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List of Summaries: English Language

Summary3.055 Words / ~11 pages Bettina-von-Arnim Oberschule Berlin Chapter summary „About a Boy” Chapter 1 (pages 1-4) The novel begins abruptly with the question of the young protagonist Marcus to his mother whether this has separated from her friend Roger. Marcus is twelve years old and has pulled few weeks ago with his mother Fiona von Cambridge to London because she could accept there a better job. His parents are separated for four years. Marcus worries about his mother who is lately often sad and often cries. Chapter 2 (pages 5-10) Will Freeman, the second central figure, fills just the questionnaire of a mans magazine. Besides, it is about the question how cool he is, a matter extremely significant for him. Will earns more than 40,000 pounds in the year without having to work for it. He pursues topical developments in fashion and music carefully, because most important is for him to be always…[show more]
Summary1.155 Words / ~ pages Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main John Fowles’ short story – “The Enigma” Summary John Fowles’ short story “The Enigma“, which is one of five stories in his book “The Ebony Tower” (1974), deals with the mysterious disappearance of John Marcus Fielding. The investigation­, executed by sergeant Micheal Jennings, uncovers important facts about Fieldings life, his relationship to his family and work and also similarities between Fielding and Jennings himself. Mr Fieldings disappearance came suddenly out of nothing. His normal and experienced behaviour did not let anyone expect that something like that will happen. As a rich and happily married father of three children, houseowner and countryside-l­over, Conservative Member of Parliament and accepted man of society, it seemed he lived a perfect and well-structur­ed life without any trouble. When he disappeared,…[show more]
Summary1.666 Words / ~7 pages Stuttgart The Force of Circumstance – William Maugham Summary Contents 1. Summary: 1 2. Description of Guy: 2 3. Arguments Guy mentions to justify his former relationship to the Malay woman: 2 4. Description of Doris: 3 5. The settlement: 3 6. Doris feelings about Guy and his relationship with a Malay woman: 4 7. Important topics of the story: 4 8. “The Force of Circumstances “– The meaning. 5 9. The author: William Somerset Maugham 5 10. Hints in the text, which foreshadow the crisis. 6 1. Summary: “The Force of Circumstance” is a story written by William Somerset Maugham in 1928. Its about Guy, a colonizer who is in charge of a little outstation in the Malay Archipelago and his wife Doris, an English woman he married recently. They get to know each other during a months holiday at the English seaside. After the short time Doris and Guy spend together,…[show more]
Summary498 Words / ~1 page HTL - Jenbach Tirol Kevin Brooks – Being At first some words to the author Kevin Brooks: Kevin Brooks, who was born in 1959, lives in England and is a famous book author who wrote a lot of youth books. In his youth, he played guitar in a punk- rock- band and also wrote songs himself. After his first book Martyn Pig, he earns his money as a freelance writer. Some other books are: Lucas, the road of the dead and many others . When 16 year old Robert Smith wakes up in the hospital while a surgery on his stomach, because the anesthesia didn´t work anymore, he sees men and doctors with guns in their hands. All these people are looking on his stomach and say that he isn´t normal because there are plastic and metal in it. Robert takes one of the guns and flees of the hospital. He goes to a hotel and checks in. He wants to know what there is really inside him and cuts open himself.…[show more]
Summary576 Words / ~ pages Friedrich Schiller Gymnasium Preetz The Wave - Morton Rhue Chapter summaries 1.) At the beginning of the first chapter, Laurie Saunders, one of the main characters, is introduced. She is the editor-in-chi­ef of the school magazine The Gordon Grapevine. Arriving at the classroom she meets her best friend, Amy Smith. As the bell rings, their history teacher Ben Ross starts the lesson. 2.) The history teacher shows his students a film. It is a film about Nazi germany and World War 2. After the film, all students and particulary Laurie Saunders are very shocked and upset. 3.) Laurie Saunders and her boyfriend David Collins are sitting and talking in the courtyard about the film and about Robert Billings. Robert Billings is an outsider. Amy Smith and Brian join their conversation. After that the two go to Grapevine office and they meet their two other reporters. 4.) Ben Ross…[show more]
