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List of Essays: Literature - Page 2

Essay2.096 Words / ~8 pages Universidad de Guadalajara - Mexiko TENGA PARA QUE SE ENTRETENGA José Emilio Pacheco México (1939 - ) A la hora del almuerzo el Bosque había quedado desierto. No se escuchaba rumor de automóviles en las calzadas ni trajín de lanchas en el lago. Rafael se entretenía en obstaculizar con una ramita el paso de un caracol. En ese instante se abrió un rectángulo de madera oculto bajo la hierba rala del cerro y apareció un hombre que dijo a Rafael: Déjalo. No lo molestes. Los caracoles no hacen daño y conocen el reino de los muertos. Salió del subterráneo, fue hacia Olga, le tendió un periódico doblado y una rosa con un alfiler. Tenga para que se entretenga. Tenga para que se la prenda. Olga dio las gracias, extrañada por la aparición del hombre y la amabilidad de sus palabras. Lo creyó un vigilante, un guardián del Castillo, y de momento no reparó en su vocabulario ni en el olor a humedad…[show more]
Essay3.011 Words / ~7 pages Colegiul National Samuel von Brukenthal Sibiu O scrisoare pierdută -tema şi viziunea/part­icula­rită­ţi de construcţie/c­arac­teriz­are/tipuri de comic - Perioada de după 1860 se caracterizeaz­ă prin transformări importante în cultura română, reprezentând deschiderea epocii marilor clasici printr-un spirit de modernizare impus de tânăra generație. Un rol esențial în dezvoltarea culturii românești l-a avut Societatea Junimea ce a constituit o mișcare de sinteză și manifestare a spiritului critic, activând din anul 1863 până la sfârșitul secolului XIX. Junimiștii s-au raportat critic la generația pașoptistă, susținând promovarea unei literaturi originale, cu specific românesc, dar raportată la cea europeană și criticând lipsa de echilibru dintre paradigma culturală impusă de „arderea etapelor” și capacitatea de receptare critică a acesteia. În…[show more]
Essay1.882 Words / ~7 pages Lancaster University, Lancaster Comparison of Seamus Heaneys the Forge and John Donnes 5th Holy Sonnet. Veneration and Creation Veneration and Creation The world of the metaphysical and enigmatic has fascinated humans throughout history, from dusty ancient epochs to the hectic modern era. The concepts of a sacred, powerful being as well as the perplexing matter of creation are two significant aspects of the metaphysical world that numerous writers have embedded and explored in their literary works. Such writers are Seamus Heaney and John Donne – two writers from two very different periods in history, and this exploration is evident in their exercise of the old tradition of sonnet writing. Both Seamus Heaney’s ‘The Forge’ and John Donne’s fifth Holy Sonnet have similarities and differences in their embodiment of the depiction of the mystic and sacred as…[show more]
Essay804 Words / ~ pages KAU University Jeddah Saudi Arabia Kingdom Philosophers in Literature William Wordsworth Lyrical Ballads is written by William Wordsworth and Samuel Coleridge and it marked the beginning of the Romantic Movement in literature. They defined poetry as the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. The preface focuses in four points which are the content, language, definition of poetry and the features of the poet. First, the content of poetry is based on situations from everyday life with associating the ideas in a state of excitement. Also, they start using imagination and describing nature. Second, the language of poetry should be simple, plain, and used by ordinary people. It should convey emotions in simple expressions. Third, they defined poetry as the spontaneous overflow of powerful true feelings. Poetry should be originated from emotions that recollected…[show more]
Essay1.116 Words / ~ pages Faculty of Arts and Humanities Mostar Jack London - The Law of Life essay In this work, London focuses on old Koskooshs thoughts. It is written in back and forth form. Being left alone old man recalls events of his past life. His thoughts are focused on the laws of nature. He is trying to find a thought to occupy his mind while he awaits his death. Remembering his life he thinks about events that changed his view of the world. He remembers how he left his father like this years ago. Comparing himself to an old moose he once saw being killed by the wolves, he accepts that his time has come. In the scene where the moose is being killed, moose represents life. It represents constant struggle. The most significant line old Koskoosh repeats is “ That is the law ”. In this sentence he comes to peace with himself and the fact that his life is now ending. The only thing he ever accepted as a law,…[show more]
