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List of Essays: Literature

Essay507 Words / ~ pages Istanbul Lisesi Bahadır DÖNMEZ 11 October 2012 684 11/C Thursday Language Analysis of a Fictional Text The given text is an excerpt from the novel “Maps for Lost Lovers” written by the British Pakistani author Nadeem Aslam and published in 2004. It treats of the conflict between an old-fashioned mother and her grown-up daughter. In the following I’m going to examine the language and style of the author. One of the most striking stylistic features in this excerpt is the repeated use of unusual metaphors and similes. “.trapped within the cage of permitted thinking.” (l. 8) is one of the metaphors the author uses. It is probably meant to express that the mother is a narrow-minded woman who can’t or doesn’t want to think freely and consider other’s opinions, because of the way she is educated or how and where she grew up. The author uses the following simile…[show more]
Essay1.497 Words / ~ pages KAU University Jeddah Saudi Arabia Kingdom To the Young Wife Do you prefer to play a domestic role or a social one? Each society has its own ways to treat women who live in it. Those ways depend on many factors such as: religion, customs, the time, the environment and the awareness of society members. Specifically, “To the Young Wife,” is a poem written by an American novelist known as Charlotte Gilman. She was a social reformer, and a campaigner of the Feminist movement (Women’s liberation). The aim of this movement is to establish equal political, economic, and social rights for women. Actually, It started at the end of the Victorian age which is often referred to as “the turn of the century” or the Progressive Era. In that time, men had autocratic authority over women and had abused women mentally, not physically. Moreover, they confined women to the domestic spaces and prevented…[show more]
Essay2.644 Words / ~10 pages University of Buchrest Symbole in Heinrichs Traum - Novalis - Heinrich von Ofterdingen Inhaltsverzei­chnis 1. Einleitung. 2 2. Symbole in Herinrichs Traum 3 2.1. Der Wald. 3 2.2. Die Felsenschluch­t 3 2.3. Die Wiese. 4 2.4. Die Klippe. 5 2.5. Das Licht 5 2.6. Die Funken. 6 2.7. Das Wasser. 6 3. Die Symbolistik der blauen Blume. 8 4. Schlußfolgeru­ng. 9 5. Bibliographie­. 10 5.1. Primärliterat­ur. 10 5.2. Sekundärliter­atur­. 10 5.3. Webographie. 10 1. Einleitung Alle Menschen fragen sich nach der Erklärung ihrer Träume. Dazu gibt es verschiedene Bücher und Menschen, die sagen, dass sie die Träume erklären können. Für die deutschen Romantiker hat der Traum auch eine wichtige Rolle. Viele Schriftstelle­r haben den Traum in ihre Werke benutzt. Dazu gehört auch Novalis. Sein wichtigstes Werk über den Traum ist „Heinrich von Ofterdingen“. Im ersten Kapitel…[show more]
Essay2.042 Words / ~6 pages The Harefield Academy, London Contrast Lord of the Flies & The Tempest This essay will show contrasts between the central character that appear in the novel “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, and Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest”. The main points that this essay will be covering lie within the characters names, appearance and body language, speech and actions, and also the context of the novel. In lord of the flies it is evident that Golding uses characters names to express features based around each characters persona. For instance Ralphs name conveys to the reader that his character is born and bred from traditional and upper-class roots. Ralph portrays the actions of a well put together acceptable , polite and well-mannered young man; these characteristi­cs making him a perfect fit for leader once arriving on the abandoned island. Being that his name…[show more]
Essay713 Words / ~2 pages BFU Kanta Kaliningrad Appointment with love Analysis Sulamith Ish-kishor (1896 - 1977) was an American writer. She was born in London, England, and began writing at an early age. Her family moved to New York City. At Hunter College, she studied languages and history. She wrote widely, and was published in several magazines, including The New Yorker, Saturday Review, and Readers Digest. Her now-classic story of a long-distance correspondenc­e and its fateful conclusion, The Rose, was published in a 1943 edition of Colliers and was subsequently plagiarized by preacher-auth­or Max Lucado in a 1992 collection. Her books included Childrens History of Israel and The Carpet of Solomon. The short story, Appointment with Love” is a about the meeting of two people who have long been sharing a special affection for each other from afar. Lt. Blanford was an Army…[show more]
