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List of Reports: English Language

Report4.316 Words / ~14 pages Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München - LMU Alien Notes Intercultural Project Reflective Report 1. America- 1 1.1. First observations – Night on Earth- 1 1.2. My Project – Helping American Indian families- 2 2. I’m an alien- 3 2.1. Downtown- 3 2.1.1. Thank you, Mr. Busdriver 3 2.1.2. Sweety, Honey, Sugar 6 2.2. At the office- 7 2.2.1. The Cubicle- 7 2.2.2. I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine. 8 2.2.3. Just let her bring her own cake. 8 2.3. Out with friends- 9 2.3.1. Beer and culture- 10 2.3.2. Let’s take over the world- 11 3. Conclusion- 12 1. America 31 July, 2009. The plane smoothly touches down on the runway, the wind roars as it hits the flaps of the wings bringing the plane to a halt. Then a short moment of silence until the clicking of seatbelts can be heard, phone conversations are started and the passengers hurry to get their carry-on…[show more]
Report3.908 Words / ~13 pages Hamburg Gesamtschule Stellingen New York 9.11 Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 2 September, 11th 2001: What happened 3 2.1 The chronology of the attacks 4 2.2 Manhattan covered with dust 5 3 The reactions worldwide 7 4 The consequences and reactions 8 in New York 5 The consequences for the economy 9 6 background 10 6.1 Why they attacked 10 6.1.2 A list of attacks aiming at the USA 10 6.2 Why they attacked the World Trade Center 11 7 My conclusions and results 13 8 Appendix 14 A list of pictures of the occurences on CD 9 Bibliography 15 9.1 Quotes 15 1 Introduction It was September, 11th 2001, and I was preparing myself for lunch, when the telephone rang. It was one of my friends. He wanted me to switch on the TV, so I asked him which channel he meant and he just said “It makes no difference, just switch it on! You can see it on every channel . It’s unbelievable!­̶­0;,…[show more]
Report1.035 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Köln Could e-sports replace real sports or could e-sports compete with them in near future 1. Introduction In this term paper I will work on the question, whether e-sports could replace real sports or compete with them in near future. To compare them I will first look at the beginning of normal sports and e-sports to see how both of them started to form. Then I will look for why humans started to make a competition out of 2. What is e-sports and most popular genres First of all we have to clarify what e-sports are. E-Sports stands for electronic sports which is the competitive gaming of video games. Unlike real sports, e-sports are not played on a physical field like football or basketball but on a virtual field on a computer or console, which is the game itself. Like in real sports there are games that are played with a team (mostly of five people)…[show more]
Report3.153 Words / ~10 pages Heidelberg The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. By Mark Twain Author of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” “Life on the Mississippi” “The Innocents Abroad” ____ Great Britain, USA and Canada Charles L. Webster & Co., Publisher 1884 Summary: 1. Introduction § Biography about the author § Brief bibliography 2. Main part § Section 1 § Section 2 § Section 3 § Section 4 § Section 5 3. Conclusion Introduction Section 1: The story is set in St. Petersburg, a town in the state Missouri in the USA. That town is also near the Mississippi river, which plays an important role in the whole book. In that town there is a young boy called Huckleberry Fin, he is the main character in this story and tells it from his own perspective. “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” continues, where “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” ends. In the end of…[show more]
Report781 Words / ~1 page Rhein-Maas-Gymnasium Aachen Film review House of Sand and Fog Kathy Nicolo, an about 30 years old ex alcoholic, wakes up one morning to be evicted from her house by a lawyer who claims she did not pay her business tax. After she packed her things, with the help of Lester, a deputy officer who seems to be interested in her, she goes to see a solicitor in order to retrieve her property. In the meanwhile the house was sold to an Irani and his family, who are called Behrani. Infuriated by this fact, Kathy tries even harder to regain her house. While doing so a relationship between her and Lester arises. The role of Mr Behrani, who buys the house, played by Ben Kingsley, is one of a religious and determined man. He loves his wife and his son, who are everything for him. They once had a bungalow in their home country where Mr Behrani was colonel. His wife Mrs Behrani, played by Shohreh…[show more]
