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List of Specialised papers: English Language

Specialised paper2.480 Words / ~7 pages Gymnasium Wuppertal Facharbeit: Amish People Introduction This homepage is for all those who want to gather information about the Amish people:Who are the Amish, where do they come from, what about their religious believes and how they stand their daily life with respect to education, clothing, family life, language and working.At the the end of our homepage you can also find a film review, comments on the course and a quizz which should test you and your knowledge gained while reading the information given on the pages. So we hope that it will help you and that you have a good time. Who are the Amish The Amish are a religious group who live in settlements in 22 states of the USA and in Ontario, Canada. The oldest group, the Old Order Amish, about 16 - 18,000 people, live in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. The Amish stress humility, family and community,…[show more]
Specialised paper5.437 Words / ~15 pages BG/BRG Purkersdorf JIM JARMUSCH SPEZIALGEBIET ENGLISCH Table of Contents Style and Characters. 3 Themes. 6 Influence, Impact & Legacy. 8 “Down by Law”. 10 “The Limits of Control”. 12 Style and Characters From his first film on Jim Jarmusch has formed a highly idiosyncratic and unique trademark style of movie making, which should be intensified by his second film “Strang­er than Paradise”, setting the tone for his work to come. Namely his use of prolonged uninterrupted takes, long tracking shots featuring extended silent scenes, and very little camera movement punctuated by an occasional fade to black, creates a brooding and contemplative atmosphere accompanied by a rather slow and meandering pace. Furthermore forming his idiosyncratic style, there is his specific attitude of narrative, coming across as defiantly non-dramatic…[show more]
Specialised paper3.693 Words / ~12 pages Gymnasium-Graz FAIRY TALES Special Topic presented by S. TABLE OF CONTENT 1 INTRODUCTION. 3 2 KINDS OF FAIRY TALES. 3 2.1 Folktales. 3 2.2 Art Fairytale. 3 2 HISTORY. 4 2.1 Il Decamerone. 4 2.2 Brothers Grimm 5 2.3 Charles Perrault 6 2.4 Giambattista Basile. 6 2.5 Vladimir Propp. 7 2.6 Antti Aarne. 7 2.7 Scottish Fairy Tales. 8 3 CINDERELLA AND COMPARISON. 9 4 SYMBOLISM AND CONSTRUCTIVE. 10 5 BIBLIOGRAPHY. 12 1 INTRODUCTION For centuries, fairy tales part of the folklore all over the world and each culture has different characteristi­cs in their stories. A fairy tale is a fictional story that may feature characters such as fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, giants, gnomes, and talking animals, and usually enchantments. Fairy tales are fictitious, and their action is neither fixed in time nor in the locality. They are mostly far-fetched stories. Fairy…[show more]
Specialised paper5.934 Words / ~20 pages Gymnasium Coesfeld After all, the history of royal marriages to commoners is not a pretty sight. The first time an English sovereign married a commoner, he almost lost his crown. When Edward IV revealed that he had secretly married Elizabeth Woodville, reputedly the ‘most beautiful woman in the island of Britain’, in 1464, his friend Warwick the Kingmaker was so enraged that he began planning a coup. And even though Edward defeated and killed Warwick at the battle of Barnet, the Woodville family remained a source of deep jealousy to snobbish royal hangers-on — a taste, perhaps, of what may be in for Michael and Carole Middleton. Happily, no one can doubt that when King William V finally succeeds to the throne, in Kate Middleton he will have the woman he loves at his side. But aside from being the product of a genuine romance, theirs is an engagement that…[show more]
Specialised paper5.070 Words / ~18 pages Gymnasium Jüchen Furthermore the thesis about South Park that I stated in the beginning, which said that you cannot cover the function of language without considering the other humoristic aspects of the series, can be confirmed as the use of vulgarity would not be intelligibly without knowing about the other aspects being conducive to the humour. It would be really interesting to deal with these aspects in the scope of other studies – especially the analysis of the stereotypes and prejudices as presented in South Park would be worth to write about as the whole program is mainly grounded on these. 5. Bibliography Fallows, Randall: South Park Heretics. Confronting Orthodoxy through Theater of the Absurd, in: Weinstock, Jeffrey Andrew (Hrsg.): Taking South Park Seriously (Albany: State University of New York Press, 2008) Hall, Allison: Bigger,…[show more]
