it. Even though Pauline and Juliet were hundreds of kilometres apart other they were thinking about each other and finished…[show more]

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