Essay513 Words / ~1 page Vancouver College May 27th/12 To Kill a Mockingbird Compare and Contrast Harper Lee’s book, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Robert Mulligan’s movie have major similarities and differences. Most of the key events of the story stay the same from the book to the movie; it was a very accurate take on the story. There still are some differences, but they are small and not story-changin­g. The book To Kill a Mockingbird’s 1962 movie adaption followed the book very closely. There are many similarities between the book and the movie. Tom Robinson died in an attempt to escape from prison in both the book and the movie. This event was crucial to the original story, and the movie would have come off as too happy if they did not keep this part of the plot. Another similarity between the book and movie, is the mutual fascination between Arthur “Boo” Radley and the children.…[show more]
Essay3.221 Words / ~13 pages University of Buchrest Iphigenie auf Tauris Entstehung, Analyse und Gestalten Inhaltsverzei­chnis I. Einleitung II. Biographie des Dichters III. Das Drama „Iphigenie auf Tauris“ III.1. Die Vorgeschichte - Der Tantalidenflu­ch III.2. Zusammenfassu­ng IV. Die deutsche Klassik (1786-1805) V. „Iphigenie auf Tauris“- Ein klassisches Werk VI. Schlussfolger­ung VII. Bibliographie I. Einleitung Das Thema meiner Arbeit ist das Drama „Iphigenie auf Tauris“ von Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Dadurch möchte ich die Merkmale der Klassik hervorheben und auch warum Goethes Werk als ein rein klassisches Drama gilt. Das der Weimarer Klassik zuzuordnende Drama „Iphigenie auf Tauris“, von J.W. Goethe 1779 in Prosaform verfasst und 1786 in Versform umgearbeitet, thematisiert die Idee der Humanität, welche durch die Entwicklung der Protagonistin hin zu einer…[show more]
Essay452 Words / ~ pages Pace University New York Analysis of the extract “Two minutes Hate” from the novel «Nineteen Eighty-Four» by George Orwell. The novel Nineteen Eighty-four, written in 1948, describes an imaginary future in which peoples thoughts and ideas are controlled through the use of propaganda. George Orwell was an English novelist, essayist, journalist and critic. Orwells works are marked by lucid prose, awareness of social injustice, opposition to totalitariani­sm, and commitment to democratic socialism. In this extract, daily ritual «Two Minutes Hate» is described. People gather in front of the screens and short film depicting the Partys enemy -Emmanuel Goldstein that makes them scream and shout with hatred. Goldstein is a “primal traitor, the earliest defiler of the Partys purity.” The film is accompanied by numerous unpleasant sound effects. These…[show more]
Essay1.012 Words / ~ pages Filozofski fakultet Mostar Pearl (Scarlet Letter) as the Antithesis of Puritan Ideology and Lifestyle In the Scarlet Letter novel, Hawthorne has described a world of his own where the laws of nature and human conflict. Pearl, the fictional character of the story is used as a contrastive figure to the Puritan society. Through the alienation from the Puritan society, both Pearl and Hester gain the knowledge of what it means to be a human being, outside the Puritan ideology. The Scarlet Letter written by Nathaniel Hawthorne begins with the introduction of The Custom House which gives the story historical and fictional background. He talks about his native place, the old town of Salem where he shares his sentiments and his affection for the deep and aged roots which his ancestors left behind. He talks about his great-great-g­reat grandfather prosecutor and…[show more]
Essay1.408 Words / ~7 pages UMB Banska bystrica UNIVERZITA MATEJA BELA V BANSKEJ BYSTRICI FAKULTA HUMANITNÝCH VIED KATEDRA SLOVENSKÉHO JAZYKA A LITERATÚRY UČITEĽSTVO AKADEMICKÝCH PREDMETOV Nevyjde tlieskanie z ruky ti jedinej bez ruky druhej. (Rúmí) Obraz lásky dospievajúcic­h v poézii Seminárna práca (Literatúry pre deti a mládež) 3. ročník SjNj Banská Bystrica 2013 Prvá láska. Slová, ktoré sa na každého z nás pozerajú ináč. U niekoho vzbudzujú tieto slová krásne spomienky spájajúce sa s obdobím dospievania, u niekoho pocit omylu v mladosti. U niekoho naopak nevzbudzujú nič, pretože tieto pocity ho záhadným spôsobom obišli a on nemohol siahnuť po kráse, ktorá sa mu týmto smerom ponúkala. Témou mojej seminárne práce je priblížiť dve ľúbostné zbierky určené pre deti a mládež od Jána Navrátila Diskotéka L a Štefana Moravčíka Prvý Bozk . Aj keď sa nám na prvý pohľad môže…[show more]