Essay2.659 Words / ~6 pages Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara - UVT Timisoara O noapte furtunoasa: Ion Luca Caragiale- comedia sociala de moravuri. Comedia – O scrisoare pierdută (Caragiale) COMEDIA – O scrisoare pierdută (Caragiale) Încadrarea autorului în contextul literar : I.L. Caragiale este unul dintre cei 4 mari clasici ai lit rom, alături de Slavici, Eminescu şi Craengă, fiind considerat cel mai mare dramaturg prin cele patru comedii (OSP, ONF, D’ale carnavalului si Conu’ Leonida fata cu reactiunea) si prin drama Napasta. Ca prozator, numele său se leagă de volumul Momente şi schiţe şi de nuvelele psihologice (O făclie de Paşti, În vreme de război) sau fantastice (Calul Dracului, La hanul lui Mânjoală). Capodopera sa este considerata OSP, aparuta in 1884, comedie clasica de moravuri ce are ca tema prezentarea vietii politice din capitala unui judet de munte in preajma alegerilor, prilej…[show more]
Essay3.320 Words / ~11 pages Taurida National V.I.Vernadsky University, Simferopol Таврический Национальный университет им. В. И. Вернадского Факультет иностранной филологии Кафедра ­­&sh­y;&sh­y;&s­hy;­­­&sh языка и литературы James Joyce “Two Gallants”. Text analyses Дисциплина: История английской литературы Выполнила: студентка 4 курса группы 453 Шило Светлана Симферополь, 2014 Text analysis of Two Gallants written by James Joyce The short story under consideration is Two Gallants written by a famous English-speak­ing writer. It is one of the seediest stories in Dubliners. James Joyce was an Irish, modernist writer who wrote in a ground-breaki­ng style that was known both for its complexity and explicit content. As for literary artistic system, Two Gallants belongs to the modernistic trend. Modernism tries to break with traditional styles, experiment with literary forms…[show more]
Essay2.173 Words / ~8 pages Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam Is John Donnes poetry imaginable in anything other than religious terms? (Re)placing John Donne in the History of Sexuality In her essay ‘(Re)placing John Donne in the History of Sexuality’, Bach makes the case that in John Donne’s poetry, “sex is unimaginable in other than religious terms”.1 In this essay I will disprove this assertion by looking at what religion has to say about sex and how these attitudes differ from Donne’s in his poems ’The Flea’, and ‘To his Mistress Going to Bed’. If Bach in her essay is correct, and we in the modern day find that “lust [or] sexual satisfaction, is integral to a good life” 2 then seventeenth and twenty-first century interpretatio­ns of sexuality are chasms apart. Turn of the seventeenth century Catholics such as Donne would have, as Pope Innocent XI did, “condemn[ed] sex exercised for pleasure…[show more]
Essay1.352 Words / ~ pages Colleague of Philosophy, Mostar, BIH Name: December 20th,2011 Professor: prof.dr. Boris Berić Course: Introduction to English Literature I The Law of Life None of us probably experienced those last hours of our life. What really happens at that time? Do we regret about things we did, or have not managed to do? Is there hope that we will get out of it, and continue with our life? This essay will provide us the answer for those questions, because the theme is mans fight against death. Every man has that instinct which pushes us forward. Some things we start to regret, thinking that we could do them better. In this story, like it says, man is fighting against nature. We all have clear states about our situation when we are about to die, but we are not aware of humans will to survive. Regardless you accept your death or not, that little thing will instinctively push you to fight for…[show more]
Essay2.339 Words / ~6 pages St. Xavier's College, Mumbai CIA II The Man Who Shot the Albatross Name: Class: TYBA Roll number: 226 UID number: Course Code: ENG.6.01 The Romantic movement is often looked upon as a reaction against the Enlightenment­s focus on the logical in favor of the purely emotional. It was deeply rooted in the Enlightenment­s focus on reason, and often portrayed love as tormented and unreachable. The best way to describe the Romantic movement is as the rebellious child of the Enlightenment­. The Romantic era spanned approximately 1798 to 1832, although many contemporary scholars extend the dates to varying degrees on either end. The movement arose during a time when print culture was continuing its sharp rise. Printed materials were available to a wide audience instead of on a manuscript basis, inspiring writers to delve into ordinary themes and characters. However,…[show more]
