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List of Abstracts: Literature

Abstract1.587 Words / ~6 pages Hermann-Billung-Gymnasium, Celle The critic about Boot Camp by Morton Rhue Chapters Summary. 1 Characters 1 Main subjects 5 Director 5 Good, bad pages and also good and bad comments 6 Style of writing. 6 Summary The book “Boot Camp”, written by Morton Rhue ,is about the Boot Camps in the USA. Connor, the son of rich parents ,is sent to one of these Boot Camps: It is called “Lake Harmony”. There he learns that every kind of humanity can be lost with the help of hurting by physical methods or material methods. But he is not the only one ,who wants to come away from Lake Harmony ,there are other two children: Sarah and Pauly. With them he flees until the frontier of Canada .At the frontier Connor sacrifices himself for the rescue of the other two. So he is brought back to Lake Harmony. He has lost his hope for freedom and so he is lost :He becomes a brainwashed child. At the end Connor’s…[show more]
Abstract2.333 Words / ~8 pages IGS Busecker Tal; Buseck Summary of the Book Boot Camp The index The cover picture­ page 1 The author­ page 2 The summary­ page 3-5 An excerpt­ p­age 6 Characterizat­ion­ page 7 My own opinion­ page 8 The summary A 16 years old boy, call Connor Durrell, must leave his home. Rebecca and Harry, two transporter of a Boot Camp which calls Lake Harmony, kidnap Connor. He must wear handcuffs. They are bound for a long time and the hands of Connor get numb. About 4 am. they arrive a building which looks like a prison. He can use the bathroom. A man goes with him in a windowless room with a bed and two chairs. The man looks like a troll. He must stand for a while. Then a thin man come into the room and says he must strip or he must stand there for another 24 hours. He strips. The man gives him a green polo shirt, a blue jeans and green flip-flops. The troll and the thin…[show more]
Abstract622 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium-Wien There’s a boy in the girl’s bathroom – Louis Sachar Book report & Character description This book is about a boy whose name is Bradley Chalkers. He is the oldest kid in the fifth grade. He sits in the last row, last seat. Nobody likes him. He is not good at school and every time he tells lies to everybody. To solve his problems Bradley has to go to the counsellor Carla Davis. She is the only one who likes him. First he hates her but then he falls in love with her. Carla knows that Bradley could change and be good but Bradley is very afraid of trying it. All the good things he does, he does only for her, not for himself. The new kid Jeff Fishkin makes friends with him. Then they get in trouble with three girls. One day Jeff gets other friends and Bradley is his friend no more. After some time Bradley decides to be a “monster” no longer. He does his homework,…[show more]
Abstract685 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Tom en Provence DÉCEMBRE: JOYEUX NOEL & TROSIÈME PARTIE: LE MAS DU VIEUX DÉCEMBRE: JOYEUX NOEL Tom et Chris sont déçus. En France, on ne fête pas l’avent. Dans les supermarchés, il y avait des chocolats de Noël et Tom a vu des affiches pour des marchés de Noël. Tom a demandé Martine si elle pouvait aider à faire les biscuits pour le premier dimanche de l’avent. Mais elle a répondu qu’elle faisait une tarte aux pommes come tous les dimanches. En France, on préparait le sapin de Noël à partir du 23 décembre. Il n’y avait pas de couronne sur la table, pas de décoration, pas de biscuits.rien ! Martine a vu un reportage sur Noël en Allemagne et elle a donné un tout petit sapin en plastique aux garçons. Avec quelque guirlandes, des boules de toutes les couleurs, et quelque trucs en pastique. Tom était un peu triste. Il a téléphoné à sa mère et ils ont discuté.…[show more]
Abstract767 Words / ~ pages Salzburg To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee Author: Harper Lee was born on the 28th April in 1926. He is an American author and his best known book is “To kill a Mockingbird”. In 1960 she won with this book the Pulitzer Prize. Her father worked as a lawyer and her mother had the same name as the main characters in the book “to kill a mockingbird”, Finch. “To Kill a Mockingbird” was published in 1960 and is until now the only novel she wrote. In 1992 Gregory Peck pasteurised “To kill a Mockingbird” and he became an Oscar for this film. In 2007 Harper Lee has been awarded the “Presid­entia­l Medal of Freedom”, the highest civil award of the United States. Content: The narrator of the book is young gird, which is called Scout. Her real name is Jean Louise, but she thinks the name is not fitting to her because she is a rebellious…[show more]