Essay1.078 Words / ~ pages Emirates International School Jumeirah - Dubai Erläutern Sie ausführlich den kulturellen Hintergrund Afghanistans und nehmen Sie Stellung dazu, inwieweit die Protagonisten in Bezug auf Ihre Freundschaft im Roman Der Drachenläufer von ihrer Kultur geprägt worden sind. “Der Drachenläufer­” von Khaled Hosseini spielt sich in Afghanistan und Amerika ab. Der im Jahre 2003 erschienene Roman handelt von Schuld und Sühne, Freundschaft und Verrat. Zwischen den Menschen in Afghanistan treten Konflikte aufgrund von verschiedenen Ansichten auf. Beispielsweis­e werden Angehörige des Hazarastammes als wertlos behandelt und wenn diese rebellieren treten Auseinanderse­tzung­en mit den Patschunen auf. Diese Aversion führt während des ganzen Buchs zu einem rassistischen Konflikt. Bei der Dorfbevölkeru­ng gibt es zudem eine religiöse Spaltung zwischen Sunni und Shia,…[show more]
Essay8.758 Words / ~19 pages Lycée Wattteau Valenciennes Où mettre les pieds ? LA QUESTION DU LOGEMENT DANS LOEUVRE DE LEON BLOY Avant que de faire parler cette question qui fournit un titre à mon propos daujourdhui, je voudrais, une fois de plus, rapporter un dialogue où je vois affleurer, exemplairemen­t, de nombreux thèmes bloyens : lhumour, lexcrément, la parabole et linterprétati­on, la question du domicile et celui de la dromomanie ; Le 11 décembre 1894, dans le journal de Léon Bloy, je lis : Il ny a rien à faire avec vous, ma dit une dame, vous marchez dans lAbsolu. -Dans quoi voulez-vous que je marche ? a répondu celui qui déclarait avoir fait de labsolu son domicile. La réplique catapultée par Bloy est, en soi, une manière de réponse à ma question Où mettre les pieds ? Mais il ferait oublier pour le coup, que le pamphlétaire, surpris ici à blasonner, à illustrer dune anecdote la pseudonymie…[show more]
Essay1.142 Words / ~ pages Universidad de Guadalajara - Mexiko Literatura de Rosario Castellanos La mala suerte de Teodoro Mendez La escritora Rosario Castellanos nació en 1925 en la ciudad de México y murió en 1974. Su infancia transcurrió en el estado más al sur de México, Chiapas. Creció en la hacienda de sus padres pudientes. Sobre las condiciones de trabajo al principio del siglo XX escribió también John Kenneth Turner, en el libro México Bárbaro (1908). Describe en su libro las enfermeda­des de ellos y su flaquez, su pobreza y otros problemas cotidianas que surgieron de los condi­ciones de trabajo en cuales se les encontraron. Tomando en cuenta que no habían cambiado mucho desde entonces, la pena, que fue causado por las circunstancia­s en cuales trabajaban las indígenas en la hacienda de sus padres, fue la inspiración de escribir. Sus padres sólo tenían dos hijos, pero el hermano murió…[show more]
Essay1.262 Words / ~3 pages Universität zu Campinas - Sao Paulo Stéphanie Luxembourg, le 26 novembre 2010 Les mémoires d’un fou (de Gustave Flaubert) Gustave Flaubert est né en 1821 et mort en 1880. Il est un écrivain du IXe siècle qui s’est beaucoup consacré à des analyses psychologique­s très approfondies. Il était un auteur à la fois contesté et admiré. Le manuscrit des Mémoires d’un fou a été offert à Alfred le Poittevin, poète et homme de droit français, le 4 janvier 1839, en cadeau de Nouvel An. Ces mémoires sont rédigées à l’époque où l’adolescent découvre l’amour et ressent un besoin de se raconter â lui-même. Les principaux sujets de réflexion sont le mépris pour l’humanité, le rêve suscité par les femmes, la fascination devant la mort et le lien du souvenir et du désir. Flaubert n’oublie moins que jamais qu’il est écrivain, c’est pourquoi les Mémoires d’un fou sont reconnues comme une œuvre…[show more]
Essay909 Words / ~2 pages Bonhoeffer College Castricum De Posthouder is een hoofdstuk van het boek ‘De tienduizend dingen’ van Maria Dermoût. Het speelt zich af op Indonesië en gaat over de posthouder die plotseling dood gevonden wordt. Ruimte Indonesië is een tropisch eiland, waar het verhaal zich afspeelt. Het huis van de posthouder lag aan de buitenbaai,wa­ar de kust afliep schuin afliep naar het strand. Het had een grote tuin. Aan een kant lag het aan de buitenbaai, aan de andere kanten was er een bamboehaag met een groot hek voor de ingang. Het huis had veel verschillende kamers en een gesloten binnengalerij­. Er was één kamer die nog was overgebleven van vroeger, met hoge vensters met schuiframen en kleine ruiten. De muren waren oud, evenals de vloer. Er waren ook nog veel mooie dure meubels in de kamer. Alles was versleten, maar vroeger was dit de “mooie kamer” van het huis. De rest van…[show more]
Essay1.872 Words / ~6 pages Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 1 By: Ms. Deveci ENG1D1 June 7, 2012 Comparing two great novels: “Animal Farm” and “Lord of the Rings Trilogy” Not all pieces of fiction literature written in the early 20th century had been created with such a deep thought and at the same time with a delicate style that captures reader’s attention for a long while. There are some exceptions, through. In fact, there is a handful of them – and most prominent ones include Animal Farm by George Orwell and Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. It is a common practice to argue that one book is better than the other – in reality, there cannot be a bad or good book, as there is no good or bad haircut – it depends on person’s taste, not the author or the book itself. Lord of the Rings and Animal Farm share some common ground, but they are highly different at the same time, so no one can say one is better…[show more]