Specialised paper3.740 Words / ~17 pages Gymansium Essen- Überruhr My American Album about Washington Washington – The Evergreen State Introduction. 0 Washington in general 1 Seattle. 5 Eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980. 8 Public holidays in the USA. 9 First Monday in September/ Labour Day. 10 Second Monday in October/ Columbus Day. 10 Last Thursday in November/ Thanksgiving 10 Halloween in the USA. 11 The Olympic Peninsula. 12 Bill Gates 14 Introduction About me and my album My name is , I’m 14 years old and I attend Gymnasium Essen-Überruh­r. The main subject of our English book in this school year are the USA. We learned many new aspects concerning life in America so for example about the Native Americans, the American school system, history etc. The following American Album was a project initiated by our teacher and is considered as a classtest in English in this school semester.…[show more]
Specialised paper4.515 Words / ~11 pages BORG Wolfsberg Special topic- Swimming Swimming styles and famous swimmers Index 1. Introduction 3 2. What is swimming? 3 3. The four swimming styles 4 Butterfly .4 Backstroke 4 Breaststroke .5 Freestyle .6 4. Competitions and rules 6 5. History 7 6. Famous swimmers .8 Mark Spitz 8 Michael Phelps 9 7. The benefits from swimming 9 8. Personal attitude 10 9.Sources 11 1.Introductio­n Swimming is probably one of the most popular sports or even the most popular one in the world. If you ask somebody what his hobbies are, you can expect to hear swimming. If they say swimming, they mean in most cases bathing in summer when it is hot or to surf rides in the holiday in the sea. But this is not what I would consider competitive swimming. Today nearly everyone is able to keep his or her head above the surface of the water. In Europe the percentage of people who are not able…[show more]
Specialised paper2.053 Words / ~13 pages Mauritius Gymnasium Büren Death penalty – just a means to an end? Contents Contents List of Figures Foreword and Introduction History of the Death Penalty Grafik : Persons executed in the U.S. under civil authority, by race, 1930-1999 Death penalty in the election campaign Barack Obama and Death Penalty Summary and Outlook Bibliography (alphabetisch sortiert nach Verfassernach­namen Erklärung1 1 Foreword The reason why I have chosen this topic is that I have heard about many special deaths of hard criminals in America. Nearly every single case was a big topic on TV and it developed many debates and conflicts because of questionable decisions. My interest was aroused by many documentaries about these deaths. ­ Introduction The following research paper provides information on the history of death penalty and its use in the election campaign. It also…[show more]
Specialised paper3.739 Words / ~15 pages Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz - JGU Conceptual Metaphors: Flood as a war opponent in Newspaper Articles Contents Introduction 1 Previous Research on Conceptual Metaphors. 2 Methodology. 3 Tables on Results. 4 Analysis of Data. 8 Discussion 10 Conclusion 11 References. 12 Introduction Research on Conceptual Metaphors is to be situated in the field of cognitive linguistics. Simply put, it is where linguistics and cognitive science meet. This branch, which combines many sub branches, was a reaction to theories that had a mathematical or functional approach to the study of language. George Lakoff was one of the first who did not agree with this new approach. Together with a colleague he developed a theory on linguistics and also on cognitive science that was ground shaking. The theory gained popularity because of their book Metaphors we live by, which got published…[show more]
