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List of Specialised papers: English Language
Specialised paper Gymnasium-Graz
FAIRY TALES Special Topic presented by Sabrina S. TABLE OF CONTENT 1 INTRODUCTION. 3 2 KINDS OF FAIRY TALES. 3 2.1 Folktales. 3 2.2 Art Fairytale. 3 2 HISTORY. 4 2.1 Il Decamerone. 4 2.2 Brothers Grimm.. 5 2.3 Charles Perrault 6 2.4 Giambattista Basile. 6 2.5 Vladimir Propp. 7 2.6 Antti Aarne. 7 2.7 Scottish
Specialised paper Gymnasium Wuppertal
Facharbeit: Amish People Introduction This homepage is for all those who want to gather information about the Amish people:Who are the Amish, where do they come from, what about their religious believes and how they stand their daily life with respect to education, clothing, family life, language
Specialised paper Gymnasium Coesfeld
Facharbeit im Leistungskurs Englisch Can Kate Middleton save the British monarchy? An analysis based on several English newspapers Table of Contents 1 Preface 2 Analysis 2 2.1 Could our first middle-class Queen save the monarchy from itself?” 2 2.2 Profile: Kate Middleton” 4 2.3 Can Will and
Specialised paper Gymnasium Jüchen
Facharbeit im Leistungskurs Englisch SOCIAL CRITICISM IN SOUTH PARK: A STUDY OF LANGUAGE Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1 2. Description of South Park 2-3 2.1 The Producers and the Origin Story of South Park 3-5 3. Vulgarity as Presented in South Park 6 3.1 The Humour in South Park .6-7 3.2 Justification
Specialised paper BORG Wolfsberg
Special topic- Swimming Swimming styles and famous swimmers Index 1. Introduction 3 2. What is swimming? 3 3. The four swimming styles 4 Butterfly .4 Backstroke 4 Breaststroke .5 Freestyle .6 4. Competitions and rules 6 5. History 7 6. Famous swimmers .8 Mark Spitz 8 Michael Phelps 9 7. The benefits from
Specialised paper Gymansium Essen- Überruhr
My American Album about Washington Washington – The Evergreen State Introduction. 0 Washington in general 1 Seattle. 5 Eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980. 8 Public holidays in the USA. 9 First Monday in September/ Labour Day. 10 Second Monday in October/ Columbus Day. 10 Last Thursday
Specialised paper Mauritius Gymnasium Büren
Death penalty – just a means to an end? Contents Contents List of Figures Foreword and Introduction History of the Death Penalty Grafik : Persons executed in the U.S. under civil authority, by race, 1930-1999 Death penalty in the election campaign Barack Obama and Death Penalty Summary and Outlook
Specialised paper Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz - JGU
Conceptual Metaphors: Flood as a war opponent in Newspaper Articles Contents Introduction.. 1 Previous Research on Conceptual Metaphors. 2 Methodology. 3 Tables on Results. 4 Analysis of Data. 8 Discussion.. 10 Conclusion.. 11 References. 12 Introduction Research on Conceptual Metaphors is
Specialised paper Joseph Haydn Gymnasium Senden
A Comparison Between The Protagonist Of The US-American TV-Series "Gilmore Girls" With The Image Of Women Living In The USA At The Beginning Of The 21st Century Joseph-Haydn-Gymna­sium Contents 1. Introduction 2. Short Summary 3. The Character Of Lorelai Gilmore 3.1. Upbringing
Specialised paper Wien Kenyongasse
Special-topic in English The American Dream Index: 1. The American Dream 1.1. The idealistic aspects 1.2. The materialistic aspects 1.3. The shadow of the dream 2. Literature 2.1. Tortilla Curtain 2.2. Death of a Salesman 2.3. The American Dream (play) 2.4. On the Road 2.5. American Dream: Lost and
Specialised paper BRG Wels
Spezialgebiet English NEW YORK CITY Content 1. Introduction 2. The History 2.1 Early history 2.2 Colonial times 2.3 American Revolution 2.4 The city’s development 2.5 Ellis Island 2.6 The transformation of the metropolis 3. The City 3.1 Boroughs 3.2 Population 3.3 The ethnic diversity 3.4 Problems
Specialised paper Vinzenz Pallotti Kolleg Rheinbach
Vinzenz-Pallotti­-Kolleg Rheinbach of Australia Facharbeit im Grundkurs Englisch­ von Tim Treiber Sch­uljahr 2013/14 Tabl Contents 1 Int­roduction 2 2 Australia geo­graphically 2 3 The Aborigine­s 3 3.1 First evid­ence
Specialised paper Mallinckrodt Gymnasium Dortmund
The American Dream - the US: an ideal country for immigration? Table Of Contents 1 Introduction 1.1­ Topic The United States of America has a long history of immigration. For centuries, people have been coming to this country in search of new lives. Immigration has shaped the land
