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List of Essays: History - Page 2

Essay1.216 Words / ~2 pages Schools, Shrewsbury How effective was Richard IIIs response to the problems he faced during his reign? Richard III was frequently met with problems throughout his reign, which comes as a given for a usurper, and in this essay I will discuss the effectiveness of Richard’s responses to these problems. Although Richard faced numerous challenges, the biggest ones were: poor relations with nobles; low finances and opposition. I think that Richard’s responses to these problems were sensible majority of the time, but in order to secure his position on the throne he had to address the problems with nobility and opposition more than he did. According to some accounts Richard spent most of his time dealing with financial troubles and that meant that he did not focus enough on other challenges. Richard dethroned (and most likely murdered) his nephews who were…[show more]
Essay1.024 Words / ~ pages Are-Gymnasium Bad-Neuenahr Ahrweiler A few months before world war II ended, the western front collapsed. As the Soviet Union started to get more and more advanced, the german civilians were unprotected. Many people knew that Germany would loose the war and wanted to leave but it was officially forbidden. The Nazi government assured the civilians that they would win the war and that they would be safe. When the soviet army reached east prussia on the 12 January 1945 many civilians were completely unprepared. By the 23 January the soviet army completely disconnected east prussia and thousands of refugees tried to flee. The winter came early and it was unusually cold. The only way the refugees could leave east prussia was over frozen inlets of the baltic sea to the west. (A) The german government didn’t want the refugees in the country, why the airforce bombed the refugees…[show more]
Essay3.460 Words / ~9 pages Universidade de São Paulo 2 INTRODUÇÃO À IDADE MÉDIA ESCANDINAVA Ao se falar sobre a Escandinávia, tanto quanto ao se tratar da Idade Média, uma série de estereótipos surgem à vista, os quais será preciso, antes de tudo, afastar. Não é nossa pretensão, considerando-­se as dimensões desta dissertação, comentar de forma profunda a história do norte europeu. Intentamos, no entanto, discutir sobre as idiossincrasi­as de mitos e contos de origem escandinava, e, para isso, teremos que ingressar num labirinto temporal que nos levará aos primeiros séculos da nossa era. Os antigos habitantes do norte tornaram-se mais conhecidos do Império Romano antes do século I a.C., quando grupos nômades que um dia teriam partido da Escandinávia passaram a atacar, de modo cada vez mais sistemático, as colônias de domínio romano na região da Gália. Dois textos da época serviram…[show more]
Essay2.394 Words / ~4 pages University of London How did Hitler gain and consolidate power in Nazi Germany On September 1st 1939 Nazi Germany invaded Poland, this was the first invasion in world war two and was the catalysis for the Allied nations to begin their defence of Europe leading to a six-year war that ended in their favour. However, we can look at Germany as a country that was under such heavy Nazi influence they had no choice but to go along with Adolf Hitler’s plans of war, prejudice and horror due to Hitler’s profound ability in propaganda and public talks they were eased into a sense of righteousness­, superiority and devotion to Hitler and his party. After World War One, the treaty of Versailles called for Germany to pay reparations to the allied nations, leaving Germany in a state of hyperinflatio­n from mid-1922 to late 1923 with prices increasing as much as 700% causing…[show more]
Essay667 Words / ~ pages Haileybury, Hertford How accurate is it say that there were major changes to English industry and trade in the period 1551 to 1588? (20) Yes, it is quite accurate to say that English industry and trade went through a major change during 1551 to 1558. During this period, Wool and Cloth trade industries had significant changes to their production, the role of London in the world trade changed significantly­. Finally, due to increase in the amount of explorations that were carried out by English merchants and explorers, the amount of trade increased significantly­. On the one hand, it is possible to say that there have been significant changes to English industry and trade during 1551-1588. The first argument for that is the fact that the role of London has changed significantly during this period. Its significance as a domestic and foreign trading centre…[show more]
Essay471 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Berlin What is a Revolution? The definition of revolution is a change in power, like government, that happens over a short period of time. According to the dictionary, another definition is, a revolution is “ a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favour of a new system.” A revolution can also influence new ideas and bring new discoveries to societies. Important and significant revolutions are the French Revolution and the American Revolution. Not only are there many revolutions, but there are also many types of revolutions. Some of them are political revolution, scientific revolution, as well as, revolutions in literature. Entire changes from one constitution to another, or adjusting a constitution that is already there are two types of political revolutions according to Aristotle. According to Ramirez, Stearns,…[show more]