Essay1.653 Words / ~4 pages HTBLuVA Salzburg - HTL Vergleichzwis­chen Martin Luthers 95 Thesen und Martin Luther King jr.s „I have a dream“ 1. Hintergrund: Martin Luther, Theologieprof­essor an der Universität Wittenberg und Prediger in der Stadtkirche Wittenberg muss mit ansehen, wie immer weniger Menschen zur Beichte kommen, dafür der Ablasshandel blüht. Diese Idee der Kirche, sich oder andere durch Geld aus dem Fegefeuer freikaufen zu können, ist ihm völlig zuwider.; ist er doch fest überzeugt, dass jeder sich ein Leben lang in Demut der Gnade Gottes ergeben muss.Auch Aussagen wie jene von Johann Tetzel, einem Dominikanermö­nch: „Wenn das Geld im Kasten klingt, die Seele in den Himmel springt“, lassen Luther protestieren.­Zunäc­hst versucht er noch, seine Überzeugungen mit dem Ablasshandel zu vereinbaren, aber letztendlich sieht er nur eine Lösung, um auch die…[show more]
Essay1.038 Words / ~ pages Temple Philadelphia Lost Boundaries - Essay and review Glory Essay One of the most celebrated movies of the 1940s is, Lost Boundaries, which tells the story of Scott Carter a light skinned African American doctor, who decides to pass as white for twenty years of his life in-order to achieve success that African American’s, due to racism, had little hope of achieving during that time period. However as the film progresses Carter and his family soon find out the difficulties both socially and psychological­ly of maintaining their façade. Though at the end of the movie the Carter family seems to get a happy ending, or at least as happy of ending that an African American family can expect to get during the time period, there is perhaps a darker message being told to viewers, one that indeed denies the adage that “truth fears no color”, and in-fact seems to support…[show more]
Essay1.421 Words / ~ pages Hebron University -hebron Symbolism in Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet letter is full with symbolic features. In this research paper, we will discuss some of these symbolic features in detail. After reading the novel, it affected me very much and it encouraged me to read more about the puritan society that Hawthorne described in his novel as a harsh society to live in. Hawthorne was very critical in his novel by symbolising many things as the scarlet letter itself by giving it several meanings throughout the novel, the names of his major characters Hester, Pearl, Chillingworth and Dimmesdale, and the meteor that we saw in chapter 12. To begin with, the scarlet letter that the puritans forced Hester Prynne to wear on her chest after her sin with Dimmesdale was at the beginning of the novel as symbol of Adultery and shame as puritans…[show more]
Essay1.590 Words / ~6 pages Marienschule Fulda Georg Trakl Leben und Leiden des Georg Trakl Georg Trakl war einer der bekanntesten österreichisc­hen Dichter des Expressionism­us mit starkem Einfluss des Symbolismus. Er wird am 3. Februar 1887 als Sohn eines Eisenhändlers in Salzburg geboren. Er wächst im gehobenen Bürgertum als eines von vielen Kindern auf. Seine Mutter liebt die Kunst, leidet jedoch unter Neurose und ist drogensüchtig­. Deshalb werden Trakl und seine Geschwister von einer französischen Gouvernante (Marie Boring) großgezogen, die für sie eine Art Mutterersatz darstellt. Marie Boring lehrt den Kindern Französisch und liest mit ihnen französische Literatur und Magazine. Trakl begeistert sich für die französische Lyrik, was man auch in seinen späteren Gedichten erkennt, in die er u. a. Einflüsse von Arthur Rimbaud und Charles Baudelaire einbringt.…[show more]
Essay3.273 Words / ~9 pages Albert Einstein Gymnasium Ulm Shattering Archetypes: Mythological Tropes and Modern Women Most hero stories, mythological or otherwise, tend to focus on the actions of the man performing the heroic deeds. Women, on the contrary, are relegated to the background, seeming to serve a much smaller purpose in the overall story, never really doing much at all, but is this really true? It would certainly seem so – in Norse mythology, while Thor is out defeating giants and other terrible creatures, Sif is sitting in Asgard getting her hair cut off by his brother, Loki. When, in P. Craig Russells graphic novel adaptation of Maurice Maeterlincks opera Pelléas and Mélisande, when Golaud and Pelléas are having their final showdown, Mélisande runs away to hide. This sort of passive, “dust blowing in the wind” type of portrayal of women is pervasive in literature both very…[show more]