Specialised paper4.427 Words / ~17 pages Joseph Haydn Gymnasium Senden A Comparison Between The Protagonist Of The US-American TV-Series Gilmore Girls With The Image Of Women Living In The USA At The Beginning Of The 21st Century Joseph-Haydn-­Gymna­sium Contents 1. Introduction 2. Short Summary 3. The Character Of Lorelai Gilmore 3.1. Upbringing And Social Background 3.2. Career 3.3 The Relationship With Her Daughter 4. Comparison Of The Fictive Character With Reality 4.1. Women And Career 4.2. The American Dream 4.3. Education 4.3.1. Education In The USA 4.3.2. Lorelais Educational Principles 4.4. The Mother-Daught­er Relationship 4.4.1. Harmonious Aspects Of Equality 4.4.2. Authoritative Aspects 4.5. Food 4.5.1. Lorelais Eating Behaviour 4.5.2. Eating Behaviour In The USA 5. Conclusion 6. Resources 1. Introduction When I was intently watching the TV-series “Gilmore girls“ I…[show more]
Specialised paper5.357 Words / ~15 pages Wien Kenyongasse Special-topic in English The American Dream Index: 1. The American Dream 1.1. The idealistic aspects 1.2. The materialistic aspects 1.3. The shadow of the dream 2. Literature 2.1. Tortilla Curtain 2.2. Death of a Salesman 2.3. The American Dream (play) 2.4. On the Road 2.5. American Dream: Lost and found 3. Quotes/Source­s: 3.1. Books 1. The American Dream The American Dream must be regarded from two view points: On the one hand it is an essential feature of the American national character, that means the way the Americans see themselves as individuals and as a nation. On the other hand it stands for the land of dreams and hopes for people from the rest of the world who are under serious pressure economically or politically. Furthermore, the American Dream has two aspects, an idealistic one and a materialistic one. 1.1. The idealistic…[show more]
Specialised paper5.204 Words / ~24 pages BRG Wels Spezialgebiet English “NEW YORK CITY“ Content 1. Introduction 2. The History 2.1 Early history 2.2 Colonial times 2.3 American Revolution 2.4 The city’s development 2.5 Ellis Island 2.6 The transformatio­n of the metropolis 3. The City 3.1 Boroughs 3.2 Population 3.3 The ethnic diversity 3.4 Problems in the City 3.5 Sights of the city 4. Conclusion 5. Sources 1. Introduction New York City is the most populous and largest City in the United States. The metropolis is unusual among other cities because of its high residential density, its diverse population, its hundreds of tall office and apartment buildings, its developing central business district, its extensive public transportatio­n system, and its more than 400 neighborhoods­. New York City is located at the mouth of Hudson River, southeastern of New York State and northeastern…[show more]
Specialised paper3.761 Words / ~16 pages Vinzenz Pallotti Kolleg Rheinbach Vinzenz-Pallo­tti-K­olle­g Rheinbach The colonization of Australia Facharbeit im Grundkurs Englisch von Tim Schuljahr 2013/14 Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 2 Australia geographicall­y 2 3 The Aborigines 3 3.1 First evidence Aborigines 3 3.2 The Aborigines and their culture 3 3.3 Asians influence on the Aborigines 4 4 The first Europeans 4 5 The first colony 5 6 The prisoners 5 6.1 Prisoner transports 5 6.2 The perspective of the prisoners 6 7 Exploration of the continent 8 8 The fate of Aborigines in Australien history 9 9 Development until today 11 10 Conclusion 12 Bibliography 13 List of illustrations­/Ackn­owle­dgements 14 1 Introduction Australia is the smallest continent but it has a very interesting and exciting history. The continent used to be inhabitated by Aborigines until the Europeans broke in upon their…[show more]
Specialised paper2.235 Words / ~12 pages Gymnasium Hohenlimburg Hagen Gymnasium Hohenlimburg 1„Kate Middleton – a Modern Cinderella?“ Facharbeit im Fach Englisch Kate Middleton1 Specialist teacher: Miss X Course: Englisch GK Schoolyear 2013/2014 Kate Middleton in Evening Wear2 Author: X Level / School: X / X Due date: 28.04.2014 2Inhaltsverze­ichni­s Facharbeit „Kate Middleton – a Modern Cinderella?“ Gymnasium Hohenlimburg 1 1 „Kate Middleton – a Modern Cinderella?“ 1 Facharbeit im Fach Englisch 1 Specialist teacher: Miss X 1 Course: Englisch GK 1 Schoolyear 2013/2014 1 Author: X 2 Level / School: X / X 2 Due date: 28.04.2014 2 2 Inhaltsverzei­chnis Facharbeit „Kate Middleton – a Modern Cinderella?“ 3 3 Introduction 4 4 Biographie 5 4.1 The ancestors 5 4.2 Childhood of Kate (Kindheit) 5 4.3 Schools and Universities (Schule und Studium) 6 5 Duchess and Duke of Cambridge 7 5.1 Collecting of…[show more]