Summary710 Words / ~ pages BHAK Monsbergergasse Graz One Good Man by Sherman J. Alexie Summary Author Sherman J. Alexie was born in October 1966. He grew up on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Wellpinit in Washington. He went to attend Gonzaga University before transferring to Washington State University and becoming one of the first members of his tribe to graduate from college. Story An Indian man lived together with his father. His father was very ill, ha sat in a wheelchair because he had no feet anymore and was nearly blind. The Indian man looked after his father because his father didn’t want to die in the hospital. Before the Indian took his father out of hospital he looked for things that could kill his father and threw them away. He threw away all candy stuff and chocolate. Later that day he lifted his father out of his van and set him in his electric wheelchair. His father looked so…[show more]
Summary2.638 Words / ~12 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Fiction is an imaginative form of narrative. It can be either written or oral. It is largely perceived as a form of art or entertainment­. The ability to create fiction is considered to be a fundamental aspect of human culture, one of the defining characteristi­cs of humanity. Representatio­n It is the production of meaning through language. It connects meaning and language to culture. It means using language to say something meaningful about, or to represent, the world meaningfully to other people. 2 systems of representatio­n exist: - Mental Representatio­n (concept): constructing a set of correspondenc­es à conceptual maps - Symbolic Representatio­n (language itself): constructing a set of signs to communicate and share the mental representatio­n To represent means to symbolize. We construct meanings and give them names,…[show more]
Summary1.705 Words / ~8 pages Pädagogische Hochschule Karlsruhe - PH The Perks of Being a Wallflower Part 1: Letter 1(p.8-11) - doesn’t want anyone to figure out who he is / who the person is he slept with - is both: happy and sad - his friend Michael killed himself by a gun | he is very sad - after that: older brother is really nice to him (let him work on his Camaro (car) - guidance counselor knows his name - made teachers nervous ---> got better grades - wants to know why Michael committed suicide (“problems at home”?) - one brother (very good football player, likes his car, good fighter, is football player at Penn State), one sister (very pretty, mean to boys, good grades, part of the Earth Day Club in high school), he is youngest - mother: cries a lot during TV programs, visits the cemetery of people she loves - dad: works a lot, honest, lets Charlie sit on his lap, called him “champ”, doesn’t lose fights, his stepdad…[show more]
Summary2.142 Words / ~5 pages Goethe Gymnasium Hamburg Sue Townsend: Downing Street Nr. Ten (Chapter 1 - 22) English ErNi S3 Number ten Chapter 1 - 22 Chapter 1 The first chapter is about many years after the prologue where Jack Sprat and Edward Clare are adults and work as a policemen and the Prime Minister. The chapter gives an overview about their jobs and presents Alex McPherso , Adele and Poppy. Chapter 2 Chapter two is about Adele’s biography and how she met Edward and how they felt in love.The second part of this chapter is about Jack Sprat’s biography and his childhood is a main part of that. He was the “white sheep” in his family. Chapter 3 In the third chapter Jack visits his mother Norma who still didn’t get over of being discharged. Jack wants to help her to snap back to reality and employs James to help her. In the second part of that chapter we get to know Edwards children Morgan, who is and…[show more]
Summary1.385 Words / ~6 pages Georg-August-Universität Göttingen Post-colonial rewriting II: Marina Warner, Indigo 1. Marina Warner - born 1946 in London (English father, Italian Mother) - grown up in Cairo, Brussels, Berkshire/Eng­land - writes short stories, novels and non-fiction (mostly on feminism, myth) - Some details in Indigo based on Warner’s family background (Father’s side used to live in the British Caribbean for generations since 17th century: memoirs of her grandfather’s­, bowling boy called Killibree, cricket. à Marina Warner - Indigo: Mapping the Waters in Etudes Britanniques Contemporaine­s n° 5. Montpellier: Presses universitaire­s de Montpellier, 1994 2. Indigo or, Mapping the Waters: Structure: - Thirty-three chapters, divided in SERAFINE I-III and Part I-VI - Plot divided by time and place: 1. Liamuiga in the Caribbean vs. London (/Paris) 2. 17th century vs. 20th…[show more]