Essay639 Words / ~ pages Goethegymnasium Kassel The relationship between science, religion &technology in Brave New World The novel “Brave New World”, written in 1931 by Aldous Huxley is about a dystopian world society, set six hundred years in the future, and its developments. Furthermore it describes a future world ruled by hypnopeadia and cloning.In this novel technology, science and religion are important topics, since in the new world society things are far different than people are used today.The World State is built up in a caste system, where the most powerful people are 10 born-in controllers that rule the world. Those most political powerful people are scientists, since the whole world is based on science. Children are not born, they are produced in a complicated Bukanowsky process and the cells or fetuses fertilized or contaminated, so that the producers can…[show more]
Essay642 Words / ~ pages Universität Wien - Alma Mater Rudolphina UE Wissenschaftl­iches Schreiben und Präsentieren (WS 2012/13, 170067) Dr. Maria Der Narzissmus des Handke Der Autor, Peter Handke, nutzt diesen Film als Äußerung seiner inneren Gedanken. Er tut dies, indem er die Zeilen mit tiefen Betrachtungen füllt und sie von einem Charakter sprechen lässt. In fast jedem Monolog, den die Hauptfiguren halten, gibt es eine Selbstbeobach­tung, die nicht charakteristi­sch für das tägliche Leben ist. Der Film handelt von den Engeln Damiel und Cassiel, die als Beobachter der Welt, in Berlin sind. Sie können nicht in das Leben der Menschen eingreifen oder sich ihnen zeigen, obwohl sie von Kindern gesehen und gespürt werden können. Sie kommen nur dadurch mit dem Leben der Menschen in Berührung, als dass sie an ihrer Seite sind und ihnen Mut machen. Der Engel Damiel, die Hauptfigur der Geschichte,…[show more]
Essay543 Words / ~ pages Europagymnasium Linz 7m 28.05.12 Was Okonkwo a hero or a fool? The novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe tells the story of a traditional clan in Africa. The main character, Okonkwo, is of great significance, due to his personality and character traits. It is important to note that he can act like a hero on the one hand, nevertheless it is still possible to regard him as a fool due to his impetuous acts. Some of the most important aspects concerning Okonkwo, are his strong character, the way he treats his clansmen, especially women and children, his rashness and his sense of duty to tradition, which is often accompanied by fear. The most remarkable aspect of Okonkwos personality is his heroic features. He is a man with a strong character. Additionally Okonkwo is physically energetic. The author indicates this when Okonkwo wins the annual wrestling match…[show more]
Essay1.500 Words / ~ pages York University, Canada Date: November 29th, 2012 AP/EN 1001B The Inception of Jealousy In drama, many themes are touched upon on a basis of human interaction and companionship­. These themes revolve around topics such as love, war, jealousy, prejudice and many more. Two particular works in literature dramatization­, Shakespeare’s­, Othello, The Moor of Venice, and Ann Marie Macdonald’s, Goodnight Desdemona, Good morning Juliet, revolve around the two key themes that stand out in humanity, love and jealousy. When under the influence of jealousy, one must be cautioned before taking action as opposed to letting it become so consuming that it results in them making dangerous decisions. However, this is not the case in this scenario, as both works explore the subject of love and jealousy and how closely they interrelate with each other. Shakespeare and…[show more]
Essay5.539 Words / ~20 pages Targoviste, Universitatea Valahia Universitatea „Valahi­a” din Târgoviş­te Facultatea de Ştiin­55;e Umaniste Specializarea­: Limbă şi literatur­9; română - limbă şi literatur­9; engleză LIMBAJUL LUI EMINESCU lucrare de seminar Istoria literaturii române CUPRINS I. Scriitorii români şi devoltarea limbii literare /3 II. LIMBAJUL LUI EMINESCU /10 1. Preliminarii /10 2. Mihai Eminescu – poet al tuturor românilor /12 III. CONCLUZII /19 IV. BIBLIOGRAFIE /20 I. Scriitorii români şi devoltarea limbii literare Influenţ­a pe care o exercită scriitorii asupra evoluţie­i limbii naţional­e este o problemă care a trezit interes încă de la începutul moderniză­;rii culturii noastre, iar acest interes este viu şi astăzi, când numărul…[show more]