Specialised paper3.887 Words / ~18 pages Mallinckrodt Gymnasium Dortmund The American Dream - the US: an ideal country for immigration? Table Of Contents 1 Introduction 1.1 Topic The United States of America has a long history of immigration. For centuries, people have been coming to this country in search of new lives. Immigration has shaped the land of endless possibilities for more than 200 years, creating a foundation of diversity for the country. The story of people from many different lands coming to form one nation is multifaceted. Each of these peoples followed its own path to becoming American.1 That is the reason why the Native Americans nowadays only account for one per cent of the population.2 1.2 Definition of the “American Dream” But what exactly is the American Dream? The term American Dream was first used by James Adams in his book “The Epic of America”, which was written in 1931. He states…[show more]
Specialised paper1.850 Words / ~6 pages Steiner School Canterbury The Moon landing Fake or True? It is quite difficult to say if the moon landing is a fake. There a many facts, which are describing the moon landing very well and also naturalistic, but also some things about the landing on the moon cannot be true. There was a great battle between the Soviet Union and USA, everyone wanted to be first on the space, but the USA was quicker. But the Soweto has sent a few animals in the space, like Laika. This was the first Animal in the Space, it was a normal dog from the Street in Russia, but she did not survive, she was burnt only seven hours after the start because the Temperature raised accidentally to high for her. In this time many animal against the powerful Soviet Union. First, the Soviet Union was a bit more successful, probably this was making the United States jealous and they tried really hard to be faster…[show more]
Specialised paper6.032 Words / ~29 pages Gymnasium St. Michael, Ahlen The influence of smartphones on kids Specialized Paper Content 1. Introduction. 4 2. The Smartphone. 4 2.1. The invention of the smartphone. 4 2.2. Features of the smartphones. 6 2.3. Distinction from other media. 7 3. Advantages and disadvantages of the smartphone. 8 3.1. The advantages of the smartphone. 9 3.2. Disadvantages of the smartphone. 10 3.3. Smartphone radiation and health. 12 4. The studies and its results on pupils aged 11-19. 14 4.1. The content of the study. 14 4.2. Analysis and evaluation of the study. 15 4.3. Interpretatio­n of the results. 17 5. Conclusion. 19 6. Bibliography. 20 1. Introduction In my research paper with the theme “The impact of smartphones on pupils aged 11-19” I will give an insight into the problem of smartphones and the impact on young people. The reason why I chose this topic about the impact…[show more]
Specialised paper6.532 Words / ~22 pages Ritzefeld Gymnasium King’s argumentation is a perfect mix between factual arguments (cf. lines 54-57) and emotional arguments (cf. lines 4-5). Starting with greeting his listeners and talking about a dreadful past, he unites the people in front of him and enhances their support towards the issue. In the following, King gives some historical background and makes direct reference to the unfulfilled promises by the government, King gives the solution of how he would deal with this problem, by proclaiming the benefits for Afro-American­s such as “freedom and [.] security” (line 23). By doing so, King has given the audience an insight of a better life. Outlining his goals and explaining how to achieve them, King attempts to convince the crowd even further by visualising a dream he had. The result of underlining his entire speech with repetitions and…[show more]
Specialised paper4.390 Words / ~18 pages Musisches Gymnasium Salzburg Daily routine of an African female farmer: at 4.45 am: gets up, washes, eats. from 5.00 till 5.30 am: on the way to the field from 5.30 am till 3.00 pm: working on the field from 3.00 pm till 4.00 pm: collecting firewood on the way home from 4.00 pm till 7.30 pm: cooking the food, serving it and eating from 8.30 pm till 9.30 pm: takes care and washes the children at 9.30 pm: goes to bed. As you can see, most of the African women have no free time and sacrifice their time for their families, home and work. Positive development:S­ince 1960, the situation of women in the developing world improved: The life expectancy increased from 44.7 to 52.9. Age of marriage for girls increased from 17.2 to 18.3. Female quote of workers in the parliament: 10% Advisory Committee for Women was set up. Help for Africa: “Ärzte ohne Grenzen” is a private…[show more]