Report18.544 Words / ~42 pages Gymnasium Laufen Klasse 1 A Witch Child By Celia Rees Reading Log What do you think this book is about? I think the book is about a girl. Maybe she is a witch. But I think she is a daughter of a witch or even a granddaughter of a witch. The book is not from our time, but from the past. The girl is about 16 years old. She is afraid of the haters of witches who want to burn her. Because of that she must flee. That is why she looks so sad on the cover picture. I hope the girl survives in this story. Call for royal pardon for witches About 2,400 people were accused of witchcraft and executed Petitions calling for the pardon of those executed in the UKs witch trials are being handed to the UK and Scottish governments. About 400 people in England and 2,000 in Scotland were executed following accusations of witchcraft in the 16th and 17th centuries. The crime of being a witch was…[show more]
Report537 Words / ~1 page Goethe-Gymnasium Weißenfels A Speech about the environment Hey lets speak about something very important .something beautiful .about the environment What do you think if you hear the word environment?? When I think of environment I think of trees, flowers, forests, rivers, mountains, reefs and all the beautiful things that our earth gave us. But the reality is different. You can find sometimes only a little bit rubbish but the most time you find a large amount of rubbish in every beautiful landscape. And thats the point. Everywhere where you go is rubbish. In the city in the streets but also in the forest or at the beach everywhere. But that is not beautiful. And day by day more and more rubbish arises. Everybody of you make rubbish but not a big amount only a little bit but everybody of the world do this also ….so at the end we have a big amount of rubbish for example…[show more]
Report855 Words / ~ pages Delphos St. John's, Delphos OHIO Obama about Abortion, Same Sex Marriage and Stem Cell Research In the following pages I will explain president Barack Obama’s thoughts about Abortion, Same Sex Marriage and Stem Cell Research, beginning with abortion. Obama is, other than Governor Mitt Romney, pro-choice. That means he thinks the women should have the choice if they want to be pregnant and be liable for a child or not. His opinion is that it’s the woman’s right to choose what happens her own body, and if they don’t want to have a child they shouldn’t be forced to keep it. He also thinks that the government should not intrude on private family matters. Obama wants to promote adoption, support pregnant women and mothers and encourage healthy relationships­.­ He also says that young women should talk to their parents before they consider abortion, but he also knows…[show more]
Report1.989 Words / ~13 pages Köln, Realschule General information In the year 2015 about a million refugees came to Germany. But how did the refugees get there? - There are nine different ways, who they use: the West African Route (from Morocco through the Canary Islands), the Western Mediterranean Sea¹ Route (from Morocco to Spain), the Central Mediterranean Sea Route (from Tunisia to Spain or to Italy), the South Eastern Mediterranean Sea Route (from Libya to Italy), the Western Balkan Route (begins in Greece), the Eastern Mediterranean Sea Route (begins in Turkey), and the Eastern Overland Route (from Russia). What kind of problems do the Refugees have on their escape? - On the escape from their motherland they have many problems: They have to pay the costs from their travel on their own, e.g. they must pay money for a place in a boat and for that people smugglers takes a lot…[show more]
Report983 Words / ~ pages Niagara College Design Thinking March 28th, 2018 Annotated Bibliography Gobble, M. M. (2014). Design thinking. Research Technology Management, 57(3), 59-61. In the book design thinking, the author Mary Anne who is engaged in Writing, Editing, Results-Orien­ted Editorial Leadership; Content Strategy & Creation for Knowledge-Foc­used Organizations­, is seeing that design thinking is a big picture of different thoughts. The design thinking is not just about bringing though and imagination but is more about the product you have and you need to use for it. It is Also about the way you match two things together to make a beautiful picture and making balances the quantitative focus of analytical thinking, with its impulse to standardizati­on and preference for consistency, with the creativity and freedom of intuitive thinking. Through what…[show more]
Report389 Words / ~ pages Jensen Larsen Sverige Founded in 1991 (Nineteen ninety nine), by a guy named Lennart LajboschitzFl­ying Tiger Copenhagen was founded by Lennart Lajboschitz in 1995, where he opened the first store. In 2015 (Two Thousand and fifteen), had they over 800 stores, and they open two to three stores every week all around the world Name of owner: Lennart Lajboschitz is the real owner of Flying Tiger Copenhagen but only owns 29% of the company. The owners is Zebra A/S which owns 71%. Mette Maix have been the administrator since 1. aug. 2017 Numbers of employees: They have over 3500 (three thousand and five hundred) employees all around the globe. Location: Flying Tiger is a worldwide company, with many stores all around the globe. Their stores are primarily in Europe, but with exceptions. They got for example 8 stores in South Korea. Their product: Flying tiger…[show more]

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