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List of Abstracts: Literature
Abstract BHAK Monsbergergasse Graz
The Short Reign of Pippin IV Author John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California, in 1902. The town is a few miles from the Pacific Coast and near the fertile Salinas Valley – an area that was to be the background of much of his fiction. He studied marine biology at Stanford University but left without
Abstract Gymnasium-Wien
There’s a boy in the girl’s bathroom – Louis Sachar Book report & Character description This book is about a boy whose name is Bradley Chalkers. He is the oldest kid in the fifth grade. He sits in the last row, last seat. Nobody likes him. He is not good at school and every time he tells lies to everybody.
Abstract Athénée de Luxembourg Luxemburg
S. B. Luxembourg, 18th February 2009 2A English (II,2) The Three Brontes – May Sinclair The Three Brontes is a novel with biographical elements and a rather profound analysis of the characters` works, written by May Sinclair in 1912. Though they were five sisters and one brother, the so-called
Abstract Gymnasium am Kaiserdom Speyer
Summary of Harry Potter Harry Potter is a boy who lives with his aunt's family and who is frequently teased by his cousin Dudley Dursley, his aunt and uncle's (Petunia and Vernon Dursley's) only son. He was told that his parents died in a car accident when he was still a baby. Therefore his aunt had to look
Abstract Salzburg
To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee Author: Harper Lee was born on the 28th April in 1926. He is an American author and his best known book is “To kill a Mockingbird”. In 1960 she won with this book the Pulitzer Prize. Her father worked as a lawyer and her mother had the same name as the main characters in
Abstract IGS Busecker Tal; Buseck
Summary of the Book Boot Camp The index The cover picture page 1 The author page 2 The summary page 3-5 An excerpt page 6 Characterization page 7 My own opinion page 8 The summary A 16 years old boy, call Connor Durrell, must leave his home. Rebecca and Harry, two transporter of a Boot Camp which calls Lake
Abstract Realgymnasium Bozen
Run, Mummy, Run Cathy Glass The book Run, Mummy, Run, by Cathy Glass, which was released in 2011 by the publisher Harper, is divided into 30 chapters. In 300 pages it tells the story of a young woman’s journey through an abyss of violence, cruelty and degradation by her own husband. By the age of 29
Abstract Gymnasium
Tom en Provence DÉCEMBRE: JOYEUX NOEL & TROSIÈME PARTIE: LE MAS DU VIEUX DÉCEMBRE: JOYEUX NOEL Tom et Chris sont déçus. En France, on ne fête pas l’avent. Dans les supermarchés, il y avait des chocolats de Noël et Tom a vu des affiches pour des marchés de Noël. Tom a demandé Martine si
Abstract Biondekgasse Baden
3rd BOOK REPORT: TASK SHEET Title of the book: Thirteen Reasons Why Author: Jay Asher The book is a young-adult novel that was published in 2007 by Penguin Books Plot: Clay Jensen returns home from school and finds a box with tapes in it, in front of the front door. He can’t imagine who sent him such
Abstract Hullschool Zürich
Arthur Miller A View from a Bridge What is the central theme of the play? Eddie’s obsessive love to his niece Catherine is the central theme in Arthur Miller’s play “ A View from the Bridge”. If you believe in the law of cause and effect you will agree with my hypothesis after reading
Abstract Sankt Vith
Summary: Grandma George in the Underworld (Ron Deadman) Grandma George is a deaf old aged lady but she can read on people’s lips what they have to say. She has two sons, Pat and Dave, a grandson, Roy, and a dead granddaughter, Susan. Pat is Roy’s father and Dave is his uncle. Roy has a girlfriend,
Abstract Ricarda Huch Schule Kiel
8.10. - 5.11.09 Chapter 62: “The view of Berrington“ I did not sleep very well, because of the meeting with Michael Madigan. This meeting would be so important! With the money I would earn, I would not have to work any more! I got up at a quarter to eight a.m. And went into the room of my son Harvey.
Abstract Borg Ried i. I.