Specialised paper Gymnasium Hohenlimburg Hagen
Gymnasium Hohenlimburg 1 Kate Middleton – a Modern Cinderella? Facharbeit im Fach Englisch Kate Middleton1 Specialist teache­r: Miss X Course: Englisch GK Schoolyear 2013/2014 Kate Middleton in Evening Wear2 Author: X Level ­/ School: X / X Due date:
Specialised paper Ritzefeld Gymnasium
Ritzefeld Gymnas­ium, Stolberg Term Paper Topic: Martin Luther King Jr. – His fight against segregation with special focus on his famous speech ‘I have a dream’ Ritzefeld Gymnasi­um, Year 11 School Year 2013/2014 Subject: English LK Tutor: MrS. B. Submitted by:
Specialised paper Gymnasium St. Michael, Ahlen
The influence of smartphones on kids Specialized Paper Content 1.      Introduction. 4 2.      The Smartphone. 4 2.1.       The invention of the smartphone. 4 2.2.       Features of the smartphones. 6 2.3.       Distinction from other media. 7 3.      Advantages
Specialised paper Steiner School Canterbury
V. D. The Moon landing Fake or True? It is quite difficult to say if the moon landing is a fake. There a many facts, which are describing the moon landing very well and also naturalistic, but also some things about the landing on the moon cannot be true. There was a great battle between the Soviet Union and
Specialised paper Musisches Gymnasium Salzburg
AreaofExpertise:Po­verty in Africa 2013/2014 Index of Contents: Third World in general and its definition 3-4 Which countries are the poorest? 4 Hunger in Africa 5-6 Ways to measure hunger 6 Health in Africa 7 Poverty and illnesses in Africa 8-9 Consequences of the poverty 9-10 Major problems
Specialised paper Humboldt Gymnasium Potsdam, Potsdam
Did the settlement influence the native inhabitats of the USA, Australia and New Zealand and can those influences still be felt today? N. S. Outline Introduction page 3 The discovery and colonisation 2.1 of America page 3 2.2 of Australia page 4 2.3 of New Zealand page 5 Comparison 3.1Back then page 7
Specialised paper Gymnasium Odenthal , Bergisch Gladbach
Gymnasium Odenthal Facharbeit im Grundkurs 3 Englisch A lyric analysis of the song You Know You´re Right of Kurt Cobain´s band Nirvana, with regard to his sudden death Vorgelegt von: Tom G. Fachlehrer: Frau Lüttkemeier Schuljahr: 2015/2016 Abgabetermin: 17.03.2016 Table of Contents : 1. Introduction
Specialised paper Ursulinen Graz
The difference between the Austrian and the American school system Ursulinen Graz Leonhardstraße 62 8010 Graz Vorwissenschaftlic­he Arbeit The differences between the Austrian and the American school system Verfasserin: T. E. Graz, Februar 2015 Klasse: 8E Schuljahr: 2014/15 Betreuer:
Specialised paper ASG Castrop-Rauxel
Research paper In basic course English Q1 School year 2015/2016 Reasons for and developments of racism in the USA in the 21 st century and it´s reflection in the media Author: U. C. Cours teacher: Mr, B. Index Introduction Topic of the researchpaper / Overview of the content Central question of the research
Specialised paper Goetheschule Hannover
Hanovers culinary treats and how they depict its society 1. Introduction You are what you eat”.[1] This quote, states that the food we eat has a bearing on our state of mind and health, which builds our personality.  The ingestion of food for each person is a self-evident part in our day-to-day lives.
Specialised paper Realschule Trossingen
SOCIAL NETWORKS GFS DOCUMENTATION BY M. S. CLASS 9B Structure: What are social networks? 1.1 Definition of social network” 1.2 Main users of social networks 1.3 Smartphone or computer/laptop? History and development Before 2000 After 2000 Comparison of different social networks Facebook Instagram
Specialised paper Leopold-Franzens- Universität Innsbruck
University of Innsbruck When life gives you lemons, make methAn analysis of the transformation of Walter White in relation to the commitment of the audience 610016 SE/2 American Literature and Culture: New Television Series in the United StatesWS 2015/2016 Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. K. Mario M. S. 1. C
Specialised paper Brockhaus Gymnasium Leipzig
The American Dream under Donald Trump Inhalt 1. Introduction. 3 2.   The American Dream 4 2.2.    How it changed over the years. 4 2.2.    American point of view: The Dream nowadays. 5 3.   Donald Trump himself 6 3.1.    His biography. 6 3.2.    His political career 6 4.   Trump’s

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