Essay1.847 Words / ~7 pages University of New York in Prague - UNYP Film adaptations of the Hemingway’ short story The Killers - comparison with the story itself Kwolkova Short Story Professor Clare Wallace 11 May 2015 A short story The Killers was firstly published in Scribner’s Magazine on March 1927 (Moddelmog and Gizzo 6). The story t is told from a third person point of view. The reader does not know the character´s thoughts while reading the story, just what they said and do is known. In the paper, we will look closely at the film adaptations and compare them with the story itself. Indeed, the story can be interpreted differently. The Russian film-maker Andrei Tarkovsky stick closely to the story did not change many facts, tried to keep the serious atmosphere of the story. The second adaptation was made 45 years later by Jae Yu. Due to this fact, the movie is more different than the story itself…[show more]
Essay1.875 Words / ~ pages University of Mostar, Mostar 1 American Identity inRip Van Winkle andThe Pioneers Creation of American identity can be viewed from various aspects. It is a story that begins with the particular life of Indian tribes then continues with the first settlers and the customs they brought to development of different societies, fight for human rights, development of democratic society and equal rights for all. Interesting aspects are given to us by the author James Cooper in his novel The Pioneers and by Washington Irving in his novel Rip Van Winkle. The first novel gives us the insight to the life of the first settlers of American ground and the other thrills us with a fantastic story of Rip Van Winkle’s sleep for one night but waking after twenty years had passed. Detailed analysis of these two novels gives us some important facts about American identity. On the one…[show more]
Essay1.569 Words / ~6 pages UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE, MALAYSIA John Betjeman and William Shakespeare: A Study of Satire and Metaphor Generally there are several elements of poetry, for example, metaphor, persona, satire, and also language and form. However, in this essay, I’m going to focus more on the satirical and metaphorical aspect although, in a sense, the element of satire and persona share quiet a similar essence in which both showed the poet’s detachment with the persona in his poem. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica (2014), satire is defined as an artisticform, chiefly literary and dramatic, in which human or individual vices, follies, abuses, or shortcomings are held up to censure by means of ridicule, derision, burlesque,iro­ny,pa­rody­, caricature, or other methods, sometimes with an intent to inspire social reform. Whereas in general, satire makes a subject look…[show more]
Essay1.080 Words / ~ pages UMB, Banská Bystrica Harmónia dvoch „ľúbostí­“ Andreja Sládkovič­;a v Maríne Neodmysliteľn­ou súčasťou slovenského literárneho romantizmu je lyrická, reflexívno-sy­mboli­cká básnická skladba Marína. Andrej Sládkovič, ktorého autorstvo tejto skladby je nepochybne známe i súčasným generáciám, sa stretol s rôznorodými názormi a vyjadreniami k jeho Maríne. „Traduje sa, že jej vydaniu predchádzala búrlivá diskusia vo vnútri generácie, lebo niektorým priveľmi rigoróznym vrstovníkom sa zdala Sládkovičova Marína vraj iba povrchnou, ba „lascívnou“ ľúbostnou pletkou.“ (Šmatlák, 2001, s. 100) Ján Kalinčiak v Rozpomienkach na Ondreja Sládkoviča hovorí, že Marína bola v očiach mládeže hriechom oproti slovenskému duchu a slovenskej budúcnosti, lebo vraj kto je za národ opravdivo zaujatý, takými vecami ako je láska sa zapodievať…[show more]
Essay1.608 Words / ~7 pages Sveučilište u Zadru F. Sologub; Mali demon: groteskni lik Peredonova Tema ovog seminarskog rada je groteskni lik Ardaljona Borisiča Peredonova, glavnog lika romana Mali demon, književnika Fjodora Sologuba. S ciljem davanja boljeg objašnjenja zašto je Peredonov groteskni lik i što ga to čini grotesknim, dati ću objašnjenje same groteske, te opis njegova međuodnosa s drugim likovima potkrijepljen citatima. Oslanjajući se na opise odnosa opisati ću karakter samog Peredonova te na taj način pokazati zašto je on groteskni lik. Groteska, kako ju opisuje Višnja Rister u uvodu navedenoj knjizi Lik u grotesknoj strukturi, je neko pojedinačno viđenje zbilje, koje je suprotstavlje­no normalnom, općeprihvaćen­om viđenju, te ga osporava, ali ne uspostavlja novu zbilju djela. Groteska uvelike ovisi i o čitatelju, to jest o razini doživljaja grotesknog…[show more]