Essay1.354 Words / ~ pages Bucuresti Colegiul German goethe Este Sadoveanu un Tolstoi al literaturii române? Atat Sadoveanu cat si Tolstoi au lasat in urma lor , romane îndrăgite de o larga varietate de oameni si au marcat literatura ţarilor din care provin. Fraţii Jderi este una dintre cele mai importante lucrări ale lui Sadoveanu, prezentată de acesta drept roman istoric.Roman­ul istoric este o creaţie provenită prin excelenţă din individualism­ul romantic,a eroului unic care determină întreaga atmosferă. Înca din titlu Fraţii Jderi, este indicata existenţa unui organism colectiv a unei pluralităţi familiare,ace­st lucru amintind de epopeea începuturilor­. Un alt factor pentru care opera poate fi catalogată drept epopee este ritmul cu o cadenţa lentă. Dacă romanul istoric are characteristi­c menţinerea ritmului palpitant al aventurii,pre­cum in Război si pace, Sadoveanu abordează…[show more]
Essay1.063 Words / ~2 pages BFSU Beijing Le goût du spleen Commentaire de Spleen LXXV de Baudelaire LXXV – SPLEEN Pluviôse, irrité contre la ville entière, De son urne à grands flots verse un froid ténébreux Aux pâles habitants du voisin cimetière Et la mortalité sur les faubourgs brumeux. Mon chat sur le carreau cherchant une litière Agite sans repos son corps maigre et galeux ; L’âme d’un vieux poète erre dans la gouttière Avec la triste voix d’un fantôme frileux. Le bourdon se lamente, et la bûche enfumée Accompagne en fausset la pendule enrhumée Cependant qu’en un jeu plein de sales parfums, Héritage fatal d’une vieille hydropique, Le beau valet de cœur et la dame de pique Causent sinistrement de leurs amours défunts Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du Mal Baudelaire a écrit 4 Spleen, le Spleen LXXV en est le premier. Je l’apprécie beaucoup. Au début, c’est juste pour les derniers…[show more]
Essay1.085 Words / ~ pages University of New Orleans How Does Vera Brittain use Form, Language and Structure to present thoughts and feelings. Compare to Other Works. This letter was written by Vera Brittain to her brother Edward on the 27th Feb1916 before the trauma of Somme, and was published in 1998. Vera was nursing in England at the time. The fact that the form of this text is that of a letter may seem to some readers insignificant­, but it may be read into as meaning that it is, by definition, an immediate response which is personal, and meant for a specific audience, i.e. her brother. This could immediately give the reader a clue as to how the text may have been written and how they may approach it; In this case, the audience remember the receiver of the letter, and realise that he too would have been good friends with the subject of the poem. This immediately means that the letter would impart…[show more]
Essay640 Words / ~ pages Highschool MK/Kopavogur Jón Steingrímson og Skaftáreldar(­móður­harð­indin) Jón Steingrímsson einnig þekktur sem eldklerkurinn var fæddur á Þverá árið 1728 og var prestur, læknir og náttúrufræðin­gur. Hann þjónaði sem prestur á Prestbakka sem er við Kirkjubæjarkl­austu­r. Þegar gosið í Lakagígum hófst árið 1783 var Jón Steingrímsson heillaður af þessum viðburði og ritaði frægt rit sem er ein af aðalheimildum okkar Íslendinga um móðurharindin miklu frá 1783-85. Í þessari ritgerð verður fjallað um eldgosið í Skaftáreldum og Jón Steingrímsson­sem. Gosið er talið eitt áhrifamesta gos síðustu árþúsund. Askan úr gosinu var sýnileg um alla Evrópu og alveg langt til mið ameríku. Benjamin Franklin taldi að kuldinn í bandaríkjunum og heim allan og tengdi það við gosið í Skaftáreldum( ). Eldgosið er talið hafa verið neistinn sem kveikti í Frönsku…[show more]
Essay670 Words / ~ pages Tallinna Ülikool Jack London and Maxim Gorky - Man Doesnt Live by Bread Alone FLGR.01.159 Writing Course · Man Doesn’t Live by Bread Alone. 1 · Social and historical backgrounds of Jack London and Maxim Gorky. 1 · Preconditions for creating Martin Eden and Philistines. 2 Man Doesn’t Live by Bread Alone At the beginning of the XX century with the shift in people’s attitude towards politics and religion there were many heated discussions concerning value and purpose of our lives. As a result, this topic inevitably found reflection in literature of different countries. Such prominent authors as Jack London on one side of the globe and Maxim Gorky on the other have dedicated their works (“Martin Eden” and “Philistines” respectively) to this subject. To my mind, it seems to be of utmost importance that both of them have proven with their work that man doesn’t…[show more]
Essay1.202 Words / ~2 pages Aarhus Business School - Denmark Film Essay on Maos Last Dancer In the film “Mao’s Last Dancer” directed by Bruce Beresford an important event was the consulate scene where Li Cunxin had to make the decision to defect to America. This event had both positively and negatively affected Li because he was allowed to stay in the USA to fulfil his dreams and because he had to defect to America and he may have never seen his family again. It also showed effects of the communist regime on Li. This is achieved through the use of various visual and verbal techniques. ‘Mao’s Last Dancer’ is a biographical drama which follows Li Cunxin’s journey from peasant life in China in the 1970’s to getting a chance to go to Houston and perform in the Ballet Company. Li has to make a hard decision to either defect in America or go to China to see his family and continue dancing. Li had to struggle to…[show more]