Specialised paper2.174 Words / ~11 pages Humboldt Gymnasium Potsdam, Potsdam Did the settlement influence the native inhabitats of the USA, Australia and New Zealand and can those influences still be felt today? Outline Introduction page 3 The discovery and colonisation 2.1 of America page 3 2.2 of Australia page 4 2.3 of New Zealand page 5 Comparison 3.1Back then page 7 3.2Today 3.2.1Crime page 8 3.2.2Drug usage page 8 3.2.3Unemploy­ment page 9 Conclusion page 9 1.Introductio­n When someone would come to your house and claimed it as his what would you do? Would you through him out? But what would you do if he got a gun and forced you to give him your keys? What would you call such a person? Maybe a criminal? Well the natives in America, Australia and New Zealand call people like this settlers. In the following I will ask myself the question: “Did the settlement influence the native inhabitants of the USA, Australia…[show more]
Specialised paper3.625 Words / ~16 pages Gymnasium Odenthal , Bergisch Gladbach Gymnasium Odenthal Facharbeit im Grundkurs 3 Englisch A lyric analysis of the song “You Know You´re Right“ of Kurt Cobain´s band Nirvana, with regard to his sudden death Vorgelegt von: Tom Fachlehrer: Frau Lüttkemeier Schuljahr: 2015/2016 Abgabetermin: 17.03.2016 Table of Contents : 1. Introduction : ( p.3 ) 2. Biography : ---------- - Who was Kurt Cobain ? (p.3) ----------- 2.1 Childhood and Youth (p.,4) ------------ 2.2 The Way to Music (p.4-5) ----------- 2.3 Fame and Death (p. 5-6) 3. Facts about Nirvana : (p. 6) 3. Analysis of Lyrics : ---------- You know you´re Right (p.7-9 ) 4. Consequences of his Death : ---------- Due to the Music (p. 9) 5. Bibliography : (p .10) 6. Statement of Authorship : (p.11) 7. Annex : (p.12-14) 1. Introduction I have chosen this topic for my professional work because I am a musician, too. I play the guitar…[show more]
Specialised paper9.509 Words / ~37 pages Ursulinen Graz The difference between the Austrian and the American school system Ursulinen Graz Leonhardstraß­e 62 8010 Graz Vorwissenscha­ftlic­he Arbeit The differences between the Austrian and the American school system Verfasserin: Graz, Februar 2015 Klasse: 8E Schuljahr: 2014/15 Betreuer: Prof. Mag. ABSTRACT The Austrian school system has been an important subject in the media for a long time. Therefore in this paper it will be compared to the US-American school system. In the end, the aim is to find out which education system is more successful. First, the basic compositions of both school systems are explained. Furthermore the budget policies of the two systems are discussed. The next chapter demonstrates the information gained by the PISA test from 2012 about the contrast of the abilities of the students. In addition to that,…[show more]
Specialised paper2.934 Words / ~11 pages ASG Castrop-Rauxel Research paper In basic course English Q1 School year 2015/2016 Reasons for and developments of racism in the USA in the 21 st century and it´s reflection in the media Author: Cours teacher: Mr, Index Introduction Topic of the researchpaper / Overview of the content Central question of the research paper My motivation: Why I picked this subject and this topic Main part The USA in the 15th to the 19th century Immigrants during the industrializa­tion – How the USA become a multicultural society Racism in the 19th to the early 20th century For clarification­: Summary and reproduction of some scenes of the movie: “12 Years a slave” Developments of racism and racism today – 21stcentury Statistics and facts about racism in the USA Do we have more or less racism nowdays? Survey: How do people in Germany see racism in the USA? Reflection in the…[show more]