Essay3.074 Words / ~9 pages Universität Zürich - UZH 14HS-UZH Asien-Orient-­Insti­tut Dream or Nightmare of the Red Mansions? To create a dreamlike illusion or let the illusion express itself? A Review on the new Honglou Meng TV drama “The most significant characteristi­c of Cao Xueqin’s Honglou Meng (Dream of the Red Chamber) can be summarized into four words ‘in-between reality and illusion’, which turned out to be the biggest challenge during the production. In this case, I had to adopt the Filmmaking technique to shoot this TV drama. Otherwise the dreamlike, poetic imagery in the original classic would be never successfully revivified. The four-year effort I made is just for fulfilling the four words. If the audience would feel it is a bit like a dream after watching the new TV drama, then I think my strenuous endeavor is appreciated and positively evaluated.”1 - Li Shaohong…[show more]
Essay2.061 Words / ~6 pages SZTE Szeged Seminar: Deutschsprach­ige Literaturen und Kulturen im mitteleuropäi­sche­n Kontext 1 Seminarleiter­: Dr. Angefertigt von WiSe 2015/2016 Robert Menasse Das Ende des Hungerwinters Robert Menasse ist ein österreichisc­her Schriftstelle­r und Essayist. Er ist in 1954 in Wien geboren und ist auch dort aufgewachsen. Er studierte Germanistik, Philosophie und Politikwissen­schaf­t in Wien, Salzburg und Messina. Von 1981 bis 1988 lehrte er zunächst als Lektor für österreichisc­he Literatur, später war er auch als Gastdozent an der Uni in São Paolo, in Brasilien, tätig. Seit seiner Rückkehr aus Brasilien 1988 lebt Robert Menasse als Literat und kulturkritisc­her Essayist hauptsächlich in Wien. Sein erster veröffentlich­ter Roman Sinnliche Gewißheit erschien 1988 als der erste Teil der in Brasilien begonnenen Trilogie…[show more]
Essay1.141 Words / ~2 pages Frome College, Frome How is leadership and power portrayed in Antony and Cleopatra 1.4? , 17th January 2016 Shakespeare’s Antony is an ambiguous character. Seth L. Schein says that classical heroes “affirm their greatness by the brilliance and efficiency with which they kill”, and die “bravely”1. In some ways Antony can be seen as matching this template, gaining his empire militarily and then committing suicide upon defeat. Schein also states however that the hero “lives and dies in the pursuit of honor [sic]”. This does not seem to be true of Shakespeare’s Antony; he is selfish and disregards his Roman honour (“Let Rome in Tiber melt.”). Act one scene four allows study of Antony as this debatably honourable hero and leader, but from the perspective of his fellow triumvirs. To contrast against Antony the audience is given not only Caesar but accounts…[show more]
Essay1.017 Words / ~ pages Reichsuniversität Groningen ESSAY The Poetic Self and How Wordsworth Made Use of this Prominent Theme in His Works, including The Prelude The Romantic Movement (1780-1832) was a rather international artistic and philosophical movement, which changed peoples’ picture of themselves and the world around them. During the “Age of Revolution” a major transformatio­n in not only poetry’s theory and practice but also how the world was perceived took place. The imagination was presented as the natural equivalent of humans’ creative power, being dynamic, active, and the power to constitute reality. For Wordsworth, we “half-create” and “half-perceiv­e” the world around us. Even greater emphasis was put on the importance of instincts, intuition, and emotions. Applied to the creation of poetry it was made evident that poetry was used as a mirror of the interior…[show more]
Essay1.262 Words / ~ pages Lessinggymnasium Braunschweig III.Level Activities: Soundtrack for Antigone In this essay, I created a soundtrack of 6 songs, which reflect and accentuate specific events in the play. I will explain my selection and how each song is representing the scene. The songs that I used are all to be found on YouTube. Each song with its cues and displaying corresponding lyrics. The first song I chose is: “Call me” by Shinedown time: 0:29 The lyrics I want to emphasize in this song are, “I lost my life and a dear friend.” This is related to the lines 56-58 in the Prologue of the play (“I shall lie down with him in death and I shall be as dear to him as he to me.”) This part is showing Antigone who is talking about her dead brother Polyneices. In this scene she states that she lost him and how she longs to be with him, because she has nothing left. The song lyrics are reflecting exactly what…[show more]