Summary1.147 Words / ~ pages Heinrich Heine Gymnasium Heikendorf Klausurersatz­leist­ung Canadas First Nations: a scandal where the victims are blamed. Assignment 1 The article Canadas First Nations: a scandal where the victims are blamed, written in december 2011 from J. Mackay and N.J. Sindair for the Guardian online, deals with the living conditions of the Attawapiskat First Nation and their relationship to the Canadian Government. The living conditions of the remote Attawapiskat community are horrifying. Since 2009, when a sewage overflow happened and their houses have been destroyed, the housing conditions have become more and more terrifying. Furthermore the school were taken in 2000 because of a diesel fuel leak and hasnt been rebuilt so far. These disasters justify the shocking situation, in which the community members have to live. There arent enough housing possibilities­,…[show more]
Summary1.746 Words / ~ pages BAKIP Graz The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chobsky Plot The story is about a boy, named Charlie, who is a misfit and has his first day at high school. He is a bit weird; he counts the days till graduation day (1385 days) and writes letters to “friend” but it isn’t mentioned, who “friend” is. Charlie loves to write and maybe wants to write a book someday. On his first days on high school Charlie barely talks and it’s difficult for him to make friends. He takes an advanced English course and a shop class. In shop class Charlie notices Patrick, who gets called “Nothing” from their teacher. He befriends with Patrick and Sam during a football game as Charlie calls Patrick by his name and earns respect. Charlie is immediately delighted with Sam. He first thought that Patrick and Sam are in love but they are just step-siblings­. His teacher Mr. Anderson…[show more]
Summary1.790 Words / ~9 pages FvSS Wetzlar Reading Journal: Seedfolks 2. Ana: suspicious, curious (binocular), helpful Leona: environmental­ly Sam: superstitious Sae Young: afraid Curtis: in love Maricela: sociable Florence: loves nature, 3. Kim: “He would see my patience and my hard work. I would show him that I could raise plants, as he had. I would show him that I was his daughter.” She learned to work for acceptance and reached her own goals with this garden. Her main goal is to be appreciated by her father and step into his footsteps. I have chosen this sentence because this is the part where I felt really close to her personality and it is easy to understand her feelings. Virgil: ”Save our lettuce” I took this sentence because I felt like he was really praying for something. His minds made up and he hoped to help his father with it. He did not really develop in any ways…[show more]
Summary2.115 Words / ~8 pages Gymnasium Mainz Zusammenfassu­ng : Englisch The Dead Poets Society Summary: tenses : simple past; present perfect (talking about the past) 100/150-200 words the bare essentials (only the most necessary information ) Chapter 1: The chapter 1, in the novel ‘Dead Poets Society’ which was written by N.H.Kleinbaum­, is about the start of the new school year at the Welton Academy. Inside the chapel of Welton academy all new pupils and their proud-faced parents are assembled. The headmaster Dean Nolan makes a speech about the four pillars of the school; they are ‘tradition’, ‘honor’, ‘discipline’ and ‘excellence’. After the speech Mr. Nolan presents the new English teacher, Mr.Keating. There is a new pupil at the school, called Todd Anderson. His brother Jeffrey was one of the best at Welton Academy. That is why Todd is under great pressure to fulfil…[show more]
Summary2.511 Words / ~25 pages Gymnasium Aachen He has broken too many rules now to let himselb be caught, such as leaving his dwelling at night and taking his fathers bike because of its child seat. The next morning, he drives with Gabe in an isolated area. He has to drive during the day so much so that the search planes dont get him. 23 Summary chapter 22 In chapter twenty-two Jonas is still running with Gabe from the community. The land is very different than they knew. At some point the bicyclce turn over and Jonas twisted an ankle. Fot the first time, they see a waterfall and wildlife. They also see a bird flying over them which it remembers him from the memories he received from The Giver. Later, they see more and more animals. They are running out of food and Jonas catches two fishes from a stream. It starts to rain, which lasts for two days. The cold, wet and hunger make Gabriel cry and Jonas…[show more]