Abstract485 Words / ~1 page Sankt Vith Summary: Grandma George in the Underworld (Ron Deadman) Grandma George is a deaf old aged lady but she can read on people’­s lips what they have to say. She has two sons, Pat and Dave, a grandson, Roy, and a dead granddaughter­, Susan. Pat is Roy’s father and Dave is his uncle. Roy has a girlfriend, Maureen and he likes boxing. Pat and Dave are both in prison because they have flied open by planning a robbery. The story takes place in the East End of London where the George family is well known. Grandma George looks after her grandson Roy very carefully while his father is in prison. She never forgets Susan’s death. She died on an overdose of drugs. Susan always had a charm with her with Grandma George’­s face in it. But when her dead body was found she didn’t has the charm with her. So Grandma George looks everywhere…[show more]
Abstract3.027 Words / ~13 pages Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen Eberhard-Karl­s-Uni­vers­ität 28.02.2015 Deutsches Seminar Sommersemeste­r 2014 Proseminar Politische Lyrik Leitung: Andrée Gerland Referent: Peter O. Heterotopien in Wolf Biermanns Gedicht „Die Ballade vom preußischen Ikarus“ Peter Oliver (6. Fachsemester) 6 Telefon: eMail: HF: Allgemeine Rhetorik NF: International­e Literaturen Inhaltsverzei­chnis Inhalt Inhalt 2 1. Einleitung 1 2. Der Heterotopie-B­egrif­f 2 3. Biermanns Gedicht „Die Ballade vom preußischen Ikarus“ 3 3.1 Die Weidendammer-­Brück­e als Handlungsort 4 3.2 Beziehungen zwischen Subjekt und Ort 5 3.3 Heterochronie­n in „Die Ballade vom preußischen Ikarus“ 8 4. Fazit 9 Literaturverz­eichn­is 11 1. Einleitung Bernard Shaw soll einmal gesagt haben, er möchte nicht in einem Land wohnen, in dem man ab dem 70. Lebensjahr krank werde und sterbe,…[show more]
Abstract733 Words / ~ pages GRG15 Schmelz Wien Cry Freedom Author John Richard Briley is an American author, who won a lot of prices and awards. He was born in Michigan (USA). He married Louise Reichart, and they had four children. He wrote a lot of scenarios and also a musical about Martin Luther King. He is still alive. Characters Stephen Biko was a noted anti-aparthei­d activist in South Africa. The book tells the story of Biko´s life from his birth (18.12.1946) till his death (12.9.1977). Donald Woods was a white person who agrees the apartheid in South Africa, but when he became student he changes his opinion. In the early 70s he met Stephen Biko and he became, because of the intensive friendship, an anti-aparthei­d activist. After Biko´s death he went to London and released books, and articles about the life from Stephen Biko. He died of cancer on 19.8.2001 in London. The Story…[show more]
Abstract1.110 Words / ~ pages IhavenoIdea Haderslev 13-s Da 11/9/13 Fasaner Novellen Fasaner er skrevet af Helle Helle, i år 1996 og den kan findes i novellesamlin­gen ”Rester”. Fasaner handler om en single kvinde, der pludselig får besøg af en uventet mand. Han var tilfældigvis lige kommet forbi, efter at have hentet nogle fasaner hos en jæger. Han havde selv boet i samme lejlighed og havde glemt nogle ting i kælderen, som han lige ville hente. Men damen siger at han ikke kan være der for længe for hun venter gæster. Manden går ned i kælderen og finder sin kommode, men han kan ikke finde det billede som hans bror havde givet ham da han var i Berlin. Efter lidt tid husker damen at det lå under hendes seng, og så får hun manden ud igen. Hun øser mad, op sætter sig i sofaen, låser døren og ser tv. Fasaner starter ”in medias res” hvilket vil sige at vi bliver kastet ind i historien uden at have nogen baggrund…[show more]
Abstract497 Words / ~ pages BHAK Monsbergergasse Graz The Short Reign of Pippin IV Author John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California, in 1902. The town is a few miles from the Pacific Coast and near the fertile Salinas Valley – an area that was to be the background of much of his fiction. He studied marine biology at Stanford University but left without taking a degree and, after a series of labouring jobs, began to write. An attempt at a free-lance literary career in New York failed, and he returned to California, continuing to write in a lonely cottage. Popular success came to him only in 1935 with Tortilla Flat. That book’s promise was confirmed by succeeding works – In dubious Battle, Of Mice and Men, and especially The Grapes of Wrath, a novel so powerful that it remains among the archetypes of American culture. Often set in California, SteinbeckR­17;s later…[show more]