Essay824 Words / ~2 pages University of Mostar Brkić Dr.sc. Berić Survey English Literature I 05.01.2012 Marriage customs and divorce in Utopia In this essay I will explain my opinion about customs of marriage and divorce in Utopia written by Sir Thomas More. Utopia is written in the time of Elizabethan era. Name “Utopia” means something idealistic, perfect; a place where citizens fulfill laws and their duties, but in this story that is not as it should be. Mores Utopia is not ideal, it reflects picture that is generally the opposite of the customs in the time of Elizabethan era. I will show some similarities and differences between Utopia and Elizabethan era and compare them. Utopia has its rules and laws about everything. Those rules serve to maintain peace between citizens. They have their customs about marriage and if they sometimes break them, they are punished with certain…[show more]
Essay10.296 Words / ~41 pages Universität New Mexico La literatura en lengua alemana durante la Ilustración y la época clásica La literatura en lengua alemana durante la Ilustración y la época clásica. La literatura italiana es la primera literatura que llega a la época clásica o al Renacimiento con Dante y Boccacchio a la cabeza. La literatura clásica alemana transcurre durante los dos últimos decenios del s.XVIII, se da bastante más tarde que en otros países como Francia. La Ilustación es un momento de la historia de la literatura alemana que se da durante mediados del s.XVIII hasta 1780 aproximadamen­te aunque la literatura ilustrada alemana se da en procesos (Die Aufklärung). La época anterior a la Ilustración de la cultura alemana estuvo muy fragmentada debido a las jerarquías sociales y estos movimientos ilustrados dirigirían este contexto social a una época más tolerante,…[show more]
Essay1.171 Words / ~3 pages Buckswood School Hastings An essay comparing emotion within poem 254, by Emily Dickinson and Price We pay for the Sun, by Grace Nichols Focussing on the works of at least two poets you have studied, discuss the presentation of strong emotions. Throughout works by both Emily Dickinson and Grace Nichols, emotion is prevalent in juxtaposing ways and is used to engrave within to the readers’ minds ideas of bitterness and despair, yet hope and Biblicism. Through the use of such polarising emotions, the reader is able to view the complications and temperaments of two contextually dissimilar speakers. Within poem 254, by Emily Dickinson, there is a resounding message of the eternal nature of hope. The extended metaphor of a bird is used to materialise hope: “Hope is the Thing with Feathers,” (1). Evidently “Hope” is inanimate, however, through giving it feathers,…[show more]
Essay1.541 Words / ~ pages Universitas Airlangga The Analysis of Characterizat­ion of ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ by Ernest Hemingway Introduction This essay analyzes the characterizat­ion of The Old Man and the Sea written by American author, Ernest Hemingway in 1951. To analyze here means to break into parts and look at each part closely. This essay limits and focuses only the direct and indirect characterizat­ion of the main characters of the story. Before proceeds to analyze the story, the writer is going to explain briefly about the ‘characteriza­tio­n’ itself. According to my lecturer in the first meeting of Prose class, characterizat­ion means ‘author descriptions about a character’. It can be physically or appearance, intellectual quality, emotional intelligence, personal attitude or behavior, interpersonal communication skill, and socio-cultura­l background…[show more]
Essay2.330 Words / ~6 pages Universidad Central de Venezuela CONSTRUCTING THE FEMININE / FEMALE IN BEOWULF AND ITS REWRITING From classic to postmodernist views First, as a manner of introduction I want to explain that I’m going to talk about how and why the female characters change throughout Beowulf and its rewritings. That’s to say Grendel, Eaters of the Dead and Wealtheow. These 4 novels show different representatio­ns of the women of the middle ages; nevertheless we cannot say that some of them are bad or mean while others are more accurate. The thing is that the authors of these novels write their female characters according to their own needs, focuses, and what they believe it was true. Anthony Burgess in his literary essay published in 1975 called English literature uses the expression of outward show, which is what we perceived as truth. He uses the example of salt “If I’m a blind man…[show more]
Essay722 Words / ~2 pages Colegio Aleman Historia de supersticione­s En la sierra ecuatoriana, la provincia de Chimborazo o en Cotopaxi, existía un pueblo muy pequeño cuyo nombre no recuerdo, en el había una casa en la cual vivía una familia muy humilde. Juan era la cabeza de hogar de una familia poco numerosa con respecto a las demás de ese sector. El trabajaba como agricultor y a veces estaba ausente numerosos días, debido a que debía vender sus cosechas en la ciudad. María, su esposa se encargaba de cuidar a sus tres hijas de edades de diez a dieciséis además vendía humitas y hayacas, para poder sostener el hogar. Marta, Zoila y Rosa, sus hijas ayudaban a su madre en las labores hogareñas. En aquel pueblo, debido a ser poco extenso, solo existía una escuela y una iglesia. Un día, después de un día de trabajo, Juan llegó de noche a su casa, palido y con mucha fiebre. Su esposa y sus…[show more]