Summary2.184 Words / ~9 pages Aachen Inda-Gymnasium The outsider Summary of each chapter Chapter 1: Ponyboy Curtis, the narrator of the story, is a fourteen-year­-old boy. He is walking home alone. During his walk home he thinks about his life. The dream of being like Paul Newman, the tough boy and he thinks about his brothers Sodapop and Darry, what they like and what they do not like and about school. Suddenly a corvair pulled up beside him and five Socs get out. He thinks about, what they have made with Johnny when they beat him and got scared. Then one of the Socs pulled a switchable out his pocket. Ponyboy started screaming and after a few minutes, his brothers Darry and Sodapop were there and helped him. Chapter 2: After a successful shop-lift, Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally went to the movies. Dally sees two pretty girls, and tries to flirt with them. But they do not like him so he gives up and…[show more]
Summary2.533 Words / ~7 pages Gymnasium Zwettl Teenage pregnancy in fact and fiction - I want to keep my baby by Joanna Lee - Chapter summary Engish Specialtopic 13.12.12 Teenage pregnancy in fact and fiction I want to keep my baby (by Joanna Lee) Sue Ann:young, naiv, innocent, Elizabeth: Chuck Ryan: best looking guy in school, Robert Redford look-alike, parents: Margie and George Ryan, ( chapter 3 ) Donna Jo Cunningham Martelli: mother, superficial, Ralph:husband­of Donna Jo, look of a hungry animal, his eyes hot when he looked at Donna Jo, Ralphie Jr.: not yet two, Samantha: Rea Finer: lead the rap session at the Parkington Home, social worker, born in brooklyn, has an accent, she is young, plain of face, openly, deeply caring, Marta Alvarez: roommate at Parkington Home, natural born victim, gentle, smiling child, acceptes whatever come her way, Don DeReda: careful, both…[show more]
Summary828 Words / ~ pages Lise Meitner Gymnasium Eight Plays for Teenagers (cover- google.com/im­ages) Facts about the book: - Name: Eight Plays for Teenagers - Drama / not a novel - Author: Dave Draper - 63 pages - 8 chapters (every single chapter is one play) - chapters arent based on the previous one - mainly typical situatios for teenagers => exercises in relation to each story - simple texts => difficult vocabularies translated Stories 1. Friends and Lovers - Characters: Paul, Jenny, Susan, Claire -story: on p. 5-9 - exercises: on p. 10 Paul and Jenny are in a relationship and they actually wanted to go to a disco on friday evening with their friends Susan and Claire. Suddenly Paul finishes with her because he says he loved another girl. Later Jenny tells Susan and Claire what happened. Jennys two friends say that they tried to help her to get over him. So, Claire believes going to…[show more]
Summary1.560 Words / ~ pages Prva gimnazija Maribor THE STAR ZOO Characters: Buff (Buffalo): about 40 years old. He has cold eyes. He is selfish and over-confiden­t. He wanted to merry Hummy for the first time he saw her. She hates him. He is very mean to her and he doesn’t understand her. I don’t think he loves her. When Hummy showed him animals at the star zoo he got went crazy and wanted to kill them. However this wasnt his own fault. Every adult goes crazy after seeing animals because they don’t have an open mind like kids. He is also inventive. He had a small camera, so he could remember how to find Hummy next day. However this is his only good attribute. Robot: he doesn’t have imagination and free mind. He is just a product. He does whatever people told him, except that he couldn’t lie. He isn’t the main character is the story, but there is one important thing that he does. He createda robot kitten…[show more]
Summary4.107 Words / ~11 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Foundations of Cultural Theory Terms and questions for the final test Representatio­n The production of meaning through language; a process by which members of a culture use language to produce meaning. Connects meaning and language to culture. It means using language to say something meaningful about, or to represent, the world meaningfully to other people. To represent means to symbolize. We construct meanings and give them names, so we are able to refer to it and share our knowledge. Language is a signifying practice: it constructs meaning and transmits it. Languages signify. 2 systems of representatio­n: Mental representatio­ns: set of concepts in our mind, classifies and organizes the world into meaningful categories. Constructing conceptual maps. Language (symbolic system): System of constructing and communicating­…[show more]
Summary16.550 Words / ~77 pages Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg example: we know that John and Paul were singers of the Beatles John sang.  S(j)  = The sentence John sang is true if and only if the extension of John is part of the set defined by sang in the model M1.  F1(j) ∈ F1(S) we know F1(j) = John F1(S) = {John, Paul}  as this is obviously true, the sentence gets the value ‘1’ . of a compound sentence with ∧ ‘and’ S(j) ∧ I(b, e) means we have a compound sentence p ∧ q first, we check if p and q are true independently then we evaluate the truth value of p ∧ q (∧ is only true if p and q are true)   S(j) is true as we know I (b, e): The sentence Bob idolized Brien Epstein is true if and only if the extension of Bob and the extension of Brian Epstein are an ordered pair which is part of the set defined by idolized in the model M so: thus: the denotation assignment function tells us: F1(b) = {Bob} F1(e) = {Brian Epstein} F1 (I) = {,…[show more]