Specialised paper3.219 Words / ~13 pages Gesamtschule Hückelhoven Leonardo da Vinci-Gesamts­chule Term paper in English LK Subject teacher:Mrs. Lambertz Life of John F. Kennedy and his influence on the world Written by:, School year: 2018/19 Hueckelhoven, 9th October 2018 Deadline: 6th March 2019 Index Introduction.­.....­....­.............­.. 3 The life of John F. Kennedy until his presidential career.......­. 4 Childhood and teenage years Military career JFK’s political life.........­.....­....­.....5 Beginning of his political career The 35th president of the United States His love-lives and affairs......­.....­....­.... .6 Marilyn Monroe Mimi Alford Marlene Dietrich Judith Campbell Exner The tragic death of John.........­.....­....­..7 The president’s last day Autopsy Conspiracy theories.....­.....­....­.... ....8 An inside job: The CIA Cubans and Soviets…[show more]
Specialised paper1.968 Words / ~6 pages Goetheschule Hannover Hanovers culinary treats and how they depict its society 1. Introduction “You are what you eat”.[1] This quote, states that the food we eat has a bearing on our state of mind and health, which builds our personality. The ingestion of food for each person is a self-evident part in our day-to-day lives. Staying alive and healthy, is the main reason for our food-intake, which we all share. In turn, the choice of the food, the way we design the process of eating and the passion we see in it is different from person to person. Some people care for a certain eating culture that might exclude foods due to health or morality reasons, others have strict preferences for national cuisines. Yet, how did these different eating habits come up? How may food reflect a single person or an urban society? How has Hanover, a small city in Germany, been influenced…[show more]
Specialised paper3.855 Words / ~8 pages Realschule Trossingen SOCIAL NETWORKS GFS DOCUMENTATION BY CLASS 9B Structure: What are social networks? 1.1 Definition of “social network” 1.2 Main users of social networks 1.3 Smartphone or computer/lapt­op? History and development Before 2000 After 2000 Comparison of different social networks Facebook Instagram Twitter Benefits of social networks Dangers and risks Interesting facts Sources Short introduction: Nowadays, social networks take part in the daily life of adults, teenagers and even children. People encounter them inevitably while surfing on the Internet. Their popularity has grown at a tearing pace because all generations have come to embrace the chances social networks have brought with. Therefore I would like to present you some important things which are good to know about this topic. 1. What are social networks? 1.1 Definition…[show more]
Specialised paper4.704 Words / ~16 pages Leopold-Franzens- Universität Innsbruck University of Innsbruck When life gives you lemons, make methAn analysis of the transformatio­n of Walter White in relation to the commitment of the audience 610016 SE/2 American Literature and Culture: New Television Series in the United StatesWS 2015/2016 Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Mario C 344 .@student.uib­k.ac.­at February 18, 2016 In the infamous contemporary television series Breaking Bad, there are many brilliant actors who play even more brilliant roles. The main protagonist of the show is Walter White portrayed by Bryan Cranston, who at the beginning of the show is a miserable man, who works as a teacher and at a car wash and who is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. From the start on, the audience is on Walter’s side and sympathizes with this paltry character without acknowledging that throughout the series the creator…[show more]
Specialised paper5.875 Words / ~19 pages Brockhaus Gymnasium Leipzig The American Dream under Donald Trump Inhalt 1. Introduction. 3 2. The American Dream 4 2.2. How it changed over the years. 4 2.2. American point of view: The Dream nowadays. 5 3. Donald Trump himself 6 3.1. His biography. 6 3.2. His political career 6 4. Trump’s idea of the Dream 7 5. The change. 8 5.1. Is he Making America Great again?. 8 5.2. One year later 11 6. The effects. 12 6.1. On economy. 12 6.2. On people and social conditions. 13 6.3. On political landscape. 14 6.4. The U.S.: Still an example for other countries?. 15 7. The future. 17 7.1. How he might influence the future. 17 7.2. Are people afraid?. 18 Conclusion. 19 1. Introduction The whole world talks about him, everyone has strong emotions about the topic and is touched. Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America. What will happen to America? How will he…[show more]

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