Essay3.502 Words / ~9 pages Universitat de València 9 La Rosa, la rueca, la Noche y el Día @alumni.uv.es Fecha de entrega 23/1/2015 El objetivo principal de este trabajo es llevar a cabo el análisis y la síntesis de convergencias y divergencias entre las diferentes versiones del popular cuento “Sol, Luna y Talía”, más conocido como “La bella durmiente” por haber sido llevado a la gran pantalla por la productora Walt Disney Pictures y que ha sido reescrito y reinterpretad­o ya varias veces al papel y al cine desde que en 1635 fuera publicado en Italia por el napolitano Giambattista Basile. En esta primera versión recogida en su colección “Pentamerone”­, nos encontramos ante una historia con una base similar, aunque con elementos significativo­s que alteran el resultado y la misma acción de la historia que desde pequeños se nos ha contado, así como también ocurre en la siguiente versión…[show more]
Essay2.080 Words / ~6 pages Prince georges community college, md Helsingør gymnasium 1.x 17-05-15 Dansk litterær artikel Fasaner af Helle Helle På trappetrinet ligger en fasan, dyngvåd. Som om den er druknet efter sin død. Dens fjer er brune og grønne. Dette udsagn stammer fra novellen ’Fasaner’ fra novellesamlin­gen “Rrester” fra 1996 af Helle Olsen, eller bedre kendt under navnet Helle Helle. I novellen hører vi om en indelukket ensom ’jeg’ fortæller, som for får sig et uventet besøg af en mand ved navn Richard. Den fremmede mand ved hendes dør siger, at han har boet i hendes lejlighed tidligere. Han er tilfældigvis kommet forbi og vil gerne ned i kælderen for at se, om han kan finde et par ting, han har efterladt sig. Men manden er tydeligvis også interesseret i kvinden, men kvinden vælger at afvise ham. Men er de valg, vi træffer i vores liv altafgørende for resten af vores liv, eller kan vi fortryde…[show more]
Essay2.129 Words / ~6 pages Odder Gymnasium Odder Gymnasium – Dansk A 2y 7/2 2017 Arabesk – Til en Haandtegning af Michel Angelo Digtet arabesk er skrevet af den danske forfatter Jens Peter Jacobsen. I. P. Jacobsen blev født i Thisted d. 7. april 1847 og døde sammesteds i 1885 d. 30. april, som 38-årig af tuberkulose. Jacobsens far var købmand og skipper. Det var derfor naturligt for Jacobsen at varetage opgaven som korrekturlæse­r af farens købsaftaler og andre papirer, da faren havde en begrænset mængde bolig kendskab. Jacobsens ungdom var stærkt præget af hans store interesse for botanikken, og han fulgte det op ved at gennemføre botanikstudie­t ved Københavns universitet i 1870. Samtidig dyrkede Jacobsen også sin interesse for litteratur. Han skrev flere tekster ud fra sine iagttagelser gjort i feltstudier. Især hans fordybelse i Charles Darwins ”nye” skrifter vedrørende…[show more]
Essay1.178 Words / ~3 pages University of Delhi Q. In Waiting for Godot Beckett indistinguish­ably combines form and content to communicate a tragic-comic vision of human existence. Discuss. ‘Waiting for Godot’, written in 1952 by Samuel Beckett and first performed in 1953, is an absurd tragic comedy about two tramps, Estragon and Vladimir, who keep waiting endlessly for Godot. The tramps are made aliens in the play- the audience cannot identify with their characters, but with their situation. Although very existentialis­t in its characterisat­ion, it is a play about hope, redemption, the absurd situation of life and simply as a parallel to the human tendency of waiting for various things to happen. The play also defies many of the set theatrical conventions. There is no idea of individuality or uniqueness in the play. The main sense in the play is that the more things change,…[show more]
Essay1.194 Words / ~ pages Moscow State Linguistic University Second Group CLIMAX AND RESOLUTION OF THE GREAT GATSBY BY F. SCOTT FITZGERALD AND 1984 BY GEORGE ORWELL The Great Gatsby This story tells about a mysterious man named Gatsby. Although, Nick’s point of view, he is not the main character, but then some mysteries expressed. Moreover, it shows back what happened in past through the plot of the story. He is distanced from the events at hand and is recounting them by way of memory. Such problems as Gatsby’s love story, affairs, ironically measure from the characters and flaming debates there. The whole are discover where he always between them—Gatsby’s problems and so on. “Only Gatsby, the man who gives his name to this book, was exempt from my reaction—Gats­by who represented everything for which I have an unaffected scorn. If personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures,…[show more]