Essay947 Words / ~ pages Deutsche Schule Barcelona Socialismo y Anarquismo en la Restauración Borbónica La Restauración inicia en el año 1875 tras la caída de la I República española con el ascenso al trono de España del hijo de Isabel ll, Alfonso XII. Durante su mandato se redacta la Constitución de 1876 que pone fin a las Guerras Carlistas y tolera el bipartidismo. Con la Restauración Borbónica en 1874, el movimiento obrero es reprimido. A partir de 1881 hay mayor libertad y aparecen partidos y sindicatos obreros que se oponen al sistema político de la Restauración. A partir de la mayoría de edad del rey Alfonso XII ocurre la crisis total del sistema de la Restauración. Debido a las resistencias internas del propio sistema, los proyectos reformistas fracasaron, provocando constantes cambios de gobierno, intervencioni­smo del ejército, aumento de la conflictivida­d y desigualdad…[show more]
Essay1.392 Words / ~ pages Europaschule Köln and Köln Rivalries Introduction 1 The Great War, 1914 – 1918, was one of the world’s worst nightmares, causing the death of more than 10,000,000 people, both civilian and military. The events leading to this catastrophe were diverse and involved several of the world’s most powerful countries. In the course of the Great War and in the years preceding its outbreak, certain beliefs such as militarism and patriotism as well as imperialism and alliances seemed to have had an influence on the outbreak of World War I, which raises the question what the trigger of this cataclysmic event really was. 2.1 As early as 1879, GermanyandAus­tria-­Hung­aryagreed to form a Dual Alliance with the purpose of cooperating with regard to expanding their territories without conflict of interest1. Forming this alliance came naturally as Germany and Austria-Hunga­ry…[show more]
Essay1.392 Words / ~ pages Penn Foster College The Portrayal of Hispanic Americans in the Media With over 53 Million people, Hispanic Americans are with more than 17% the biggest and fastest growing ethnic group in the United States of America (Stepler and Brown). By 2050 the Hispanic component is expected to grow by 167% (Negrón-Munta­ner, The Latino Media Gap). Despite the thriving growth of the Hispanic population, Latinos tend to be underrepresen­ted in American media and their voices are lacking on television and screen. Like many other ethnic minority groups, Hispanics have always been portrayed negatively in the media; even though images of other minority groups began to change in the 1990s, Hispanics are still depicted as illegal immigrants, criminals, or unskilled laborers in the American news, TV shows and film. Although Hispanics are the biggest ethnic minority…[show more]
Essay2.160 Words / ~3 pages Goethegymnasium Kassel 4 SUPPORT AND OPPOSITION ANALYSIS (1): HOW EXTENSIVE WAS THE SUPPORT FOR HITLER AND NAZISM? Support can be either active or tacit, positive or negative. It can mean direct commitment through personal conviction or, alternatively­, the absence of opposition through fear of the consequences. Both types existed in Nazi Germany. The main reason for positive support was the personal popularity of Hitler. To many he was a direct successor to the populist vision of the Kaiser during the Second Reich. There had been no equivalent during the Weimar Republic, with the possible exception of Hindenburg. Hitler therefore filled a gap and greatly extended the leadership cult. His appeal also had a chameleon nature: he offered something different to each class and yet pulled them all together with the uniqueness of his own vision for the future.…[show more]
Essay2.136 Words / ~11 pages Moudon epsme Martin Luther King Jr. „ I have a dream . “ Prix Nobel de la Paix reçu le 10 décembre 1964 Titre .............­.....­....­.............­... . page 1 Sommaire .............­.....­....­.............­... page 2 Alfred et l’institution des prix Nobels .............­.....­....­.............­. page 3 Attributions des différents prix Nobel .............­.....­....­............. page 4 Biographie de Martin Luther King Jr. .............­.....­....­.............­. page 5 Illustrations .............­.....­....­.............­... page 6 Problématique­, la ségrégation raciale .............­.....­....­............. page 7 L’engagement de Martin L.K.Jr. .............­.....­....­.............­... page 8 Et aujourd’hui ? .............­.....­....­.............­...…[show more]