Abstract615 Words / ~ pages BORG Schwaz Speak Basic facts: Title of book: Speak Author: Laurie Halse Anderson Illustrator: Copyright, Prof. Dr. Albert-Reiner Glaap Published by: Cornelsen Verlag Place and date of publication: 2010, Berlin Setting: It plays at an America High school turing one school year. Characters: 1. Heather: Until the party in august she had been Melinda’­;s best friend. In high school she was a member of the Marthas and no longer Mel’s best friend. 2. Mr. Freeman: He is Melinda’­;s art teacher and he helps her to find back to her life. 3. Andy: He is IT and Rachelle̵­7;s boy friend. He raped Melinda at the party and hurt other girls. Andy is a beast. 4. David: He sits next to Melinda and he doesn’t treat her like an outcast but is her friend. He loves Mel but for her he is only a good friend. Main character: Melinda is a 9th grader…[show more]
Abstract932 Words / ~2 pages Realgymnasium Bozen Run, Mummy, Run Cathy Glass The book Run, Mummy, Run, by Cathy Glass, which was released in 2011 by the publisher Harper, is divided into 30 chapters. In 300 pages it tells the story of a young woman’s journey through an abyss of violence, cruelty and degradation by her own husband. By the age of 29 Aisha has achieved everything she ever wanted in her life and is now a successful businesswoman in London. But suddenly she realizes that there is one thing missing in her life, a man. Being always concentrated on her career she never made the acquaintance of anybody in her town and is totally inexperienced in love. But then she spots an ad in the paper and spontaneously decides to reply. That’s how she meets Mark, also successful in work but not as much in love. He has already been married once and has been living together with another…[show more]
Abstract794 Words / ~2 pages Athénée de Luxembourg Luxemburg Luxembourg, 18th February 2009 2A English (II,2) The Three Brontes – May Sinclair The Three Brontes is a novel with biographical elements and a rather profound analysis of the characters works, written by May Sinclair in 1912. Though they were five sisters and one brother, the so-called “Bronte sisters” are only consisted of Charlotte, Emily and Anne. Maria and Elisabeth Bronte were neither famous nor did they write any important literary works. Both died early of tuberculosis and had no noteworthy influence on works such as Vilette, The Professor or Wuthering Heights. The attention of May Sinclair –and I may say of the whole world- is rather focused on Charlotte, Emily and Anne. All of them known for their unique manner of writing and for their untouchable genius. Charlotte Bronte is the eldest of the three…[show more]
Abstract1.061 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium am Kaiserdom Speyer Summary of Harry Potter Harry Potter is a boy who lives with his aunts family and who is frequently teased by his cousin Dudley Dursley, his aunt and uncles (Petunia and Vernon Dursleys) only son. He was told that his parents died in a car accident when he was still a baby. Therefore his aunt had to look after him. She constantly reminds him that he is a waste of space (Hallows, p.50) and his cousin together with his uncle does his best to make Harrys life miserable. But on Harrys eleventh birthday his life completely changes when a huge man called Hagrid appears and tells him that his parents were wizards and did not die in an accident but were cruelly murdered by a famous dark wizard (as known as Lord Voldemort) who tried to kill Harry, too, but failed. Hagrid adds that everyone in the wizard world knows Harrys name and story and that he is famous.…[show more]
Abstract1.321 Words / ~3 pages Ghent Belgium Broere – Bart Moeyaert A. Het verhaal 1. Situering Het verhaal speelt zich af in en rond Barts thuis aan de rand van Brugge en aan zee waar ze in de zomer op vakantie gaan. Bart is geboren in 1964 en het verhaal vertelt over wat de jonge Bart uitsteekt met zijn zes broers, het moet dus eind jaren 60 begin jaren 70 geweest zijn. Het is niet zo duidelijk wat de vertelde tijd is, het kan een half jaar zijn maar het kan ook meerdere jaren zijn. 2. Belangrijkste gebeurtenis Het is erg moeilijk om de belangrijkste gebeurtenis eruit te halen wat het boek toon fragmenten uit Barts kindertijd. Het is dus niet echt één aaneen gebreid verhaal, ieder hoofdstuk is een verhaaltje op zich. Maar als ik dan toch één gebeurtenis moet dan neem ik het eerste hoofdstuk. Bart is nog jong, erg jong zelfs, de jongste eigenlijk en zo wordt hij ook door zijn broers behandeld.…[show more]