Essay918 Words / ~ pages School of Continuing Studies, Toronto THE ROYALS by B. As a child, my greatest reading delights were the fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen and Brothers Grimm. I envisioned being one of the heroines in the stories who would turn out to be a princess found by her royal parents. This didn’t seem like a stretch to me, any more than a time-travelin­g UFO landing in our backyard did! Small wonder I wasn’t impressed with my father, an army officer and a pilot, and my mom, being ‘only’ a housewife. As an imaginary princess, needless to say, I was an only child, and in the talk around the school I’d barely admit to having one sister, and never mentioned the other. The youngest one, that is. Yet she appeared to have no trouble loving me from the start. And it’s not that I didn’t have any protective feelings toward her. I just didn’t want to acknowledge her existence to the outer world. But…[show more]
Essay2.592 Words / ~12 pages gymnazium Poprad 9. Resumé Hermann Hesse wurde am 2. Juli 1877 in der württembergis­chen Stadt Calw geboren. Sein Vater war ein deutsch-balti­scher­, pietistischer Missionspredi­gers. Seine Mutter Marie war die Tochter des Missionars Herman Gundert. Er wuchs in Calw und Basel auf, bis er 1890 die Lateinschule in Göppingen besuchte und zwei Monate nach dem im Juli 1891 bestandenen Württembergis­chen Landesexamen als Stipendiat in das evangelisch-t­heolo­gisc­hes Seminar der Klosterschule Maulbronn aufgenommen wurde. Von dort floh Hermann Hesse im April 1892. Nach Aufenthalten in drei verschiedenen Heilanstalten begann er im Oktober 1895 eine Buchhändlerle­hre in Tübingen. 1904 ermöglichte ihm der Erfolg seines ersten Romans – Peter Camenzind –, seine Anstellung in einer Buchhandlung in Basel aufzugeben, die Fotografin Maria…[show more]
Essay533 Words / ~ pages Sheffield Hallam University Sheffield Popular Mechanics First of all, the image of this sentence is a dark thing to say dark, heavy, hateful. Next on the symbols, I think that the existence of being a child is the symbol of this work. The reason is very simple and I think that child is drawn as crystal of things that two people who are characters of this story made together. So the theme of this work I felt was that people built up something together and then easily break down what they have ever built up due to differences in each others ideas, I think that it is sarcastic to use a mistake of a human who repeats it even if it is known by using parents and child. Because the setting of this work is always done in a dark space from Cars slushed by on the street outside, where it was getting dark. (Carver 123) And The kitchen window gave no light. (Carver 125), Everything is in dark, heavy. You…[show more]
Essay412 Words / ~1 page University of New Orleans Realism in short stories The Million Pound Bank Note - The Beast In The Jungle - The Open Boat Mark Twain, Henry James and Stephen Crane portray psychological realism in their respective literary pieces of work. Mark Twain’s The Million Pound Bank Note focuses on the psychological effects of a mischievous bet. Henry James’ The Open Boat deals with the descriptions and psychological effects of four men lost at sea. Stephen Crane’s The Beast in the Jungle deals with the psychological effects of an eccentric man’s belief that he will have great misfortune. While all three authors use different styles and paths to show this, they all end at the same destination that is ‘realism’. The Million Pound Bank Note is extremely effective in portraying realism in a big picture. While Mark Twain may not go into descriptive detail of the psychological­…[show more]
Essay1.111 Words / ~ pages Universidad Católica del Ecuador Quito El amor en Cien Años de Soledad Ensayo Búsqueda del amor, personajes al buscarlo, se desvían en hábitos militares, ciencia, y pecados, nunca lo alcanzan mueren solos. Coronel Aureliano: después de la muerte de su mujer, se pierde en la guerra olvida al amor, además incapacitado para amar, muere solo Jose arcadio primero: cuando aprende lo que le enseña Melquiades, se pierde en un mundo de descubrimient­o y ciencia, se vuelve loco olvida al amor, y muere Muchas son las parejas que comenten el incesto, se enamoran mucho, parece que encuentran al amor, pero al darse cuenta que comente un pecado, pierden al amor por completo Cuando se encuentra de verdad al amor es el que lleva al final de la estirpe, el único buendia que nace con amor, nace con el castigo de la cola de cerdo y es el ultimo de la estirpe Es en verdad el amor, la cura a una enfermedad…[show more]
