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List of Worksheets: English Language
Worksheet Rahel-Varnhagen-Kolleg Hagen
Worksheet, Past tense, Present Perfect, Blackout, Interview 2012 Worksheet: Past Tense versus Present Perfect 1. Blackout – Fill in past tense or present perfect. Last Monday the overloaded generators of our city has broken (1. break) down. Since then we had (2. have) a complete
Worksheet Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel - CAUmoor
Du nimmst die Zeitung. __________________­____________________ Nimmst du die Zeitung? __________________­____________________ Wir lasen ein Buch. __________________­____________________ Lasen wir ein Buch? __________________­____________________ 2. Fill in the correct
Worksheet University of Derby
Clap hands, here comes Charlie Pre-reading Activities Charles Henderson One of the main characters in the story is Charlie Henderson. He is going to see a pantomime – a form of theatre traditionally seen at Christmas time – with his family. From the following extracts you will get an idea of what
Worksheet Universidad Católica del Ecuador Quito
My best dream ever It all started on Sao Paulo. I was walking around with my camera and taking pictures of some gardens where people go and do picnics and have some fun together with family or friends. I was walking around some plants then I fell over and hurt a little bit my leg and hand. I remember
Worksheet Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU
Practicing Phrasal Verbs Examples: Run into sb: to meet sb by chance Run out of: to finish; to have no more of sth Run after: to chase Run over: to hit sb/sth with a vehicle Take over: to take control of sth Take after: to look like, to behave like Take up: to begin sth new (a hobby, sport) Take off: (of aero­planes)
Worksheet Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU
Ways to express the ‘Future’ in English PRESENT SIMPLE We open our new office in London next year. The train leaves in half an hour Does the meeting start at 8am tomorrow? PRESENT CONTINUOUS He is leaving tonight. He isn’t leaving tonight. Is he leaving tonight? Isn’t
Worksheet Saint Mac´s Saint John
Read the dialogue and choose the correct words. Neil: Are you (1) ___to Dawn’s party tomorrow? Brian: Yes, of course. What time does it start? Neil: At twelve o´clock, but (2) ______ over there at 10.00 to help. Brian: OK. (3)_______me to do? Neil: Well, Joe and Andy are making some special food and
Worksheet Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik
English Exam The History of Football 1. What is the name for football in . Name: ________ Datum: ________ Punkte: _ Note: __ Unterschrift: _________ USA  Ireland  Australia  2. Soccer comes from the word _______. 3. What is the official name for football as we know it today? _______________ 4.
Worksheet MSLU Moscow
Connectives and conjunctions: Study the phrases below and make a note of the ones that are not quite familiar to you. Please note that these phrases are frequently used in essays and academic writing but less so in narratives and in an informal or neutral style: EXPLAINING RESULTS AND REASONS Because,
Worksheet ILS Institut für Lernsysteme - Fernhochschule Hamburg
Einsendeaufgaben­ Englisch Grammar 2 C.Homework Assig­nment Part one: You are sitting at your desk at this moment with a very innovative idea but not enough money to start your own business? Maybe crowdfunding would be just the right thing for you. This is when lots of people

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