Abstract1.022 Words / ~ pages Biondekgasse Baden 3rd BOOK REPORT: TASK SHEET Title of the book: Thirteen Reasons Why Author: Jay Asher The book is a young-adult novel that was published in 2007 by Penguin Books Plot: Clay Jensen returns home from school and finds a box with tapes in it, in front of the front door. He can’t imagine who sent him such tapes and so he plays them in an old stereo. After he has played the first 20 minutes of the first tape he understands. The tapes were sent by Hannah Baker, the girl he had a secret crush on and who commited suicide. On the tape she says, that every person that pushed her to commit suicide is dedicated a tape. Clay can’t imagine what he did, and with every tape he listens to, the anxiety becomes more and more that he was the reason fo the suicide. The tapes take him through the life of Hannah, from her first kiss to the day of her suicide. And after…[show more]
Abstract661 Words / ~ pages Hullschool Zürich Arthur Miller A View from a Bridge What is the central theme of the play? Eddie’s obsessive love to his niece Catherine is the central theme in Arthur Miller’­s play “ A View from the Bridge”. If you believe in the law of cause and effect you will agree with my hypothesis after reading the outline of the scenes. Even if I hadn’t added some subjective interpretatio­ns in the summary below, it illustrates that the catalyst and root of all the actions in the play is nothing else than this obsessive love. In the beginning of the play Eddie seems to be a normal protective south Italian man in the role of the father. Eddie is disturbed by the attention that Catherine gets from the boys in the Community. He wants her to be more reserved and complains about her “wavy-w­alkin­g” and the way she dresses. Even when Eddie…[show more]
Abstract3.367 Words / ~5 pages Ricarda Huch Schule Kiel 8.10. - 5.11.09 Chapter 62: “The view of Berrington­220; I did not sleep very well, because of the meeting with Michael Madigan. This meeting would be so important! With the money I would earn, I would not have to work any more! I got up at a quarter to eight a.m. And went into the room of my son Harvey. I knew that he hated to stand up that early and knowing that I grabbed his shoulder and shook his large muscular body in the best way I was able to! He woke up slowly and looked at me with a disoriented gaze. Then his gaze cleared. “Dress smart for the press conference, please,” I told to him in the same voice I always talk to him. “In the closet youll find a shirt you left here a couple of weeks ago. Marianne laundered it. Come to my room and pick out a tie to borrow.” After that I walked out of the room, went through the hall and entered…[show more]
Abstract1.770 Words / ~3 pages Borg Ried i. I. The Kite Runner – Book Report The novel “The Kite Runner” by Afghan-born American novelist and physician Khaled Hosseini was published in 2003 and expeditiously became an international bestseller selling over 21 million copies worldwide. The book tells the story of the relationship between a little Afghan boy Amir who is coming from a good family and his friend who together with his father serves Amir’s family. The story illustrates a lot of the boys’ problems and how their lives get messed up when the Russians invade their country. Settings At the beginning the story takes place in Afghanistan during the Sixties, but after some time when the Soviet Union is invading Afghanistan the story continues in the US and then returns to Afghanistan again after about two decades. Plot summary Amir, a little boy…[show more]
Abstract797 Words / ~ pages HTL Wien 10 Dead Poets Society Preparation Name: Class: 4YHMIM Year: 2010/2011 Contents Dead Poets Society. 2 Author. 2 Characters. 2 Plot 2 Interpretatio­n. 3 Personal Opinion. 3 Index: 4 Dead Poets Society N. H. Kleinbaum Author Nancy H. Kleinbaum graduated at the Medial School of Journalism at Northerewest University. She is a former newspaper reporter and editor. She lives in New York with her husband and her three children. Characters Neil Perry is a charming, sensible, witty and sociable boy, who is popular with his friends. His parents want him to study medicine and that is the reason why he has to attend such a strict school. He is very intelligent and excellent at school, but he must not have any hobbies besides school. Neil is addicted to acting and he is also very talented. Therefore he joins an acting group against the wish of his father.…[show more]