Essay675 Words / ~2 pages Częstochowa IV rok, filologia germańska Zusammenfassu­ng- Ingeborg Bachmann Ein Tag wird kommen Ein Tag wird kommen ist der Titel der Radiosendung, die durch das Deutschlandra­dio Kultur 2009 in der Reihe „Die Lange Nacht“ ausgestrahlt wurde. Der Titel des Beitrages ist der Titel eines Buches der ORF-Redakteur­in Gerda Haller, die Ingeborg Bachmann wenige Monate vor ihrem Tod, interviewte. Die Autorin dieser Sendung ist Astrid Nettling. Diese Rundfunksendu­ng beginnt mit den verschiedenen Äußerungen der Dichterin Ingeborg Bachmann, in der die Sprache, die Stimme oder die Musik betont sind. Sie kommen als die notwendige Bedingung ihres Schreibens vor. Ihre Formulierung, die am Anfang steht- „Ein Tag wird kommen“ bezieht sich auf die Passagen in ihrem Werk Malina. Sie beschreiben die kommende Welt als eine gute märchenhaft schöne…[show more]
Essay2.285 Words / ~3 pages Samuel von Brukenthal Gymnasium Sibiu Scrie un eseu de 2 – 3 pagini, despre particularită­ţil­e unui roman al experienţei prin referire la o operă literară studiată, aparţinând perioadei interbelice. În elaborarea eseului, vei avea în vedere următoarele repere: - precizarea a două caracteristic­i ale acestui tip de roman, existente în opera literară studiată; - prezentarea, prin referire la romanul studiat, a patru elemente de construcţie a subiectului şi / sau ale compoziţiei ( de exemplu: acţiune, secvenţă narativă, conflict, relaţii temporale şi spaţiale, construcţia personajelor, incipit, final, perspectivă narativă, tehnici narative ); - evidenţierea relaţiilor dintre două personaje reprezentativ­e pentru romanul ales; - exprimarea unui punct de vedere argumentat despre modul în care se reflectă o idee sau tema în romanul pentru care ai optat.…[show more]
Essay1.337 Words / ~ pages Turkey Cag College 1 1 Ms. Anderson ESL Transitional Literature February 23, 2013 The Catcher in the Rye The fiction novel, “The Catcher in the Rye,” by J. D. Salinger is an adventurous story of a 17 year old boy Holden Caulfield, and his failure to prove himself to be unlike “phony” people. In his four high schools, he was kicked out due to his reluctant behavior in class. His brother Allie’s death, refusal of intimacy with other people, denial of immaturity, prejudiced character analysis of others like his friends from Pencey Prep, along with the confused and spontaneous state of mind for sexuality finally causes him to have a nervous breakdown. Even though Holden’s actions contradict his thoughts which force him to keep making the same mistakes over and over again such as getting drunk, failure of finding connections with people, getting expelled…[show more]
Essay2.921 Words / ~9 pages UKM-kuala lumpur Essay Assignment (Discuss the aspects of Ambivalence, Orientalism, Subalternity and in three short stories) Prof. Dr. Shanthini P74755 1st Short story (Shooting an Elephant, George Orwell): George Orwell (1903 –1950), was an English novelist and journalist Gorge Orwell spent five years from 1922 to 1927 as a police officer in the Indian Imperial Police force in Burma (now Myanmar) (Stewart, 2003). Burma had become part of the British Empire during the nineteenth century. Burma was the wealthiest country in Southeast Asia under British rule, as a colony, it was seen very much as a backwater. (Stephen, 2005) George Orwell shows the relationships between the English people and the Indian people in the days of the British colonialism in Burma. The interactions between the English and the Indians result in the othering process…[show more]
Essay12.493 Words / ~57 pages Osijek Kroatien → Stilsymbiose -Übernahme von Stilmerkmalen anderer lit.Strömunge­n: = Naturalismus: -Unterordnung der Phantasie unter die Erfahrung (Wirklichkeit­) -Darstellung des zeitgenössisc­hen Alltags ≠Naturalismus­: wissenschaftl­iche Ambitionen =Symbolismus: Sensibilität für Lebensnuancen ≠ Symbolismus: poetische u. sprachliche Esoterik →Zielsetzung: genauer Darstellung der Stimmung aus subj. Position des Einzelnen →literaturthe­ore­tische Grundlage: -Erkenntnisth­eorie von Ernst Mach (1828-1916): -Wirklichkeit = Komplex von Empfindungen (Farben, Laute, Gerüchte, Tastempfind.) -Ich = relativ stabiles Bünden von Beobachtungen­, Gefühlen u. Erinnerungen →Jung-Wien: -Bezeichnung für die Gruppe Wiener junger Autoren um die Jahrhundertwe­nde -Hermann Bahr (1863-1934); Wochenzeitsch­rift Die Zeit…[show more]

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