Essay2.201 Words / ~3 pages Goethegymnasium Kassel WHY DID HITLER COME TO POWER IN 1933? Hitler was appointed Chancellor by President Hindenburg on 30 January 1933. He was the leader of the largest party in the Reichstag and also had the support of much of the conservative right who had dominated Germany politically since 1929. The explanation as to why this happened can be advanced in three stages. First, Nazism was fortunate in that the Weimar Republic (formed in 1919 and ended in 1933) had become a flawed structure which contained a destabilised and increasingly volatile population. Second, Nazism emerged as a dynamic movement which was capable of gaining support from a substantial part of the disillusioned electorate. And third, the conservative right provided a channel which enabled the new dynamic to penetrate and force open the flawed structure. The rise of Hitler depended…[show more]
Essay1.374 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Brandenburg The German Revolution 1848 Can a revolution still be effective without reaching its most important aim? The German revolution is an important part of the German culture and affects us till today. But how effective can a revolution be when it couldn’t reach its most important aim of creating the national state of Germany? To analyze this question the revolution has to be considered in its course and the circumstances that caused this revolution. 1815 the congress of Vienna was set up after the defeat of Napoleon to define the borders in Europe after the political map has been changed. The congress decided to split the German Empire into 38 different states which were called the “German bun” together. But the population of Germany was disagreeing with this decision. They wanted the German bun to become one national state to be unified…[show more]
Essay889 Words / ~2 pages Europäische Schule Essay History Describe the main factors that contributed to the ending oft the medieval period For the end of the era of the Middle Ages, where the feudal system ruled from 800 AD to 1500 AD, many factors have contributed. These can be grouped into 4 different main points, which are the plague; the invention oft the printing press; the voyages of discovery and Trade. These 4 events that successively emerged developed over time a freer and more flexible social system. The Plague apperead in europe for the first time in 1348 and had a very big impact on the society in the immediate aftermath and over the long term. During this event of fear and panic, peoples belief in the Church and god was in a crisis. Its important to highlight that at this time the catholic church and its teachings in the faith in god, and that everything happened because…[show more]
Essay3.151 Words / ~16 pages Universität Moskau МИНОБРНАУКИ РОССИИ Федеральное государственн­ое бюджетное образовательн­ое учреждение высшего профессиональ­ного образования «РОССИЙСКИЙ ГОСУДАРСТВЕНН­ЫЙ ГУМАНИТАРНЫЙ УНИВЕРСИТЕТ» (РГГУ) ИНСТИТУТ ФИЛОЛОГИИ И ИСТОРИИ ИСТОРИКО-ФИЛО­ЛОГИЧ­ЕСКИ­Й ФАКУЛЬТЕТ Петрова Сильвия Григоровна Исторические идеи Вильгельма фон Гумбольдта. Доклад по дисциплине Всеобщая история. Новое время.Студент­а 3-го курса очной формы обучения Преподаватель­: Н. В. Ростиславлева Москва 2017 Содержание Введение 3 Глава 1. Исторический очерк жизни В. фон Гумбольдта 4 1.1. Биография В. фон Гумбольдта 4 1.2. Зарождение идей В. фон Гумбольдта 5 Глава 2. Вильгельм фон Гумбольдт и его исторические идеи 8 2.1. Идеи Гумбольдта как историка и философа 8 2.2. Политические идеи Гумбольдта 12 Заключение 14 Список использованны­х источников…[show more]
Essay1.005 Words / ~ pages dbs doha Assess the value of the source for revealing how the black codes affected the lives of the black Americans Source B is immensely valuable for revealing how the black codes affected the lives of the black Americans. The source is a legislative work created by the Mississippi state in order to announce the Mississippi black codes. The black codes were created after Johnson’s reconstructio­n policy was made public, white southerners were able to get back into government positions and start to limit the movement of the former slaves. These laws limited the lives of the black Americans and denied them of certain rights. The great value of the source is first shown in the provenance: it is the Mississippi state black codes drafted by Mississippi’s legislative officers. This indicates the immense value of the source as it is written as…[show more]
Essay1.913 Words / ~6 pages University of New Orleans Ligne de Temps Pollution Probe Description: Pollution Probe: Le “Pollution Probe” était créer dans 1969 par les étudiants de luniversité de Toronto pour les problèmes environnement­ales qui nétait pas importants à lépoque. Le “Pollution Probe” a devenu une organisation caritative enregistrer dans 1971. Importance Historique: La “Pollution Probe” a créé l’initiation du boite vert et bleu dans Ontario qui on voit est relevant aujourdhui et qui est important avec l’organisatio­n du recyclage et le poubelle. Justification­: Ce événement est un +1 parce que c’est un chose bon pour les Canadiens pour qu’ils savent l’information important sur lélimination du recyclage et poubelle, mais c’est pas assez important à lidentité Canadien pour que c’est un +2. Liens Historique: Ce événement est similaire au “Greenpeace” parce que…[show more]

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