Abstract501 Words / ~ pages Prince georges community college, md My Papa’s Waltz “My Papa’s Waltz by Theodore Roethke is a peom of relationship between a father and his son. From stanza one, we the reader can interpret father and son relationship in this poem. Waltz In this poem can be fully interpreted to the memory the son has from his father for the time they spend dancing. The whiskey from the father breath is so strong that the son can still recall. Taking a look at the time this poem was written, 1948 it typical for a working class man to come home drunk or has some alcohol in him. It does not necessary means that the father intentional gets drunk to abuse his son. It makes him so sick, but just because he wants his father attention, he had to endure it while they dance around the kitchen. Moreover from the knuckled and dirt being describe the speaker is letting us know how the father…[show more]
Abstract3.019 Words / ~5 pages Gymnasium Bersenbrück The Giver Chapter 1: is an 11 year old boy, who lives in “the communityR­20;. That is a society with strict rules. Everyone, who disregards the rules, will be released out of the community. is nervous about what is going to happen in December. At the dinner, and his family go through a rite where everyone talks about a feeling he felt that day. sister Lily was angry about a child, which does not played by the rules. The Father talked about his work. He felt sorry for a newborn child, which does not grow as good as the others. He thinks about it to bring it to their home. Mother talked about her work at the Department of Justice. At the end, said, that he is apprehensive about the Ceremony of Twelve. It is very sad to see, that there is no freedom in the community. Chapter 2: starts thinking about all the other Ceremonies. At the Ceremony of…[show more]
Abstract1.627 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Ask Me No Questions” by Marina Budhos BOOK REVIEW Contents 1. Summary. 1 2. Critical Analysis. 2 3. Recommendatio­ns / Evaluation 4 1. SUMMARY In “Ask Me No Questions” Marina Budhos tells the story of Nadira and her family being illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, living in New York City who because of the post-9/11 restrictions of immigration regulations decide to move to Canada in order to apply for official citizenship. When arriving at the border the entry to Canada is refused and on their way back the father is imprisoned at the US border because of the visa violation. The narrative is told by the younger daughter, Nadira, the calm and reserved one of the two sisters who has to cope with the unstable dangerous situation together with her elder sister Aisha, an A+ student aiming at entering college. The life of Nadira, the fourteen-year­-old…[show more]
Abstract955 Words / ~2 pages Droste Gymnasium Freiburg Joseph Conrad: An Outpost of Progress The Author : Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) was born in Berdichev, Russia, to rich polish parents. After his both parents have died he left Russia to join the French merchant fleet. 1884, after eight years of service, he left the French navy for the British. Speaking french, polish and english he soon became an English citizen. Being the Captain of the Otago in 1888 he travelled all over the world, especially the Congo and the maledives impressed his later works. Though he loved the sea he was forced by a tropical illness having caught in the Congo to give up his job. Without having much money left he started working as an author like his father and produced during 1990 and 1924 about 13 novels and 30 short stories. Summary : Kayerts and Carlier two white Europeans are put in charge of leading an remote trading…[show more]
Abstract698 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Heide About A Boy by Nick Hornby: Analysis Chapter 5 Analysis Chapter 5 02.11.11 The fifth chapter of the novel “About A Boy” from Nick Hornby published in 1998 is about Marcus, a 12-year-old boy, and his problems at home and in school. Marcus doesnt know what to do. His mother starts crying and he has no clue why. So he starts to think about what might have happened or what he has done wrong. But he comes to no conclusion. As he arrives in school he greets his friends but they ignore him. Again he doesnt know the reason. In the break time his so-called-fri­ends ignore him again when a couple of other boys start to tease all of them. When theyre gone he tries to continue the conversation with one of his friends. But that doesnt work out because they say to him he has to stop hanging around with them. Because of him they were being teased. Marcus starts to think…[show more]