Essay2.769 Words / ~11 pages Università degli studi di Trento The Rape of the Lock: how and why Alexander Pope uses classical and religious references to analyze his society INTRODUCTION: During the Augustan era - a literary period, which started after the end of the Restoration era, approximately 1690, and ended with the death of Alexander Pope in 1744 - a multitude of witty writers, including John Dryden, Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope, and Samuel Johnson, gave birth to a new form of long verse narrative or mock epic, often satirical and always based on classical models. Thanks to them, we can now enjoy reading Mac Flacknoe, Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift, The Rape of the Lock and London, literary works with common features that are immediately recognizable and regularly studied: they satirize serious and elevated topics to expose human failings; they strive to achieve harmony and precision;…[show more]
Essay1.430 Words / ~6 pages Taurida National V.I.Vernadsky University, Simferopol Реферат о жизни и творчестве представителя романтизма Nathaniel Hawthorne (Натаниэль Готорн) “Romanticism is mans revolt against reason, as well as against the condition under which nature has compelled him to live.” Ludwig von Mises Romanticism as one of the artistic, literal, and musical movements, was created in Europe at the end of the 18th century. Some people believe that the start of it, speaking about literature, was with writing the novel “The Sorrows of Young Werther” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, but anyway, it became quite successful and existed for more than 50 years. The cult of sensibility – is the main idea of the movement. However, it never forgot about nature, as well as supernatural. One of the people, who brought last to the romanticism, was Nathaniel Hawthore [1]. Author of the large variety of short stories,…[show more]
Essay524 Words / ~ pages OEGP Prague Úvaha: Tento dokument je uvahou na krátkou povídku starý list. V dokumentu jsou přítomny dvě verze. Úvaha – Starý list 29.11.2017 Povídka „Starý list“ od Franze Kafky pojednává o městě s palácem, které přitáhlo nomády. Nomádi uzurpují město a jeho obyvatelstvo. Obyvatelé jim ze strachu dávají, co chtějí, zejména řezníkovo maso. Vypravěč vyjadřuje obavy, co se stane, až obyvatelé nebudou schopni nomádům maso poskytnout. Jelikož v povídce obyvatelům autorita nepřichází na pomoc a ani to nevypadá, že by se tak v budoucnosti mohlo stát, může to čtenáře přivést k otázce, jak dlouho tuto tyranii nomádů mohou obyvatelé vydržet. V povídce je jasné, že nomádi lační po mase, a že je jim jedno v jaké formě maso je, když ho jedí. Občané vesnice sice řezníka finančně podporují, aby nemusel přerušovat objednávky masa, ale i ostatním…[show more]
Essay1.165 Words / ~ pages Universität Esbjerg [Skriv tekst] [Skriv tekst] [Skriv tekst] Ane-Mette I år 1887 udkom Henrik Pontoppidans (1857-1943) novellesamlin­g Fra Hytterne. Henrik Pontoppidan fik Nobelprisen i litteratur i 1917, på trods af han var af gammel præsteslægt og ønskede at blive ingeniør, men afbrød studiet for at blive forfatter. I samlingen er blandt andet novellen ”Ane-Mette”, som beskriver de fattiges levevilkår på landet i slutningen af 1800-tallet. Novellen er karakteristis­k for det moderne gennembrud, da den skildrer en realistisk opfattelse af de mennesker i perioden og de holdninger der præger den. Novellen omhandler Elsebeths liv som fattig og kampen mod sult og en mand med alkoholproble­mer. Elsebeth har ikke mulighed for at give hendes afdøde datter Ane-Mette, en flot begravelse da økonomien ikke strækker. Klasseforskel­len fremgår tydeligt,…[show more]
Essay2.122 Words / ~9 pages ONU Mechnikov Odessa Жанр різдвяного оповідання у творах Ч. Діккенса та М. В. Гоголя (“Різдвяна пісня у прозі”, “Ніч перед Різдвом”) Різдвяне чи святочне оповідання - літературний жанр, що відноситься до категорії календарної літератури і характеризуєт­ься певною специфікою в порівнянні з традиційним жанром оповідання. З точки зору зміста, різдвяне оповідання характеризуєт­ься морально-хрит­иянсь­кою ідеєю: він підкреслює цінність людського життя, теплих відносин між людьми, необхідність милосердя та співчуття, закликає допомогати обездоленим та тим, хто потребує допомоги. З точки зору форми, святочне оповідання досить канонічне: дія приурочена до різдвяних свят та розвертається протягом святок чи однієї різдвяної ночі; з героєм відбуваються дива, які вирішують душевну метаморфозу; оповідання має щастливий фінал.…[show more]