Summary1.738 Words / ~9 pages Gymnasium Berlin Holes - Louis Sachar. Summarize Chapter 1: The first chapter is about the Camp Green Lake, what is it and where. Its in Texas, there was a lake about hundred years ago, the largest lake in Texas. Now its dry. There are many animals, most of them are dangerous. Chapter 2: Chapter two is about a boy, his name is Stanley Yelnats, who had two choises, 1. go to jail or 2. go to Camp Green Lake. Chapter 3: The third chapter is about Stanley, how he drive to Camp Green Lake and that he was overweight in the middle school, that was the reason why the students teased him. He said something about his family. Chapter 4: Chapter four is about Stanley how he arrived at the Camp. It is dry, barren and desolate. Mr. Sir had check that Stanley wasnt hiding anything. Mr. Sir expla..…[show more]
Summary736 Words / ~ pages BHAK Monsbergergasse Graz The Hound of the Baskerville Author Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh in 1859. As the son of a civil servant, he was educated at Stonyhurst School and then spent a year in Austria, before taking a degree in medicine at Edinburgh University. Later he began to write detective stories and became the author of more than 50 books. His stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes are the most famous ones. He was a prolific writer whose other works include science fiction stories, historical novels, plays and romances, poetry and non-fiction. He died in1930 in Crossborough in Sussex. Charakters Sherlock Holmes Dr. Watson Sir Henry Baskerville Mr. Stapelton Story Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson have to solve a mysterious crime. One day Doctor James Mortimer comes to them to ask for help because of the sudden death of Sir Charles…[show more]
Summary647 Words / ~ pages BHAK Monsbergergasse Graz The Pearl Author John Steinbeck Main Characters Kino Juana Coyotito (their baby) Story Kino, his wife Juana and their son Coyotito live in a house by the sea. One morning a scorpion stings Coyotito. Kino and Juana rush him to the doctor in town. When they arrive at the doctor’­s gate, they are not welcome because they are poor natives who cannot pay for the doctor. Kino decides to take the canoe out to the sea and is diving for pearls. Kino finds the largest and greatest pearl that he has ever seen. The whole neighbourhood gathers at Kino’s house to see the greatest pearl of the world. With the pearl Kino wants to pay for an education for his son and also a church wedding. In the evening a priest visits Kino and the doctor arrives. The doctor explains that he was out in the morning but he has come yet to cure Coyotito. He gives Coyotito…[show more]
Summary1.495 Words / ~3 pages HTBLVA Villach English Articles – Maturavorbere­itung­ 1. Robots of the road 2. A new vision for the old continent 3. The best of both worlds Robots of the Road One day our streets might be filled with computer controlled cars which will perhaps speed down smart highways under their own command, turning drivers into passengers. This vision has preoccupied the automobile industry for decades. The basic idea is always the same: a smart car will pull out of the garage, drive down local roads and head for the smartway. There the driver activates the robo-driver and relaxes. The car will drive towards its destination at more than 225 km/h, only a few meters from the cars in front and behind but protected by many security systems which avoid any collision. While the driver is relaxing, a network of satellite-lin­ked computer systems is guiding…[show more]
Summary1.436 Words / ~3 pages HTBLVA Villach English Articles – Maturavorbere­itung­ 1. The American way of work 2. Phantom card tricks 3. Computer screen, heal thyself The American Way of Work In recent years, an number of American states have experimented with new ways to reform the welfare system. A very controversial project has been started in Wisconsin. It has dramatically reduced welfare rolls and attracted fact-finding delegations from many countries. Tommy Thompson, the conservative Republican governor of Wisconsin, has dropped the number of families receiving welfare assistance by more than two-thirds since 1987. Thompsons programs aims at transforming welfare into work, but many visitors from foreign countries are shocked when they hear the details. And with good reason. Every Wisconsin resident currently receiving federal welfare has…[show more]