Abstract993 Words / ~ pages Graz Borg Monsbergergasse An Ideal Husband Characters: Sir Robert Chiltern is 40 years old and an aspiring, honourable man who works as a deputy minister. Eighteen years ago, when he was young and poor, Baron Arnheim promised him to make him rich if Robert gives confidential information to him. Some weeks later Robert came to know that the English government was planning to buy Suez Canal shares. In a letter, he advised Arnheim to buy immediately- three days before the government announced her plans and the prices rised. The Baron gave 110 000 pounds to Robert and provided him a place in the House of Commons. Gertrude Chiltern is Sir Roberts’s wife. She adores her husband and has made an idol of him, because she believes he has no faults. She does not no how he got his money. Gertrude is used to judge other people by very strict moral measures. Lora Cheveley was a schoolmate…[show more]
Abstract500 Words / ~ pages Mapple Valley Highschool The black cat by Edgar Allan Poe Character development “The black cat” by Edgar Allan Poe is a story about a man who is a murderer and an abusive bully. He made home a living hell for his wife, pets, and himself. Hes writing to us from his prison cell, sharing his thoughts about the crimes he had done before he dies(death sentence). The character changes rapidly as the story develops. Though it might be hard to believe at first, the narrator describes his young years like this: “ From my infancy I was noted for the docility and humanity of my disposition. My tenderness of heart was even so conspicuous as to make me the jest of my companions. I was especially fond of animals [.]”. From this description we can assume that the character was a cheerful, warm hearted and animal loving human being. This might sound good on the surface but, now that he…[show more]
Abstract809 Words / ~2 pages Hhuddersfield New College 9732346 Comparrison of “Der von Kürenberg” and “Friedrich von Hausen” The way Der von Kürenberg represent women in the poem is basically more self-assured than the man. The woman is portrayed to be from the higher status than the knight she is speaking to, therefore she is likely to be of an honourable birth. The woman instantly rushes to talk to the knight, to make it clear to him that she wants him. This shows that women should be confident in what they want to say and to who. In this case the woman in the poem has full confidence and speaks out to her knight expressing how she feels about him. She is representing herself as a fearless woman who is not afraid of getting what she wants. For example in the poem she says “go to bed” which means getting into bed with the knight.Howeve­r the knight feels for the woman but does not want to respond in the…[show more]
Abstract899 Words / ~ pages UTFPR - Pato Branco Mestranda: Tássia Silva Xavier A HORA DOS RUMINANTES A Hora dos Ruminantes do autor José J. Veiga, é um romance escrito em 1966, dois anos após o golpe militar de 1964, fato que é primordial para a compreensão do romance, pois na apreciação da obra o leitor irá se deparar com diversas simbologias e metáforas de situações que figuram o período de opressão vivida na época. Assim, um dos temas principais da obra é a falta de liberdade, ou melhor, a liberdade vigiada do período ditatorial, no qual Veiga claramente critica não só o regime militar mas também o comportamento passivo da população brasileira, caracterizada na obra pelos habitantes de Manarairema. Por este motivo, uma das possibilidade­s de análise do titulo da obra é a de que, no ato de ruminar, o autor estivesse estabelecendo uma associação dos habitantes da cidade fictícia…[show more]
Abstract968 Words / ~ pages Universidad de Cádiz Chapter: Raymond Chapman, Forms of expression in Victorian fiction, CHAPTER 1 Introduction: Speech in fiction Central idea of ​​reading: The central idea of ​​the chapter is to explain the function of dialogue in works of fiction both for the definition of character and for the development of the plot and that history can advance. Your goal is to create a flow within the story; however, it becomes clear that in fiction works dialogue can become unrealistic. He uses the Victorian work as an example, as well as explains the different aspects of dialogue in the construction of the character in its different elements such as social status, beliefs, relationships with the rest of the characters, etc. Summary: Dialogue is fundamental in any literary work. It has the function of characterizin­g the characters and advancing the plot.…[show more]

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