Essay1.020 Words / ~ pages Aalborg SØ Litterær af skillingen I vores nuværende samfund spiller accept og anerkendelse en virkelig stor rolle, at blive anerkendt i sociale sammenhænge er udgangspunkte­t for at den enkelte opbygger en selvtillid, som gør det bliver nemmere at omfatte sig i samfundet. Dog er det ikke kun gældende for nutidens samfund, tilbage i 1800-tallet spillede gældte det samme principper. Af en alder af 14 år besluttede H.C Andersen at søge lykken i det kongelige teater, men han blev afvist, eftersom han ikke duede til skuespil. Han havde desuden også opvokset i fattigdom, så formentlig var det ikke hans første afvisning, han oplevede det også under han skolegang. I eventuret ”Sølvskilling­en­” af H.C Andersen blev skrevet i 1861. Eventyret handler om en sølvskilling der bliver afvist flere gange i fremmede lande. Men endelig når skillingen…[show more]
Essay718 Words / ~ pages VUC Storstrøm Vordingborg Erasmus montanus - selvhøjtideli­g eller genial? Er Erasmus Montanus en tosse, eller kunne vi lære noget af ham? Erasmus Montanus er et komedie-stykk­e skrevet af Ludvig Holberg, og det blev trykt i 1723. Det er et stykke, der er rigt på sprog og konflikter. Stykket stammer fra den litterære periode oplysningstid­en, og det bærer det tydeligt præg af. Teksten tager fat i flere af de daværende samfundsprobl­emati­kker­, og med sin humoristiske tone formår Holberg at stille disse problematikke­r til skue og skamme. Uanset status i samfundet har flere borgere kunnet relatere til et af synspunkterne­, der træder frem i Erasmus Montanus. Nogle mennesker har været enige i Montanus’ oplevelse af, at bønderne var dumme og uvidende, mens andre har været enige med beboerne på bjerget, som han stammer fra, i at Montanus er for bedrevidende…[show more]
Essay752 Words / ~ pages Istanbul Sankt Georg Die Interpretatio­n: San Salvador Die Kurzgeschicht­e “San Salvador” von Peter Bichsel, die erstmalig im Jahr 1963 veröffentlich­t wurde, thematisiert die Eintönigkeit des Lebens eines Mannes, der sich wegen dieser Monotonie sehr unwohl fühlt und nach Südamerika fahren will. Im Text geht es um einen kurzen Abschnitt im Leben eines Mannes namens Paul. Paul kauft sich eine Füllfeder und schreibt damit auf einen Blatt “mir ist es hier zu kalt” und “ich gehe nach Südamerika”. Er denkt darüber nach, wie sich seine Frau reagieren würde, wenn er das Haus verlassen würde. Dann setzt er sich wieder auf einen Sessel und spielt mit seiner Füllfeder wieder. Zum Schluss kommt seine Frau Hildegard nach Hause und fragt nach den Kindern. Daraus kann man folgern, dass alles in ihrem gemeinsamen Leben zur Gewohnheit geworden ist. Die Bedeutung…[show more]
Essay902 Words / ~ pages European School Brussels Year: 7 E Mrs. McKevitt Critical Commentary: “A Room of One’s Own” The extract of: “A Room of One’s Own” on page 56 written by Virginia Woolf in 1928, emphasizes how much women are hindered and how many obstacles they were faced with when composing fiction. Virginia Woolf gives multiple examples of men who mutilate women and indoctrinate them into thinking that composing fiction is not the correct domain for them. The extract includes 4 paragraphs and are the last in chapter 3. In the first paragraph Virginia Woolf uses statements of several influential men in order to convey how insignificant women are in the domain of writing and composing. Woolf quotes both Nick Greene and Dr. Johnson of their dictum concerning women in music: “ Sir, a woman’s composing is like a dog walking on his hind legs.”, this quotation is used to mock a woman’s…[show more]
Essay901 Words / ~ pages University of Valencia HEINRICH VON KLEIST Es un autor al que no se puede clasificar dentro de una corriente, sino que se encuentra entre el Clasicismo y el Romanticismo. Del primero coge la pureza del género literario y esa pureza estilística, es bastante estricto, y también trata algunos temas típicos de esa corriente, aunque lo hace de forma diferente. Por otro lado, del Romanticismo toma el interés por el interior del ser humano (el misterio, lo inconsciente) y enfrenta a sus personajes con si mismos, estos se enfrentan a convenciones sociales y a contradiccion­es. Por otro lado y al margen de la vida literaria de su época, presenta una gran pasión por el drama, pero sobre todo destaca (póstumo) por sus Novelle, que son modelos del género, y destacan sobre todo por su estructura. Otra característic­a propia es el uso de un lenguaje muy violento y gráfico.…[show more]

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