Summary1.093 Words / ~2 pages HTBLVA Villach English Articles – Maturavorbere­itung­ 1. Mazda meets Miller 2. Bulding a better bike 3. Technology as a Trojan horse Mazda Meets Miller Mazda claims to have develop a Miller-cycle engine with a much better turbocharged performance and lead-burn efficiency than conventional four-stroke engines. The Miller-cycle engine is a variation of the conventional four-stroke Otto-cycle engine. But Mazda says that the Miller-cycle engine delivers 50 percent greater torque while improving fuel efficiency 10 to 15 percent. The Miller cycle lowers the compression ratio of a supercharged four-cycle engine to prevent engine knock, while retaining the normal expansion ratio. Supercharging increases engine torque in proportion to the amount of intake air. But this can also result in engine knock. Usually, the solution…[show more]
Summary575 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Summary - What is America Just a few days ago I heard somebody explaining why a topic becomes worth studying. Whenever a problem occurs in any aspect of life we study it in order so find a solution. Therefore it is understandabl­e why culture became an academic discipline, because there are indeed a lot of troubles concerning all kinds of cultures. So the question “What is America?” is not that easy to answer as it may seem in the first place, but if you take a closer look you will see that there are a lot of problems. Conventional approaches mainly focused on the perspective of white, heterosexual, middle-class men, which excluded numerous of other experiences made by a diversity of people who live in America. Therefore I think new approaches are crucial in order to give those groups a voice that have been marginalised for a very…[show more]
Summary1.089 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Summary of the last session (October 30, 2007) In the last session we finished Sidney’­s sonnet 15 and started with discussing two sonnets of Edmund Spenser’­;s sonnet cycle Amoretti, which means ‛little love poets’. I will start by analysing Sidney’­s sonnet and then give a short overview about Spenser’­;s life. After that, I will discuss Spenser’­;s sonnet 67 and 75 in greater detail. Sir Philip Sidney: Sonnet 15 1. You that do search for every purling spring “you”à he is talking to other poets. Search for spring, for water to be inspired 2. Which from the ribs of old Parnassus flows, “Parnas­sus”à­ mountain where the muses live 3. And every flower, not sweet perhaps, which grows 4. Near thereabouts, into your poesy wring; Pun: A posy is a bunch of flowersà gathering flowers…[show more]
Summary556 Words / ~1 page Katholische Schule Sankt Franziskus Camparison of Characters -A character who feels uneasy about when confronted with their personal past- ***The Hate U Give is a young adult novel written by Angie Thomas. It is about a 16 year old black girl, named Starr Carter, who is drawn to activism after she witnesses the police shooting of a childhood friend.*** _____________­__ Maverick Carter is Starrs father, Lisas husband and also a felon gang member by the King Lords. Maverick was basically born into a life of crime since his father himself was one of the biggest drug dealers in Garden Heights. Maverick Carter then decided to leave the gang life behind after his life changed by having children. He even went to prison for 3 years as an exchange for getting out of a gang ruled by King, the now biggest drug dealer in Garden Heights. Maverick is constantly reminded of the result of…[show more]
Summary1.268 Words / ~3 pages LES Kiel The author´s intentions and criticism We think Aldous Huxley wants to criticise that people who live their life on their own should get respect from the others. They should not be excluded just because they’re different from others. When Bernard and Lenina visit the reservation in New Mexico they are disgusted how these people look like and how they live and smell. And it’s also good not to always be on drugs. So you can realize what happens in your surrounding. When Lenina is on drugs during the visit in the reservation, she cannot get to know the natives. Huxley wants to show that man is both body and spirit. Huxley’­s Brave New World belongs to the literacy genre “dystop­ia”. In contrast to the Utopian novels that are written to convey the impression of a perfect world, dystopian ones warn of a dehumanizing…[show more]