The Kite Runner – Book Report The novel “The Kite Runner” by Afghan-born American novelist and physician Khaled Hosseini was published in 2003 and expeditiously became an international bestseller selling over 21 million copies worldwide. The book tells the story of the relationship
Abstract Hermann-Billung-Gymnasium, Celle
The critic about Boot Camp by Morton Rhue Chapters Summary. 1 Characters 1 Main subjects 5 Director 5 Good, bad pages and also good and bad comments 6 Style of writing. 6 Summary The book Boot Camp”, written by Morton Rhue ,is about the Boot Camps in the USA. Connor, the son of rich parents ,is sent to one
Abstract HTL Wien 10
Dead Poets Society Preparation Name: R. M. Class: 4YHMIM Year: 2010/2011 Contents Dead Poets Society. 2 Author. 2 Characters. 2 Plot 2 Interpretation. 3 Personal Opinion. 3 Index: 4 This graphic has been erased automaticallyDead Poets Society N. H. Kleinbaum Author Nancy H. Kleinbaum graduated
Abstract Prince georges community college, md
My Papa’s Waltz “My Papa’s Waltz by Theodore Roethke is a peom of relationship between a father and his son. From stanza one, we the reader can interpret father and son relationship in this poem. Waltz In this poem can be fully interpreted to the memory the son has from his father for
Abstract Gymnasium Bersenbrück
The Giver Chapter 1: J. is an 11 year old boy, who lives in “the community“. That is a society with strict rules. Everyone, who disregards the rules, will be released out of the community. J. is nervous about what is going to happen in December. At the dinner, J. and his family go through a rite
Abstract Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU
Ask Me No Questions” by Marina Budhos BOOK REVIEW Contents 1. Summary. 1 2. Critical Analysis. 2 3. Recommendations / Evaluation.. 4 1. SUMMARY In Ask Me No Questions” Marina Budhos tells the story of Nadira and her family being illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, living in New York City who because
Abstract Droste Gymnasium Freiburg
Joseph Conrad: An Outpost of Progress The Author : Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) was born in Berdichev, Russia, to rich polish parents. After his both parents have died he left Russia to join the French merchant fleet. 1884, after eight years of service, he left the French navy for the British. Speaking
Abstract BORG Schwaz
Speak Basic facts: Title of book: Speak Author: Laurie Halse Anderson Illustrator: Copyright, Prof. Dr. Albert-Reiner Glaap Published by: Cornelsen Verlag Place and date of publication: 2010, Berlin Setting: It plays at an America High school turing one school year. Characters: 1. Heather: Until
Abstract GRG15 Schmelz Wien
Cry Freedom Author John Richard Briley is an American author, who won a lot of prices and awards. He was born in Michigan (USA). He married Louise Reichart, and they had four children. He wrote a lot of scenarios and also a musical about Martin Luther King. He is still alive. Characters Stephen Biko
Abstract Gymnasium Heide
About A Boy by Nick Hornby: Analysis Chapter 5 Analysis Chapter 5 02.11.11 The fifth chapter of the novel About A Boy” from Nick Hornby published in 1998 is about Marcus, a 12-year-old boy, and his problems at home and in school. Marcus doesn't know what to do. His mother starts crying and
Abstract Graz Borg Monsbergergasse
An Ideal Husband Characters: Sir Robert Chiltern is 40 years old and an aspiring, honourable man who works as a deputy minister. Eighteen years ago, when he was young and poor, Baron Arnheim promised him to make him rich if Robert gives confidential information to him. Some weeks later
Abstract Ghent Belgium
Broere – Bart Moeyaert A. Het verhaal 1. Situering Het verhaal speelt zich af in en rond Barts thuis aan de rand van Brugge en aan zee waar ze in de zomer op vakantie gaan. Bart is geboren in 1964 en het verhaal vertelt over wat de jonge Bart uitsteekt met zijn zes broers, het moet dus eind jaren 60 begin jaren
Abstract IhavenoIdea Haderslev
13-s Da 11/9/13 Fasane­r Novellen Fasaner er skrevet af Helle Helle, i år 1996 og den kan findes i novellesamlingen ”Rester”. Fasaner handler om en single kvinde, der pludselig får besøg af en uventet mand. Han var tilfældigvis lige kommet forbi, efter at have hentet nogle fasaner
Abstract Mapple Valley Highschool
"The black cat" by Edgar Allan Poe Character development The black cat” by Edgar Allan Poe is a story about a man who is a murderer and an abusive bully. He made home a living hell for his wife, pets, and himself. Hes writing to us from his prison cell, sharing his thoughts about the crimes he
Abstract Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen
Eberhard-Karls-Uni­versität T. 28.02.2015 Deutsches Seminar Sommersemester 2014 Proseminar Politische Lyrik Leitung: Andrée Gerland Referent: Peter O. G. Heterotopien in Wolf Biermanns Gedicht Die Ballade vom preußischen Ikarus Peter Oliver G. (6. Fachsemester) P. 6 7. T. Telefon:
Abstract Hhuddersfield New College
9732346 Comparrison of Der von Kürenberg” and Friedrich von Hausen” The way Der von Kürenberg represent women in the poem is basically more self-assured than the man. The woman is portrayed to be from the higher status than the knight she is speaking to, therefore she is likely to be of an honourable
Abstract UTFPR - Pato Branco
Mestranda: Tássia Silva M. Xavier A HORA DOS RUMINANTES A Hora dos Ruminantes do autor José J. Veiga, é um romance escrito em 1966, dois anos após o golpe militar de 1964, fato que é primordial para a compreensão do romance, pois na apreciação da obra o leitor irá se deparar com diversas simbologias

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