Summary558 Words / ~ pages HG Heidenheim 2nd Empire – Points of Interest “Raj” - Was the term used to describe British administratio­n in India from 1858 -1949 Why was it possible to govern such a big area like India with only four British civil servants? - End of the 19th century: India was divided by culture, religion and political interests, so the British had an easy game, but also because the British had trained a lot of Indian administrator­s and soldiers to be loyal servants of the British crown. Development of white settler colonies - First the white settler colonies were colonies of the British Empire, later, the white settler colonies started to found their own governments and institutions, so they became dominions of the British Empire. How did the British justify their presence in foreign countries? => Imperial Ideology - Pertaining to the exploitation…[show more]
Summary885 Words / ~3 pages GaSOŠe Vimperk BOLESTNÉ ECHO ČASU Eva Sachs O autorovi Eva Sachs se narodila 30.1.1924 v Českoslo­vensk­u, přesn­83;ji­ v okolí Brna. Pro ni, mladou židovskou dívku žijící v Českoslo­vensk­u skončil „normál­ní život“ s okupací země nacisty v roce 1939. Jediným místem v jejich měst­3;, které ještě smělo přijímat židovské studenty byla soukromá jazyková škola – Englisch Instute. Eva Sachs si zažila opovrhování kvůli její víře, odloučen­í od nejlepší přítelky­n­3;, 4 roky v koncentra­9;ním­ táboře, smrt rodič­67; a spoustu dalších, pro nás snad i nepředst­avite­lnýc­h, útrap. V roce 1945 byl koncentra­9;ní tábor v Terezíně zrušen a ona byla konečn&#­283; svobodná. Se…[show more]
Summary2.286 Words / ~15 pages Universität Augsburg Grammatik Flexionsmorph­ologi­e Syntax grammatische Struktur von Wörtern grammatische Struktur von Sätzen und Phrasen hierarchische Ordnung: Sätze > Teilsätze (clauses) > Phrasen > Wörter > Flexionsmorph­eme Flexionsmorph­eme gebundene Morpheme, mit deren Hilfe grammatische Information direkt am Wortstamm kodiert wird sehr wenige im Englischen! Einschub: synthetische Sprachen analytische Sprachen Türkisch Finnisch Japanisch Deutsch Französisch Englisch Chinesisch agglutinieren­de Sprachen flektierende Sprachen flexionsarme Sprache isolierende Sprache 1-1-Beziehung zw. Form und Bedeutung bei gram. Morphemen/Mor­phen à jedes Morphem/Morph steht für eine einzige gram. Kategorie verschiedene grammatische Informationen in einer Form: z. B. Tempus, Numerus, Person ohne Flexion Englisch = analytische…[show more]
Summary801 Words / ~2 pages BHAK Wien Summary The Kite Runner (Der Drachenfliege­r) The Kite Runner is a very emotional novel of Khaled Hosseini that treats the topics friendship, jealousy, sincerity, trust, immigration, racism and religion in a the story of an afghan boy in Kabul. Amir tells of his childhood in Kabul, where his father (Baba) enjoyed financial success and image. Amir and his father provide housing for their servants, Ali and his son, Hassan. The novel starts in the year 1975 with the relationship of Amir and his servant boy Hassan. They behave partly like friends although social class separates the two boys from true friendship. A very common sport at that time is Kite running and the both of the boys love flying kites together. Furthermore Amir often reads stories to his servant and Hassans response to one Amirs self-written stories furthers his characters…[show more]
Summary485 Words / ~1 page Frankfurt am Main 1) AMERICAN DREAM: The term “Americ­an Dream” is used in a number of ways, but essentially the American Dream is an idea which suggests that all people can succeed through hard work, and that all people have the potential to live happy, successful lives. Many people have expanded upon or refined the definition of the American Dream, and this concept has also been subject to a fair amount of criticism. Many people believe that the structure of American society belies the idealistic goal of the American Dream, pointing to examples of inequality rooted in class, race, and ethnic origin which suggest that the American Dream is not attainable for all. The idea of an American Dream is older than the United States, dating back to the 1600s, when people began to come up with all sorts of hopes and aspirations for the new and largely unexplored…[show more]
Summary620 Words / ~ pages Alexander von Humboldt, Lima, Perú Hypnopaedia What does “Hypnopaedia” mean? Hypnopaedia is the art or process of learning while asleep by means of lessons recorded on disk or tapes. Experiments: Autumn of 1957: Woodland Road Camp (penal institution in Tulare County, California) Miniature loud-speakers were placed under a group of volunteered prisoners. └> inspirational homily on “the principles of moral living” or motivational phrases such as I am filled with love and compassion for all, so help me God” every hour. →Second chapter of “Brave New World”: - Director of Hatcheries and Condition­­;ing explains the workings of that state-control­led system of ethical education (hypnopaedia)­. ↘ Not functional with intellectual training, only successful for moral training → conditioning of behavior through verbal suggestion. “In the Brave New World, no…[show more]
Summary606 Words / ~1 page Hlw Biedermannsdorf The catcher in the rye The book is about Holden Caulfield who is taking notes at the beginning at the book at a sanatorium for psychological treatment and refreshment. Holden is an awful student and fails the third time at his boarding school. But if that isn’t enough, he makes a big mistake. He forgets, as captain of the school fencing team, the whole equipment at the underground so that he and his team can’t fence. In cause of fear of the following football game he decides to let not see him again at school. At his room in the boarding school he meets the vain roommate Stradler who borrows cheekily Holden’­s best jacket because he got a rendezvous with the attractive Jane Gallagher what makes Holden excited because Jane is his secret love. Holden also promised Stradler to do his English homework, where he also fails…[show more]
Summary833 Words / ~2 pages Goethegymnasium Kassel The British waynational character: notions of fair play, rounded education, standing up for rights - against injustice, sociability, appreciation of foreign people and customs, generosity in giving to charitable causes, invention, creativity, independence, tolerance, flexibility, cling too much to the past, represent a lot of whats good in the world, understatemen­t, intelligence, willingness to listen to others, respect for law without being subservient, love countryside - monuments (Isle of Wight- island off the southern English coast and a popular holiday resort), healthy and heady mix - survive even the worst, little bit eccentric, practise religion without harming, proud: gentlemen, lose gracefully, stand in queushistory: glorious past, the nation has the steel from the fire of its history, indians live…[show more]
Summary1.150 Words / ~6 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Summary Morphology Morphemes, Allomorphs, free and bound morphemes Morphology = structure of words, how words are composed of meaningful units Structure: - Consists of parts/compone­nts (complexity) - the components belong to different categories (categorizati­on) - the components have different functions (functionalit­y) - the components are arranged in specific ways - structures are often hierarchical (organization­) Analyzing Structure: 1) Identify the parts 2) Categorize them 3) Examine their organization 4) Identify the functions that the parts will fulfill Word : - Structurally inviolable whole ­ the form of the word always remains the same Demoralizing *moraldelizin­g - Externally free it can occur in more than one position in the sentence Word Forms: the individual surfaces forms (go, went, goes, gone)…[show more]
Summary2.142 Words / ~7 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Discourse Oriented Narratology and Narrative Situation Terms and Definitions (based on the theory in “An Introduction to the Study of English and American Literature” by Vera & Ansgar Nünning) The examination of the narrative situation is one of the central elements in the analysis of a narrative text, not least because the narrative transmission is one of the constructive generic features of narrative texts. The term ‘narrative situation’, sometimes referred to as point of view is among the most fundamental categories employed in the analysis of narrative texts. All are used to describe the way in which characters, events, plot elements or internal, psychological processes are presented in narrative texts. The authorial narrative situation is characterised by the dominance of the external perspective, the crucial…[show more]
Summary1.691 Words / ~6 pages BAKIP Graz The sisterhood of the travelling pants by Ann Brashares Plot The story is about four girls, Bridget, Lena, Tibby and Carmen living in Maryland. They know each other since their birth and are best friends forever. They call themselves “sisterhood” and are there for each other in every situation. They are all 16 years old and do everything together. One day they go shopping and find jeans that fit everyone perfectly, even Carmen who is a bit thicker than the others or Bridget who is taller than her friends. They decided to share these magical pants, which work miracles and maybe cause some special experiences, during the summer and send them after a week to the next friend. Tibby stays in Maryland, working in a wall mart. Bridget goes to Mexico and spending her time in a soccer camp. Carmon visits her dad in South Carolina and Lena stays in…[show more]

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